Title:  I am the Devil

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Rodney/John

Rating:  Adult


Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are my own.  With apologies.


I am the Devil




John moved in his chair restlessly.  He was so bored.  So very bored.  His life sucked.  Being a demon thousands of years old wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. 


He nibbled on the tip of his triangular tail, heaving a sigh.  A mighty bored sigh.  Maybe if he looked into his portal into the mortal realm.  He might find something there to ease his boredom.  Humans were always good for a chuckle or two.


He looked up and toward a big rock.  It suddenly cleared to show him the world above.  He scanned quickly through the different continents by an arrogant wave of his forefinger. 


John didn’t really know what he was looking for, he just knew he was looking.  Sighing unhappily when nothing caught his interest.


Suddenly he sat up in his chair.  “Hmm, this looks promising,” he whispered to no one in particular.  Being as he’d run everyone off with his testy attitude.  His sister Teyla had whacked him with her fighting baton before leaving, in retribution. 


He rubbed the left horn on his head.  It still hurt.  But he guessed he deserved it.  His hazel eyes lit up as he watched the harried man on the other side of the portal, yelling at someone called Radek.  Calling him all sorts of evil and vile names.


John chuckled.  Now here was a man after his own heart.  He nibbled happily on his tail tip, no longer bored.  This was going to be entertaining.


He watched for some time. Finding the blue eyed man on the other end of the portal to be grumpy, selfish, egotistically and allergic to anything citrusie. 


John’s eyes danced as he watched, a smile on his lips.  He hadn’t been so turned on in centuries.


“Hmm, hmm, hmm, you are a cutie, Rodney McKay,” John whispered softly as he watched his portal man reduce someone named Miko to tears.  From what he’d seen Miko didn’t deserve the tongue lashing she got.  But it didn’t make it any less entertaining for the demon to watch. 


John reached down and adjusted himself in his leather pants.  He was harder than he’d been in centuries.  Rodney fired up his blood and it had nothing to do with where the demon lived, either.


“Rodney, Rodney.  You may be just what this little demon calls for,” He looked at his straining crotch.  “Or not so little,” John chuckled.  “Shall we meet your acquaintance, my pretty?” 


With that John snapped his fingers, bringing this very tantalizing human to him.  He didn’t care what his stepmother Elizabeth thought about not interfering in the mortal world. He wanted Rodney and he sure as fucking hell going to have him.


“W…what the hell?”


John gave him his most friendliest smile.  “Hello, Rodney.”


Rodney looked around the large cave.  Smelling fire and brimstone.  Seeing the shadows of dancing fires clearly on the cave wall.


“Did I just have a heart attack?  I’m in hell aren’t I?”


“You’re in hell, but you didn’t have a heart attack.”


Rodney furrowed his brows as he looked at John.  “You the devil, then?”




“Kinda figured, what with the horn and tail thing you got going.”  Rodney tilted his head to the side as he contemplated the very, handsome devil looking at him.  “Hmm, can I ask you a question?”


John smiled at him.  “Sure.”


“Do you have to have those leather pants specially made?”




“You know, so that your tail will fit through.”


John looked at his tail.  “This tail?”


“Yes, that tail,” Rodney rolled his eyes.  “What are you a moron too, besides being a devil?”

Instead of getting angry John smiled at the insult.  “Oh, you are a refreshing change from the norm, Rodney.”


“Yeah, okay.  Now about the tail…”


“Oh, yes.  These pants are specially made so my tail won’t be all confined.”


Rodney nodded in understanding.  “Yeah, that could hurt.”


“Yup.”  There was something in Rodney’s eyes.  Something he wanted to asked.  “What?”


“What, what?”


“You wanted to ask a question, ask.”


Rodney nibbled on his fingernail.  “Well, being as I’m a scientist and really curious…”


“Hmm, hmm.”


“Could I…”




Rodney blushed a bright pink.  CouldIseeyourtail?”


John chuckled happily.  Oh, this human was delightful.  “What part of my tail do you wanna see?”  Watching Rodney’s face redden more.




“Tip or top?”


Rodney looked at him from beneath his very long lashes.  “Ah, both?” he requested shyly.


John got up from his chair so quickly he scared the human.  Making Rodney take a few frightened steps back.  “Don’t be afraid,” the demon told him.  “I was complying with your request.”


John turned his back toward Rodney, bending over, buttocks high in the air.  The scientist forgot all about being afraid as he looked at the butt in front of him.


“Oh,” he said in awe.  “You got a beautiful tail.”


“Why thank you.”

Rodney moved closer.  “Can I touch it?”


John turned his head to look over his shoulder at the mortal.  “I’d be most pleased if you did.”


Rodney took the tail in his hands, examining it carefully.  It truly was a beautiful tail.  Well, except…  He frowned.


“Have you been biting the tip,” he asked, in disapproval.


“Well, not really biting, more like nibbling.”


Rodney touched the triangled shaped tip with his forefinger.  “The tip is all frayed and bitten.  You’re setting yourself up for all kind of infections and such.”


“I don’t get infections.  I don’t get sick.”


Rodney lifted the tail high into the air.  “Is it because you’re a devil?”


“Yeah. High immunity.”


“Hmm,” Rodney took a hold of it in his hands, following it from the tip to where it joined John’s body near the base of his spine.  “Your tailor did a great job making your leather pants.  Do you need help in the morning getting the tail through them?”


“Yup, usually it’s my brother Lorne.”


Rodney ran his hands over the nicely shaped butt.  “Must make for an intimate relationship, considering you’re going commando.”


“Yeah, but Lorne doesn’t mind.  I help him with his tail and he helps me with mine.”


“Hmm, what else you got?”


John looked over his shoulder at him again.  “Huh?”


“What else devily you got?”


“Well, I got horns.”


He watched as Rodney’s eyes lit up with interest.  “Really?  Can I see?”


John smiled. This human was to curious to be afraid of him.  It was a nice change from the cowering in the corner he usually got.


“Sure, but you’re going to have to let go of my butt so I can stand.”

“Oh,” Rodney’s hands dropped away as if burnt. His cheeks flaming a bright red.  “Sorry.”


John stood.  “Don’t be.  I liked you touching me.”


Rodney smiled at him for the first time, the demon watched avidly.  It lit up his human’s eyes and made the blue eyes look even bluer.  “Boy, you must not get out much.”


“No, I don’t.  Get out for Halloween when they think I’m wearing a costume.  Can’t do that for Christmas or any other time.  The tail and horns don’t quite fit in.”


Rodney reached out a hand and laid it on John’s shoulder, offering comfort.  “I’m sorry to hear that.”


John drew his eyebrows together.  This was one unusual human.  He actually cared about him.  That’d never happened before. Especially when he’d kidnapped them for his own amusement.


“Wow. You care?”  he asked in disconcertment.


“Of course I do.  You must get awfully bored down here.”


John sighed.  “I’ve got my brothers and sisters. Mom and Dad, but hanging around them all the time can be a bit much even for me. Even being as I’m a real laid back sort of demon.”


“Ah,” Rodney replied distractedly as he eyed the horns on the top of John’s head.


The demon lowered his head to allow Rodney to look.  He hissed when the scientist touched the sore one.  “Ow!”


Rodney stopped what he was doing.  “You alright.”


John grimaced.  “Yeah.  It’s just that Teyla, my sister, beaned me there this morning.  It’s still kinda tender.”


“Aw, poor baby.  Here lower your head some more.”


John did as he was asked, wanting to see what Rodney had in mind.  His breath hitched when warm, human lips gently touched the aching spot.  “Oh.”




“Ah, a little.  It could use a more tender loving care,” John replied, hopefully.


Rodney chuckled softly.  “Alright.”  He gently kissed the base where the horn meet John’s scalp.  Hands coming up to gently run over the demon’s hair.  “Wow, do you do your hair like this on purpose.”


John moved his head into the gently caress.  It felt good.  Better than good.  It felt incredible.  “Cowlicks,” he said, a little breathlessly.  His leather pants feeling even more confining than before.  “Can’t do a thing with them.  I stopped trying a thousand years ago.”


“Ah.  Does the other horn hurt too?”


John looked at him from between his eyelashes.  Going for the lost, hurt puppy look.  Even going as far as pouting.  “Yeah.  Teyla beaned me really hard.”


Rodney rolled his eyes at him, but made no comment.  He kissed the little horn gently.  “Poor baby.”


“Hmm.  It’s really weird that you’re not afraid of me.”


“Why should I be afraid of you?”


“Well, I am a demon.”


Rodney gently caressed the little horn with his fingers.  “True, but you’re to cute to be very frightening.”


John tilted his head to the side to allow Rodney more access.  “Cute?  I’m a demon.  I’m not suppose to be cute,” he replied, resting his hands on Rodney’s hips.


“Huh, huh.  How many people have you scared since you were born?”


John bit his lip as he though about it.  “Hmm…”




“I’m thinking.  I’m thinking.”


Rodney chuckled softly.  “That’s what I thought.  You scary demon you.”


“I’m scary.”


“Huh, huh.”


“I am,” John insisted.



John huffed in annoyance.  “Well, damn.”


Rodney smiled at him, blue eyes sparkling happily.  “Wanna come home with me?  We’ll watch movies or something.”


“Popcorn?”  John asked hopefully.


“You betcha.”


“Cool.” Rodney was looking like he wanted to ask another question. “What?”




“You wanted to ask me a question.”


Rodney looked at him shyly for a moment. “Will you let me play with your tail?”