Title:  A Time for Healing: A Slight Relapse

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing: Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  And when all was going sort of well.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  This story is for Nancy.  Who sent a very, very, nice e-mail.  I haven’t had a chance to respond.  Hopefully this story makes up for it.  Nancy, is this what you had in mind? (o:


A Time for Healing: A Slight Relapse


“So, how do you feel?”


Steven turned to look at Michael.  “Okay, I guess.  I’m glad the stitches are out.  It stung like a mother coming out.”


Michael took Steven into his arms, “I bet.  Does that mean you’re not going to need my help with your showers anymore?”  he asked, sadly.   Burying his face in Steven’s dark brown hair.


Steven chuckled softly.  “You’re such a perv.”


Michael ran his hands up and down his intended’s back.  “Only with you, my love.  Only with you.”


Steven looked up meeting the blue/green eyes twinkling happily down at him.  “I’m too young for the ideas racing through that dirty mind of yours.”


Michael wiggled his eyebrows at him.  “You’re not gonna be to young forever.”  He told him with a happy leer.  “What excuse are you going to use then?”


Steven tilted his head to one side as he thought about it.  “Hmm.  Let me think about it for a moment.  I got it.”  He gave Michael a mischievous look. “Not to night, sweetie, I have a headache.  How’s that?”


Michael’s handsome face took on a look of horror.  “You wouldn’t dare.”


“Maybe.  How many times a day are you gonna wanna fool around anyway?”


“Don’t know.   How many is too many?”


Steven nibbled his bottom lip with his teeth.  “Hmm, maybe more than six or seven.”


Michael looked at him in surprise.  “You wanna do it six or seven times a day?”


Steven smiled at him.  “What’s the matter, loverboy?  Don’t think you can?”


Michael frowned.  “Oh, course I can.  What makes you think I can’t?”


“No reason.”


Michael pulled Steven back into his arms.  “So then six or seven times is to many?”


“No. Eight might be too many.  We’ll have to see if all those vitamins you take are worth all the money you spend on them.”


Michael cupped Steven’s face in his hand.  “I love you, baby.”


“Good thing then.”




Steven smiled up at him.  “I’d have to kill you if you didn’t return my feelings for you.”


Michael chuckled softly.  “You’re so bad.”


A sudden shriek brought their head up and looking around wildly for the source.  It was Blair.


“Mommy.  Grandpa.”  The little Guide yelled happily.  The coloring book he’d been happily scribbling in with Lee forgotten as he raced toward them.


“Oh, shit,” Steven whispered softly.


“You said it,” Michael quietly agreed.


“Where’s Jim?”


“He’s over by the lake.  I don’t like the look on his face.  Oh, shit-is he growling?”


Steven tugged on the bodybuilders arm. “We better get over there.  I think he’s starting the blue glow thing again, not a good sign, that.”


Blair stopped his full fledged drive toward this mother and grandfather.  Looking over at his Sentinel with a puzzled little frown.  He looked back and forth between them.


“Come here, sweetie,” Naomi urged, opening her arms wide.  “I haven’t seen you in forever.”


“Why you here?”  Blair asked quietly.  Unwilling to go further.


“I just told you, sweetie.  I haven’t seen you in forever.  I missed you,” Naomi replied, frowning heavily.  “Didn’t you miss me?”


“I miss.”


“Then come give your mother a hug.”


Blair looked over at his Sentinel.  Who was now growling louder than before and most definitely beginning to glow blue.  Steven and Michael had joined Jim and were quietly trying to calm him. 


“You try and take from Sentinel.”


“That was then.  I won’t try that again.  I swear, sweetie.”


Blair frowned at her.  “How I know for sure?”


Naomi’s frown had deepened even more.  “Come here, Blair.  I don’t have to explain myself to you.  I’m your mother.”


Blair took a step back from her.  “I knows.”


“Don’t you love me anymore?”  Naomi whispered, unable to hide the hurt from her voice.


“I love.”


“Then come here and give me a hug.”


“No,” Blair replied, taking another step back.


“Blair, I said come here,” Naomi told him in annoyance.  “I’m your mother,” she repeated.


Mommie will always be.  But no trust.  Take way from Sentinel.  No let.”


“I won’t, sweetie.  I swear it.”


Blair looked at his grandfather who had been quietly standing next to Naomi. 




Jacob smiled at him.  “Hello, Blair.  How have you been?”


“I be good.  You?”


“I’m fine after finally seeing you.”


“How did you find us?”  Rafe asked, standing near the very unsure little Guide.  “This place isn’t well known.”


“We overheard your housekeeper Sally telling the clerk at the store where you were.  We followed her.”


“You could’ve called first.”


“We knew that it might not be accepted,” Jacob replied, sadly. “I wanted to get to know my grandson before I die.”


“You sick,” Blair asked, worriedly.


“No child.  I’m just not getting any younger.  And I would love to get to know my beautiful grandchild” 


Lee came to stand next to Blair and Rafe.  “You shouldn’t have done it like this.  You’ve made Jim mad and you really don’t wanna do that.”


Jacob sighed heavily.  “I know.  It’s just that I wanted to see my grandson.  Make sure he survived the earthquake and the terrible aftershocks.”


“He did, but you shouldn’t have done it like this.  You should have asked Sally and she would have let you talk to William to see if it was okay to come here,” Rafe chided softly.


“He is my son,” Naomi said in annoyance.  “I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to see my own child and I don’t have to explain myself to a bunch of children”


Suddenly before anyone could do anything about it she made a grab for Blair.  Who tried to get away from her.  He tripped over a large rock sending him tumbling to the ground.


The area around them suddenly seemed to crackle and hiss.  A loud, angry snarl filled the air.  Naomi froze.  Everyone turned toward Jim.   He was no longer a teenager, but an adult.  A very angry adult.


“I…”  She stuttered, going pale.


“You’ve hurt my Guide,” Jim hissed.  “Something I will not tolerate.”


Rafe and Lee knelt next to the unconscious Guide.  “He’s bleeding.  I think he hit his head against a rock,” Rafe replied, bringing his hand out from the back of Blair’s head.   The hand the young Sentinel held up was covered in blood.


Steven and Michael held Jim still when he fought to attack the person who had hurt his Guide.


“Steady, Jim,” Steven whispered softly.


“She hurt my Guide.  She will pay for it,” Jim snarled.  “Let me go.”




Jim turned to give them a look that quickly freed him from the banding arms around him.  Jim’s eyes could turn cold at a moments notice.  Now they held a heat so cold Steven would not be able to control or cool down.  Blair’s mother was in very serious trouble.  He turned to the visible trembling Naomi.


“You’re on your own, Lady,” Steven told her, backing away from Jim.  “I’m not helping you.”


“I…,” Naomi stuttered, going in back of Jacob.


“You’ve hurt my Guide for the last time,” Jim told her with quiet, deadly intent.  He watched as Lee rose to his feet going in search of William and Simon.  Rafe still kneeling by the still and very silent little Guide.


“I didn’t mean to.”


“You did.”


“Jim,” Jacob replied, trying to shield his daughter.  “It was an accident.”


“Do you condone what she’s done?”


“Well, no, but she didn’t mean to hurt him.”


“She never means to hurt him yet she continually does,” Jim replied coldly.  “Come out from in back of Jacob, Naomi.  Face the consequences of your actions.”




The young Sentinel turned toward the new voice.  “Dad.”


“What are you doing?”  William asked, hurriedly, running toward him.


Jim looked at his father as if not quit understanding why he was asking him.  “Making Naomi pay for what she did,” he finally answered.  “For touching what is mine.”


“Jim this isn’t right.”


“Neither is what she did to Blair,” Jim pointed to where Simon was now carefully examining the large lump on the back of the little Guide’s head.   Blair having regained consciousness was quietly crying.  “She hurt him, yet again and for the very last time.  One way or another, today it ends.”


“No, Jim.”


Jim tilted his head to the side as he contemplated his father with eyes so cold William shivered.  “Yes.”  With that he closed his eyes.  They all watched in stunned silence as he seemed to gather energy from the surrounding area. The blue glow darkening and sparking.


“Jim?”  Steven tentative called out.  He had to find a way to get to Jim before something terrible happened.


“Steven,” Came the quiet reply.


“What are you doing?”


Jim sighed heavily.  “Is everyone all of a sudden deaf?  I’m going to make Naomi pay for the pain she’s caused my Guide.”


“You’re not going to kill her are you?  That would be so uncool,” Steven said moving in front of his very glowy brother.


Jim contemplated Naomi quietly for a moment before saying.  “That is something I had not thought of.  I suppose I could.” Earning a gasp of horror from the trembling women.  “But then I am not a killer.”


Steven touched Jim’s arm, ignoring the slight shock it caused when his hand came into contact with the blue glow.  “No you’re not.  You are ‘The Watchman’.”


Jim looked down at the hand on his arm.  “Yes.  Why are you touching me?  It’s gotta sting.”


“It does, but you’re my brother and I love you even if you’re slight wonky at the moment.  I don’t wanna see you do something you’re going to regret later.”


“She hurt Blair.”




“She needs to pay for it.”


“Yes.  But know what you need to do first?”




“See to your Guide.”


Jim visibly shook himself, fighting the deadly intent that had taken hold of him.  “Yes,” He replied, closing his eyes.  “My Guide.”


“Is he alright?”


“He has a two inch gash on the back of his head and a slight concussion,” Jim told Steven, opening his eyes he glared at Naomi.  “Because of her.”


Steven stood in front of Jim, reaching up to cupped his face in his hand, trying very hard to ignore the shocks touching the Sentinel was giving him. “Focus, Watchman.  Focus on what’s important.”


“Focus.  Important.” Jim replied softly, distractedly.  “I need to see to my Guide?”  he asked, just as softly as if seeking some sort of guidance.  Unsure how to control the anger coursing through him.


Steven nodded.  “Yes.”


“And her?”  he asked, nodding his head toward Naomi and almost dislodging Steven’s hands.  “What of her?”


“Look at me.  Don’t look at her.  What do you want to do about her?”


“Make sure she never hurts my Guide again.”






Steven understanding what Jim was asking, knowing that at this very moment Jim’s anger and hatred could easily change his brother forever, in a not good way.


Steven sighed as he thought about it. His blue eyes suddenly clearing as he came up with a solution.  He turned toward Naomi.


“Do you want to live?”


“What are you saying?”  Naomi asked, shakily.


Steven tightened his arms around his trembling brother.  “Jim could very easily kill you. He’s barely keeping from turning you to ash as it is.  Do you want to live?  It’s an easy enough question.”


“Yes.  Of course I want to live.  What kind of stupid question is that?”


Steven frowned.  “I should let Jim ash you.  If it weren’t for the damage it would cause him, I would. Instead, Jim will take all memory you ever had about Blair.  To you it will be as if he never existed.”


Naomi gasped.  “He is my son.”  Blanching when Jim growled at her.


“Do you want to live?”  Steven asked again.  “Decide quickly, but as I see it you really don’t have much of a choice.”


“I will do what you want,” Naomi replied, reluctantly.


“Then you will allow Jim of your own free will to take all memories of Blair.  For you he will never have existed.”


“And me?  Will Jim take my memories of Blair as well?”  Jacob whispered, “Even before I’ve even had a chance to know him.”  Unable to hid the anguish he was feeling at the thought.


Steven turned to look at Jim who was quietly contemplating the visibly shaken man.  “I will allow you to retain your memories,” the Sentinel replied, softly.


“Thank you. Will I be allowed to visit my grandson?” Jacob wiped at the tears steaming down his face with a free hand, awaiting his sentence for what he’d done.  Knowing it had been the wrong thing to do.  Following Sally to the cabin. Wishing to see his little grandson so desperately he did what Naomi wanted.  Knowing it was wrong.  Yet doing it anyway.


Despite the inner warnings, they followed the unsuspecting housekeeper. Coming in unannounced  and unwelcomed.  He hadn’t seen his grandson in so long, all he wanted to do was see him.  He had not meant any harm.  Truly he hadn’t.  Jim didn’t answer for the longest time.  With each passing second Jacob felt his heart break that much more.


Finally.  “You will be allowed more than that.”




“I know you meant no harm, you only wanted to see your grandson. If you wish and my father agrees, you can move in with us and become part of our family, if you want,” Jim looked toward William who willingly nodded his head.


Jacob’s blue eyes widened in astonishment.  This he truly hadn’t expected.  After a moment, already knowing the answer yet having to ask anyway. “And of Naomi?  Won’t you reconsider?”


Jim’s eyes hardened.  “No.”


Naomi looked at his father.  “It’s okay Dad.  At least one of us will be a part of Blair’s life.  I’ve caused enough trouble where Blair and Jim are concerned.”  She gave him a wane smile.  “At least one of us can still be a part of Blair’s life.”


Jacob kissed his daughter’s forehead.  “Naomi.”  That one word full of a lifetime of regret.


“I know.  It’s okay, really.  Tell him if he ever asked for me that in my own way, I truly did love him.” Naomi pulled away from him.  Looking over at Jim.  “I’m ready.”




“Where’s Jim?”


“Living room with Blair,” Michael replied, helping himself to a just-baked cookie.


“Is he done?”


Michael reached for his milk.  “What-with picking up every rock and pebble within a mile radius?  Yeah, for now he’s done and they’re cuddling like there’s no tomorrow.”


Steven helped himself to a cookie.  “Is Jim still acting bonkers?”


“I wasn’t acting bonkers,” Jim yelled from the other room, startling them.


Steven chuckled.  Not in the least bothered by Jim’s indignation.  “Keep the bat ears on off, Watchman.”


“Or what?”  Jim taunted.


Steven took a bite of his cookie.  “Or I’ll have to go and turn them off for you.”




“Wanna test me on it?”


Silence .  “No.”  Came the reluctant reply.  “Not really.”


Steven took another bite of his cookie.  “Thought not.”


“I hate you,” Jim replied, walking into the kitchen with Blair in his arms.


“Yeah, yeah.  Same old story.  I hate you too.  Wanna cookie?”  Steven offered, smiling up at his brother.  Which earned him a heavy frown, duly ignored when Steven looked at Blair.  “How’s the head, baby brother?”


The little Guide took a cookie from Jim, giving his Sentinel a sweet smile as thanks.  “No hurt to much.  I is better.  Where is Grandpa?”


“He went to the airport to take Naomi.”


Blair nibbled on the edge of his cookie. “Where she go?”


“Hmm, Peru I think.  Something about a Shaman who knows how to levitate.”


Dat’s good,” Blair offered Jim a bite of his cookie, smiling when his Sentinel bit it gently.  “Grandpa live here now?”


Jim nodded.  “Yes, is that okay?”


“I like berry much.  Neber had a Grandpa before,” the little Guide replied, wistfully.  “Would like one.”


“None of us has.  It’d be great to have a grandfather around,” Jim replied.  “Wanna sit with Michael for a little bit so I can get us some milk?”


Blair nodded, offering his arms to Michael.  “Yups.”


Steven glared at Jim.  “Hey, why does Michael get to hold Blair?”


“You threatened me.”


“No I didn’t.”


Jim poured two glasses of milk.  A tall one for him and another one Blair-sized.  “You threatened to turn off my ears.”


“A statement of fact for being a busybody.  That wasn’t a threat.”


Jim placed the glasses on the table, sitting before reaching for Blair who’d been sharing kisses with Michael.   Jim gently placed his lips where a large bandage hid ten stitches and a four inch bald spot on the back of this little Guide’s head. 


Blair giggled.  “Dat tickle.”


“I know, but it makes me feel better,” Jim told him.  Pulling Blair closer against him.  “I’m glad you didn’t get to see me go all bonkers when Naomi made you trip and hit your head.”


Blair turned in Jim’s arms, looking into Jim’s eyes now glistening with tears.  “It be okay.”


“I could have killed her.  And if it hadn’t been for Steven, I would have.”


“You did what any Sentinel would do in your position when their Guide’s threatened.  Well most Sentinels….Well, that’s not really true.  You’re not most Sentinels,” Steven thought about it for a second before saying.  “Yeah, you’re right, you went bonkers.”


“I really, really hate you,” Jim told him, glaring at him angrily.


Steven blew him a kiss.  “Love you.”  Jim stuck his tongue out at out him.  “Oh now that’s mature and all Sentinelie like,” he told him laughing softly.  “Jim?”  he said, seriously.




“You wouldn’t have hurt her.”


“How can you be so sure?”  Jim asked, desperately seeking reassurance.


“You don’t have it in you to kill.”


Jim tried blinking away the tears, they escaped anyway rolling down his cheeks.  “I don’t know.  I just don’t know.”


“I do.”




“Because ‘The Watchman’ isn’t a killer.  The best Sentinel the planet has ever known is not a killer,” Steven replied, solemnly.  Trying to ease the anguish tearing through his brother.  It hurt to see.  “Not even when your Guide is concerned.  You would have found a way to defend him without killing.  I know you would have.”


Blair was trying desperately to help.  Kissing away the tears with such enthusiasm it had to lift Jim’s spirits, it just had to.  How could it not? 


Jim gave Blair a hug.  “Thank you baby,” He told him, gratefully.


Tiny hands wiped at the tears.  “No be sad.  Jim good.  Jim berry, berry good.”


Jim sighed unhappily, turning his face into the gentle touch.  “How can you be so sure?”


Blair looked at him.  Big blue eyes wide and solemn.  “Because I Blair Jacob Sandburg Ellison and I always be right.”


Jim looked at him silently for a moment, before his face cleared and he started chuckling softly.  Pulling his beautiful little Guide closer, he kissed his nose.  “That’s good enough for me.”