Title:  I Belong to Another

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Lord of the Rings

Pairing:  Boromir/Aragon

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Can pleasure be found when you belong to someone else?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine own.  With apologies.


I Belong to Another


He watched from the shadows of the trees.


He watched as the tall, handsome man went into the lake.


He watched.  Waited.  Wanted.  The ache of his want a throbbing need in his groin.  He could not, would not.


Yes, he could, he would.  He must.


“Boromir?”  The Rider exclaimed startled.


“Aye, Aragon, tis I.”


Aragon moved back slightly as Boromir advanced toward him.  He mustn’t show fear.  He was their leader.  Yet as Boromir stared at him hungrily, he was afraid.  It sent shivers coursing down his spine leaving him trembling in the warm waters of the lake.


Boromir gave him a tiny smile.  “Do you fear, Aragon?”


“N…no.  Why should I fear?”


The other advanced a little more.  “Oh, I think you know why.”


“B…Boromir, I love another.”


“I care not.”


Aragon shook his head.  “T…tis not right?”  Aragon questioned softly.


Boromir’s green eyes started at Aragon’s mouth hungrily.  As if it were a meal and he was starving. Aragon’s hands came up to rest on Boromir’s shoulders to stopping his advancing.


“I care not for right or wrong.  I must.” Boromir’s own hands came up cup the Rider’s naked hips. Pulling their bodies together for the first time.  “You body is such sweetness.  Such temptation.”

Aragon gasped as he felt the heat of Boromir’s naked arousal against his belly.


“Please, B…Boromir…”  Aragon begged weakly.  Closing his eyes as he fought the seduction Boromir wove so greatly.  “Please, please...”


“Please what?  Give you what we both need?  Or do you seek to deny yourself of your own want.”


Aragon opened his eyes to stare at the lips inches from his own, “I belong to another.”


“Aye, tis truth you speak,” Boromir replied softly.  “Of this I know.”


“What do you seek of me then?”


Those lips came infinity closer.  Causing Aragon to moan softly as sweet, warm breath washed over his face with its seductive caress.


“I seek only to couple with you.  Nothing more.”


“My body, not my heart?”


“Your heart belongs to another.  Tis not for my seeking.”




“Tis not a prize in the game.”


Aragon sighed hurt. “Is this only a game to you?”


“Nay.  No game.  I wish only to mate.  I make no other claim.  I cannot, even if I wished it differently.”


Hands moved over Aragon’s back to cup his buttocks, pulling him closer.


“Boromir,” Aragon moaned softly.


A nose nuzzled gently against his ear. “Aye.  Tis my god given name.”


“I…I…”  Aragon tried but no words came to his rescue.  His eyes closed once more lost in his passion’s game.


“Tis kisses you want?”  Boromir asked against the ear that had been gently nuzzled.


“Aye,” Aragon replied reluctantly.


“Then come, claim them.  Tis yours for the taking.”


Aragon moaned softly as their lips met for the first time.  A tongue sought entrance into his mouth desperately.  He pulled away violently.


“Nay.” His hand came up to cover Boromir’s mouth when it would have followed.  “Nay.”


“Would you deny the need of us both?” Boromir whispered against the hand.  Aragon shivered as a tongue licked his palm seductively.


“I cannot, Boromir.  I cannot,” He whispered back, frantically. “tis not right.”


“Do you desire me, Aragon?”


The Rider looked away as if shamed.  “Aye.  Of this you know.”


“Then do not look so.  There is no shame sought or found here.”


“Tis if your heart belongs to another.”


Aragon, look at me.  Have I not already told you tis not your heart I seek?  It would be a fair prize, I must admit.  All I seek is the mating of our two bodies.  Pleasures sought and pleasures given.  Nothing more.”


Aragon snorted.  “Tis all?”


“Tis enough.  Tis all there is.  No more will be asked for.”


“And if my body is not mine own to give.  Tis as my heart.  Belonging to another?”


“Tis a long time hence till you see your love.  Would you deny the cravings of your body till you go mad with need?”


“The argument given is true.  I have the urges of a healthy male.  With no relief in sight.”


“Aye.  But relief is yours for the taking.  Share the delights of my body and allow me the same?”


Aragon sighed softly.  “Aye.  Aye.  I can fight you no more.”


Thank you, Aragon,” Boromir replied gratefully.


“The callings of my body’s need scream loudly.”


Boromir moved closer.  Aragon, A favor please.  In the heat of passion do not call the name of your love.  Would ruin passions call,” He said with a small, sad smile.


“Aye, Boromir. You look nothing like her.  Hard planes and angles.  No softness could lay claim to you.”


“I have softness.”


“Aye?”  Aragon asked, disbelieving.


“Aye, tis not show now, but later perhaps.”  Boromir replied as he tried to regain the closeness lost.  Laying gentle, nibbling, kisses all over Aragon’s face.  “Tis softness you seek?”


“Nay.  Hardness will do more than well enough.”


Boromir pulled Aragon to him hard enough to earn a moan from them both.  “Enough of words.  Passion is what I seek.  Passion is what I claim.  Passion is what I’ll have.”