Title:  Connecting the Dots 3

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairings:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee,(preslash) William/Daniel(slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  All in not well.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  This story also covers some of Lady Q’s Spring and Easter challenges.


Connecting the Dots 3


“Hmm, no.  I really don’t think chocolate is going to fix this,” Lee replied from his safe haven between Blair and Jim.


“It’s not to bad yet.  I would never hurt you, Lee.  I swear,” Rafe told him, eyes pleading for Rafe to believe him.




Rafe gave his Guide a rueful smile.  “Then why are you way over there?”


“B…because even though I know you’d never hurt me, I’m not ready to go where you are obviously ready to.  I…I’m still a baby and don’t intend to become sexually active for a long time.  Like when I’m in college.”


Rafe blinked.  “You plan on making me wait till you’re in college?”


“Or till I decide I’m ready to be a sexual creature.”


Rafe’s eyes flashed angrily.  “There are people at school who will give me what I want.”


Lee frowned at him.  “Don’t threaten me.  If you want to have sex with someone other than me, do it.”




“I don’t like threats, Rafe.  I won’t be pushed into something I’m not ready for.”


Rafe looked down sighing unhappily.  “I know.  I’m sorry.  You know I want to wait for you.”




“But I’m getting these urges that….”  Suddenly his head popped up.  “Blair?”



“Can you turn me off like you did Jim and Michael?”


Blair tilted his head to the side as he thought about it.  “No can do.”


“But why?”  Rafe asked in shocked surprise.


“No ‘llowed.”




“No can do.  No ‘llowed.”


“But you did it for Jim and Michael.”




“But you can’t do it for me?”


Blair nodded, blue eyes sympathetic.  “No.  I sorry.”


Rafe’s eyes filled with tears.  “B…but why?”


“You have different thing to do dan Jim and Michael.”


“Like what?”


“Not sure.  Lee be ready when needed.”


Rafe looked at his Guide, now whiter than a ghost and trembling slightly.  “Really?”


“Yup.  Not ready now, but berry soon.  Be berry patient.  No scare Lee,” Blair told him a hint of warning in his voice.


Rafe offered his hand to his Guide.  “Lee?”




Rafe offered his hand again.  “I’ll wait.  I’ll be patient.  I’m going to need you soon, Lee, but I can be very patient.  I swear it.”


“I…I don’t know about me.” Lee turned to look at Blair.  “You sure you can’t turn him off.  Like till he’s fifty maybe?”


Blair shook his head.  “No can do.  I berry sorry.”


“Dang.”  Lee bit his lip.  “I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”


“You be ready when needed,” Blair told him confidently.


“You sure?”


Blair nodded.  “Berry sure.”


Lee eyed his Sentinel, whose hand was still outstretched.  “O…okay if you’re sure,” he replied, going toward Rafe.


Rafe gathered his very wet Guide to him, sighing happily.  “I want only you.  Only want you.”  Feeling Lee trembling against him.  He pulled away slightly.  “I’m not going to do anything right now,” he told him, gently stroking Lee’s baby soft hair off his face.  “I can take care of myself until you’re ready.  I don’t want to rush you.  Knowing you don’t find me a repulsive snake will go a long way in making me feel better.”


“You’re not a repulsive snake,” Lee replied, smiling at his Sentinel.  “You’re just a dirty old man.”


Rafe looked at him.  “Dirty old man? I’m fourteen almost fifteen.  I’m not a dirt old man.  A perv maybe, but not a dirty old man.”


Lee chuckled softly.  “My perv?”  he asked, burying his face against his Sentinel’s neck.




“I’m glad you’re going to wait.”


Rafe buried his nose against Lee’s neck.  “Me, too.”


His Guide pulled away slightly.  “But I think I better get dressed before you get any ideas in that perverted mind of yours.”


Rafe reluctantly let Lee go.  “O…okay.  Well?”  he asked after a moment when his Guide didn’t move.


Lee blushed a bright pink.  “You gotta leave the bathroom so I can get out.  Don’t want you getting any ideas.”


“Oh, right,” Rafe replied, getting up.  “I’ll just wait for you in the bedroom.”


“Okay?  Rafe?”


Rafe turned back toward him.  “Yeah?”


“Thank you,” Lee whispered softly.


Rafe gave him a tentative smile.  “Not a problem.  See you in a few.”








The days passed slowly as they got their over chicken pox or rather chicken dots with little or no aftereffects.  Finally on the first day of spring they were declared free to resume what was consider a normal life-at least for them.


Steven walked into the living room carrying a huge plate filled with cookies, to find Rafe looking at a magazine.


“Wanna a cookie?”


“Yeah.  Thanks,” Rafe replied, distractedly.  Reaching out a hand.


Steven placed a cookie into it.  “Whatcha looking at?”


“A magazine on modern art.”


“Modern art.  Why the hell would you want to look at a magazine on modern art?”


Rafe looked at him.  “Can I have another cookie?  So that my Guide will be impressed with how suave and sophisticated I am.”


Steven gave him another cookie.  “That’s a bit farfetched don’t you think?”


“No look…”  Rafe held out the magazine for Steven.  “See?  Doesn’t that just speak about the artist tormented life?  His suffering?”


Steven looked at the picture.  “Nope.”


“How can you not see it?  It all over the picture.”


Steven looked at it again.  “Still don’t see it.”


“Look closer.”  Rafe thrusted the magazine at Steven, grabbing the plate of cookies.


“Alright,” Steven readily replied, taking it.  He looked at the picture.  Moved it away from his face.  Moved it closer. Turned it one way, turned it the other.  Flipped it upside down, right side up.  “Sorry man, don’t see it.”


“How can you not see it?  It screams agony.”


Steven took the plate of cookies from the very annoyed Sentinel.  “Sorry, man.  All I see is a picture of a pencil.  No agony.  No torment.  No suffering.  Just a picture of a pencil.”


“You heathen.”


“Hmm, hmm.  Heathen I may be, it’s still a picture of a freakin’ pencil.  Wanna another cookie before I go?”


Rafe sighed heavily.  “Yeah.”  Tossing the magazine to the side.  Maybe he could try impressing Lee with his cool dressing style instead.  He picked up his latest copy of GQ, nibbling on the cookie Steven had just given him.


“What the fuck are you doing?”  Steven asked Michael, who was doing all sorts of weird contortions by the staircase. An audience of two cats and a dog watching avidly.


“I’m posing to impress my love with the beauty of my well-toned, well-muscled body.  So that he will give me his heart and be mine alone forever and ever.”


“Ah,” Steven said, nodding knowingly. He watched the weird flexing of the semi-clad body for a moment.  “You will let me know if it works won’t you?”  he said, before climbing up the stairs with his plate of cookies.




The first day of spring brought warm weather and a beautiful sunny day.  Everyone was outside enjoying it after being stuck inside for what felt like ever.


Jim lay on the ground, the grass just barely turning green with Blair sleeping cuddled against his chest.


Steven sat next to Jim, listening to Michael reading to him from a book of poetry and not really enjoying it.


Rafe and Lee sat on the other side of Jim.  Also listening to Michael


William, Daniel and Simon were tending the first BBQ of the season.  While Mattie and Sally were quietly talking as they set up the table with a massive amount of food.




“Yes, Beloved?”


Steven rolled his eyes.  “Quit that.  And why the fuck would you think I like poetry?”


Michael’s green eyes held hurt.  “Aren’t you my beloved?” he asked, lower lip trembling slightly.


“Well, yeah.  I’m wearing your fucking ring aren’t I?”


“Yes, I just want to make sure you know how much I love you.”


Steven gave a huge put up on sigh.  “While I do appreciate the sentiment being spewed stuff like, ‘I love thee so.  Let me count the ways.’ Just doesn’t do it for me.”


“But this is classic poetry even though you butchered it.”


“Sorry, but it really doesn’t do a thing for me.”


Lee resting his head against his Sentinel’s shoulder said.  “I kinda like it. It’s pretty.”


Steven turned to look at him.  “You like it?”




Steven grabbed the book of poetry from Michael’s hands. “Here Rafe, your daffy, but cute Guide likes poetry. Read him something, but away from here.  And you,” he turned to Michael.  “What the fuck is the matter with you?  Have you been hitting Mattie’s Harlequin books again?  What’s with all the romance shit?  Next you’ll be bringing me roses and chocolates.”  When he saw the look in the bodybuilder’s eyes.  “Don’t even think about it.  I swear if you bring me flowers I’ll shove them up your…”


“Steven!”  Michael exclaimed, “Your language.”


“Okay, sorry, but what’s with all the mushy stuff?”


“I just wanted to show you how much I loved you,” Michael replied, dejectedly. “By doing mushy, romantic stuff.”


“I already know you love me.  I don’t need mush to show me.  I know.  Here.”  Steven touched his heart.  “And here,” then his head.  I didn’t mean to hurt you’re feeling I’m sorry,” he said softly, when he noticed how Michael’s eyes had darken to emerald, a clear sigh of the hurt Steven had caused. “Do you really need to do all the mushy stuff?”


Michael nodded.  “Yeah.  I need to show you how much I love you.  I need to romance my beloved.  Like in Mattie’s books.”


Steven sighed.  “Alright, if it means that much to you, then do your worst and I won’t complain, to much.  Just one thing?”


Michael smiled happily.  “Okay.  What?”


“You remember what I said about the flowers?”




“Keep that in mind.”


Michael pulled Steven into his lap.  “Okay, but everything else is fair game?”


“Go for it.”


Michael’s smile turned brilliant.  “Cool.”




“Don’t you fucking dare,” Steven warned, Rafe.  “I’ll sic my lovesick bodybuilder on you.”


“He’s busy,” Rafe replied, chasing Steven all over the backyard with an eggshell filled with confetti.


Steven held a finger up in warning.  “No.”


So busy trying to avoid Rafe he never saw Jim carrying Blair coming up behind him.


“Gotcha’,” Blair giggled happily as the egg he’d been carefully holding broke scattering brightly colored paper in Steven’s already confetti covered head.


“Ow.  No fair.  I was ganged up on.”


“All’s fair in love and war,” Jim told him, hitting Steven with another egg.


“Ow!  Don’t let Michael hear you say that, he’s carrying that Harlequin stuff to new heights.”


He’s still add it?”  Jim asked, sitting on a free patio chair, setting his little Guide down carefully.


Steven sighed, sitting in the chair next to him.  “Yeah.  Did I tell you he wants to go dancing?”


Jim’s eyebrows went up.  “He does?”  Watching as a giggling Blair chased Lee around the yard with another egg.


“Yup.  Wanna soda?”


“Yeah, thanks.”


Steven reached into the cooler next to him.  “Says we need to get out more, just the two of us,” he said, handing him a Coke.




“I don’t wanna go dancing.  I’m a thirteen.  I’d rather be doing more interesting things like reading my comics, playing with my friends.”


Jim popped the tab on his can, still keeping an eye on Blair who went running by, now being chased by Lee.  Who was growling menacingly.  


“Are you going to go?”


“I guess,” Steven replied reluctantly.  “I promised anything was fair game.  Everything but flowers.”


Jim took a drink.  “Maybe you could find a loophole.”


Steven sat up.  “Loophole?”


“Yeah, get off on a technicality.”


Steven smiled happily for a minute, before the smile vanished. “I can’t do that.”


Jim watched Rafe help Blair open one of the dozen chocolate bunnies he’d received for Easter.  “Why?”


“Because it would hurt Michael’s feelings.  You should have seen the look on his face when I gave him a hard time about going Harlequinee.  I don’t like seeing that look in his eyes.  I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him happy.  Even be romanced.”


Jim took another drink of his Coke.  Sniffing the air deeply.  “ Hmm, hamburgers are almost done. You are so Michael whipped,” He added, with a chuckle.


Steven glared at him.  “Am not.”




Steven looked over at Michael who was helping William grill the food since Simon was being held up at the hospital.  The bodybuilder gave him a smile that did little to hide all the love and affection he held for him. Steven returned it with one of his own. 


Jim saw it.  “So tell me, are you Michael whipped or what?”


Steven sighed.  Falling back against the chair.  “Am I ever,” he said, dejectedly.


“So are you going dancing with him?”  Jim asked, biting back the laughter at the look on Steven’s face.


“Yeah, I guess I am.”




The young Sentinel turned to look at his little Guide. Blue eyes widening when he got a good look at his Guide.  “Blair?”


Blair crawled into his lap.  “Yuppers.”


“Your face is covered in chocolate.”


Blair nodded.  “Yup.  Chocolate bunny berry good.”


Jim licked his little Guide’s cheek.  “Did you get any of it in your tummy or is all on your face?”


Blair giggled.  “I eat.  Silly Jim.”


“Hmm, it is a good chocolate bunny.  Taste even better with Blair on it.”


Blair giggled even louder tilting his face in offer.  Jim took it, licking at the chocolate covering his Guide’s cute little face.


The young Sentinel began purring softly when his Guide began releasing scent.  It made this beautiful Easter day all that much better.  Knowing how much Blair loved him.  How much he would always love him.


Finally pulling away he rested his forehead against Blair’s.  “I love you, Baby.”


“I knows,” Blair replied softly.  “I luvs you too.”


“Know what?”


Blair tilted his head to the side.  His curly hair shining brightly in the sun-filled day.  “What?”


Jim gently caressed the side of his little Guide’s face.  “You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”


“I is?”


“Oh, yeah.”


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Dat good.  Know whys?”


“No why.”


“Cause den you won’t get mad when I does this.”  With that Blair smacked him gently on the head with an eggshell.  Even then Jim barely felt it.  His little Guide being very careful even in his playfulness not to hurt his sensitive Sentinel.


Jim looked at Blair silently as confetti floated all around him.  “Ow!”


Blair gave a tiny giggle as he watched the confetti that hadn’t stuck to Jim’s hair flutter by in the warm breeze.  “Jim still luvs Blair?”


“Ah. Well, that’s a good question, considering.  But then I think the question would be, will you still love me if I do this…”


Jim broke a confetti egg in his hand and rubbed it into Blair’s curly hair. 


Blair contemplated him for a moment big blue eyes going even bigger. “Ow! Hmm, Jim have confetti egg, too?”


Jim nodded.  “Hmm-hmm.  What did you think you were the only one that could be sneaky?”


Blair wiped at his face smearing confetti into the chocolate still coating his cheeks.  “Yup.  Blair not so sneaky, huh?”


Jim smiled at him.  “Nope.”


“Den how’s about when I do this?” 


Blair lifted a tiny hand running it down the side of Jim’s face.  Leaving chocolate coated confetti in its wake.


“Yup, that was sneaky alright.”


Blair smeared chocolate onto the tip of his Sentinel’s nose.  “And now?”


“Very, very sneaky.”


Blair giggled. “Jim look funny.”


“Oh, yeah?”


“Yuppers.  Does Jim still luvs Blair?”


“For always, Baby.  For always.”


Jim looked out into the yard where his family and friends had gathered.  Simon had arrived sometime ago and was now hiding Easter eggs with Daryl’s help.


Carl and H keeping Rafe’s brothers occupied while the eggs were being hidden.


Mattie, Mr. Bean and Sally talking amongst themselves as they wait for the hamburgers and hot dogs.


His Dad and Michael where finishing up the hamburgers.  Rafe and Lee were cuddled together under one of the trees sharing a chocolate bunny, while Rafe read from a book of poetry to his quietly listening Guide. 


Steven was reading a comic while nibbling on the biggest plate of nachos Jim had ever seen.  He looked up to meet his eyes.


“Is everything alright, Watchman?”  he asked quietly.


“Everything is great.  Never better.”


Steven smiled at him as he picked up a nacho.  “Did you know you have chocolate confetti all over your face?”


Jim gave his giggling little Guide a gentle kiss on the nose.  “Yeah, I know.  Isn’t it great?”


Steven knowing exactly what his brother was talking about as he glanced around the yard.


“Yeah, Watchman, it is.  It really, really is.”