Title:  A Glimpse

Author: Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing: Jim/Blair ( preslash)

Summary:  Patience.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine.

Note: If you don’t want to have a glimpse at Jim and Blair in the future of this AU, you might want to skip this one. 


A Glimpse




“Yeah, Baby?”  Jim responded, not looking up from the gun magazine he was reading.


“I’ll be sixteen in a couple of weeks.”


“That’s good,” Jim said, turning the page.


“Know what?”




“Well, geez, at least look at me.”


Looking up at his no longer little Guide.  Blair still had the most beautiful eyes Jim had ever seen.  Framed by curly hair that had now grown past Blair’s shoulders.  His Guide was a true beauty. 


“Okay, what?”


Blair moved from one foot to the other, giving Jim a wide-eyed innocent look that should have set off warning bells.  “I’ll be sixteen in a couple of weeks,” he repeated.


“Yeah, and?”

“There’s a slight problem.”




“Yup.  I have yet to be kissed,” Blair said woefully.


That made Jim sit up straighter in the chair he was sitting in, magazine falling forgotten to the floor.  No one else was home, they were alone.  Everyone was either out doing errands or at the movies or just visiting friends.  It figured that Blair would try this now, especially since Jim’d been resisting every attempt Blair made to take their relationship to the physical level.  Blair was getting downright pesky about it, too.


“I kiss you all the time.”


Blair looked at him from under his lashes.  “Not like that?”


“L…like what?”  Jim asked, uncomfortably.    


Blair sighed heavily.  “Are you being deliberately dense?”


Jim smiled. “Yeah.”


Blair returned the smile shyly.  “I want to be kissed with feeling.”


“But I kiss you all the time with-hmm, feeling.”


“Yeah, but not like you mean it.”




Blair walked to where Jim sat and very deliberately straddled him.  Making Jim move back nervously.  “Hum, Blair? W…what are you d…doing?”  The Sentinel just about squeaked, when his Guide made himself comfortable, very comfortable on his lap.


Blair eyed Jim’s mouth hungrily.  “I. Want. To. Be. Kissed. With. Feeling.”


“No.   No, kisses like that till you’re sixteen.”


Blair pouted as he continued to eye Jim’s mouth.  “But I want you now and it’s only a couple of weeks.  Please, Jim.” 




Blair moved closer until their lips were barely touching.  Allowing warm air to whisper over Jim.  The Sentinel moaned softly, it was almost like being scented. It washed over him with warm moisture, pure unadulterated Blair. Jim closed his eyes, tilting his head slightly, truly enjoying its gentle caress against his face.


“I want you,” Blair whispered softly. “so very much.”


“I know,” Jim whispered back hoarsely, opening his eyes.  “You can have me.  In two weeks.  You annoying,” Jim sighed heavily, “tempting, little shit.”


“Now.  Please Jim.  Now.”


“No.”  Jim told him sternly, meeting his Guide’s eyes. The blue was almost completely gone.  Dilated to where only an outer rim of color remained.  The waves of arousal coming off of Blair, was shaking his resolve, severely.  He had to be strong, he had to. Jim tucked a stray lock of curly hair behind Blair’s ear.  “It’s only a couple of weeks.  You can wait that long.”  He said, softening his tone. 


“No, I can’t.  I’m about to explode.”


Jim smiled up at him.  “You won’t explode.”


“Feel how much I want you,” Blair said, undulating against Jim’s body. “I hurt with wanting you.  Want you.  Want you,” Whispering as he arched his head back.  Moving against Jim body, seeking more contact.  “So very much.”


Jim placed his hands on Blair’s hips holding him still.  “You have to wait.”


Blair fought against the strong hands.  “Please, Jim.  Oh, God, please.  Please.  Please.  I need you.  I can make you want me,” Blair moved a hand between their two bodies.


Jim knew exactly where the hand was heading.  “No.”  He stopped it before it reached its destination.


Blair fought the restraining hand.  “Please. Let me touch you.  Please, Jim,” Blair begged.  “Please.”




“Doesn’t what I want matter?” Blair asked, blue eyes filling with tears of frustration and need.


Jim took the hand he held captive, kissing it.  “You know it does, Baby.  You’ll get what you want.  All of it.  I swear you will.”




“Sixteen.  My persistent little Guide.”


Blair sighed unhappily.  “Alright.  Can I at least have a kiss?”


Jim smiled at him.  “A kiss I can give.”


 “Really?”  Blair asked happily.




Blair tilted his head, waiting.  He felt fingers tangle in his hair pulling him toward Jim.  He felt warm, moist lips against his forehead, not on his lips where he’d been expecting it.  Where he’d wanted them.


“There you go.  How about a sandwich?”  Jim asked, lifting Blair to his feet.


“That’s it?  You call that a kiss?”


“That’s a kiss and that’s all you’re getting, for now.”


Blair sighed unhappily.  “If I didn’t love you so much, I could really hate you.”


Jim offered his hand.  “Yeah, I know, but be patient anyway, it’s important to me the time be right.”


Blair took the hand allowing Jim to pull him into a tight hug.  He felt hands running up and down his back.  He sighed softly, rubbing his face against a warm chest.  “It’s just that there are times where I feel like I could die from wanting you.  You’re so close and I can touch you, but not the way I want.”


Jim cupped Blair’s face in gentle hands, kissing his nose.  “I’ve been waiting for you for what feels like a lifetime.  I love you, Blair.  You are my heart.  It’s only two weeks.  Please.  Be patient.  For me?”


“Alright.  If it’s that important to you, but if your Guide explodes into a zillion pieces before the two weeks are up, you’ll have only yourself to blame.”


Jim chuckled softly. “I have been duly warned. Wanna share a sandwich?”


“Yeah, I guess.  Since I gotta wait for what I really want,” He replied, moving away from his Sentinel’s warmth, reluctantly.  He looked up meeting Jim’s smiling face.  Damn, Jim was one fine looking male, all tight muscles and masculine beauty.  All his.  Not yet, but soon.  Really soon.   “Sixteen, huh?”




“Two weeks?”


Jim nodded.  “Two weeks.”


Blair sighed.  “Damn.”


Jim laughed.  “Two weeks is not that long to wait.  Come on let’s go get that sandwich.  I’ll even let you spread the mayo,” He said, offering his Guide his hand.


Blair took it.  He could wait. Especially since it was that important to Jim. He was positive he could wait, but it was going to be the longest two weeks of his life.