Title:  A Springtime Gift

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Rodney/John

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  A springtime gift offered in love

Note:  Part of Lady Q’s springtime challenge.  This one is #2.  Write a story about one of your character’s receiving tulips from an admirer.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.   All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.



A Springtime Gift




Rodney looked at his gift, just delivered by a Marine who looked like he’d rather be doing something else.  Like getting his teeth pulled out pulled with tweezers.


“Hey, Rodney.  What have you got there?”  John Sheppard asked softly coming toward the scientist’s desk.


“What we have here is this galaxy’s equivalent of tulips,” Rodney looked at the plant with something akin to disgust.


John looked at the plant then back up at Rodney.  Smiling at the look on the scientist face.  “Where’d you get it?”


“A Marine.”


“A Marine.  Why Rodney-I never knew you had it in you,” John gently teased.


Rodney rolled his eyes.  “Oh, please.  I’m a very busy man.  I don’t have time to go chasing after you Rambo types.”


John arched his left eyebrow.  “Us Rambo types?  Wasn’t Rambo in the Army?”


“So?  You all look alike to me.”


John scowled.  “Thank you so much, Rodney.”


The scientist smiled at him.  “You’re very welcome.”


“So, Rodney,” John started, an evil gleam in his eyes. 


“Yes, Colonel?”  Rodney asked, none the wiser, typing furiously on his laptop.


“I was just remembering a comment you made earlier.”


“What comment?”  Rodney asked not bothering to look up.


“One about being busy and not chasing after us Rambo types.”


“Hmm, hmm.”


“If you had the time would you chase one of us Rambo types and who would it be?” John edged closer.


“Well, that’s a very good question.”  Rodney looked up for a moment.  “Coming from a Rambo type,” he said, smiling hugely at the pilot.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Just answer the question.”




John’s eyes widened in surprise.  “Lorne?”


“Yeah, he’s handsome, not all that smart, but for what I would need him for I don’t really need smart.”


John ran a finger over the edge of the table.  “I know I’m going to regret asking. Use him for what?”


“Stress relief?”


“You dog?”


Rodney gave him a wounded look.  “No need to fling names.  You asked.”


“Stress relief.”


“Well he is a bit to stupid for me to use him for anything else.  So I figured he’d work out rather well to relieve stress and as a bed warmer.”


“Bed warmer?”


“Is there a parrot in here.  Or an echo?”




The scientist took a drink from his coffee cup before answering.  “Yes, John?”


“I hate you.”


“Yes, I know.  John?”


“Yes, Rodney?”


“Thank you for the plant.  It’s very pretty.  But you could have just given me a power bar or if you really wanted to get into my pants a candy bar from your hidden stash.”


“What makes you think I want to get into your pants?” That earned him a raised eyebrow and a rolling of the eyes.  “Well, okay, maybe just a little.”


“You want to get into my pants-just a little.  How the hell would you do that?  Anything like wanting to learn to swim, just a little.  You know, just enough to be able to get wet.”




“Yes, John?”


The pilot moved closer, placing his forehead against Rodney’s.  “What makes you think I sent you the plant?”


“Hmm, that’s nice.  Because you love me and have for sometime.  It’s really not that big a secret.”


John ran is finger along the soft hair at the back of Rodney’s head.  “Not a secret?”


“No.”  Rodney shivered. “That feels nice.”




“I love you too.”


John kissed Rodney’s nose.  “Do you now?”


The scientist nodded.  “Yes.”


“Does that mean I can get into your pants?”


Rodney pulled John’s dogs tags free.  “Yes.  One thing though,” he said tugging on them gently.




“If you’re not a better bed warmer than Lorne, I’m trading you in for him first chance I get.”


John bent his head, smiling when Rodney tilted his.  “Duly noted,” he whispered softly, just before their lips met.