Title: Home

Author: Angelee

Fandom:  Smallville

Pairing:  Clark/Lex

Rating: Adult

Summary:  Can a friendship be saved?   

Beta:  By my sister Anna-all remaining errors are my own, with apologies.






"Superman,” Lex replied in the same tone.  Not even bothering to look up from the glass he was currently staring into with such interest.  "Come to stop me from my evil plan to take over the world?"




"What do you want then?"


"Can't I come to see an friend?"


Lex put down his glass.  "We haven't been that in sometime, Clark."  He smiled at the sharp intake of breath the being in front of him gave.  "Oh, don't act so surprised.  I've know for some time who you were.  What I fail to understand is why you go around in such a silly outfit.  You look ridiculous."


Clark looked down at his uniform.  "What's wrong with it?"


"Well, for one, you look like a dork.  Two-that get-up leaves very little to the imagination.  Not that you have anything anyone would want to imagine.  Unless you're a gerbil."


"You saying I'm little?"


"You tell me.  You look at yourself in the mirror every morning."


Clark fought the urge to cover himself with his hands.  "Thanks,” he told Lex sarcastically, who was looking at him with an odd smile on his face.


"Not a problem. I ask again, what do you want?"


"I haven't seen you in awhile.  And you haven't really been causing havoc.  I came to see what's up."


"Trying to take over the world can get quite old.”


Clark moved closer.  Covering himself with his cape.  Hoping Lex's eagle eyes wouldn't catch it.  "Getting a new lease on life?"


"Of a sorts.  No need to cover up.  You really don't have anything I'd be interested in."


Clark sighed.  "Alright."  he replied, opening the cape wide. "And since when haven't you been interested in me?"


"Hmm, I think it was the fifth time you tried to kill me."


Clark furrowed his brow as he thought about it.  "You were trying to relocate a bunch of Eskimos to Death Valley."




"Well, hmm- Eskimos, Death Valley.  You do the math."


Lex picked up his glass.  "They would have been suitably compensated.  Besides Alaska really needed a mega-mall."  He gave Clark a brilliant smile.


Clark returned it.  "Hmm, really?"


"Nope.  I was just pulling your chain.  I wasn't expecting it to get your nose all bent out of shape."


"You had been a thorn in my side for awhile.  It got to be too much.  I don't want to be your enemy.  I never have."


Lex looked at him curiously.  "We can't be friends.  I'm bad.  You're good."


"Says who?"




There was an edge of sadness in Lex's voice that broke Clark's heart.  "We can still be friends.  We can start tonight.  Come home with me.  To Smallville.  Tonight's Halloween.  We can carve pumpkins.  Pass out candy.  Pop some popcorn and watch horror movies on TV.  Please Lex."




"But why?"


"I don't really like you any more."


Clark moved closer.  "I still like you."


Lex rolled his eyes.  Clark had never seen anyone roll their eyes so elegantly before.  "Big deal.  That and a quarter won't buy me a city in Canada.”


Clark smiled.  "No but it can be a start into fixing our friendship."


"There is no friendship to fix."


"Yes, there is,” Clark insisted.  "There has always been a friendship."


"Even when we were trying to kill each other?"




Lex sighed softly.  "I'm lonely,” he admitted softly, reluctantly and very, very sadly.  “Really lonely sometimes.  Being a bad guy really suck sometimes.”


"You don't have to be lonely.  I'm here."


"Offering me what exactly?"


"Friendship, love.  More if you like."


Lex's sad blue eyes held a sort of hope.  "Like?"


"Whatever you like to make you not so lonely and sad."


"A place to call home?  A family?"


Clark reached out with unsteady hands.  "If you like,” He replied, cupping the side of Lex's face.


"How do you plan on managing that?"  Lex asked, not pulling away.  Moving his face into the gentle touch.


"I'm an alien.  With powerful alien technology at his disposal.  If you want a family I can make it happen."


Lex sighed.  "Figures."  He replied, kissing Clark’s palm softly.


Heartened Clark moved just a little bit closer.  "Interested?"


"Yeah.  I just don’t know if I can trust you any more.  Our friendship died a long time ago.  It may be something we can never get over."


"It's not all that hard to make up, Lex.  If you put your mind to it.  If the motivations are right.  I don't want to be your enemy.  Not when we can have more."


“Why would you want something with me?  I’m pretty sure you can have your pick of Super Hero groupies.”


Clark chuckled.  “Super Hero groupies?”


“Yeah, you know the type.  Tight jeans, even tighter top, high heel shoes and enough make-up to plow a field in.”


“That doesn’t seem very appealing.”


“No.  But neither does being with a bald, middle-aged man with a god-like complex.”


Clark pulled Lex into his arms.  Nuzzling a warm, scalp.  “Oh, I don’t know, I think bald is really sexy.  Especially if you add a middle-aged man, with a god-like complex and the most beautiful, sad blue eyes.”


“Sad blue eyes?”


“Yeah.  I want to make the sad go away.”


Lex tentatively wrapped his arms around Clark’s hard, muscular body.  “Replacing it with what?”


“Happiness.  Maybe even a little joy.”


“And you think you’re the alien to do it?”


Clark sought Lex’s lips with his own.   “I know. I am,” he whispered, deepening the kiss.   He closed his eyes allowing Lex’s warmth and need wash over him.  “Come home with me.  Let’s celebrate Halloween.  We don’t have to make plans for our future just yet.  Let’s just be together.”


“Making up for everything we’ve done to one another?”  Lex asked, gently nuzzling Clark’s lips with his own.


“Yes.  It really isn’t all that hard when you have one thing.”






“And that’s going to be enough for us to make a go of it?”


Clark picked Lex up in his arms, gently, carefully.  As if he was cradling the most important person in the world against his chest.


He flung open the sliding glass door that lead to the patio.  “It is.”


Lex rested his head against Clark’s massively muscled shoulder.  He’d never in his life felt as safe as he did right now.  “How can you be so sure?”


Clark stood on the balcony edge.  “You might not want to look down,” he warned softly.  “Because I loved you very much before I started to dislike you.”


“Hate.  You hated me.”


“I never hated you, Lex.  Not ever.”  Clark covered Lex with his cape.  “Let’s go home?”  He worded the statement as a question.  If Lex’s said no he would put him down and go to his fortress to nurse the wounds that would never heal.  How would you fix a broken heart even if it was an alien heart and suppose to be invulnerable?  Perhaps a heart that might not want to be fixed.


Lex peeked out at Clark from between the edges of the cape.  Meeting Clark’s eyes.  Searching for answers in the blue-green depths.  Clark was laying himself wide open for hurt or happiness. It could go either way.  He was taking a chance.  Knowing it could hurt, badly if it didn’t work out.  But then it could work.  There was always that possibility.  Could he do no less?


“Yes.  Let’s go home.”  The brilliance of the smile Clark as he dived off the balcony edge, was worth all the money he had in the bank.  “Home.”  Lex thought to himself softly, snuggling closer against Clark’s warmth.  Receiving an answering response when Clark’s arms tightened around him slightly.  He was already there.