Title: Second Touch

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  Jim/Blair

Rating: Adult

Summary: Second touch can be just as good.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note: Adult version in The Littlest Guide universe.


Second Touch


Their lips met in a tender kiss.  Blair arched his head back and laughed.


Jim looked at him in amusement.  “What’s so funny?”


“Nothing much.  It’s just that I’m so happy.”


Jim gently stroked sweat-soaked locks of hair away from Blair’s face.  “Yeah?”


“Hmm.  You feel so good,” Blair whispered, running his hands up and down Jim’s back.  “I never want to leave this bed.”


Jim laughed.  “How are we going to pay our bills?”


“Hmm, I’ll think of something.”


Jim nuzzled Blair’s nose with his own.  “I bet you will, my smart little Guide.”


“Am I?”




“Your little Guide, even now?”  Blair whispered softly as he nuzzled back.


“Always, Baby.  Always.”


“You’ve called me Baby almost from the first time we met.  Sometimes, I think you say it more than my name.”


Jim started moving his body against Blair’s again.  “I probably do.  I love the way you feel.  Your skin is like velvet,” Jim hissed as a wave of pure pleasure set his body on fire.  He’d never in his life felt this way.  Never really wanted to, until now.


Blair wrapped his legs around his Sentinel allowing their bodies to align even closer.  Oh, Goddess-he’d wanted this for so long.  Jim was pushing him into the mattress with the force of his thrusts.  It felt good, really, really good.  It felt even better when wet heat spread between them. 


“I’m sorry, Baby.  I didn’t wait for you that time,” Jim apologized regretfully.


Blair reached up and kissed his Sentinel’s nose. “Hmm, that’s alright.  You’ve been waiting for this longer than I have and I really, really like the fact you came because of me.”


“I’m not sure I’d be so understanding if it were reversed.”


Blair smiled.  “Of course you would, you’re my Sentinell.  Understanding is you’re middle name.”


Jim chuckled.  “It is?  I thought Joseph was my middle name.”


“I like understanding better.”


“We’re going to have to move soon or we’re going to be stuck together,  Jim said, doing no such thing as he continued to gently thrust against Blair.


Blair arched up, liking the way Jim was moving.  “Is that a bad thing?”


“No, but do you want Steven and Michael to find us stuck together?”


Blair shrugged.  “Like they’d care.  I think they’ve been stuck together plenty of times AND liking it.”


“Ooh, I am so telling on you.”


Blair chuckled.  “I never knew my Sentinell was a tattle tail.”


Jim stroked Blair’s face with his forefinger.  “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”


“Oh, like what?”  Blair asked, kissing the finger as soon as it came into range.


Jim tilted his face to one side as he thought about it.  “Ah. Hmm-can I think about it for a while?”


Blair smiled.  “You can take all the time you need.  You’re going to need it to come up with just one.  I know everything there is to know about my beautiful, sexy, buff Sentinel.”


Jim smiled down at him brilliantly.  “Oh-I like compliments.  Keep ‘um coming.”


Blair shook his head.  “Nope.  No more.  I don’t want you getting a swollen head.”


“No possibility of that.  Not with Steven around,” Jim replied ruefully.


“That’s true.” 




“Hmm,” Blair asked absently, lost in mapping the tight muscles on Jim’s back.


“Are you hungry?”


“Only for you.”


Jim chuckled softly.  “You say the sweetest things,” He said, trying to steal a kiss.


A kiss captured, returned happily and lustily before Blair pulled away slightly.  “I haven’t done sweet since I was three,” He said, wrapping his arms around his Sentinel, pulling them even closer.


Jim buried his face against Blair’s neck.  “Hmm, I hate to tell you this, Baby, but you’re still doing sweet at sixteen.”


“Am not.”


“Are,” Jim replied, gently biting Blair’s earlobe.


Blair shivered feeling the tiny bite all the way down to his toes.  “Hmm, I like that.  Do that again. I’m not sweet.”


“Yes, you are, Baby.  You’re the sweetest, most giving person I’ve ever come across.  I’ve never met anyone like you,” Jim told him, doing what Blair wanted, nibbling on his Guide’s earlobe very, very gently.  Loving the shivers it caused.


“Hmm, I really, really like that.  Am I?”




Your Baby?”


Jim kissed Blair’s nose.  “Always.  Does that still bother you?”


“Na.  It use to, ‘cause I thought, you thought, I was to little to take care of a Sentinel.” 


“I never thought that.  I just thought that because you were so little you shouldn’t have been burdened with a Sentinel,” Jim said, moving against his Guide.  Gently, side to side.




“Yeah, Baby?”


Blair cupped Jim face in his hands, looking deep into his eyes.  “I never, ever thought taking care of my Sentinel as a burden.  Not ever,” he said solemnly. “Not for a second.”


“I know.  Everyday since the day you bonded me you’ve shown me,” Jim told him softly.


“And I’ll continue to do it for the rest of our lives and way, way, way into the next.”


Jim felt his eyes fill with tears.  “Really?”


“Yes, you are the best part of me.  I can’t live without you.  I don’t even want to try.”


Jim stopped moving.  “Don’t say stuff like that.  If something happens to me I want you to keep going-live.”


Blair shook his head.  “No.”


Jim took an unsteady breath.  “Blair…”


“No, Jim. Don’t even go there.  You already know what will happen.”


Jim closed his eyes tightly, before opening them.  “I know,” he replied softly.  “I just wish it weren’t so.”


Blair gently caressed Jim’s eyebrows with his thumbs.  “I know you do, but I would never let you go anywhere without me.  Not ever.  Where you go, I go.”


Jim gave a shaky smile. “Pesky little shit.”


“Better believe it.  Jim?”


“Yeah, Baby?”


Blair wrapped his legs tightly around Jim’s waist.  “You’ve stopped moving and you’re one up on me.”


“Keeping track?”  Jim asked, sliding his body luxuriously on top of his beautiful stubborn Guide.


“Yup.  Move now,” Blair demanded, arching up.  “And Jim?”


“Yeah, Baby?”


“When we’ve caught up, I’m going to explore every inch of you body.  And it’s going to take me hours and hours to do it.”




Blair moaned softly when Jim began thrusting against him harder.  “Oh, yeah.  I like that.  Hmm, there won’t be an inch on you I won’t know intimately.”


“I…I thought you already knew every inch of me.”


Blair reached up to lick Jim’s mouth playfully.  “Not with you turned on.”


Jim gasped, trying desperately to catch the teasing tongue, missing as Blair arched his head back, moaning.  “Am I ever.  Every single inch?”


“O…oh, y…yeah.  E…every s…single i…inch,” Blair promised, as he orgasmed.  They were seriously going to need a bath after this.


A bath?


“Hmm, Jim?”


“Oh, God that feels so good and we haven’t even really done anything yet.  Yeah, Baby?”


“Can I give you a bath?” 


Jim thrustings against Blair increase still trying desperately not to hurt his Guide, but he needed this.  Oh, how he needed this.   Blair encouraged it holding him close as he sought release. 


The Sentinel keened softly when Blair began releasing sent.  Throwing his head back and closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply.  Taking it as far into himself as he could.  He loved it when Blair scented him.  Telling him in no uncertain terms who he belonged to.  That he was wanted, needed, loved.  He shuddered, his keening increasing in volume as he came once again between their two bodies.


When he had the energy to look up.  Bath?”  he asked weakly.


Blair smiled at him.  “Yup.  A nice long one with one of those round spongy things you like so much.”




“Come on, it’ll be fun.  I’ll even get into the bathtub with you.  I’ve wanted to do that for years.”


Jim nuzzled Blair’s neck searching for more scent.  “You have?”


“Yuppers,” The Guide replied, releasing it as his Sentinel burrowed deeper into his neck, making him shiver. 


“Hmm, so nice. Is this before or after you explore every inch of my beautiful, sexy buff body?”  Jim asked running his nose along his Guide’s neck.


“Before, I think.  I don’t want anything getting in the way.”




“Really?”  Blair asked slightly surprised.  “I thought you hated when I bathed you.”


“Not really.  I just couldn’t enjoy them the way I can now,” Jim told him rising from the bed, tugging Blair up with him.


“Where are we going?”


“Bathroom.  You’ve got a bath to give.” Blair stopped moving.  Jim turned to looked at him curiously. “What?”


Blair wrapped his arms around his Sentinel.  “I love you.”


Jim returned the hug, burying his head in Blair soft curls.  “Hmm, I know.  I’ve always known, but feel free to tell me lots more, if you like.”


“How about every hour of every day?”


“Hmm, you feel good if not a little sticky.  And you already do that, Baby.  Every minute of every hour of every day you tell me.  You show me in millions of ways so clearly that it leaves me speechless sometime and completely o…overwhelmed,” Jim’s voice hitched. “I don’t know what Gods and Goddesses I pleased when they sent you to me, but I’m very grateful.”


Blair looked up, seeing the sheen of tears glittering in his blue eyes, reached up to stroke his Sentinel’s cheek.  Smiling when Jim moved his face into the loving caress.  “My mushy Sentinel.  I must have pleased some Goddesses and Gods as well.  Wanna know why?”




“They gave me-you. To love.  To Protect. To cherish. Oh, God-Jim, don’t cry,” Blair said softly as he watched the tears finally fall.  “Y…you’ll make me to cry too.”  Blair buried his face against his Sentinel’s warm chest giving in to the emotions so close to the surface there was no way he could deny them.


They stayed that way for a long time swaying together slightly enjoying the warmth, the loving and the tears. 


Blair pulled away reluctantly.  “Okay enough mushiness.  My Sentinel for the first time in recorded history has willing agreed and even encouraged me give him a bath.  And I am going to enjoy the hell out of it.”


Jim chuckled.  “You cussed.  I’m SO telling.”


“Who are you SO telling?”  Blair asked affectionately, kissing Jim chin. “As far as I know there’s only you and me in the loft.”


“I’ll find someone.  There’s a mouse hiding in the downstairs closet I could probably convince to listen to me.”


Blair chuckled.  “My beautiful tattle tailing Sentinel.”  He began tugging Jim down the stairs.  “Let’s go, there’s a bathtub with our name on it.  Followed by hours and hours of the Guide showing his Sentinel just how much he’s loved.”


“By exploring every inch of his beautiful, sexy body?”  Jim asked, allowing himself to be tugged.


“Oh, yeah. And you forgot buff,” Blair said, opening the bathroom door.  “What do you think?  Would my Sentinel like that?”


“Your Sentinel would like that, very, very much,” Jim replied, kissing Blair’s hand.


Blair gave him the sweetest smile Jim had ever seen.  Big, blue eyes shining happily.  “I thought you would,” he told him, closing the bathroom door.