Title:  No Tricks, Just Treats

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  John/Rodney

Rating:  Adult


Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies


No Tricks, Just Treats










"The least you could do is look up when I'm talking to you,” John said cheerfully.




"To busy to pay attention to your lover of three months?"


Rodney kept typing.  "Hmm-yes."


"Oh, now- that's just mean."


"Isn't it though."


John stood right next to Rodney.  It was midnight.  The witching hour.  Couldn't have been more appropriate considering what day it was.


"Rodney-lover-know what day it is?"


The scientist kept typing.  "Hmm-last time I checked it was October 31.  Why?"


"Guess what today is?"


Rodney finally looked up. “I thought we had clarified that.  It's October 31.  I never thought you were that dense.  Otherwise I would never have let you in my pants.  I don't let people into my pants who have the IQ of a..." he thought about it for awhile.  "Whatever is not as smart as me."


John chuckled. "That would be just about everyone."


Rodney gave him a brilliant smile, wiggling happily in his chair.  "Yeah-huh?"


John rolled his eyes.  "Geez."  He pulled Rodney into his arms.  "you let me into your pants and I'm no where near as smart as you."


Rodney buried his face in John's neck, smelling his clean scent deeply.  "That's cause I fell in love with your beautiful green eyes and witty humor. You need to work on your need to always go into harm’s way.  Right turn off that is."


John rubbed Rodney's back gently.  "That so."


Rodney murmured happily.  He loved having his back rubbed.  "So.  I would like to keep you around for a long, long time if possible."




Rodney looked up meeting John’s eyes.  His own, open and vulnerable.  "Yeah.  For the rest of my life if possible."


"I think that can be arranged."




John kissed Rodney's forehead before pulling away.  "Yes."


"Where are you going?"   Rodney asked, reaching for John.


"Not far I just need to get into my pocket."  John struggled to get the button on his vest opened.  "There.  I have something for you."


Rodney looked at it in confusion.  "A box?"


John rolled his eyes.  "Open it you twit,” he replied, handing him the tiny box.


Rodney took it.  Opening it carefully.  "What is it?  Oh.  For me?"


John nodded.  "For you."


"Is this an engagement ring or a wedding one?"


John took Rodney back into his arms.  "Which do you want it to be?"


Rodney sighed softy.  "Hmm, wedding?" he asked hopefully.


"Okay, but we won't be able to marry until we go back to earth and get a chance to go to Canada.  Do you wanna use it as a engagement ring for now."




John looked at Rodney in exasperation.  "Why are you asking?  You don't need my permission.  I'm asking you."


Rodney smiled at him.  The kind of smile that lit up his whole face and crinkled the corners of his eyes.  John lived for those kind of smiles.  It meant that his beautiful, quirky scientist was happy.  "Are you going to get on your hands and knees to propose?"


John gently caressed the side of his face.  "Among other things."


Rodney moved into the loving touch.  "Oh, that has so many nice connotations."


"Yeah, huh?"




"Hmm?"  John replied, nuzzling Rodney's ear.


"This isn't some sort of trick because it's Halloween is it?"


John pulled away to look deep into worried blue eyes.  "Rodney!  What you must think of me."


Rodney looked out into the empty lab.  "I can’t help it.  I love you so much and I want this so badly.  I'd die if you didn't mean it.  If you didn’t want me."


"Don't talk like that.  Don't ever talk like that,” John told him angrily.  "You hear me.  You’re worth thirty, forty of me.  No talk of dying.  Not ever."


Rodney cringed.  "I hear you.  You’re yelling in my ear.  John?"




"Don't be mad.  I love you."


 "I love you too, you insecure idiot."


Rodney wrapped his arms around John.  "Don't be mad,” he repeated softly.


John nuzzled Rodney's lips.  "I'm not mad.  More like exasperated with you."


"I do that to everyone."


John chuckled softly.  "That you do,” before taking Rodney's mouth into a passionate, hungry kiss.  When they finally pulled away.  "Well?"


"Well, what?"  Rodney asked, reaching for another kiss.


John pulled away slightly.  "Fool.  Will you marry me?


Rodney crinkled his nose.  "With a proposal like that, how can I say no?"


"Then don't."


"Okay, I won't."



Rodney smiled at him.  “So you got any treats for me.  Being that it’s Halloween and all and you're not going to be tricking me."


John reached in back of him, pulling out a small Halloween bag filled with chocolate kisses.  "Here you go."


"Nice." John watched Rodney open the small foil of chocolate. Suddenly the scientist stopped.




Rodney smiled at him, a mischievous look in his blue eyes.  “Trick?”






John returned the smile, very much liking the idea.  Especially if it had Rodney and chocolate.  “Oh, yeah.”


Rodney placed the little chocolate between his teeth.  Wiggling his eyebrows at John. The pilot didn’t have to be told twice, he moved in.  Just before their lips met Rodney swallowed the candy.


Always liking a good challenge, John went after it and Rodney’s tongue at the same time.  He knew he was getting to Rodney when the scientist started making these really cute, happy, humming sounds.  He loved those sounds.  Loved making Rodney happy. 


He decided then and there he would spend the rest of his life damn well making sure the insecure scientist stayed happy.  Well that and truly well fucked.  Neither would be a chore in John’s book.


John pulled away slowly, licking Rodney’s lips slowly, sensually.  Earning more happy, humming noises.  He rested his forehead against Rodney’s.


“Are you done for the night?”


“Not really.”


John carefully thumped Rodney’s forehead with his.  “Are you done yet?”


“Hmm, yes,” Rodney replied, conceding to a higher authority, before he got brain damage.  Something he could ill-afford.


“Good answer.”


Rodney smiled.  “I though so.  Want more tricks back in my room?”


“Oh, yeah.”




“Yeah, baby?”


Rodney offered his hand to John shyly as they made their way out of the lab.  “I’m not worth thirty or forty of you.”


John accepted it, tangling their fingers together.  “Oh?”


“Yup.  At the most ten?”




Rodney thought about.  “Okay, maybe nine.”


John smiled at him affectionately.  “Nine’s, good.  Nine’s cool.”


Rodney thought the lights off as they walked through the door.  “I think so too.”