Title:  Blue Tinted World: Lost

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee, (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Where are they?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Blue Tinted World: Lost


“Where are we?”


Jim looked around this really odd place they’d ended up in.  Holding on to his little Guide for dear life.  No way in hell was he letting Blair go until he knew where they were.


“We in spirit world.”




“Place where every ting blue.  Down?”  Blair asked, hopefully.


“I…I don’t know, Baby.  First we gotta figure out where we’re at, before I let you go.”


Blair sighed unhappily.  “I tell you.  You no listen.”


“I listen to everything you tell me, Sweetheart.  I just want to make sure there’s nothing here that can hurt you before I set you down,” Jim replied, holding on to his Guide even tighter than before.


Blair looked around.  “Every ting blue.  Tat kinda strange, but there nothin’ here to hurt.”


“You sure?”




“How did this happen?  I thought we were taking a nap.”


Blair placed his hand on Jim’s cheek, offering comfort.  “Don’t know.  But every ting be okay.”


Jim moved his face into the gentle touch, readily accepting everything his little Guide was offering.  “What are we going to do?” he asked worriedly.


Blair kissed his Sentinel’s forehead.  “No worry.  I protect.”


Jim chuckled softly.  “You will?”

Blair nodded.  “Yups.  You my bestest Sentinel in the whole world.”


Jim’s smile deepened.  “I’m your only Sentinel.”


The little Guide returned it with full fledged dimpleness. “Dat why you the bestest.”


Jim held Blair close.  “I love you, Baby.  More than anything in the whole universe.”


The little Guide rested his forehead against Jim’s.  “I luv you too.”


Jim rocked them back and forth.  “You’re my heart, you know that right?”


Blair’s hand came up to cover the left side of Jim’s chest.  “Right here.  I be right here for ever and ever.”




“Need to bond?”


Jim sighed softly.  “Yeah.  I’m scared.  I don’t know where we are or where our Dads are.  Steven too.  He’d be able to help get us out of here.  Where ever here is.”


Blair began releasing scent.  Jim sighed softly as he allowed it to wash over him. Taking with it the fear and anxiety.  He was still afraid, but it wasn’t as overwhelming as before.  He closed his eyes blocking the strangely colored world they’d ended up in.


 It wasn’t so much that everything was blue.  It was kinda like everything had a strange blue haze covering it.  It was weird.  If it wasn’t for that it would sorta be like they were in a jungle of some sort. Only, well…blue.


He keened softly as Blair began to release the bonding scent as well.   Every time Blair did that it was as if his little Guide was feeding his soul.  Giving him everything Jim would ever need to survive.


Slowly Jim opened his eyes, looking into his little Guide’s patient ones.  “Better?”


Jim sighed again.  “Oh, yeah.  Thank you, Baby.”


Blair smiled at him.  “You welcome.”


Suddenly there was a rustling from one of the nearby plants, followed by a soft rumbling growl.  From behind it came a baby wolf.  All legs and softly colored fur.  It came running up to them. Before it got to Jim and Blair it lost its footing and went tumbling head over heels to land just in front of them.


The little Guide watching, broke out in delighted giggles.  “Dat funny.”

Jim raised Blair higher in to his arms.  Not knowing for sure the baby wolf meant any harm.  Hearing another noise he turned toward it.  Out came a black panther cub.


“Oh, man-this is really weird.” The cub came up to them sitting next to the wolf pup still trying to untangle himself.  Finally managing it he looked up at the young Sentinel/Guide pairing expectedly. “If you’re looking for food your outta luck, buddy.  I don’t have anything on me,” Jim told him chuckling.  They sure were cute.


The pup gave a short bark.  “I think he try to tell us some ting,” Blair said, smiling.


Jim looked down at the panther who was now purring.  “I think they both are.”


“Down,” Blair asked again, with more hope than before.


“I don’t know, Sweetheart.  I don’t know if it’s safe.  They might be little Guide eating puppy and cub.”


Blair rolled his eyes.  “They no hurt.  They spirit amninals.”




Blair shook his head sadly.  Yous be acting dumb, huh?  They our aminals.  Aminals.”  He said louder when Jim looked at him in confusion.  “Spirit critters.”  He finally settled on.


“Oh.”  Jim looked down at the wolf pup and the panther cub who were giving him a decidedly pitying look.  “They are?”


“Yup.  Cute, huh?  You let go now?”  Blair asked wiggling in his Sentinel’s arms.


“No.  No until I know they don’t mean any harm.  What if they attack you?  I don’t have any idea where the nearest hospital is.  Heck, I don’t even know where we are.  Ow!”  he said in shock when a tiny fist hit him squarely in the nose.  “Why’d you do that for?”


“You no listen, dat whys.  Listen to me when I talks to yous.”


Jim rubbed his nose with a hand he’d been able to free.  Not sure he should have done that as Blair was now wiggling more in an effort to get free.  “You didn’t have to hit me.”


“You be acting dumbs.  I knows you not dumbs.”


 Jim quit rubbing his nose, needing it to hold onto his little Guide.  “No.  Hold still.  I don’t want you to get hurt.  I’d die if you got hurt.”


Blair quit wiggling.  He tilted his head as he contemplated his Sentinel.  He raised his hand to gently laid a tiny hand on Jim’s face.  “I no get hurt.  Trust me.  Let go.”






Jim felt his eyes fill with tears.  “I…”


Blair touched Jim’s nose in apology.  “No cry.  I bees okay.  Let go.”


Jim carefully and very, very reluctantly placed his little Guide on the ground.  Watching as Blair went up to the two waiting animals.   He wrapped his arms around his trembling body.  More in an effort to keep from snatching his Guide back, than to stop the trembling.  Wishing with all his heart Steven was here.


“Hi,” Blair said shyly, offering his hand.


As if sensing Jim’s reservations about them the puppy and cub went up to Blair slowly.  Sniffing and licking at the palm happily, but gently.


Blair looked up at his Sentinel.  “See?  Everyting be okay.  Come,” He said offering his free hand.  “No hurt.  Dey not here to hurt.  If you still ‘fraid I protect.  Das my job.”


Jim took it, hoping Blair didn’t notice exactly how much he was shaking.  No such hope as his little Guide frowned up at him.  “I’m okay,” he told Blair weakly.


“You not okay,” Saying that Blair began releasing scent in an effort to calm his distraught Sentinel.


Jim gave a shaky breath, closing his eyes. Allowing his little Guide to easy his fear.  Opening his eyes he smiled Blair.  “I’m better, thank you, Baby,” he said, pulling him into his arms.  He buried his head into Blair’s soft curly.


Knowing instinctively what Jim needed, Blair held still. Releasing the bonding scent he knew would help steady his very shaky Sentinel    


Blair sighed sadly when he felt warm tears coming from his now softly keening Sentinel.  He didn’t say anything.  Knowing right now words were the last thing Jim needed. 


He looked at their spirit Guides through his own haze of tears.  They were watching them quietly.  Suddenly the wolf pup moved closer, followed by the panther cub. They curled themselves around Blair and Jim offering comfort as best they could.


“I’m better.  Really I am,” Jim told Blair wobbly.  Not really meaning it.


“No yous not.  No lie,” Blair softly scolded.


“No, I’m not.  I miss Dad, Steven and the others.  Steven would be able to tell us how to get back and he’s not here.  How are we going to get back home?”  Jim asked, heartbrokenly.  “How do we get back?”


“I no know, but we have friends,” Blair replied, pointing to the two spirit animals.  “We be okay till we go homes.”


Jim gave a shaky break.  “Blair, what if we can never go back?”


The little Guide stood up carefully in the circle of Jim’s arms.  He urged his head down so the trembling Sentinel could listen to the steadying beating of his heart.


“It be okay.  I promise everyting be okay.”


Back in the real world Steven giving up his search for his brothers, finally coming to the conclusion he wasn’t going to find them. At least not here. Frowning thoughtfully, blue eyes darkened to a midnight black with worry. He sat on the couch in the living room, exhausted from his search.  Missing them with an ache that physically hurt.  Where could they be?  It wasn’t like them to just disappear without a word.  Something freaky had had to happen to make them up and vanish without a trace.  But what?”


Suddenly Steven sat bolt upright on the couch.  “Son of a bitch,” he exclaimed harshly. “That’s it?  That’s where they’ve gone?”  Saying that he jumped up and ran toward his family, still frantically searching for Jim and Blair.