Title:  A Gift of Time 2

Author:  Angelee

Pairing:  Jim/Blair (very preslash)

Summary: Apologies, research and oh-yeah-Naomi’s back.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All final errors are mine because I change stuff around without telling her making her mad.


A Gift of Time 2


Steven walked into the bedroom half and hour later to find Jim and Blair tightly curled around each other, sound asleep.  He smiled, it had worked.  Sometimes the best approach was the simplest he thought to himself as he got ready for bed.  Well after he just about shoved Jim into the room to talk to his little Guide.  Geez, his big brother could be such a wuss.  Not to mention being little Guide whipped at times.  Steven chuckled to himself as he covered the Sentinel/Guide pairing with a blanket.  Didn’t matter though he loved them both just the same.


Jim opened his eyes to find it was now morning and with such a sense of well-being he could almost shout with the joy of it.  If it wasn’t so undignified he might have.  He looked down at his still sleeping little Guide and smiled.  Blair had helped him in a way he’d never thought possible and Jim was happy, truly happy.


“So everything’s okay?”


Jim looked over to find Steven watching him.  “Yeah.  Everything is great.  Blair helped me.”


Steven sat up in the bed.  “He did?”


“Yeah.  He touched my stomach and everything I was feeling went away. I’ll be able to wait for him till he gets older.  Now I just have to do something about Daisy.”


“I told you I’d deal with her, but I think you’re probably better off having Blair deal with her.  And what exactly did Blair do?”


“It’s hard to explain.  He kinda looked at me.  You know, kinda like he was thinking about something and then he reached out and touched my stomach near my belly button.”


Steven frowned.  You know, that sounds kinda familiar.”


“It does.”


“I think we covered it in school.”  Suddenly Steven snapped his finger.  “I’ve got it.  It was in science.  It’s a chakra point.  How the heck would Blair know about chakra points?”


Jim maneuvered himself from underneath Blair carefully not wanting to wake him.  “I don’t know, he just did, but then nothing about Blair surprises me anymore.”


“Mrs. Carmichael is into all that new age stuff.  Been studying it forever according to her.  How the heck would Blair know about chakras?”  Steven asked again.


Jim shrugged.  “Don’t know, but he did.”


“Do you think Blair can see auras as well?”


Jim got his clothes together for the day.  “Hmm, maybe.  You could ask him when he wakes up if you want.  Watch him for me while I take a shower?”


“Sure.  What, you’re not going to let him give you a bath?”  Steven asked mischievously.


Jim gave him a look that spoke volumes.  Well, more like screamed them.  “Just watch Blair for me, please.  Here, cover my hand with plastic so my stitches don’t get wet and don’t say anything else that might make me want to hurt you.”


Steven helped tape up Jim’s hurt left hand, chuckling softly.  When he was done Jim gave him a grateful smile and an affectionate shove, sending him sprawling back onto the bed.


“Don’t forget to keep an eye on Blair,” He was told before the bathroom door closed.


Steven shook his head, still smiling as he righted himself.  He picked up a comic book from the floor, after checking on the peacefully, sleeping little Guide.






William and Simon were sitting down having a quiet breakfast, when the three Ellison young came bouncing down the stair.  Well, two of them came bouncing down the stairs.  Blair was in Jim’s arms, smiling happily.


“Everything okay?”  William asked softly as his sons sat down at the table.


Jim fought Steven for a piece of toast.  Winning it, he gave it to his little Guide.  “Everything’s great.” He turned contrite, blue eyes toward his Dad and Simon.  “About that.  I want to apologize about everything.  I’m really sorry I lost my temper.”


“It’s alright.  We understand that you’re going through changes and being a Sentinel that went online not to long ago, it’s going to cause problems,” Simon replied.


Jim cleared his throat. “Hmm, I guess, but that doesn’t make what I did right and I’m truly sorry about it.”


William smiled at his eldest.  “Apology accepted.  Just don’t do it any more.”


Jim returned the smile.  “I’ll try not to.”


“I hungry,” Blair said plaintively, breaking into the conversation.  Tired of waiting for breakfast.  Everything was to far away for him to reach by himself.  Even if he was sitting in Jim’s lap.


Jim looked at his little Guide.  “Oh, sorry,”  he said reaching for the platter of scrambled eggs Sally’d placed in the middle of the table. “Here you go, Baby,” he told Blair, after fixing him a plate.  He got a huge smile as a reward.  It was returned rather goofily.


Steven rolled his eyes.  “Oh, for heaven sakes, quit with the mushy stuffy.  Today is Saturday, might we have a day without the mush, please?”


Jim gave him a snooty look.  “Well excuse me for being happy about my little Guide not being mad at me.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”


Simon perked up at the thought of Blair and Jim making up.  “What happened?”


“Blair’s not mad at him anymore,” Steven replied, helping himself to bacon.


“I got THAT much.  Tell me what happened.” Three pairs of blue eyes looked at him.  No one saying anything.  “Well, come on, someone tell me.  If it concerns Sentinel stuff I have to know.”


“Why?”  Jim asked quietly, offering his little Guide more egg.


“Because I do.   It might help other Sentinel/Guide pairings later.  Blair did you do something to help Jim?”  Simon asked the little Guide, before he could stop himself.


“I help my Sentinell,  Blair agreed, giving said Sentinel a brilliant smile.  Jim in the meanwhile gave his Guide a look back that could only be considered extremely adoring.


“Dang it.  Dang it.  When an I going to learn? Jim?  Jim, look at me.  Tell me what Blair did,” Simon just about begged.


“Blair quit being mad at Jim.  Nothing mystical or anything.  They made up,” Steven answered for Jim.  Knowing how much it bothered his brother to talk about something so personal.   And besides not EVERYTHING that Blair and Jim did was for public consumption.  No matter what Simon said about it helping other Sentinel/Guide pairings. 


Jim gave him a grateful look.  “Yeah, Blair quit being mad at me.”  Not the complete truth, but not totally a lie either.


“Oh,” Simon replied, looking very disappointed.


“So, what are you boys planning on doing this beautiful Saturday?”  William asked, taking a drink of coffee.


“I think we’re going to the library,  Steven answered for Jim again.  “We’ve got to do some research…hmm for school.  Yeah, that’s it.  Research for school.  Huh, Jim?”


“Huh?”  Steven gave Jim a look.  “Oh, yeah.  Research.  For…ah… school.”


Before they could be questioned any further.  “Come on let’s go before they close,” Steven said, pulling on Jim’s arm.


William and Simon watched them leave before the elder Ellison turned to the Doctor.  “It’s eight o’clock in the morning.”


“Huh, huh.”


“The library doesn’t open till nine.”


Simon took a drink of his coffee.  “Yup.”


“Doesn’t close till 3.”




“They’re up to something.”


Simon reached for another a piece of toast. “Most definitely.”






“See.  I told you it was a chakra point,” Steven told Jim, heads bent together as they looked over a book on chakras. 


Jim looked over at his little Guide, who was sitting in his own chair reading.  “But that doesn’t really say what he did.”


“You were saying that he touched your abdomen, and that’s where the book says that all sexual things are…”  He looked up when he heard a gagging noise, to see Jim looking sick. “Are you okay?”


“I wish you wouldn’t talk that way,  Jim told him, swallowing heavily.


“Why?  Blair’s not even paying attention to us.  He’s reading his book on Egypt.”


“I know, but I still don’t feel right talking about that stuff,” Jim replied, still looking like he was going to throw up.


“I know you don’t, but we need to figure out what he did.”


“D…does it matter?” Jim asked, uncomfortably.


“Well sort of.  You don’t wanna have Blair always having to touch your tummy do you?”


At that Jim paled even more.  “No.”


“Okay then.  What do you feel now?  Any more of those feeling that were making you act like Attila the Hun on a rampage?”


“No,” Jim answered, reluctantly.


“Any feeling that they’re gonna come back?”




Steven got a thoughtful look on his face as he thought about it.  “Well, know what I think?”




“I think Blair by touching you at that chakra point turned off that part of you.  Kinda like a light switch.  Making it so that you’d be able to wait for him without going any duffier than you already are.  And since I don’t want you getting sick all over the library table we’re NOT going to talk about him flipping the switch back ON.”


Jim blinked, paled, then swallowed heavily again.  Steven thinking that he probably shouldn’t have brought it up at ALL since Jim looked like he was going to be sick anyway.


“Do you need some water or something?”


Jim waved the offer away.  “N…No.  I just need a minute.”  After more than a minute and when he wasn’t quite so pale. “Can he do that?”  Jim asked quietly.


“Yeah, I not only think he can, I think he did.”


They both looked at Blair.  “Wow!”  they both said in awe. Then…


“How come Blair gets to do all the cool stuff?  What do I do-stand around and look cute?” Jim asked, feeling lots better.


Steven looked at him wryly.  “I’m sorry to tell you this, big brother, but if that’s all you’re good for, it’s not working. You’re as ugly as sin.”


Jim turned to make sure Blair wasn’t listening.  “Ass,” he replied, before chuckling softly.


Steven giggled. “Yeah, huh.”  Glad that his brother was feeling better.  “I wouldn’t worry to much about what you do.  You do all the Sentinelie stuff.”


“Sentinelie stuff?”


“Yeah, you know-all that stuff Simon is forever testing you on.  What did he call you-Watchman of the World?  You’ll do plenty when the time comes.”


 “Oh, please, like that’s as cool as the stuff, Blair can do.”


Steven smiled hugely at Jim.  “Never said that. The stuff Blair can do will always be way cooler than what you can do.”


Jim looked at Steven blankly for a moment.  “Know something, Steven?”




“You’re just so good for my ego that sometimes I just can’t stand it,  Jim told him ruefully.


Steven smiled at him gleefully. “I know, oh-Watchman of the World.  Wanna check out a book on auras.  Then ask Blair if he can see them?”


Jim shrugged. “Wouldn’t hurt I guess.” 






What they found out was that Blair could indeed see auras, but only Jim’s.  They figured it was because taking care of his Sentinel was the most important thing in Blair’s life so he only wanted to see Jim’s. But they figured if Blair ever wanted to, he’d be able to see other people’s, too. 


After they were done at the library it was close to lunch, so they figured they’d go to Wonderburger before heading to the park.  They were sitting outside enjoying their food and the clear, sunny day when suddenly…


“Damn.  Sorry, Blair,” Jim said hastily.


“What?”  Steven asked.


“There’s Daisy.”


“Oh-Oh.  Whatcha gonna do?”


Jim looked around wildly.  “Hmm, is it to late to run?”


“I’d say.  She just saw you.”


“Shit.  Sorry, Blair.”   Jim sighed heavily.  “Okay, I’d better deal with her.  Blair?” The little Guide was growling at the pretty, redhead coming toward them.  If the sparks coming out of those beautiful, blue eyes could turn someone to ash, Daisy’d already be scattered to the four winds.  “Baby, look at me.”  Blair looked up at him, but kept growling.  “I want you to stay with Steven.  Don’t do anything.  Let me handle Daisy.  Okay?”  Blair didn’t answer.  “Baby, please.  I can deal with her.  Let me.”


“Stupid girl hurt.”


“She didn’t mean too.”


She hurt MY Sentinell.  I protect.”


“Thank-you, Baby.  I know you want to help.  But let me deal with Daisy.  If I need you’re help I’ll call you over.  How’s that?”




Jim smiled down into the worried eyes of his little Guide.  “I swear.”  Jim got up from the bench they’d been sharing. “I love you, Blair,” He told him, kissing him lightly on the forehead.


“I luvs you too.”


Steven and Blair watched Jim walk over to Daisy.  “He’s going to be okay,” Steven told Blair quietly.


Blair turned looked at Steven.  “I no sure,” He said worriedly.


“I know, but you gotta let him try and if Daisy makes a wrong move you can go in there and kick her as…buns.”


That seemed to help when Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Yeah, huh?” he said happily.


“You betcha.”  Steven said, smiling back.


The whole time Jim was talking with Daisy-Blair’s eyes never left his Sentinel.  Not even when he got off the bench to pick some of the flowers in one of the flower beds near where they were sitting.  Not when he systematically pulled the petals off the flowers he’d collected, tossing them carelessly over his shoulder.


Steven was pretty sure Blair was making some sort of statement by doing that.  Especially since the flowers he was destroying were Daisies.


Jim seemed to be doing okay.   Daisy wasn’t scratching his eyes out or anything.  She did keep trying to touch him.  Jim moved away from her every time she tried.


It was kinda of funny watching Blair.  Every time Daisy moved closer to Jim-Blair would growl louder, like a fierce little cat.  But Blair kept his word and didn’t make a move to try and annihilate Daisy.  Actually he was annihilating her with his eyes and the way he was angrily depetaling the flowers. 


“Come here, Blair?”  Steven told Blair softly.


The little Guide went. Steven picked him up and sat him in his lap.  He held the little Guide close trying to comfort his agitation, chin resting on the top of Blair’s head as they watched Jim.


After about fifteen minutes Jim walked back toward them slowly. 


“How’d it go?”  Steven asked.


Jim sighed.  “She didn’t want to listen.  And she kept trying to touch me.”


“How did that part go?  Were you able to handle it without going all wacky?”


Jim smiled. “Yeah, no problem at all. I finally got her to listen to me.  I had to be kinda mean about it.  Told her outright I didn’t want to go in back of the bleachers with her.  Not now, not ever.  I just wished I hadn’t had to be so mean to her,” Jim said, eyes sad as he looked over at Daisy. Who was now talking to some other kids, looking over at Jim now and then.


“Well she didn’t wanna listen, so I’d say it wasn’t you’re fault you had to be mean.”


“Yeah, that true,” Jim looked at the quietly listening Blair.  “So how’s my little Guide doing?”


“I good.  You?”


Jim gave Blair a huge smile.  “I’m doing good, too,” He offered his arms.  “What do you say about going to the park now?  See if we can find any of the guys?”


Blair practically jumped into his Sentinel arms.  “Park.”


Blair frowned at Daisy over Jim’s shoulder.  The Sentinel didn’t see it, but Steven did.  Saw the blue-eyed glare meaning death to all poachers. Saw too when Blair’s blue-casted, left hand opened releasing a handful of crushed Daisy petals allowing them to fall lazily to the ground.


If Daisy wasn’t paying attention, she really should have.  It’s meaning clear.  She’d had it easily dealing with Jim, next time it wouldn’t be quite as easy. Next time she’d be dealing with an angry, unforgiving, protective Guide.  Steven shivered slightly and he sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in her shoes if she ever messed with Jim again.  Three years old or not Blair had a mean punch.






They didn’t find the guys at the park liked they’d hoped.  So they took Blair to the playground for awhile before heading home.


Now they all lazied in the living room.  Waiting for it to get closer to dinnertime and the pizza William promised to take them out for. 


Steven sat on the floor playing with the kittens.  Rolling a ball around for them, watching as they happily chased it.


William and Simon sharing the Saturday newspaper between them, at the moment trying to solve the puzzle.


The little Guide and his Sentinel lay on the couch as Blair read to him from one of the books he’d brought back from Las Vegas, tucked protectively against Jim’s side.


Sally had gone to the store, promising to be back in plenty of time to join them for pizza.


“So Jim?”  Simon asked softly, a glint in his eyes.


“Yeah?”  Jim said, stopping the soft purring he always did when Blair read to him.


“You seem a lot calmer.”


“Yup, I am.”




Jim suddenly had a slightly panicked look in his blue eyes.  “Hmm, why do you ask?”


“I was just wondering, because you’ve been extremely wired for a while now,  Simon replied.  Eyes narrowing as he watched the all of a sudden antsy Sentinel.  “What happened to make you a calm and collected Sentinel all of a sudden?”


“N…nothing happened.  Blair got unmad at me so I’m all better.” The young Sentinel hedged.  “You know how I get when Blair gets mad at me.”


“Are you sure that’s all it is and not Blair doing a new Guide type of thing?”  Jim looked over at Steven. “No don’t look at Steven for help.  I’m asking you.”


Steven frowned.  “Hey, wait a minute.  Why can’t I answer for him?  It’s not like I wouldn’t know.”


Simon smiled.  He had them now.  “So then you’re saying you do know something?” he asked slyly.


Steven returned the smile cheerfully, to cheerfully.  “Never said that.  I’m just saying that if I did, I could answer for him if I wanted, he is after all my brother.”


“Well then?”


“Well, then what?”


“Answer the freaking question,” Simon said impatiently.


Steven gasped in horror. “Blair did you hear Simon?  He just cursed.  Do something. My ears are burning.”


Blair’s head popped up from where it’d been laying comfortably on his Sentinel’s chest.  “Freaking bad word?”


Steven nodded.  “Oh, yeah.  That’s what one of my teachers at school said,”   He replied rubbing his ears gingerly.  “Now my ears hurt.”


Blair turned big, blue disapproving eyes toward Simon.  “No cuss.  No nice.  See, hurt Steven wiff bad words.”


“Freaking is not a bad word, Blair…”  Simon said, trying to save himself from the little Guide’s wrath.  Not catching the grateful look Jim sent Steven’s way, but their dad did. 


William wasn’t about to interfere.  If they thought that whatever happened was personal and not to be shared, it was good enough for him.  Suddenly the doorbell rang.  He got to his feet to answer it. Simon was still trying to explain to Blair that freaking was not a bad word and that Steven was misinformed.


He opened the door still smiling.  “N…Naomi,” he said stunned the smile disappearing.


“Hello, William.  I’m here for my son.  I’m here for Blair.”