Title: The Las Vegas Experience
Author: Angelee
Pairing: Jim/Blair(very, very, preslash)
Beta: By my sister. All final errors are mine with my sincere apologies.

The Las Vegas Experience

“Wow! Look at that,” Steven said as he looked out the airplane window. “I think that’s the Luxor. That’s where we’ll be staying.”

“Pretty,” Blair replied,looking over from his seat between Jim and Steven.

“Sure is.”

They’d gotten their trip, but not in the way they had thought.  William had smiled taking Blair into his arms after receiving ‘the look’ from his now youngest son.  The adoption going through with no problem whatsoever.

“Is that what you really want to do for spring break?”  He’d asked, both Jim and Steven had nodded eagerly. “And you Blair? Without coaxing from your brothers, do you want to go to Las Vegas?”

Blair smiled up at him winsomely. “Yups.”

William frowned as he thought about it, making his sons uncomfortable. “Dad?” Steven finally asked worriedly.

“I’m thinking about it.”

“It’s a free trip, Dad. The state of Nevada will pay for everything,” Jim said softly.

“That’s not the problem, Jim. If you want to go to Las Vegas I can take you and your friends without a problem. I rejected everything in the folder Simon gave you for a reason. There wasn’t anything in there that I can’t provide for any of you with no ulterior motive. Your college education has all ready been paid, for all three of you.” William looked at Jim. “I don’t want you getting caught in any of this, Son. I want you to make your life choices as normally as possible even if you are a Sentinel. Everything in that folder may seem the easy way to get ahead in life, but that’s not the case. They all want something from you and Blair. If not now, in the future. I won’t have it.”

Jim cleared his throat. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I know you didn’t, Son. You’re still very, very young." He smiled at his two sons. "That's one of the things I'm here for. If there’s something that you need come to me. We will discuss it and see if it’s in your best interest. If it is, we will more forward on it.”

Two heads bend down. Steven was the first to look back up. “We’re sorry, Dad.”

William smiled at him. “Don’t be sorry, Son. I would appreciate it if you would come to me first when you get these ideas in your heads. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate getting ‘The Look’ from Blair. No one could resist it, I must say,” He said, chuckling as he kissed Blair’s forehead.

Jim cleared his throat. “Do you want the folder?”

“Yes, I think it’s best. I plan on shredding it and everything it contains. Then have another talk with Simon. Now as to the trip you’d like to take. I haven’t had a vacation in some time, none of us have. Ask your friends and we will plan on it for spring break.”

Suddenly William was being hugged by his whooping sons. Blair squished happily in the middle.


Two week’s later they were touching down in what was suppose to be one of the world’s most exciting places. They waited until everyone had gotten off the plane to make their way into the airport.

Blair insisting on pulling his own little luggage on wheelie thing. Saying he was a ‘big boy’ and he could do it, while at the same time holding Jim’s hand tightly as he looked around him curiously.

Simon trailed in back, making sure they didn’t forget anyone or anything. It’d been an interesting experience sitting with Rafe and H. They hadn’t stopped talking since they’d left Cascade. He smiled at them as they followed the others, just slightly behind Sally. This was certainly going to be a hell of a vacation and Simon was looking forward to it as much as the boys.

Jim cringed when he heard the sounds of the slot machines. “Are you alright?” Steven asked him as they made their way out of the huge airport to where their father had a van waiting to take them to the hotel.

“I…it’s the sounds of the slot machines. I think it’ll be okay once I get use to it.”

“Do you need Blair?”

Jim looked down at his little Guide. “Yeah, I do.” Cringing again in pain as the sounds of the slot machines seemed to increase in volume.

Steven took Blair’s luggage. Thinking he looked stupid pulling a wheelie thing with Batman on it, but then who was he to complain, his had Spiderman plastered all over it.

Jim reached down to lift Blair into his arms feeling instantly better when his little Guide began releasing scent. Tiny, gentle hands gently caressed his face.

“Hurt?” Blair asked softly.

Jim sighed. “Not anymore. Thank you, Blair.”

His little Guide gave him a huge smile. “You welcome.”

Jim chuckled softly. “My polite little Guide. I love you, Blair,” He said, kissing him on the nose.

“I luvs you, too. Berry much.”

Jim hugged Blair’s slight, little body. “Hmm, I’m glad.”

“Better?” H asked, not really liking the way Jim had paled when they’d gotten off the airplane.

“Yeah, Blair helped me.”

“Good. This place is huge. I’m so glad my parents let me come.” H smiled at Jim happily. “They gave me money to pay for my food and spending money in case I saw something I wanted to buy.”

“Dad won’t let you pay for food. Just save it for spending money.”

“You have got to have the coolest Dad on the planet.”

“Yeah, I do,” Jim replied, sending his Dad a huge grin. William turned from loading the van with their luggage, caught it. He smiled back. “What’s the smile for?” he asked softly.

“H just said that I have the coolest Dad on the planet and I happen to agree.”

“Why, thank you, very much kind, sir. I just happen to think I’ve got the coolest sons on the planet as well.”

Steven handed his Dad-Blair’s suitcase. “Well, at least one of us is.”

Both Steven and Jim looked at each other. “Blair,” They said at the same time, breaking out in laughter.

Blair looked from one to the other. “Yups, I is the coolest.” He replied sagely, nodding his curly head in agreement. Making everyone with in earshot laugh.

“You sure are, Baby,” Jim told him as they got into the van.

Unloading at the hotel took no time at all with the help of the hotel personnel. Everyone in their group looked around the hotel in awe. They’d never seen anything like it in their life. If Blair’s eyes could have gotten any bigger they would have.

The boys were itching to go exploring, but William had told them they needed to talk over a few things first. So they met in the room William and Simon would be sharing.

They’d been paired up to a buddy for room sharing, Carl much to his disappointment couldn’t go on the trip, being made to visit his grandmother in Los Angeles over the break. Rafe and H got to share one room, Steven and Jim and Blair another since the young Sentinel/Guide pair hadn’t slept separately since they’d bonded. Sally got a room all to herself being the only girl in the group and William and Simon taking up the last room.

William sat on the couch eyeing the boys watching him expectantly. “Okay, men here are the rules for this trip to Las Vegas. You do not wander off by yourself. Always, but always have a buddy with you. No exceptions to the rule, if I find out that you have broken this rule, I will chase you down and kick your buns all the way back to Cascade. If you want to leave the hotel to explore the strip, an adult must accompany you. Also no exceptions.” William reached into his briefcase and pulled out five cell phones. “These have been programmed to reach Sally, Simon or me. Just press one, two or three and you will reach one of us if you need to,” He said, passing them out to the boys, even Blair got one, even though chances were he’d never be out of Jim’s sight, but still you could never be too careful. “We'll be using the phones to call you in to lunch or dinner If you are in the hotel exploring call in every hour, also no exceptions.” William reached into the briefcase once again, this time pulling out watches. He handed them out as well. “This may seem excessive, but I want you all to be safe. Here are the keys to your rooms. I’m trusting you to behave like gentlemen and not tear the rooms apart. This is suppose to be a fun time for all and it would not be fun for me if I have to pay to have the rooms repaired because you decided to become rambunctious.” He smiled at the quietly listening youngsters. “Are there any questions, men?”

“No, Sir,” They all replied at the same time.

William smiled at them. “Okay, check out your rooms to see if they meet your expectations. Then go forth and have a good time. If you need anything let us know.”

“They sure are a bunch of happy campers aren’t they?” Simon asked, watching Steven shove Rafe out of the way as they tried to get out of the door at the same time. Jim and Blair standing to one side as the young Sentinel helped his little Guide with his watch.

“Yeah, “William replied. “They sure are.” He looked up at the Doctor. “I hope you don’t mind sharing a room with me?”

“ It’s fine. This is one fine room, Will,” Simon replied, eyeing the elegantly appointed living room and then over into the bedroom containing two huge beds.

William smiled. “Yes, well, we don’t get a chance to get away to often, so I thought I do it up right.”

Simon whistled. “You sure did.”

William turned to Sally handing over her room key. “What are you going to do first, Sally?”

“I thought I’d look around the hotel, see all it has to offer. It’s huge. We may not need to leave the Luxor the whole time we’re here.”

“That’s true. But Jim will be asking for someone to go with them to the sites he’s scoped out.”

Simon chuckled. “He sure did his research, didn’t he?”

“Yes. That paper he’s got his itinerary on must have about fifteen things written on it. He’s going to run us ragged.”

“Did you hear Steven? He called Jim anal retentive because he made a list of things he wanted to see while we’re here,” Simon said, remembering the comment had earned Steven a hard punch to the arm.

William smiled. “Yeah.” He frowned. “Do you think Jim will be alright? There’s a lot of people here. I hope he doesn’t have too much trouble with his senses.”

“I hope not, too. But Blair will take care of it, if there’s a problem,” Simon answered. “But this is going to definitely be another learning experience for all of us.”

“That’s for sure,” William said thoughtfully as he looked at the door the boys had gone through.


“Come on, Blair the others are waiting for us,” Jim coaxed his unwilling little Guide.

“No. Scent first,” Blair replied, crossing his little arms stubbornly.

After Steven and Jim had ooh’d and awed over the room their Dad had gotten for them. As well as giving Rafe and H a chance to look at their own room.  They’d gotten together in Steven, Jim and Blair’s room, now they all waited near the door to go exploring.  Except for Jim and Blair.

“But Blair you did that at the airport. I don’t need it right now. Come on, let’s go explore.”

“No Scent. NOW,” Blair said, uncompromisingly.

Jim sighed softly. He looked at the others. “Sorry, guys. Blair wants to do some Guide/Sentinel stuff. Go on. We’ll catch up to you later.”

“Okay. Don’t take to long,” Steven told him as he reached for the door handle.

Jim turned to Blair once the door closed. “Okay, Baby. I’m all yours.”

Blair offered his arms to Jim. “I knows,” He told him, with a shy, little smile.

Jim picked him up. “I know you do and you’ve got me wrapped so tight around your little fingers I don’t know which way is up sometimes.”

Blair caressed the side of Jim’s face earning a soft moan from Jim. “I knows dat too,” He said, tilting his head to one side in offer, releasing scent.

Jim keened softly, burying his head against the side of Blair’s neck. “I love when you do that,” He told him softly.

Blair began releasing the bonding scent as well making Jim keen louder, arms wrapping tightly around his little Guide, pulling him as close as he could.

He’d never get use to this, never. He’d always wanted this from his little Guide, even if he was a little reluctant at first.

After a long moment he pulled away. “That was really good, Baby. Thank-you,” he said, shakily.

Tiny, hands caressed his face. Jim moved into it with a contented sigh. “I glad. Know you no want, but I take care my Sentinell, always.”

“For my own good?” Jim asked chuckling softly, kissing Blair’s nose.

“Yups,” Blair replied, kissing Jim back. “Own good. No want get sick.”

“I love you, Baby.”

“I knows. I luv, too. Berry, berry much.”

“Hmm, wanna catch up with the guys now?”



Jim had no trouble finding the others, even with all the people in the hotel. Using his heightened sense of smell he quickly tracked them down near a museum entrance.

“It costs five buck,” H was telling them. “don’t you think that’s too much for a dusty, old museum?”

“Might be, but let’s have a look anyway,” Rafe told them. “You heathens could use a little culture, God knows.”

Steven shoved him. “Oh, shut up, twit.”

“Ow! Hey, Jim, Blair. Wanna go into a museum for that kid King? We were just trying
decide if we wanted to go in.”

Jim shrugged. “Sure why not.”

It turned out to be a good choice as they watched Blair becoming more and more
captivated by the whole Egyptian thing. Listening enthralled to the movie explaining the excavation of Tutankhamen’s burial site. Jim was growing bored, forced to listen since Blair was once again sitting in his lap. But he held still, it was the least he do could for his little Guide.

He helped the attendant carefully place the head phone over Blair’s ears as they walked through the museum. He was bored stiff by the time they made it to the first window that had depictions of how things were way, way back for the kid King. He was having more fun watching his little Guide.

Blair’s eyes had a look in them Jim had never seen before as they walked through the museum. Still in Jim’s arms as they walked around, he’d place his tiny hands on the windows and stared at everything in the room in fasination. Now and then looking up at Jim to make sure his Sentinel was sharing his enjoyment.

Jim would smile at him, earning a returning grin before Blair went back to his inspection of the old stuff.

“Blair sure likes it in here?” Steven told him as he came back to stand next to them.

“Yeah. He doesn’t even look at his reading books the way he’s looking at all this old, dusty stuff.”

Steven chuckled. “Yeah, you’d think that for a hotel this size and this fancy, they’d find someone to come and dust.”

“Shush, no can here,” Blair chided them, blue eyes dark with annoyance. Before turning back to his inspection of what the earphones told them was a depiction of the kid King’s bed.”

“Sorry,” Steven apologized, even though Blair was already listening intently to the narrator. “Hey, Jim I think we may have come across what Blair might be doing when he’s older,” He whispered softly, not wanting to raise Blair ire once again.

“Yeah? What?” Jim whispered, back.

“He’s going to want to study really, old dusty things.”

Jim chuckled. “You may be right.”

Blair was reluctant to leave the museum, the only way they got him to go was to promise him that they would bring him back again later.

Once they were done with the tour, the museum dumped them into a store filled with Egyptian things for sale. They spent a good hour looking through everything. Blair coming away with a coloring book, a bear dressed in an Egyptian outfit called Tiny Tut and a book on Egypt. All bought and paid for with his very own allowance he’d earned for changing the kitty box.

He took his job as kitty litter changer very seriously as well as making sure the kittens had water and lots of kibbles to eat. When they’d taken the kittens to Mrs. Deans who’d agreed to look after them while they were away, Blair had handed her the care instructions written in his very, own hand writing.

Mrs. Deans not in the least bit surprised that Blair was writing clear, concise sentences at three. No one that came into Blair’s orbit was surprised by anything the little Guide did any more. Simply enjoying it for the gift it truly was. She’d taken the list with all the seriousness it was do, telling Blair she would take good care of his kittens.


Back in William and Simon’s hotel room the eldest Ellison offered the Doctor a drink from the wet bar. “Can we talk about something that has been bothering me?” he asked the Doctor.

“Sure,” Simon replied, taking a sip of his soda. It really wasn’t a good idea to drink liquor when you were helping take care of five youngsters all under the age of eleven. He wanted to have his faculties fully functioning, especially if two of said youngsters were a Sentinel/Guide pairing. Sally had already left to explore the hotel and to check on the boys so for now it was just William and Simon. “What do you need to talk about? You’re not still mad about the folder? I did help you shred the offers.”

William waved his hand dismissively as he sat down. Placing his own glass of soda on the coffee table.

“No that’s been long forgotten. Jim is eleven now.”


“Hormones will be kicking in anytime now.”


“The age difference is quite extensive.”


William sighed. “You’re not making this easy.”

Simon smiled. “Nope.”

“Is it because I got mad about the folder incident?”


“Oh,” William replied, clearing his throat uncomfortably.

“Okay, what’s the question?” Simon said, deciding to take pity on him.

“Because of the age difference. What happens to Jim when he’s starts going through changes and needing physical intimacy? Blair is way too young to even consider it.”

Simon took a drink of his soda. “Yes he is. And Jim is already going through changes. He’s starting to get peach fuzz on his face.  Coming online so young may have set it off early.”

“I’ve already talked to him about sex. He knows what's going to happen, but I don’t think he’s ready for the fact that he’s a Sentinel about to go hormonal. What can we expect? Will he seek someone to help him with his urges when they get to be to much for him? He is after all a healthy male. What’s going to happen?” William looked at Simon worry deep in his blue eyes.

“I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen. Both Jim and Blair have rewritten the book, like I’ve said before. I can honestly say though that Jim will NOT look for physical relief with someone else. The bond that is growing and strengthening between Blair and Jim won’t allow for it,” Simon smiled taking a sip of his soda. “not to mention his little Guide will kick his ass if he tries,” He added.

“He’ll go completely crazy by the time Blair is ready to become physically intimate.”

“I don’t think Blair will allow that to happen.”  Simon replied, smiling slightly.

“What do you mean?”

“Blair will take care of his Sentinell.”

“I won’t allow my youngest son to be hurt.”  William said, softly.  Blue eyes darkening in worry.

“He won’t be. Blair has defenses. Remember what he did to Alex?”

“Yes, but that’s hardly the same.”

“No, it’s not. Blair is one of the most talented Guides I’ve ever come, across even at three. You will have to trust in that talent and in the fact that your son will cut off his own arm before he hurts or lets his little Guide be hurt.”

“I know, but I still worry.”

“Don’t worry so much. Blair has it all under control.”

“How can you be so sure? Blair is still a baby.”

Simon gave William a brilliant smile. “I can, because it’s Blair. He may only be three but he’s a very, very old three. With the biggest, most giving heart I’ve ever seen and he knows instinctively what is in the best interest of his Sentinel. Not to mention that Blair and Jim already share a deep intimacy that very few of us will ever know. It may be enough.”

William sighed softly. “I hope your right.”


Blair now sat in his Sentinel’s lap sharing, a soda and French fries. Bags from the museum store scattered all around their feet.

“Who would have thought a hotel as fancy as this would have a McDonald’s in it?” Steven said, munching on a fry.

“Yeah, huh,” H replied, stealing a fry from Rafe’s box.

“Hey,” Rafe complained half-heartedly. “Should we be snacking right now? Your Dad is going to be calling us in for dinner soon,” He asked Steven.

Steven smiled at him. “This is only an appetizer. We’ll have plenty of room for dinner.”

Jim held the cup for Blair to drink, holding the straw steady. “Especially if you’re Steven.”

Steven stuck his nose up in the air. “I happen to have a good appetite and I’m a growing boy, I’ll have you know.”

“Yeah, but in which direction?” Jim asked wirily, offering Blair another fry. Watching as his little Guide drew little circles in the ketchup before placing it in his mouth.

Steven was saved from responding by the beeping of a phone. All of them scrambling for their cells before they realized it was Jim’s.

“Hello. Hi, Dad. Everything’s going great. Blair loved the museum on that kid king.”

“Pharaoh,” Blair told him quietly.

“Hold on Dad. What Blair?”

“He Pharaoh. Not King,” Blair said, nibbling delicately on a fry.

“Oh.” Jim smiled at him. “Blair said he was Pharaoh. Yeah, he really liked it. I’m going to take him through it again later. Okay, we’ll be right up.” Jim closed his phone. “Dad wants us to go up for dinner. We’re going to order room service.”

They came across Sally as they made their way to the elevators. She’d decided to play the slot machines. Being to young to be allowed into the actual casino and they didn’t want Sally getting in trouble they watched at a safe distance.

“Hey, look Sally won,” Steven said happily. “Hey, Sally how much did you win?”

“Two hundred and fifty,” She told them smiling.

“Cool,” Steven replied.

Sally gathered all her coins into one of the buckets provide. “Yes, it is. I wasn’t having much luck until my boys came by. That was the last quarter I was going to use before going up for dinner. Did your Dad call you?” She asked Jim.

“Yup. We were just heading up.”

“I’ll go up with you.”

Sally almost fainted at the prices of the food. William had to reassure her that it was alright before she would order anything.

“So Blair are you having fun?” William asked his youngest son.

“Yups.” Blair replied nodded his curly head. “Fun. Went museum.”

“That’s good. Did you learn anything?”

Blair nodded again. “Yups. Learn lots,” He replied, as he took a bite of the hamburger he was sharing with Jim. He smiled up at his Sentinel from his usual perch. “Take back ‘gain, huh, Jim?”

Jim handed Blair a carrot stick. “You betcha,” He said, returning the smile.

Steven took a bite of his sandwich. “What are we going to do after dinner?” he asked his mouth full.

Jim cringed. “That is just so gross.”

Steven smiled at him as he swallowed . “Yeah, huh? So bring out your list."

Jim reached into the pocket of his shirt, pulling out a very worn piece of paper. “Well let’s see. There’s the M & M store, Blair’ll like that. There’s The Fall of Atlantis-that’s suppose to be really cool. There’s the pirate fight at Treasure Island. Or the fountains at the Bellagio. There’s the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton. There’s lots to do.”

Simon chuckled. “Are we going to be able to fit all that in-in a week?”

“Sure we just have to be organized about it,” Jim answered, offering Blair a drink of milk.

“You are just so anal,” Steven said, rolling his eyes at his brother.

“There’s nothing wrong with being organized,” Jim replied defensively.

“Yeah, there’s a thing about being organized and then there’s the thing about being anal about it.”

“I’m not anal. Blair, tell Steven to quit telling me I’m anal.”

Blair looked at Steven, big, blue eyes narrowing, menacingly. “No pick on Jim. No call anal.”

“Oh, alright,” Steven said repentantly, sort of repentantly, anyway. “I’ll leave Jim alone.”

Blair looked up at his Sentinel. “Jim?”

“Yeah, Baby?”

“What mean anal?”


They decide to watch the fountains at the Bellagio. Jim enjoyed the fountain’s waterworks immensely, but enjoying watching his little Guide more. Blair’s mouth was in formed into a little 'o' as he watched the fountains shooting water high into the air, moving his body to the beat of the music playing at the same time.

Jim held his little Guide tight against his chest, Blair’s feet braced against the wall that went all around the fountains. Every now and then Blair would look up at him to make sure his Sentinel was enjoying the water show.

Jim wasn’t about to zone on the water as lights flickered through it. Blair was to good a Guide for that. He was releasing scent minutely to make sure of it. It was enough to keep Jim steady, but not enough to cause him to lose himself in the scent he so loved.

Jim gently kissed the top of Blair’s head earning a happy smile from his little Guide. Suddenly Blair turned away from the fountains to give Jim a hug.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” Jim said, rubbing Blair's back. “but what it's for?”

“Just cause I luvs you,” Blair told him, kissing Jim’s nose happily. Suddenly Blair yawned hugely.

“Wow! I saw your toes there, Baby. Are you tired?”

Blair rubbed his face against Jim’s chest. “Yups.”

“Wanna go back to the hotel?” Blair looked back at the fountains. “We can come back here tomorrow if you want,” Jim promised him.


“I promise,” Jim replied, pulling Blair up into his arms. “Let’s go. Dad, I’m taking Blair back to the hotel. He’s tired.”

William looked at his youngest son who started back at him sleepily. “Okay. Does anyone else want to go back with Jim and Blair?” he asked the others.

“I will,” Sally said. “I’m kind of tired, too.”

They made there way carefully through the huge crowds of people walking up and down the strip. Finally taking the monorail from the Excalibur back to the Luxor. By the time they made it back to the hotel Jim felt as exhausted as Blair looked.

“Wow. It felt like we must have walked ten miles,” Jim said as they walked Sally to her door.

Sally smiled tiredly at him. “Sure does. I need to pick my feet up. They really hurt right now,” She replied as she inserted the card key into the lock. Watching it go from red to green she pushed it open. “I’ll see you boys in the morning,” She added, giving them both a kiss. “Sleep well.”

“We will.”

Jim turned toward their door as soon as Sally’s closed and he heard the lock turn.

“Oh, God, Baby, my feet hurt,” Jim told Blair as he inserted their key. Fortunately for them their room was next to Sally’s.

Once in the room he plopped down on the bed he’d chosen for the two of them. Holding tightly to Blair as his little Guide landed on top of him.

Blair murmured softly as he buried his face against Jim’s neck. “I’ll give you a bath later, rest for a little bit first,” Jim said, tightening his arms around his little Guide he closed his eyes.

Next thing Jim heard was Steven quietly entering the room. “What time is it?”

“Hmm, “Steven looked over at the clock between the two beds. “Eleven thirty.”

“Wow. I was more tired than I thought.”

Steven sat on the edge of Jim and Blair’s bed. “How are you holding up? Any problems with the Sentinel stuff?”

“I’m doing good. Every time Blair notices that the crowds getting to me he releases extra scent. It’s making a big difference,” Jim said, looking down affectionately at the little boy cuddled against his chest.

“Good. What do you want to do tomorrow?”

“Go to the Hilton-see the Star Trek Experience?  I’ve really been looking forward to to seeing it since I read about it on the internet. Especially since we’ve been watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine after school.”

“Sounds good to me. I heard someone say you can catch the monorail from the MGM and it’ll take you all the way to the Hilton so we don’t have to do that much walking.”

“Cool. I don’t think I’ve ever done so much walking in my life.”

Steven took off his shoes flinging them across the room. “I know what you mean. Hey, are you planning on sleeping in your jeans?”

“No. I was just so tired that I plopped down on the bed and fell asleep. Didn’t even give Blair a bath,” Jim replied, carefully maneuvering himself from under his little Guide so as not to wake him.

“Well, the bath can wait till morning. You could just change him out of his little jeans into his pajamas so he’s comfortable.”

“Yeah, I could. You don’t think that-that might wake him?”

Steven looked at his baby brother. “Heck no. He so tired I don’t think anything would wake him right now.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah, he is.”

“Need any help?”

Jim opened Blair’s suitcase. “Naw, I got it. So how do you think Blair’s going to react to seeing a Klingon?”

“Don’t know. But knowing Blair it isn’t going to be a normal reaction.”

Jim chuckled softly as he very carefully removed Blair’s shoes so he could replace the tiny jeans with Blair’s favorite wolf pajamas. “You’re probably right.” Blair didn’t move at all not even when Jim sat him up slightly exchanging his little Guide’s t-shirt for a pajama top.

Jim very carefully picked up Blair so he could move the bedcover. Ginning affectionately at his limp as a cooked noodle little Guide. Laying him down Jim covered Blair with the blankets.

“He’s out.”

Steven smiled. “He sure is. He sure had fun today. He loved the museum.”

Jim opened his suitcase. “Yeah, he did. He’s got a real fascination for old, dusty stuff.”

“Do you think he’s going to be someone like Indiana Jones when he grows up? Looking for buried treasure?”

Jim pulled out his pajamas. “Possibly. He’s smart enough. I’m going to go take a quick shower-watch Blair for me?”

“Sure thing,” Steven answered picking up the remote to the TV.


Morning found happy giggles and splashing coming from the bathroom. Jim carefully working Sentinel safe shampoo into Blair’s curly hair as his little Guide played with the soap.

“So, Baby, are you having fun in Las Vegas?” Jim asked, very carefully moving bubbles away from his little Guide forehead, not wanting any to fall in his eyes.

“Yups. Fun,” Blair replied.

“We’re going to the Star Trek Experience today.  Maybe meet a Klingon, you know like on that show we watch in the afternoons.”

Clear, happy blue eyes looked up at Jim. “Cool.”

Jim smiled. “Yup. Cool.”

Blair suddenly frowned as he looked at the bar of soap and then at his Sentinel. “Jim?”

Jim carefully rinsed Blair’s hair. “Yeah, Baby?”

“Jim give Blair baff lots?”

“Yup. And?”

“Why Blair no give Jim baff?” Blair asked curiously.

Jim stopped shampooing his little Guide’s hair. “You want to give me a bath?”

Blair nodded. “Yup.”

“B…but I’m too old to need help with a bath,” Jim stuttered, turning a bright pink.

“I tree. I big boy. I get help wiff baffs.”

“Hmm, yeah, but you still need help even though your three. I don’t want you to get hurt in here. Everything is very slippery.” Suddenly inspiration hit Jim or so he thought. “It’s a Sentinel thing,” he said smartly.

Blair tilted his head as he contemplated Jim. “I want give my Sentinell baff. It a Guide thing,” He told him slyly.

*Oh Shit.* Blair got him good. Jim thought to himself. How the hell was he going to get out of this one? “Hmm, it is?”


“Can I think about it?”

“Nope,” Blair told him, giving him a brilliant smile. “Blair give Jim baff.”

*Oh Shit.* Jim thought to himself again. There was no way he was getting out of it. If he didn’t do what Blair wanted his little Guide would make his life miserable. And Jim hated when Blair got mad at him, just hated it. It could possibly ruin the whole trip if he didn’t agree. It was after all only a bath. It didn’t matter that he was eleven and could give himself a bath. God, this was going to be embarrassing, especially since his body was going through changes and he was really self-conscious about it. He hoped none of the guys found out about this.

“O…okay, but can it wait until tonight? Dad’s waiting to take us to breakfast and we have a lot to do today,” Jim stalled.

Blair smiled at his Sentinel. Never for a minute doubting he wouldn’t get his way. He handed Jim the bar of soap. “Cool.”

"Cool," Jim replied, with a weak smile.




Simon got drafted into going to with them to the Las Vegas Hilton.  Not that he minded one little bit.  He loved watching the interplay between the boys.  They had him chuckling the whole way over on the monorail.


Now they were all exploring the stores in the Promenade, part of the Star Trek Experience. Jim explained to his Dad they’d probably be at the Hilton most of the day.  So they’d agreed to meet for lunch at Quark’s, the restaurant inside the Experience at 1:00, before the guys took to the Borg and Klingon Rides.


Jim watched his little Guide as he went to a bin picking up one of the many fuzzy balls in it.  Chuckling when it started chirping, making Blair jump.


“It’s a tribble, Baby.”


“Tribble?”  Blair asked, looking at it curiously.




Blair gave him a huge smile.  “I like,” He said, listening intently to the chirping.


“Are you going to buy it?”  Jim asked, kneeling in front of his little Guide.


Blair nodded.  Yups.  Hold,” Blair demanded, thrusting the tribble at him.


“You want me to carry it?”




“But it’s your tribble.  Why should I carry it?”


Blair gave Jim a sly look from those big, expressive eyes of his.  “Because Jim luvs Blair,” He replied, running a loving finger over the bridge of his Sentinel’s nose.


Jim moaned softly at the gently caress.   “Hmm, yeah I do.  Alright I’ll carry your tribble.  You little turd,” he added affectionately.


Blair gave him a brilliant smile as he bounced off to go explore with Steven, leaving Jim chuckling softly.


“He’s really something else isn’t he?”  Simon told him, laughing as he came up to Jim.


The young Sentinel looked at him, blue eyes twinkling happily.  “Yeah, he is and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


They’d been in the Promenade about an hour before one of the Klingons that roamed around the Experience made an appearance.  Steven elbowed Jim to alert him to the fact. 


Jim put down the Star Trek watch he’d been looking at.  “Here we go.  Be ready to go to him if it looks like he’s going to panic,” Jim told his brother.


They watched intently as Blair finally noticed the tall imposing figure. The little Guide

put down the Star Fleet bears he’d been looking at. His big, blue eyes getting even

bigger.  Making Jim think he was going to have to save his little Guide.  He need not

have worried when Blair tilted his head to one side. “Hi,” he said shyly.


The Klingon looked down at the curly-headed boy looking up at him before going to his knees in front of him.  “Hello, little man.  What’s your name?”




“Well, Blair, are you having fun?”


Blair nodded his head so fast it sent curls all over his face.  Yups.  Lots.”


“That’s good.”


Blair reached out a tiny hand running it over the Klingon’s forehead.  Yups.”  He said, softly.  “Cool.”


The Klingon gave Blair a smile.  “You think I’m cool?”




“That’s good.  Usually when little kids see me they run the other way unless they’re into Star Trek.  Is he with you?”  Jim got asked as he moved closer.


“Yes,” Jim told him, smiling. 


Blair was still running his hands over the bumpy forehead of the Klingon.  Later Jim would tell him it was a man in a costume.  But not right now.  No, not right now.


The Klingon smiled at him.  “Would you like to take a picture with me?”


“Yes, sir.”


All of them got their picture taken with the abnormally, patient Klingon.  Together and separately.  When it came time for the Borg to make the rounds through the Promenade it was the only time Blair seemed to panic.  Not quite sure what to make of it.


The Klingon had stayed with them, reaching down he picked up the pale, little boy.  “Don’t worry.  It’s not real.”


Blair hid his face against his neck.  “No like.  No like.”


“Don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  No one likes the Borg.  So tell me Blair how old are you?”


“I tree,” Blair replied, softly, little arms tightening around the Klingon’s neck.


“You’re tree.  Ooh, that’s old.”


Blair’s head popped up.  “See,” He told his watching Sentinel smugly.


Jim smiled.  “Yup, I see.  You’re really, really old.”


The Klingon sighed regretfully.  “Sorry little man, I’ve got to get back to work,  He told Blair handing him to Jim.


“Go work?”


A dark hand came up to gently pat Blair’s soft curls.  “Yes, little man. Go work.”


“Oh,” Blair said sadly.


The Klingon smiled.  “I’ll be around.  Maybe I’ll see you again before you leave.”


Blair looked at Jim expectantly.  “Maybe.  We’re having lunch with Dad and Sally at Quarks, remember,” The Sentinel told his little Guide.


Blair smiled at the Klingon.  “Maybes.”


“Okay. See you later, little man.”


They looked around the Promenade for a while before William and Sally showed up and they sat down for lunch.  Blair sitting in Jim’s lap looking around every now and then for his new friend.


William noticed.  “What’s Blair looking for?”


Jim smiled handing his little Guide an onion ring.  “He made a new friend.”


H nodded.  “The biggest, scariest dude you ever did see.”


“Really?”  William asked looking at Simon, who agreed with H.


“Oh, yeah.  He’s taller that me and looks to be ten times as mean.” William looked worried.  Simon smiled at him.  “We were watching the whole time.  Your youngest son was perfectly safe.”


William sighed.  “Good.”  He gave the Doctor a sheepish look.  “I’m a Dad and I worry.”


“Yeah, I know how that goes.”


William took a drink of his coffee.  “Any luck with the visitation rights?”


“Yes, actually there is.  Thanks to your lawyers.  My ex-wife has agreed rather reluctantly to allow me to see my son on holidays and during summer break.”


“That’s great.”


“I hope you don’t mind having another Banks underfoot.”


William smiled at Simon.  “Never.  Your son is welcome to stay as long and as often as he likes.  It’s your home too, Simon.  Don’t forget that.  Oh, my word.  Is that the fellow, Blair’s new friend?”


Simon turned to see the Klingon coming out of the kitchen.  “One and the same.”


“He is scary,” William said softly.


“Yup, he is.”


The Klingon spotted Blair right away. “Hello, little man.  Did you have a good lunch?”


Blair smiled brilliantly at him.  Yups.”  He replied, handing him an onion ring.


The Klingon took it.  “Why thank you.  Don’t mind if I do.  Just don’t tell anyone I had an onion ring.  They frown on that around here.”


“Would you like to join us?”  William asked.


The Klingon looked over at the hopeful Blair. “Hmm, can’t. I’m suppose to mingle.  I do thank you, though.  Hey, little man, don’t look that way, I’ll be around.”


“Really?  Be ‘round?” 


“Why surely.  I’ll see you again.”


Right after lunch, the boys took in the rides while William, Sally and Simon watched over Blair.  He was too little or rather to short to get into the rides.  They came out talking excitedly about them to find Blair sitting in the Klingon’s lap, playing with a tiny keychain of a Klingon.


“Hey, Blair, whatcha’ got there?”  Jim asked as they came up to them.


“Keychain, Mr. Klingon give,” Blair replied, showing it to him.




Yups,” Blair, smiled up at his new friend.  “Cool.”


The smile was returned.  “I’m glad you liked it.  Well, it was really nice talking to you folks, but now it’s time for me to go. My ship is waiting to take me home.”


Blair turned to give Mr. Klingon a warm hug, it was enthusiastically returned.  “It was nice meeting you all. Especially you, little man.  You’ve got my address?”


Yups.”  Blair said, nodding.


“You’ll write me?” Blair nodded again.  “I’ve never met a three year old on any of the many planets I’ve visited that could write before.  Good bye little man.  Take care of him.”  Mr. Klingon told Jim, giving the little Guide another hug.


“I will.”


With a smart salute Mr. Klingon was gone.  They’d all forgotten to ask him his name.  But he didn’t seem to mind being called Mr. Klingon.


William turned to the waiting group.  “What do you want to do now?”


The day finished in a whirlwind of activity and active spending.  They covered the M&M store, Blair loving it just like Jim had said.  Followed by The Fall of Atlantis which Blair REALLY liked.  Fascinated by the fire and drama of it all.  They ended their day with a trip to the midway faire inside the Excalibur.


“Did you cheat?”  Steven asked Jim softly as they strolled through the midway.


Jim turned to glare at him.  “Why would I cheat?”


“Because Blair really liked this dragon.”


“That doesn’t mean I would cheat to get it for him.”


Steven smiled at him smugly.  “Yes it does.”


Jim returned the smile sheepishly.  “Yes it does,” He agreed softly.  Suddenly he burst out in laughter.  Steven turned to see what his brother found so funny.  Blair was coming toward them wearing a court jester hat, holding H’s hand.  Jim reached down to pick up his little Guide.  “You look so cute,” He replied, kissing his nose.  “Who won it for you?”


Rafe,” Blair answered, turning his head to make the little bells on the hat jingle.  Jim fought to keep himself from stiffening at the mention of Rafe’s name.  He did it, but it had been a real struggle.  After a moment all he said was.  “Cool.”


Steven noticed, but made no comment instead bringing up the huge purple dragon Jim had won.  “Look what Jim won for you, Blair.”


Blair smiled at Jim brilliantly.  “For me?” 


Jim kissed Blair’s nose again.  “For you.”


“Tank you.” Suddenly Blair frowned.  “No cheat?”


Jim bit his lip.  “Hmm…” he hedged.


A tiny hand punched him on the shoulder.  “No cheat?”  he was asked again.


Ow!  Hmm, only a little bit.  I love you, Blair,” Jim said, trying to distract his little Guide.  Blair continued to frown at him. Jim smiled at him.  “A lot.”  He offered lamely.   H returned from on his trip to one of his quick trips to a nearby booth.  “Nice hat, H.” Jim told him. 


“Yeah, huh?”  H replied.  Touching the Viking hat on top of his head.  “Well, Blair shouldn’t be the only one with a cool hat.”


Jim smiled at him.  “That’s true.  Has anyone seen Sally or Dad?”


“Dad was watching Sally play those slot machines she likes so much,” Steven replied, touching one of the horns on H’s hat.


“Hands off the hat,” H told him moving away slightly.


“Sorry,” Steven said, still looking at the hat in fascination.  Where’s Simon and Rafe?”


They were going to the Excalibur store to look for a gift for Simon’s son,” H answered.  “They said they’d be right back.  Look buddy, keep the hands off the hat or I’ll be forced to hurt you,” H told Steven, who was touching the hat again.


“Alright, alright.  Geez, some people get so touchy about their hats.  I got to get me one of them before we head back.”


As they made their way back to the Luxor-Steven was indeed wearing a Viking hat just like H’s. Walking in a happy group they were talking excitedly about everything they’d seen and done.


“How the heck are we going to get Blair’s dragon home?”  Steven asked struggling to carry it.


William smiled. “Hmm, we may have to get an airplane seat just for it.  What did you name it, Blair?” 


“Puff,” Blair answered, readily.


“Like from Puff the Magic Dragon?”  Jim asked smiling down at his little Guide. He decided once again that he was ‘a big boy’ and could walk by himself  He looked so cute with his jester hat jingling away, carrying what he could of his collected treasures for the day.  


Jim chuckled inwardly. Blair had quite a haul, too.  It seemed everywhere they went people took one look at Blair and wanted to give him things.  Candies, stuffed animals, you name it, they gave it to Blair.  Everyone seemed to be touched by the magic that was Blair. Blair glowed with a happy, bouncy sort of innocence that was hard to resist. But then who’d want to.  He thought to himself, kissing a pert, little nose. 




Steven sighed happily as he flung himself on his bed.  “Oh, man what a day.  I’m one pooped fella.”


Jim helped Blair place all his treasures on the table.  “Yeah, me, too.  Is this one exciting place or what?”


Steven rolled over onto his stomach, watching Blair inspect his stuffed animals.  “ Yeah, it is. Blair did good.”


Jim smiled as he took off his shoes.  “He sure did.  Everywhere we went people wanted to give him things.  Blair? Baby, do you want to take a nap before we go have dinner or do you want a bath?”


Jim cringed realizing what he’d just done.  He bit back a cuss word that would get his nose bit for sure.  Instead he bit his lip hard and waited.


Blair’s head popped up from where he was inspection the red M&M stuffed critter William had bought him.  Bath?”


“Hmm, yeah.  You gotta be feeling all hot and sticky from all the running around we’ve done today.  Do YOU want a bath?”  Jim emphasized, hoping Blair would let the whole let’s give the Sentinel a bath go for now.


“Yup, bath,” Blair replied readily enough, taking off his shoes.


Jim smiled thinking that was a close one.  He knew Blair hadn’t forgotten, he was just bidding his time before he was knee deep in Sentinel safe bubbles, but for now all was right with his world he thought to himself as he trailed his little Guide into the bathroom.




Steven opened the door to the room he shared with Jim and Steven with a tired sigh.  Whew, it’d been quite a day.  Dinner at the Flamingo had been great.  He didn’t even remember who had recommended it.  The food had been GREAT.  Even if everything in the Flamingo was PINK. They stuffed themselves on buffet food until they couldn’t move.  Then going into the Habitat so Blair could look at the penguins and the Koi swimming in the ponds.  Steven smiled as he remembered the look Blair had given their Dad and Simon as he watched the fish swim around.   After that they’d gone to Treasure Island and then back up the strip to see the fountains at the Bellagio.


Jim and Blair had come back to the hotel way before them.  Blair had insisted.  Steven had noticed that Jim had been reluctant for some odd reason, but had finally given in.  Steven had put it off as it being a Sentinel/Guide thing Jim wasn’t to keen on doing.


Closing the door to the hotel room he spotted Blair rummaging through Jim’s stuff.  Whatcha’ doing baby brother?”  he asked, curiously.


Blair pulled out a pair of socks.  “Giving Jim baff,” He was told as Blair bounced back into the bathroom.


Steven trailed after the little Guide finding a sullen Jim deep into a bathtub full of bubbles.  He bit back a smile and got a blue-eyed glare for his trouble.


“Tell anyone about this and you shall die a horrible, painful death.”


Steven shivered dramatically.  “Ooh, I’m scared.  How much you willing to pay me for my silence?”


The blue eyes glared intensified.  “How about I let you live?”


Steven chuckled.  “That’s a good enough reason.  So are you having fun?”  he asked as he sat on the closed toilet seat.


Jim looked over at Blair who was listening as he carefully worked shampoo into Jim’s brown hair. “Hmm, yeah?”  he said, giving his little guide a tentatively smile.


“Yeah, well you look like you’re having fun.”


Jim shot him a look that plainly said.” Screw you.”  Making Steven chuckle even more.


“So Blair-little brother, are you having fun giving Jim a bath?”  Steven asked, ignoring the groan of misery coming from the bathtub.


Blair nodded his curly head, tiny hand still working the shampoo into Jim’s hair.  Yups, it’s a Guide thing,” He was told sagely.


Steven smiled as he watched Jim sink even deeper into the bathtub.  “It is?”


“Huh, huh.”


“Cool,” Steven replied, biting his lip hard to keep from laughing.  Well then I’ll leave you to it.  Have fun.” 


He left the bathroom breaking out in laughter unable to hold it back any more. Laughing harder when Jim promised to get even if it was the last thing he did.





Jim stared at himself in the mirror as he dried his face with a towel.  It’d been a fun trip, but it was time to go home.  They were heading back later today.


Blair had-had a great time.  Making Jim take him back to the Tutankhamen museum over and over again.  Jim thinking if they asked him about the kid King in school.  Oops, Pharaoh, he’d ace it for sure.  


Plus Blair’s Las Vegas haul would fill the trunk of a car.  Actually it would, Sally’s brand new red Mustang to be exact. She’d won while playing one of the slot machines here in Las Vegas.


Jim smiled.  He’d never see Sally so happy as when she’d told them all about it. Sally had done really well.  Winning way more than she’d lost playing the slots. Gambling was something Jim saw very little use for, but then he was only eleven so what did he know.


Dad was having the car shipped to Cascade.  Along with everything they didn’t want to take on the plane.  At least they’d found a way to get Puff home.


Jim sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror.  Touching the three straggly bits of hair on his chin.  Blair was asleep on their bed.  His poor little Guide was worn out in a really happy sort of way.  So Jim thought he might as well use this time for a quick shower-ALONE.


His little Guide had insisted on giving him a bath everyday since they’d been here.  Much to Steven’s amusement.  Something Jim was going to have to make him pay for again and again and again, when they got home.  It wasn’t so much that Jim minded.  He really enjoyed having Blair take care of him.  It’s just…well it was just that he wasn’t comfortable with it. Not with the changes he was going through.


Suddenly Jim felt an unfamiliar feeling as he dried himself with the towel.  He couldn’t quite place it.  He frowned into the mirror as he tried to figure out what it was.  It was kind of like an ache, but it didn’t really hurt.  It felt alright-actually.


That’s when his eyebrows shot up.  He looked down.  “Oh, Shit,” He exclaimed softly. This was not good, not good at all.