Title:  Connecting the Dots

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairings:  Blair/Jim, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Kids and Chicken pox.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Connecting the Dots


“What’s the matter?”


Steven asked, sitting next to Jim on the couch, who was watching Blair with a worried look on his face.


“Do you see anything wrong with, Blair?”


“Hmm?” Steven looked over at the little Guide who was sitting on the floor next to Lee sharing a plate of cookies and coloring in one of Blair’s dozens and dozens of coloring books.  “Like what?”


“He’s been scratching his arm.”


“So?  Maybe it’s itching him.”


“That same spot’s been itching him for the past twenty minutes.  You don’t think he’s catching anything, do you?”


Steven touched Jim’s shoulder.  “It might just be a bug bite.”


He groaned inwardly at the look of pure panic that crossed Jim’s face.  “Bug bite? What kind of bug?  Is he in any danger?  Oh, man-where’s Simon?”


“Shit.  Me and my big mouth.”


“Bugs carry all kind of diseases.  My Guide’s sick.  Do something?”


Steven frowned at him.  “What the hell do you want me to do?  Find the bug and beat it up for daring to bite Blair?”


“You can do that?”  Jim asked, hopefully.


Steven rolled his eyes.  “No, stupid.  I don’t know which bug it was and besides I’m a Protector not an odd type of Orkin man.  Ow! Shit.  No need to get violent,” He said, when Jim punched him in the arm.


“Then don’t call me stupid, numbnuts.  See, he’s scratching again.  This time his other arm.  I’m telling you, he’s coming down with something.”


“Shh, don’t get you undies all in a knot.  Let’s see if he is getting sick first before you fly off the deep end.  Blair, little brother-can you come here for a minute?”


Blair looked over at them curiously, before getting to his feet and happily bounced over to where they sat.


Jim gathered him into his arms.  “Are you feeling okay, baby?”


The little Guide tilted his head as he contemplated his Sentinel.  “I is good.”


Jim placed a gentle hand against Blair’s forehead. “Are you sure?  You feel a little warm.  Feel, Steven-do you think he’s a little warm?”


“Hmm, he does feel a little warm.”


“Is Blair getting sick?”  Lee asked, blue eyes dark with worry.


“I don’t know. He feels kinda warm,” Jim replied, pulling his little Guide closer.


“What do you think it is?”  Lee asked, feeling Blair’s forehead as well.


“Don’t know.  Dad?  Dad’ll know what to do,” Steven said, as William came out of his office/study carrying a file.


“What’s up?”


“We think that Blair might be getting sick,” Jim answered, worriedly.


“Hmm,” William came up to the couch.  “Let’s have a look.”


“He’d been scratching his arm a lot,” Jim told him, tugging up the left sleeve of Blair’s black and white checkered flannel shirt.


William looked at the irritated area. “Oh-oh.”


“What? Oh-oh, what?”  Jim asked, panicking all over again.


“Shh, son.  It’s not life threatening.  At least not any more.”


“Not any more?”  Jim asked weakly. “What is it?”


William gently tucked Blair’s curly hair behind his ears.  “If I’m not mistaken, Blair, here has chicken pox.”




It did turn out to be chicken pox.  Simon confirmed it when he came home for the Sentinel Center.  Telling them it was a normal childhood disease and not life threatening.  It helped to ease Jim’s worry, but only just.




“Yeah, Watchman?”


Steven looked up from his comic book, to see a decidedly queasy Jim standing next to his bed.


“Help?”  Jim asked, swallowing heavily.


Steven tossed the comic onto the bed and sat up.  “With what?”




Steven grabbed Jim before the Sentinel could hit the floor.  “Wow.  What’s the matter?”


Jim looked up at him, holding tightly to his arm.  “I…” 


Steven frowned at him.  “What?”


“I can feel them.”




“I can feel each and every little chicken dot when it pops out of Blair.”


Steven helped Jim settle against the side of his bed.  “You can?”


Jim closed his eyes tightly before opening them.  Face pale and paling more by the minute.  “Yeah.”


“Oh, man-that must be really gross.”


Jim glared at him.  “Do you think it’s funny?  I don’t think it’s funny, asshole.”


Steven bit his lip.  “I don’t think it’s funny.  Do you see me laughing?  I’m not laughing.”


Jim’s glare deepened.  “You want to.  I can see it in your face.”


Steven shook his head.  “No.  No, I don’t, really.”


“Hmm, help me,” Jim pleaded, deciding to give his brother the benefit of the doubt.


“Can’t you tone down your touch?”


“Tried that. Doesn’t work.”  Jim blinked dazedly.  “What am I going to do?  Blair wants me to hold him ‘cause he doesn’t feel good and then I can not only feel the dots, I can hear them popping out.  I love Blair, I need to figure out how to handle this without getting sick all over him.”


Steven ran his finger down the side of his nose.  “You’ve got a real problem,” he said thoughtfully.  “Where’s Blair now?”


“With Dad.  What am I going to do?” Jim asked looking expectantly at Steven.


“Hmm, give me a minute to think here.”  After a moment.  “I know.” 


Jim sat up straighter. “What?”


“Hold on.  Lee, I need you.”  Steven yelled.  The Guide was in the kitchen with Rafe, fixing snacks.


“Coming,” The Guide yelled back.


Lee came running into the bedroom they all shared a few minutes later.  “What’s up?”


“Come here, Squirt,” Steven told him, smiling when Lee blushed at the nickname. 




Steven gently cupped Lee’s face.  “I need for you to stabilize Jim. He can feel and hear when Blair breaks out in new dots.”


“Oh, man.  That’s not good.”


“No.  He wants to be able to be there for his Guide, but he’s afraid he’s going to be sick all over him.”


“Double not good.”


“Yup.  Can you help him?”


Lee thought about it for a moment.  “Yeah, I think I can.”  He turned to look at his Sentinel who walked into the room carrying a plate piled high with sandwiches.  “Is it okay, Rafe?”


Rafe place the tray on Steven’s bed and sat down beside them.  “Sure.”


“See, I ask,” Lee told him pointedly.


Rafe sighed unhappily.  It’s seemed that even though Lee had forgiven him he hadn’t forgotten and wasn’t about to anytime soon.


“You do know they’re not dots?  They’re chicken spots not chicken dots,” he said, spitefully.


All three of them turned to glare at him.  “Ask me if I care, asshole.  Go on ask me,” Steven told him testily.  “If Jim wants to call them dots.  He can fucking well call them dots.”


Rafe held up his hands.  “Alright.  Alright.  Don’t have a heart attack.  They’re dots.”


“Damn right they’re dots.  Now shut up so Lee can help Jim.”


Lee shook his head disappointingly at Rafe.  Who gave him a weak smile.  Seemed he couldn’t do anything right lately.  He thought to himself sadly.  He wondered if he offered Lee a box of his favorite candy it’d win him some brownie points.  Hey-maybe brownies.  Lee loved brownies.  At this point he’d willingly bake them from scratch if Lee would quit being disappointed in him.


He watched quietly as Lee reached out and ran a finger down the side of Jim’s face.  He could smell the scent his Guide was releasing for Jim’s benefit.  It was different from what he used for him. It was working to as Jim began getting more color in his face.


He turned to Rafe.  “Can I hold your Guide, Rafe?  Just for a minute.  I need to get closer.”


Rafe nodded.  “Sure,” Adding at the pointed look from Lee.  “I know, I know-he asked. One mistake.  One.  And I’m never going to live it down for the rest of my life,” he murmured unhappily.


“Have you tried licking his sneakers?”  Steven asked him, eyeing Jim as he gently took Lee into his arms.


“Just short of,” Rafe grumbled.


“Hmm,” Steven told him disbelievingly.


“I did.  It just that even though he let me rebond him and all.  He hasn’t really forgiven me,” Rafe said softly, listening as Jim began to purr happily.


“Maybe he finally realized what an asshole you are.”




Steven sniffed at him.  “It’s true.”


Rafe looked down at his feet.  Tugging on his shoe lace.  “I know.  But I’m getting better.”


“Yeah you’re only a baby asshole now compared to a galaxy wide one like before.”


“Gee, thanks,” Rafe replied ruefully.


“No problem.  Did you hear that Carl and H have chicken pox now too?”


Rafe tied his lose shoelace.  “Really?”


“Hmm.  From what I hear the whole school is coming down with it.”


Rafe’s brown eyes widened in alarm.  “Does that mean we’re going to get sick too?”


Steven smiled at him.  “Oh, yeah.  We’re going to be able to play connect the dots before to long.”




“You said it brother.”


Rafe looked over at Jim and Lee.  Jim was still purring, not as contently as when he scented with Blair, but it was an ‘I’m feeling much better’ sort of purring.


“What do I do about Lee?”


“Well, I suggest you do some heavy duty wooing.  Make him forget your two-timing ways.”


Rafe glared at him.  “I told you I wasn’t two-timing.  And there wasn’t any two-timing ways about it. I love Lee.  I want only Lee. Besides Guides have long memories.  I think I’m going to be reminded of this for the next hundred years.”




Steven watched as Jim pulled away from Lee slowly.  Resting his forehead against the Guide’s.  “I think you’re going to need something a bit more heavy duty that the ring you gave him.”


“Like what?”


Steven frowned as he thought about.  “Don’t know right now.  When I think of something I’ll let you know.  For now keep wooing.  Get flowers, candy and all that junk that people use to woo.”


Jim sighed softly as he pulled away from Lee reluctantly.  “Thank you, Lee.”


The Guide touched Jim’s cheek with his finger.  “Better?”


“Much,” Jim replied, with a smile, kissing Lee on the nose.  “I can be with my Guide now.  You don’t know how much this means to me.  Thank you.”


Lee giggled happily at the touch of gentle affection from Jim.  “You’re welcome,” he said shyly.


“Hey, no kissing my Guide,” Rafe told them smiling, not in the least bit jealous.


Jim looked at him, blue eyes sparkling happily in the light coming from the window.  “What like this?  He asked, laying butterfly kisses all over the Guide giggling face.  Finally pulling Lee back into his arms, holding him close. “You mean like that?”


“Yeah, just like that,” Rafe replied, still smiling.  “Only I get to kiss Lee.”


Jim smiled.  “Oh, yeah?”


“Yeah,” Rafe said growling menacingly.


“Then what are you going to do when I kiss Lee like this?”  Jim asked, lifting Lee’s face and gently kissing him on the lips.


Lee’s blue eyes widened, but he allowed the touch.  Making the cutest little mewing noises. 


Steven watching the whole thing with interest.  “Hey, Rafe?”


“What?”  Rafe asked, eyeing Jim and his Guide.  Still with no jealousy, even though Jim was kissing Lee.


“I think Lee like’s kissing,” Steven asked, smiling as the young Guide continued to make the same cute, little noises.  And all Jim did was place his lips over Lee’s.


“Yeah, he really seems to like that.”


“I think that’s how you get him to forget he’s annoyed with you.”




Steven nodded over toward him brother and Lee.  “Yeah, kiss him till he doesn’t know which way is up.”


“Think that’d work?”  Rafe asked skeptically.


“Sure.  He making little kitty noises with Jim can you imagine what kind of noises he’d make with you.”


Rafe eyed Lee.  He was making some really cute little noises.  He wouldn’t mind having Lee make them for him.  “I could.”


“Yeah. Just don’t get so carried away that I’m going to have to hide Lee from you so he can get some peace.”


“Okay.  Jim, can I have my Guide back?  I want some of those kind of kisses.”


Steven frowned.  “Hey?”


The other three boys turned toward him.  “What?”  Rafe asked as he took Lee into his arms.


“Are we suppose to be kissing.  Isn’t that kinda sissie considering we’re boys?  And we’re kinda young to be thinking about kissing.”


Rafe shrugged.  “Who cares?  I don’t.  Besides I think we’re rewriting the Sentinel/Guide book anyway.”


“Hmm, that’s true.  Any one seen Michael?”


Jim tilted his head to the side.  “He’s in the kitchen.”  He smiled brilliantly.  “You should see the size of the sandwich he making.  Sally’s standing next to him watching in disbelief.  That thing must be ten inches high at least.  Hey?” He looked at Steven.




“Why aren’t you using the telepathic thingie you’ve got going with Michael?”


Steven looked at Jim.  “I forget,” he replied sheepishly.  He turned inward. *Michael?*


Steven could sense Michael startle.  So he wasn’t the only one who’d forgotten about it.




*You better be intending to share that sandwich.*


All three of the boys smiled when they heard the groan of disappointment even without telepathy and Sentinel hearing.


*Alright, I’ll be right there?* Michael replied, very reluctantly.


*Oh, don’t be such a baby.  We have sandwiches up here that Rafe and Lee made.  So you won’t go hungry.  Besides I got something I wanna try with you.*


*Yeah?  What?*


*It’s something that we just discovered Lee likes to do-a lot.*


Michael came into the room carrying the biggest sandwich any of them had seen. 


“Wow!”  That is a big sandwich,” Lee commented in awe.


“We’re definitely going to need something to drink with that,” Rafe replied. “What does everyone want?”  The young Sentinel started out of the bedroom having taken everyone’s order.


“Rafe?”  Steven stopped him.




“Bring back chips.  Sally just went to the store and I know for a fact that we have Doritos and Cheetos.”


Rafe nodded.  “Okay.  Lee, wanna help me?”


Lee jumped up readily enough.  “Sure.”


“So what did you wanna try?”  Michael asked Steven curiously as he sat next to them on the floor.


“Oh, just something we found out that Lee likes and I wanna see if I like it.  Being as you’re my intended and all.”


“Huh?”  Michael asked, truly confused.


Steven climbed into the bodybuilders lap.  “Lee likes kissing.  I wanna find out if I like it too.  So kiss me, you fool.”


Michael backed away slightly.  “Kiss you? Why should I kiss you?  I don’t even like you.”


Steven pouted.  “Is that a thing to tell your fiancé?”


“Yup.  Get off me now.”


“Kiss me first.”


Michael pushed at Steven slightly.  “No way.”


Steven pushed back.  “Yes, way.”  Tangling his finger into Michael’s curly hair.  “Kiss.  Me.  Now,” he demanded.  “Damn.  Fool.”


Michael gave him a smile.  “Well if you put if that way.”   


He eyed the boy sitting in his lap before pulling him closer.  Laying his lips gently over Steven’s, he closed his eyes.  He ran his hands over his slight back, feeling the muscles that were already developing because of regular exercise.  He murmured softly at the contact.  It felt good, giving and receiving comfort. For now it was enough.  More than actually.  It wasn’t time yet to take it further and wouldn’t for many years to come.  But there wasn’t any reason he couldn’t show Steven how much he cared. 


Through the bond he had with Steven, he sent all the love in his heart and soul.  Smiling inwardly when Steven responded, sending it back.  He shivered never fully realizing exactly how much he was loved.  He tightened his eyes feeling tears slipping through.  Steven loved him, wholly and completely. And if he never again said the words, Michael would always know.


Michael did the only thing he could. Offering his life, his heart, his love, his very soul. Feeling Steven accepting.  Cherishing it like the true gift his bondmate knew it was.


The kiss that wasn’t a true kiss, no real passion was exchanged, yet held more.  It held a lifetime of love in the gentle placement of lips.  It ended as Michael slowly, reluctantly pulled away.   


“Steven?  Oh God-Steven,” Michael said hoarsely, awed by what they’d just shared.


Steven smiled at him, blue eyes shimmering in understanding. He fanned himself dramatically.  “Whew!  That was some kiss.”


Michael chuckled affectionately.  “Oh, God, Steven.  You loon.  Come here,” he said pulling him into his arms for a bear hug.  He rocked him gently for a moment before cupping his face.  “I love you, Steven.”


Steven ran a shaky forefinger over Michael’s lower lip.  “I know.”  He gave him a mischievous smile.  “How could you not.  I’m very loveable.”


“That’s true.  So did you like your first kiss?”


Steven blinked up at his innocently. “What makes you think that was my first kiss?”


The body builder frowned.  “What?”


Steven chuckled.  “Got ya.  That was my very first kiss and I liked it might fine.  I wouldn’t mind doing that some more.”


Michael kissed Steven’s nose.  “Dumb ass.”


“Hmm, yup.”


Just then Rafe and Lee returned with the drinks and chips.  “So did you like it?”  Lee asked, offering Steven his root beer.


“Oh, yeah,” Steven replied, happily.  That’s when he noticed that Jim who’d been in the room the whole time had been real quiet.  “Are you okay?”  he asked his brother.


“Thank you,” Jim said taking his Coke from Rafe.  “I’m fine.  Maybe just a little lonely.”


“Because Blair’s sick?  Can’t be ‘cause he doesn’t kiss you.  If anyone gets kissed more that anyone else here, it’s you,” Steven told him with a huge smile.


“That’s true,” Jim replied, returning the smile.  “It’s just with Blair being sick and all…”


“You’ll be able to touch him now and not feel like throwing up.  And when I get a chance I’ll look on the internet and see if I can find something to make him more comfortable.  All that itching must be driving him batty.”  Steven handed him one of the sandwiches Rafe and Lee had made.


“Thanks.  Yeah it is.  And then for me not to able to hold him the way he wanted.  I haven’t been able to hug him the way he deserves in days,” Jim said wistfully.


“You can as soon as he wakes up.  I wouldn’t bother him right now.  Him and Dad are real comfortable.”


“Yeah, they are and Dad doesn’t even seem to mind that Blair’s sleeping on top of him and running a slight fever.”


“When we were coming back up, your Dad had Wofie and Blackie using him as a pillow too,” Rafe said, giving Lee a piece of Michael’s sandwich.  Cut with a knife thoughtfully provided by the bodybuilder.  “And Barkie was on sitting on the floor looking up at them as if he wanted to join them.”


Steven hadn’t bothered to get off Michael’s lap he’d just turned using him as a chair.  “Pass the Cheetos,” He told the young Sentinel.  “He probably will even if he has to force himself to fit.  Thanks.  Cheetos?”  he asked Michael, offering the bag.


“Thanks.  So how long you think we got before we all break out in dots.  I haven’t had chicken pox yet.”


“I think we’ve got a few days,” Lee replied, liking the way Steven was sitting moved Rafe until the willing Sentinel could accommodate him the same way.  “Wow! Intends sure make good chairs.”


“Yeah, they do,” Steven replied offering the young Guide another piece of sandwich.


“Thank you, kindly,” Lee replied accepting it.  “You come up with the best ideas, Steven.”


“Yeah, I do, but I don’t see how your intended chair could be more comfortable that mine.  Mine’s got a lot of padding.  It’s kinda hard, but it’s got more padding.  You might as well be sitting on a toothpick.”


“Hey,” Rafe protested, taking a bite of his sandwich.


Lee turned his head back to smile up at his Sentinel.  “I kinda like my toothpick.  I think he’s just right.”


Rafe looked over at Steven smugly.  “So there,” he told him sticking out his tongue.


Steven laughed. “Very mature.”


“Yup.” Rafe kissed the side of his Guide’s face.  “I love you very much, Lee.”


“I know,” Lee told him moving into the gentle touch, humming softly.


“Forgive me?”  Rafe asked, turning the face toward him, meeting the soft lips inches from his.


Lee started making those cute little kitty noises again.  Only this time the young Guide’s left leg was moving restlessly.  Rafe was really liking those little noises and he wanted to hear them some more.


“Okay this is where I leave,” Steven said climbing out of Michael’s lap.  “I’m going to search the internet to see if I can find something to help Blair with his itches.”


Jim got up too brushing away bread crumbs from his jeans.  “Me too.  Blair’s starting to move around.”  He gave a brilliant smile.  “I can hold him good and proper now.  He’s going to be so happy.”


Steven looked at his brother.  Jim was practically glowing.  “I bet not as happy as you.”


Jim was bouncing on his feet anxious to get to his Guide.  “Yup.  See ya.”  He looked over to where Rafe was practically on top of Lee.  “When they come up for air will you thank Lee for me, please?”


Steven looked at the Sentinel/Guide pairing.  “Will do.”  After a moment he turned to Michael.  “Wanna help me do research?  We can use the computer in Dad’s study/office, whatever the hell you call it.  That way we don’t have to watch this indecent display of affection.  Michael?  Michael?  Pay attention to me.”


The body builder turned away from Rafe and Lee reluctantly.  “Sorry.  Lee’s making the cutest little noises and do you see his foot?  He’s moving it like he was Thumper from Bambi.  I’ve never see anything like it. Hey?”


Steven turned toward him as they walked toward the door.  “What?”


“Can I make you do the Thumper thing?”


Steven smiled up at him.  Running the forefinger of his left hand up and down the body builder’s broad chest and heavily muscled abdomen.  No flimsy t-shirt would every hide.  “Feel free to try.”


Michael shivered.  “You’re real lucky Blair turned me off.  Otherwise I’d be having my way with you right now.”


“You’ve been reading way too many of Mattie’s mushy novels. I love you, perv,” Steven told him affectionately.


Michael smiled as they went out the door.  “Yup, you sure do.”




Jim uncannily stepped out of the way of the swinging door as Steven came through carrying something in his hands.  “Watch it twerp.  You could have hit me.”


“Oh, please.  Like you didn’t sense the air currents coming from the other side.  Or even smelled me.”


Jim smiled at him. “Well, that’s true.  That new cologne you’re wearing smells like something the Creature from the Black Lagoon would wear.”


“Huh, it does?  I thought it made me smell cool.”


Jim held his nose.  “Nope.”  To sweeten the pot he gave a few dramatic gags.


Steven rolled his eyes.  “Alright.  No need to get all melodramatic.  I’ll wash it off.   Geez, everyone’s a critic.”


“Tell Blair, I’ll be right there with his cookies.”


“Okay.  Bring extra.  I found something on the internet that said would help ease Blair’s itching.  I’m going to try it right now.”


“Cool,” Jim replied, going into the kitchen.  Not bothering to question Steven on what it was.


The young Sentinel walked into the bedroom carrying a tray with a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk.  Idling thinking his Dad should invest in the milk industry.  They drank enough of it.  Maybe even the cookie industry, but Sally made all their cookies from scratch.  So that might not work.


He looked up, blue eyes widening in disbelieve.  He dropped the tray sending cookies rolling all over the room and the glass of milk shattering by his feet, drenching his jeans.


“What the hell did you do?”  He angrily asked Steven.  “What the hell did you do to my Guide?”


Steven looked up at him guiltily.  Dropping the washcloth he’d be trying to clean the little Guide with.


“I was trying the home remedy I found on the internet.  I couldn’t find the cornstarch, so I used flour.”




“Yeah, but I don’t know what happened, it was like the bag exploded.”


Jim rubbed his forehead trying to ease the tension building there.  “You made Blair look like Casper the Ghost.”


“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Steven protested weakly.  “The bag blew up.”


“He looks like a freaking ghost,” Jim replied, barely reining in his temper.


“Wow!  What the hell happened to Blair?”  Rafe asked, stopping short, just inside the bedroom door. 


Lee caught himself in time before he ran into the back of his Sentinel. “Oh!  What happened?” 


Jim glared at his brother.  “Steven covered him with flour instead of cornstarch.”


“I told you I didn’t do it on purpose.”


Jim frowned so deeply his eyebrows almost disappeared into his eyelashes.  “Need I say it again-FLOUR instead of CORNSTARCH?”


Steven gave Jim an awkward little grin.  “I didn’t think it would make a difference.”


“Obviously it does.”


“Know what?”  Rafe asked eyeing Blair.


Jim turned toward the other Sentinel.  “What?”


“Even covered from head to foot in flour he still the cutest little thing on the planet.”


“Yeah, he is,” Jim replied, a decidedly goofy grin on his face.


Every one stared at Blair as he sat quietly on the bed he shared with Jim.  There wasn’t an inch of him that wasn’t covered by flour. From the tips of his curly hair down to his Spiderman socks.  They all watched as he shook his curly head sending up a powdery billow of white.


Jim turned to once again glare at Steven.  “You are so dead.”


Steven took one look at his brother’s face, letting out a girlish scream, ran for his life.


To be continued in Connecting the Dots 2.