Title: Blue Tinted World: Together

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee, (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Together always.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Blue Tinted World: Together


“So, what do you thing of right here?”


Jim liked this location.  There was a lake close by with fish he could hear splashing around.  There were trees with fruit.  They’d do fine here for the time being.  He just hoped it wasn’t going to be for to long a time.


Blair looked around.  Dis nice.  Not home, but it do.”


“Yeah, I think so to. There’s a cave right over there we can use so we’re not out in the open.”


Just then the panther cub and wolf pup came barreling out of the bushes chasing each other.  The cub jumped the pup growling menacingly.  The pup growled back, not giving an inch.  So busy in their conflict neither noticing they were getting way to close to the edge of the lake. 




The Sentinel smiled as he watched the little animals scuffling.  “Yup.  I see them.”


“Dey gonna…”




With that the pup and the cub rolled right into the lake.  Blair giggled.  “Dat berry funny.”


“Yup,” Jim replied, chuckling quietly as they watched the startled animals quickly jump out of the water.


“Dey berry wet.”


“Oh, yeah.”


Not liking the fact that their humans were laughing at them, they both growled softly. Suddenly as if on cue they shook themselves.  Sending water droplets all over the Sentinel and his little Guide.


“Hey,” Jim protested, covering Blair from the worse of their spirit animal’s shower. With a final shake the two animals trotted off into the forest.


“Dey be mad,” Blair told him wiping water from his face.


“Yup.  They’ll be back,” Jim replied, drying his little Guide with the edge of his flannel shirt.  “When they quit being mad.”


Blair looked over to where the spirit animals had gone.  “Yups.”


“Wanna check out the cave? Start making it our home away from home?”




Jim sent out his senses making sure there wasn’t anything in there that would hurt them.  Knowing that the spirit world was suppose to be a safe place, but not willing to bet his little Guide on it.


It wasn’t a big cave.  It got plenty of light, even if it was blue instead of the clear sunlight they were use to.


“I think we can set up our bed over there in the corner.  Use some of the moss I saw over by the lake.  To soften the ground.  What do you think about using some of those palm things as blankets?”


Blair nodded enthusiastically.  “That be good.”


“Cool.  Let me go get some of the bigger ones so we can sweep the floor, before we set up.”


The spirit animals came trotting back into their lives as Blair was sweeping the front of the cave with his little Guide-sized palm.  The cub and pup began sneezing when they got a snout full of dirt.


Blair smiled at them.  “Dat be revenge for yous wetting us.  We eben now?”  he asked them softly.


The wolf pup gave a tiny bark as if agreeing.  While the panther cub gave him a baleful look before entering the cave.


“Pander still be mad,” Blair told the pup.


The baby wolf gave a growl of assent.  Giving the panther a final disdainful look as if saying the cub was a party pooper.  He began pawing at the ground in an effort to help Blair sweep.


The afternoon was spent readjusting things to the Sentinel’s liking.  No one, not even the spirit animals going against what Jim wanted.


They began carting in moss from the nearby lake to line the raised area of the cave to make a bedroom alcove.  Even the spirit animals helped, awkwardly carrying in palms that were to be used as blankets.


Jim hands on his hips, eyed their bedroom with approval.   “I think that will do.”  He turned to his little Guide who was petting the panther cub, in an effort to soothe his still ruffled fur.  The panther loving the attention if the loud purring was any indication.  Like Sentinel, like spirit animal.  Both loving the touch of the tiny Guide.


Blair looked up.  “Nice.”


“I think so too.  Wanna go find us something to bring up water and some food.”


Blair nodded, getting to his feet.  “Yups.  I berry hungry now.”


Jim picked him up in his arms.  Kissing his forehead lightly.  “I’m not surprised.  We’ve done a lot of work today.  I’m kinda hungry too,” he replied, walking them out of the cave.  Closely followed by the spirit animals.


They found a ready available supply of food in the form of bananas and figs and some round things Jim couldn’t remember the name of, but knew they were good to eat.  Not to mention there were a lot of coconut trees all around. 


Jim broke one on a rock offering the milk to Blair then scooping out the soft insides for his little Guide to eat.  He watched Blair eat with satisfaction.  Realizing for the first time in his life he wasn’t a complete ditz. 


He could in fact look after his little Guide.  He’d been so afraid he’d fail and Blair would starve to death or die of thirst.  But he’d been able to provide for both of them, just like Stevie had said he could. 


He felt a pang of homesickness.  Missing his brother’s big mouth with a vengeance.  What he wouldn’t give for one of Steven’s insults right now.  He wouldn’t even hit his brother all that hard for it either.


He sighed softly as he looked at his little Guide.  Seeing that cute little face all covered in coconut milk and banana.  He smiled.  “Baby, wanna bath.  The water is warm.”


Blair nodded readily enough.  “Yups.  I all sticky,” he replied, crinkling his pert little nose in disgust.  “And I smell.”


Jim took him into his arms.  Taking a deep breath.  “Oh, I don’t know.  I think you smell really good.  Just like coconut and banana.  My favorite.”


Blair giggled, cupping the side of his Sentinel face affectionately.  “Silly Jim.”


Jim carefully began removing his little Guide’s clothing for washing later.  Then his own. He took them both into the warm water.


“Yes, but I’m your silly Jim.”




Later he sat under a tree with his little Guide asleep in his arms.  The spirit Guides close by. 


He gently rocked the little boy in his arms.  Luring him into a deeper sleep.  He looked at the panther cub.


“I need to talk to you,” he told him softly.  Not wanting to wake Blair.  The panther moved closer as if in understanding.  “I know that you’re here for me.  I understand that, but I need to ask you something real important.”


The panther seemed to nod in understanding.


Jim looked around their blue tinted world.  “I don’t know how long we’re going to be here or even if we’re going to be able to get back home.”  His eyes returned to the watching panther.  “I need to make sure that if something happens to me that Blair is taken care of.” 


Noticing that the wolf pup had also moved closer as if listening.  “I need for you to swear to me on all that you two hold holy that you’ll look after Blair.”  He felt his eyes fill with tears.  “I know now that I’m capable of taking care of us with my abilities. Up to now I thought they were more of a pain in the butt than anything else.  Always zoning.  The smell of cheap perfume giving me headaches for days at a time.  The need to be in control when if fact I don’t control shit.”  He smiled at them.  “Don’t tell Blair I’m cussing.  He’ll have my hide.”


Jim gently kissed Blair’s forehead.  “If anything good came out of this whole Sentinel thing it’s this very special little boy in my arms.  He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.  He’s my heart and soul.”


The Sentinel looked up at the blue tinted sky fighting back the tears.  When he felt more in control he looked at the two quietly watching animals.  “I’ll do my darnest to make sure Blair stays safe until we get home, but if I fail swear to me you’ll look after him.  Swear it,” he said intently.  “Help him find his way home to Dad and Steven and the others. Make sure he grows up happy and health.  Swear to me.”


The panther cub threw back his head and gave a loud roar of affirmation.  Followed by the wolf pups softer grow.  Jim smiled.  Wiping the tears that coursed down his face to land in Blair’s curly hair.


“Good.  That’s good enough for me.”


“I no go anywhere wit out you.”


Jim looked down startled.  “You’re awake.”


Blair nodded sitting up in his Sentinel’s arms.  “I wake.  And I berry mad.”




Blair nodded again.  “Yes, berry.  I no go anywhere wit out yous.  Yous my Sentinel.  Now and always.”


“B…but Blair.”


“No, but Blair’s.  Where eber you go I follows, always.”  Blair words were punctuated with some hits to the chest by tiny fists.


“Ow, you don’t have to hit me.”


Blair frowned at him.  “I hits cause I berry mad.”  He turned his anger toward the spirit animals, whose ears went down under the glaring onslaught.   “I mad at yous to.  No agree to.  Jim my Sentinel.  MINE. Where he go, I go.  Always.”




“No Blair.”


Jim pulled the trembling little Guide into his arms.  “I just want to make sure you’re safe and happy if something happens to me.”


Blair placed his hands on Jim’s face.  “If some ting happen to yous I not be safe and I neber be happy.  Not eber.  I be sad.  Some ting in here die,” Blair touched the left side of his chest.”


Jim felt his eyes fill with tears.  “Please, Blair.  Try.”


The little Guide shook his head.  “No try.  You leab me, I die.  I die inside.  No Jim, no Blair.”


Jim took a shaky breath.  “Blair…”


Blair cupped the side of his face again with his gentle hands.  “I luvs you.  That be forever.”


Jim buried his face in his little Guide’s curly hair, crying softly.  When he felt himself more in control.  “Blair…”




“Alright, Blair.  Alright.”


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Good.”


Jim kissed his forehead.  “I love you with all my heart.  And I’ll just have to find a way to get us home in one piece, together.”


Blair reached up and kissed his nose.  “Yups.”


“I have no idea how.”


“You find way.”


Jim smiled at the unwavering confidence his little Guide was showing in him.  “I’m glad you have faith in me.”


“I always have faith.”  A small hand rubbed his chest.  “You need to have faith in yous too.  Just like I’s do.  You my Sentinel.  You keep us both happy, safe and feed with good nannas and coconuts.”




Blair nodded, sending his curly hair all over his face.  “Together always.”