Title:  Blue Tinted World:  Not Alone

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee,(preslash) William/Daniel (Slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Even a long way from home, you’re not alone.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Blue Tinted World:  Not Alone




The young Sentinel’s head popped up from where it’d been buried in Blair’s soft curly hair.  “Stevie?”


A soft chuckle.  “Yeah, Watchman.  Tis me.”


Jim rubbed at his eyes.  “Where are you?”




“I…is everyone okay?”


“Yeah, Watchman.  Everyone’s fine.  Worried something fierce about you and Blair.”


Jim sighed unhappily.  “Blair says we’re in the spirit world.”


“Yeah, I know.”


“C…can you get us home?” Jim asked wistfully.


“In a heartbeat if I knew how,” Steven replied, unable to hide how much his brother’s pain was hurting him.  “I barely figured out how I could talk to you.”


“Do you know how we got here?”


“Not yet.  But we will.  Once we know how you ended up there we might be able to figure out how to bring you home.  How are you and Blair holding up?”


Jim tightened his hold on his little Guide.  “As well as can be expected.”


“Were you crying just now?”


Jim wiped at his eyes again.  “Hmm, no?”


“Liar,” Steven told him affectionately. 

“Yeah, well-maybe I was, just a little.”


“I see you made some friends.”


Jim looked down at the wolf pup and the panther cub.  “Yeah.”


“You’re not alone, Watchman.  You might be real far from home, but you’re not alone.”


Jim felt his eyes fill with tears.  “I miss you, Dad and the others.”


“I know.”


“I want to go home.”


“I know you do.”


Jim looked around this strange place they’d ended up in.  “I don’t want to be here.”


“I know.  You’ve barely started coping with being a Sentinel and now this.  Even though your idea of coping is kinda wacky.  Color coding your underwear?  Really, Jim-what next? Lining up your cookies according to chocolate chips?”


The young Sentinel chuckled softly.  “Yeah.  What I wouldn’t give for some cookies right now.”


“I’ll save you some.  You’ll be home before you know it.  Jimmy, can you do something for me?”


“What?”  Jim asked curiously.


“I want you remember that I love you and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back.  If it takes to long I’ll find a way to be with you.”


“NO.  No,” Jim replied not so forcefully.  “Stay where you’re at.  Don’t try to come here.”


“Fuck that.”


Jim’s blood shot eyes widened in surprise at Steven’s tone.  “Did you hear that, Blair? Steven cussed.”


Blair who’d been quietly listening smiled.  “Stevie can cuss.  Steven can come here if he want.”


“Thank you, baby brother.  I miss you.”


“I miss yous, too.”


“Do you know how this happened?”


Blair shrugged his shoulders.  Nopes.”


“Hmm.  Are you staying out of trouble?”


Blair smiled.  “Yups, I be very good.  My Sentenell, needs me.”


“Yup, that he does.  Jim doesn’t deal to well with change.  He’s kinda like a fish out of water.”




“Hey,” Jim replied indignantly.  “You get tossed into a blue-tinted world and see how much you like it.”


Blair reached up and gently stroked his cheek.  “It be okay.  I still luvs you.”


Jim cuddled into the touch.  “Everyone thinks I’m a wimp,” he complained half-heartedly.


“No they don’t, Watchman.  You’ve had a lot to cope with lately.  It’d make anyone crazy.  On in your case crazier.”


“Thanks a lot.  A long way from home and you make fun of me.”


“Yup.  That’s what I do.”


Jim glared.  Hoping Steven would be able to see it.  “I hate you.”


Steven blew him a kiss.  Or at least it sounded like he’d blown him a kiss.  “Love you too.  And don’t glare your face is gonna stick like that and you’ll scare your little Guide.”


“Ha.  So wise-as..aleck, what are we suppose to do now?”


“What would you do if you were on earth, but away from civilization and us?”


Jim sighed heavily as he thought about it.  “I’d find us shelter.  Then water and food.”


“There you go.”




Steven gave a large upon sigh. “What do you mean how?  You’re a Sentinel aren’t you?  Or is all of that hype you made up to get Blair.”


Jim’s scowl deepened.  “That would make me a perv.”


“Well, if the shoe fits.”


“Oh, man-just wait till I can get my hands on you.  You’re gonna pay.”


Steven chuckled.  “I’m looking forward to it.  Jimmy?”




“You do whatever it takes to stay alive and well.”


Jim nodded.  “I will.”




“You do your Sentinel thing.  Let Blair take care of you and be patient.  We’ll figure this out together.”




“Yeah, Watchman?”


“I don’t want you coming here.”


Steven sighed.  “We’re not going through that again, Watchman.  I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my brothers safe.  I’ll go through hell and back for you both.  If it means joining you in a blue-tinted world, then nothing here on earth or there’s gonna keep me from doing it.  Got it?”


Jim chuckled softly.  Suddenly feeling not so lost.  The sense of being completely overwhelmed-gone. “I got it.”


“Are you better?”




“Cool.  Do what you have to keep each other safe.  I’ll try and figure out from here what happened.”


“Alright.  Stevie?”




“Love you.”


Steven chuckled softy.  “Love you too, big brother.  Blair?”


Blair looked up from alternating pats to both cub and pup.  “Yups?”


“I love you very much.”


The little Guide smile.  “I knows.  I love yous, too.”


“Help Jimmy as much as you can.”


Blair nodded.  “I dos.”


“Good.  I’ll be back tonight.  You’re not alone, neither of you.  We’re here. Hopefully tonight I’ll have some news on how to get you back.  If not I’ll figure some way to get there.”


“Stevie,” Jim growled.


“Don’t start that.  Understand, Watchman.  Where you are, I am.  Nothing will ever keep us apart.”


“Michael might have something to say about that.”


“Ha, Michael’ll enjoy the hell out of it.”


Jim smiled.  “Yeah, he might at that.  I love you, Stevie.”


“Love you too-see you tonight.”


Jim turned toward his little Guide.  “Well, Baby-it’s just me and you.”


Blair nodded.  “Yups and kitty and puppy.”


Jim chuckled as he noticed the small animals had moved in closer while he’d been talking to Steven.  Now they were practically sharing his lap with Blair.  “Yup.  Wanna see if we can find water and food?  Then some place to call home till we actually get to go home?”


“Yes.  Jim?”


“Yeah, Baby?”


The little Guide wrapped his arms around his Sentinel.  “We be okay.”


Jim returned the hug.  “Yeah, I think we’ll be okay too.”