Author:  Angelee

Title:  Christmas Sweets

Date: December 20, 2005

Fandom:  Firefly

Rating: Adult

Challenge:  Candy Canes, gingerbread men, chocolate cherries, lube and nothing else.

Disclaimer:  Not mine.

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Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Christmas Sweets


“I told you not to touch the switch.  That the Gorham thing was on the fritz,” Jayne told Simon.  Giving him a blue-eyed glare, cold enough to freeze him solid.


“I said I was sorry.  It wasn’t my idea to be stuck in here with you on Christmas Eve.  Kaylee and River are waiting for me.”


“Should a thought ‘bout that ‘fore you touched the switch.  Now we’re both stuck in here on Christmas Eve.”


Simon gave Jayne a weak smile.  “Well we’re certainly not going to starve,” He replied, looking around the room at the Christmas goodies Mel had been commissioned to take to Beaumont.  “We got boxes and boxes of candy canes, gingerbread men, and chocolate cherries. What have we here?  Oh!”


Jayne stopped trying to open the door that was now fused shut.  “What?”


“Three cases of lubricant.”


“What? For machinery?”


“Hmm, no.”


The tall mercenary went to look at the boxes Simon was staring at in dumb silence.  “That’s just medical supplies.  Don’t get why you’re gettin’ all bent outta shape over lube.”


Simon blushed a bright pink.  “I know, it’s just at medical school some of the students did the oddest thing with it and now every time I see it, I can’t help thinking about it.”


Jayne looked at him curiously.  “Oh, yeah?  Like what?”


Simon looked up at Jayne, blushing an even brighter shade of pink.  “I…I’m not sure I can talk about it.”


Jayne gave him a huge smile.  “Kinda like what Kaylee use to do ‘fore you and her got together?”  He chuckled at the scandalized look Simon was gave him.




“You’re such a sissy.”


“I’m not a sissy I’m just really shy.” Jayne picked up a box with gingerbread men in it. “Jayne, that’s not ours to open.”


The mercenary gave him a look.  “I’m hungry and they’re not gonna miss one box.”


“How long before Mel misses us?”  Simon asked, taking the Gingerbread man Jayne was offering him.


“Probably won’t be till mornin’.  They’re partyin’ up a storm right about now.  Zoë needs some cheerin’ what with Walsh dyin’ and all.”


Simon took a tentative bite of his Gingerbread man.  “That’s true.  Maybe River and Kaylee will miss us and come looking.”


“Maybe.  Only one problem with that, they don’t know where we’s at.  Unless you told ‘um.”


Simon shook his head.  “No.  I didn’t bother.  I didn’t think we’d be gone this long.”


Jayne bit into the arm of his gingerbread man aggressively.  “Maybe that daft sister of yours will conjure where we’s at.”


Simon shook his head again.  “To far I think.”


“You could try callin’ her.”


“Worth a try, I suppose.”  Simon closed his eyes and called to his sister.  After a few moments he opened his eyes.  “How do you know if it’s worked?”


Jayne bit a leg.  “Well, I’m a thinkin’ the door would open.”


Simon rolled his eyes.  “You’re a laugh a minute, Jayne.”


The mercenary smiled at him.  “Ain’t I though?”


“What are we going to do in the meantime?”


“We could eat till we’s blow up or we’s could use the lube and fuck our brains out,” Jayne told him, wiggling his eyebrows.




“Just a thought.”


“I’m in a committed relationship,” Simon told him, outraged.


“Hmm, hmm,” Jayne replied, opening a crate that held the chocolate covered cherries.


“I am.”


“I ain’t sayin’ no different?”


“Then what makes you think I want to have sex with you?”


“Because the way you’ve been eyein’ my ass.”


“I have not!”


Jayne flinched.  “No needin’ ta shout.  I’m right here.  And yes you have.”


“Have not.”


The mercenary tore open a box of chocolate covered cherries.  “You have, don’t go a denyin’ it.  Not to mention you’ve been a wonderin’ if my cock is as big as the rest of me.”




“You have.”  The mercenary bit into a candy, allowing the sweet liquid center to dribble out before catching it with his tongue.  Not missing the way the doctor followed his tongue.  “Nothin’ wrong with that.”


“I’m in a committed relationship with Kaylee,” Simon repeated, softer this time and with no real conviction.


“You love her?”


Simon looked out into the storage shed they were locked in.  “She’s a very sweet girl.”


“Do you love her?”


“Kaylee’s very loving and giving.”


“Do you love her?”


“She really, really likes me.”


“But do you love her?”


“Jayne,” Simon sighed heavily.


Jayne bit into another candy.  “Simple ‘nough question.  Do you love her?”




“Wanna have sex then?”




The mercenary smiled at him.  “If all you wanted was sex you could a come ta me.  I’d have given you all the sex you could have handled and then some.  Without all that girlie emotional crap.  Do we got anything to drink in here?”


“I don’t think so.  Maybe you should lay off on the candy till we get out of here.”


Jayne sat on a crate.  “So you wanna have sex?”


Simon sighed.  “Oh, Gorham, Jayne.  Don’t.”


“Like I said ‘fore, it be a simple enough question.  No commitments.  And if you wanna keep fuckin’ Kaylee I’m not gonna interfere.”


Simon gave Jayne a tight smile.  “You’ve got a real mouth on you.”


“I sure as hell know how to use it, too.  Wanna find out.”


Simon suddenly felt a wave of lust course though him so fast it left him panting.  “Oh.”


“Seems you do.  Come here then, Doc and let me take care of ya.”




“Come here, Simon.”


The doctor resisted.  “No.”


“That be fine.  I’ll go ta you.”


With that Jayne jumped off the crate he’d been sitting on and stalked toward Simon like a big, very big, dangerous animal. 


Simon found himself running from Jayne like a scared child.  The mercenary caught him in seconds, pinning him against the far wall of the shed.


“Why you runnin’?  Not ‘fraid of me, are ya?”


Simon pushed at the strong hands holding him.  “No.”


“That’s good.”  Saying that Jayne, kissed Simon.  Hard and violently.  Demanding that the doctor give in.  Simon did after a second of insistent coaxing. 


He moaned into the mercenary’s mouth as a sweet tasting tongue went deep.  Simon felt his bones melt as the kiss continued.  Jayne held him steady as he slid down the wall, following closely.  Never breaking the kiss as he explored Simon’s mouth hungrily and with no regard to the delicate flesh he was abusing.


Simon whimpered when a hand cupped his groin.  Gently at first, but once the hand had found its way into his pants and freed him into the cool air of the shed it, demanded a response.


Simon couldn’t breath, he desperately wanted to breathe, but he didn’t want to give up the kiss.  He moaned pitifully into Jayne’s mouth, arching into the violent rhythm set by the mercenary’s hand.


Jayne finally pulled away leaving Simon gasping for breath, continuing to stroke him demandingly.  Simon panting harshly, unable to do anything else but take what Jayne was doing to him. 


“I’m not a gentle man, Simon.  I take what I want, when I want.  Now’ll be no exception.”


Simon moaned as he came into Jayne’s hand.  He lay half on the wall, half on the floor. With Jayne continuing to stroke him way past comfort.  It hurt.  Aftershocks made him shudder against the mercenary’s big body.


“J…Jayne.  S…stop.  H…hurts.”


Jayne didn’t.  “Did you know that pleasure rides a mighty fine line with pain.  It can cross over before you’s a knowin’ it,” he told him conversationally, continuing to pump him in a rhythm that was driving Simon mad with pain and desire.






“Jayne?” Simon felt his eyes widen as he hardened again, mouth open and panting, body arching up wildly. “Oh.”


“I’m gonna make you forget all about Kaylee.  I’m gonna ruin you for sex with anyone one else but me.”


Simon tried ineffectually to pull on Jayne’s wrist to slow the painful rhythm.  “Ow!  I thought you s…said you didn’t care if I kept having sex with Kaylee.”


“I lied.”


What followed had Simon wondering what the hell he’d gotten himself into.  The mercenary had unpacked one of the crates containing the lubrication when he hadn’t been looking. 


Simon lay on the floor of the shed helplessly as Jayne took his clothes off.  Then his own.  Unable to help or even offer resistant.  He did tried to curl in on himself at one point to protect his most vulnerable part. 


Jayne allowed it.   It made it easier for him to apply the lubricant.  Simon winced at one point.  The mercenary truly wasn’t the gentlest of persons as he pushed into him with first one finger then another and finally three.


Simon had never in his life been treated so roughly, but once those thick fingers found his prostate it didn’t matter.  He was pushing back into them silently, asking for more.


He got it as Jayne brought him unto his hands and knees, chuckling softly when Simon moved wantonly, begging to be taken.


Simon felt the mercenary’s big body move into position.  He knew it was coming, he knew what to expect.  Yet when Jayne slid into him in one violent push.  It left him breathless.


It hurt.  Jayne was by no means little.  Simon felt his arms give out, resting his head against them as Jayne began pounding into him in a rhythm that was going to leave him sore and bruised.


“I told ya I wasn’t a gentle man.  Didn’t I, Doc?”


“Y…yes.” Hands came around pushing his belly up.  Allowing Jayne deeper access into his body.   “Oh.”


“Do you like what I’m doin’ to ya, Doc?”




“Do you like me in ya?”


Simon winced at a particularly hard thrust.  “Y…yes.”


Simon felt those hands going lower to cup his groin as Jayne continued to ride him.  No gentleness here.  No gentleness needed or wanted.


“Wanted it harder?”


“Yes.  Oh, God-yes.”  Suddenly Jayne stopped moving.  “Jayne?”


“You said you wanted it harder.”


“Y…yes, but you stopped moving,” Simon said in confusion.  Jayne pulled all the way out to drive back in with such force Simon thought he felt it rattle his teeth.  “Oh.  Oh-God,” He said as Jayne did it again and again. Never really letting Simon know when the next thrust would happen.  Until the mercenary had Simon begging, pleading for him to do it harder.  Finish him.


“I’ll finish ya when I’m good and ready, Doc.  Not ‘fore.”


Suddenly Simon found himself on his back with Jayne between his legs and deep within his body.


He looked up to meet the mercenary’s blue eyes.  “Oh, God,” he said as Jayne began thrusting into him.


“Wrap your legs around my waist, Doc.”


Simon did as he was told.  Moaning as Jayne slid in even deeper.  “Oh.”  He gasped. “Oh, that feels good.”


Jayne gave a shaky laugh.  “Slut.”


Simon moaned, running his hands over the mercenary’s sweaty back, cupping his buttocks, encouraging him wordlessly.  Jayne began to thrust again.  Simon’s moaning increased in volume.  He was being torn apart.  It hurt. It was pleasurable. He loved it. 


“Jayne.  Oh, God- Jayne.  Harder.  Harder.”


The mercenary pulled his legs over his shoulder and began driving into him with everything he had. Simon screamed hoarsely as he came, splattering Jayne and himself with its force. He continued to scream as Jayne continued to pound into him.


“You’re a sweet lay, Doc.  Very, very sweet.  I ain’t givin’ this up.  I ain’t a givin’ ya up and I ain’t a sharin’, got it?’


“Yes,” Simon panted softly.  “Yes.”


Jayne threw his head back and growl deep in his throat.   Shuddering wildly as he came deep inside Simon’s willing body.


Simon grunted softly when Jayne’s big body fell on him, forcing the air out of his lungs.  After a few minutes he looked up, meeting Simon’s eyes.  “You’re the sweetest lay, male or female I ever had.”


Simon reached up to gently stroke his face.  “Is that good?”


“Very good,” Jayne replied, still thrusting minutely into Simon’s body. “What are ya gonna tell Kaylee?”


“Are you sure I can’t keep seeing her?”  Simon asked, softly, grunting in pleasure/pain when Jayne thrust into him hard enough to make him see stars.


“No,” the mercenary hissed.  “You’re mine.”


“Shh, alright.  Alright.  Don’t go getting all riled.”


“Mine right?”  Jayne asked, unsure for the first time since they started this.


Simon nodded.  “Yours.  All yours.”


“I won’t mind doin’ a threesome, but I’d scare the Gorham out of Kaylee, not to mention I’d probably break her.”


Simon smiled up at him.  “I think you broke me.  I won’t be walking upright for at least a month.  That’s the most fun I’ve ever had during sex.”




Simon moved luxuriously under Jayne, earning a gasp of pleasure from both of them.  “Oh, yeah,” he whispered softly.


“Wanna do it again?”


“Oh, yeah.”  Simon replied, wrapping his legs around the mercenary’s waist.


Jayne chuckled.  “You’re such a slut.”


“Yeah.  Your slut.”


“You tellin’ Kaylee?”


Simon sighed softly.  “Yes.  I’m not looking forward to that conversation.”


“It’s gotta be done.”


“I know. I really didn’t wanna hurt her.”


Jayne began moving inside of Simon again, never really having gone soft.  Liking the warmth of the Doctor’s body way to much.  “I be a knowin’ that, but it’s gotta be done.  I’ll tell her for ya.”


“No.  No.”  Simon replied hastily.  “I’ll do it.”


Jayne smiled.  “You not ‘fraid I’d say somethin’ unseemly, are you Doc?”


“Yes, I am.”


“I probably would.  Me not being all cultured like.”


“I like you just fine the way you are, Jayne,” Simon reassured him.


Jayne smiled down at him.  “That be a good thing then.  Cause wait till you see what I can be doin’ with the candy canes my eyes are a seein’.”


Saying that the mercenary reached up and pulled down a box of candy canes.  Never leaving the warmth of the Doctor’s body.  He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at Simon as he unwrapped them.


“Jayne?”  Simon said, eyeing the candy cane in trepidation.  Trying to wiggle free, the mercenary not allowing it.  “Huh, Jayne?  No, come on.  No, Jayne.  Don’t.  Oh!  Oh, God! Jayne!”