Title:  As You Wish

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  Rafe/Lee

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Do you finally get it?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  This story fits into the Little Guide series, but Little Guide II-meaning der be slash hereabouts.  Do not read if offended by such.


As You Wish






Rafe made his way through the landmine that was their new apartment.  Sidestepping opened as well as sealed boxes  He found his Guide half buried under a pile of clothing.


Leaning against the doorframe of their bedroom he smiled at his beautiful Guide.  “Whatcha doing?”


Lee didn’t even look up as he sorted through socks.  “I’m trying to organize all our clothing so as not to cause you a huge case of Sentinel analitis.”


“Ah.  That very nice of you.”


Lee finally looked up giving his Sentinel a huge smile.  “I know.  Besides I’m doing it out of some sense of self preservation. I really don’t think I could go through another three days of you sorting underwear.”


“It was bugging me.”


“It wasn’t even your underwear.  It was Steven’s and he was not pleased.”  Lee looked at his Sentinel critically.  “Are you alright?  Are the white noise generators helping block out the neighbors?”


Rafe knelt by his Guide.  “They’re working great.  I love this apartment.”


“Yeah, me too.  It’s nice to finally have our own place.  Though Dad looked kinda sad to see us go.”


Rafe cupped the side of Lee’s face.  “Yeah, he did.  He’s got Daniel and we’ll go see him as often as we can.”


Lee smiled at his Sentinel.  “That’d be great.”

Rafe pulled Lee closer.  Seeking the willing lips inches from his own.


When they parted Rafe used his free hand to unbutton Lee’s shirt, burying his face against his Guide’s neck.  “I love you, Lee.”


“Hmm,” Lee replied, contently, his nose gentle nuzzling Rafe soft hair.  “I love you, too.  Very much.”


Rafe caressed Lee’s chest, going lower to gently cup the flesh already hardening for him.  His Guide had been so reluctant at first to his advances.  Slowly warming to the idea to where they were now.  Lee caught fire the moment Rafe touched him with intent.  At times all it took was a carefully chosen word that made Lee’s blue eyes glaze in need and hunger.


Rafe gently nudged his Guide against the clothing scattered all over the floor.  “I want you,” he said, against the warm lips seeking his hungrily.


“That’s good,” Lee gasped softly when Rafe unzipped is jeans, seeking the warm flesh underneath.




“Hmm, I want you, too.”


Rafe smiled against his neck. “That’s good. I kinda thought you wanted to go visit Steven and Michael, next door.  See how they’re doing.”


“Do.  But not just yet,” Lee replied, releasing the bonding scent.  “I want my Sentinel to love me.” Tugging impatiently at Rafe’s clothing.


Once free of their clothing Rafe straddled his Guide, kissing him hungrily. He could never get enough of this.  Not ever. 


Lee fed his need with every fiber of his being.  Seeking him out just as hungrily.  Just as desperately.


Rafe had been so worried that Lee would never want him the way he wanted his Guide.  So worried.  It had eaten at his insides until all there was-was pain. 


It’d taken Steven knocking some sense into him.  So long ago.  So long ago yet not so long ago that he still didn’t still carry the faint echoes of pain and doubt. Never quite leaving, always there nagging at him.


It drove Rafe to love Lee every time he was allowed as if it were his last chance. As if it would be taken from him when he wasn’t looking.


Lee would reach out trying to calm the desperation inside of Rafe.  With all the love and reassuring words in him.


It temporarily calmed the hunger and fear gnawing at Rafe’s soul.  Yet there were times where he sought Lee so desperately it left them both battered and bruised.


Rafe spread Lee’s legs going between them he shoved himself into the willing flesh. Hearing his Guide’s soft gasp of pain.


“I need you, Lee.  I need you,” Rafe offered in apology. 


“I know you do, baby. Take what you need.  I’m here. Take what you need.”


Rafe began a rhythm that was hard and hurting.  Not only for himself, but for his beautiful Guide as well.


He felt tears swell, spilling slowly onto his Guide.  “Forgive me, Lee.  Forgive me,” he chanted so softly, he didn’t think his Guide heard.


“I do, baby.  I do.  Take what you need.  I’m here.  I’m always here.  I’m not going anywhere.”


The tears increased.  “I don’t want to hurt you, but that all I seem to be able to do.”


Gentle hands wiped the tears that were falling faster.  “No all that you do, Rafe.”




“You love me.  You love me with every fiber of your being.  YOU. LOVE. ME.”


“I hurt you.”


“Not any more.”


Rafe thrust hard, watching Lee’s eyes glaze over in pleasure and no small amount of pain. “Still,” he insisted.


Lee wrapped his arms around his tormented Sentinel as Rafe sought to pleasure them both.


No matter how many times Lee reassured him Rafe had yet to believe that Lee wanted willing be with him.


Rafe could at times be opinionated, and hard-headed, but he could be loving and giving even more.


The loving could be violent at times, yet more times than not it could be soft and gentle.  Rafe loved him.  Of that Lee had no doubt. 


Why Rafe continued to punish himself for unseen offenses Lee didn’t know.  They would work through that.  Lee would one way or another prove to Rafe that he was loved.  And would always be loved.  One way or another he would get through that thick skull of his Sentinel that his Guide wasn’t going anywhere.  Rafe would have to use C-4 to get rid of him and not even then.  Lee would come back and haunt his stubborn Sentinel’s dream.  Weaving visions of love and need from the afterlife.


He released bonding scent full force.  Watching his Sentinel throw back his head and keen loudly.


Lee suddenly flipped Rafe over, without displacing Rafe from his body.  Smiling at the looked of stunned amazement on his Sentinel’s face.


“I learned a thing or to from Michael and Steven.”




“Yeah. And you my gorgeous Sentinel are a stubborn ass.”


Lee began moving riding Rafe in a rhythm as satisfying as it was gentle.  Watching Rafe’s brown eyes darken.  Feeling strong legs come up to offer a sort of backrest.




Lee didn’t answer.  Continuing to move above his Sentinel.  Rafe reached out with trembling hands to caress his chest.


Moaning softly as the room began to fill with the rich scent of a Guide wanting to bond.  A scent only he could smell.


He arched up driving himself deeper into the willing flesh.  “Lee.”


Lee held the trembling hands against his chest allowing the Sentinel to feel his heartbeat.  “One way or another I’m going to prove to you that I love you.  Do you hear me?”




“One way or another I’m going to prove to you that I’m not going anywhere.  Understand?”


“Y…Yes,” Rafe moaned softly as the heady bonding scent caressed his raw nerve endings.


“I. AM. YOUR. GUIDE.  Understand?”




YOU. ARE. MY. SENTINEL.  Are we clear on that?”


“As crystal.”


“I will love you to the end of time and beyond.  No matter what.  Got it?”


Rafe eyed his Guide.  Lee was glowing.  He looked so beautiful.  Blue eyes shining in need, want a…and love.  A love so deep it hurt to see. 


Rafe felt a piece of him that’d been so cold and frozen, thaw and break away.  Filling him with warmth and love.  Lee’s love.   He gasped softly. How could he have been so stupid?  So blind?


“Do you finally get it?”  Lee asked softly.




“Tell me, then,” Lee demanded softly.


“Lee Brackett Ellison loves me and only me.”


“For how long?”




Lee frowned.  “Rafe?”  he warned softly.


“Lee Brackett Ellison will love me forever.”


“How long will Lee Brackett Ellison love Rafe?”


Rafe moaned softly at the look of utter adoration on Lee’s face. Not sure he deserved it.






“Forever.  Lee Brackett Ellison will love me forever.”


Lee began to ride Rafe again.  “How longer?”







Lee tossed his head back as he began moving faster.  “Again.”




“Again, louder.”


Rafe began panting violently.  He was close.  So close. 


“Lee Brackett Ellison will love me forever,” he screamed, flooding the willing body of his Guide with his seed.


Lee brought his head forward.  “Do you finally get it?”


Rafe gave him a brilliant smile.  “Yes, I finally get it.”


“Do you?”


Rafe rolled Lee under him.  “Yeah, I do.”


“Good.  Now it’s time for Rafe to show Lee how much he loves him.”