Title:  Connecting the Dots 2

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Rating:  Adult

Pairings:  Jim/Blair, Steven, Michael, Rafe/Lee (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Summary: Scratch my itch?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Connecting the Dots 2


“You. Will. Clean. Him. Up.”  Jim told Steven angrily.  Punctuating every word with a hard shove against the wall.


“Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.  Alright.  Alright.  No need to kill me.  It was an honest mistake.”




“Alright, already, Geez.” Suddenly Jim stopped shoving Steven against the wall.  Backing away from him, eyes widening.  “What?  What?”  Steven asked, rubbing his arms where Jim had grabbed a hold.  Absently scratching at the same time.


Jim followed the hand.  “Hmm…”


“What?  What’s the matter?  I thought you were getting ready to kill me.”


“Ah, Steven…”




“Do you see what you’re doing?”


“I’m rubbing my arms where your grabbed me. If you bruised me I swear I’m gonna tell Dad.  Damn caveman,” Steven muttered softly, idly scratching his chest.




“I hope Dad yells at you.”




“Grounds you till Blair has to push you around in a wheelchair, you’re so old.”




“And you’re gumming your food ‘cause all your teeth fell out.”




“No.  No, better yet, that you have to eat baby food through a straw.  Or maybe one of those baby cups Blair still uses.  What are they called, Sippy cups?  Yeah, one of them.  Why don’t you ask Blair to save his now so that you won’t have to buy it later?  Dad’s gonna ground you for sure for bruising his favorite son.”






“You’re scratching.”


Steven looked up.  “Yeah, so?”  Suddenly the light bulb went off.  “Oh.  Oh-oh.”  He looked down at his chest.  “Me?”  he asked weakly.


Jim nodded.  “You.”








“Scratch my itch,” Steven demanded of his intended.


Michael willing obliged.  Gently rubbing Steven’s back, smiling at the sound of pure pleasure.


“Oh, man.  That feels great.”  He looked up at the bodybuilder.  “Did I ever tell you that I love you?”  


Michael chuckled softly.  “Frequently.  But right now it’s only cause I’m your back scratcher.”


“A mighty fine back scratcher you are, I must say,” Steven replied, going boneless all over Michael’s lap.


“I’m glad you like it.”


“Oh, yeah.  More to the right, please.”


Rafe and Lee watched from their place on the couch.  “Oh, brother,” Rafe said, rolling his eyes. 


“Leave Steven alone and scratch my back too,” Lee demanded, moving uncomfortably on the couch.  “My dots have dots.  I itch,” He said pitifully. “Something awful.”


“My poor baby.”


Lee murmured unhappily.  “I hate my life.”


Rafe kissed his Guide’s forehead.  “No you don’t.  You’re just royally uncomfortable right now.”


“Does anyone want cookies?”  Jim asked carrying in a tray.  Followed by Blair who carried a tiny plate brimming with just the right amount of cookies he could carry.


Lee shook his head.  “No, thank you.  Not hungry.  I itch to much to eat.”




Steven thought about it.  “Na.  Michael, scratch.  Oh God, there’s a spot in the middle of my back.  Ah, yeah right there.  Right there.” Doing a fine imitation of a cat. Spread out all over Michael’s lap, purring contentedly. 


Jim offered the plate of cookies to bodybuilder.  “Michael?  Just out of the oven.”


“Hmm, okay.  I don’t have to many dots yet for it to interfere with my eating habits.  Hmm, good cookie.  Steven, you sure you don’t want a cookie?”  Michael asked, waving the cookie temptingly in front of Steven’s nose.


“No.  Stop it before you make me get sick all over you,” Steven replied, batting weakly at the cookie.


Blair bounced over to where Rafe and Lee sat.  “Cookie?”  asked the Sentinel, looking at Lee in sympathy.


“Okay.  Lee, are you sure you don’t want a cookie?  Just a bite,” Rafe asked encouragingly.


“No, thank you.”


Blair reached out a free hand to gently touch his fellow Guide’s cheek.  “Poor, Lee.  Feel icky?”


Lee moved his face into the gentle touch.  “Yup, real icky.  How, about you?”


Blair nodded.  “I is feeling icky too.  Better, now dat no have flour all ober.”


Steven moaned.  Remembering how Jim had made him give Blair a bath to wash off the flour.  How the hell was he suppose to know flour was completely different than cornstarch?  And that the bag was going to explode?


“Hey, wasn’t Simon suppose to bring back something to make us feel better?”  He asked, face buried in Michael’s neck.  Sighing happily at the comfort readily given by his bodybuilder.


“Yeah, some sort of oatmeal thing you pour in the bathwater,” Jim replied, idly scratching at his own dots.


“We only have two bathtubs.  How are we going to fit all of us?”  Lee asked, rubbing the arm Rafe was indicating was itching him.


“Hmm, that could be a problem,” Steven replied, softly.


“There’s always that inflatable pool we use when Rafe’s brothers come over,” Jim suggested.  Rafe’s brothers were terrified of the big pool.


Steven perked up.  “That would work.  That way we can all be miserable together.”


Jim rolled his eyes.  “That’s not what I had in mind.”


Steven gave him a brilliant smile.  “I know, but it works doesn’t it?  Unless of course you want a bathtub just for you and Blair.”


Jim blushed a bright pink.  Even after all this time the young Sentinel wasn’t use to bathing with Blair who insisted on it.  He looked down at his little Guide who was looking up at him expectantly.  “Ah…” he stuttered.  “I’ll…ah…leave it up to Blair.  Baby, do you want to share a bathtub with me or do you want to share the inflatable pool with all the guys and me?”


“What you want?”


Jim moved uncomfortably from one foot to the other. “I want what ever you want.”


Blair looked up at his solemnly.  Bright, blue eyes shining, tiny face framed by a mass of curly hair.  “I want baff with just you.  I miss you,” he said wistfully.


Jim blinked in surprise.  “But, baby.  I’ve been right here.”


“I knows, but you been berry busy.  No have extra time for me.”


Jim knelt on the floor.  “I’ve been neglecting you?”


Blair shook his head.  “Nope.  Just want to spent more time wiff you.  Just you and me. Want cuddles.”


“Oh, baby.  Why didn’t you say anything?”  Jim asked, pulling his unresisting Guide into his arms.


“You do ‘portant things.  I no want to bother ‘cause I lonely.”


Jim swallowed the heavy lump in his throat, blinking away the tears that filled his eyes.  “Oh, Baby.  I’m so sorry.”  He cupped Blair’s face gently.  “You are the most important thing in my life, Blair.  You.  There will never be anything more important.  If you need me to hold you or give you extra kisses, and loving you tell me.”


He had been busy with homework, learning stuff with Daniel.  He never realized he was neglecting Blair.


A tiny hand stroked the side of his face.  “I luv you.”


Jim moved his head into the little palm, purring softly.  “I love you too.”  He kissed his little Guide on his pert little nose.  “Wanna take a bath with me?”


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Really?”


“You betcha.  Come on lets go get the stuff Simon brought.  He’s back,” Jim told him, picking Blair up.


Steven watched the Sentinel/Guide pair head out toward the bathroom, rubbing at his eyes with the back of his hands. Feeling someone watching him, he turned to find Michael contemplating him with an affectionate look on his face.  “What?”


“You are such a softy.”


“Am not,” Steven replied, wiping at the tears fugitively. 




Steven sighed.  “Yeah, I am.  But wasn’t that the cutest sight you ever did see.  Not to mention kinda cool.”


Lee moved closer, idly scratching at his arm.  “What’s cool about Jim taking a bath with Blair?”


Steven reached out and stopped the scratching.  “Stop.  You’ll end up with scars all over that pretty skin of yours.  The part about Jim taking a bath with Blair isn’t really the cool part.  Though him wanting to willing take a bath with him is. It’s the fact that the mighty Watchman is silly putty before the big, blue eyes of his baby Guide.  I think that is so cool.”


Lee smiled, fighting the urge to scratch. “Yeah, that is kinda cool.”  He frowned, blushing, when he remembered a comment Steven had made.  “You think I have pretty skin?”


 “Yeah, so?”


“Boys aren’t suppose to tell one another they’ve got pretty skin.”


“I don’t care what the hell boys are suppose to tell one another.  I’m me.  And I think you’ve got real pretty skin.  And I don’t want to see it marked up by dot scars.”


Lee’s blush deepened.  “Oh, well-thank you I guess.”


Steven brought Lee’s face back up with a forefinger under his chin.  “Don’t get embarrassed, Lee.  You’re going to be a real beauty when you grow up.  That’s nothing to be ashamed of.”




Steven tilted his head as he contemplated the embarrassed Guide.  “What?”


“You think I’m going to be pretty?”  Lee asked shyly.


“Yeah.”  Suddenly Steven’s eyes light up.  “Lee?”




“Can I kiss you?”




“Can I kiss you?  I wanna see if I can make you do those cute little noises.”


Lee turned to his quietly watching Sentinel.  “Rafe?”


Rafe shrugged.  “It’s up to you.”


“Hmm, I guess it’s okay.”


Steven gently cupped Lee’s face in his hands and placed his lips against the Guide’s.  Almost immediately Lee started making cute little purr-like noises.  They got louder when Steven started rubbing Lee’s back soothingly. 


“Wow!  You do make cute little noises when you get kissed,” Steven said when he pulled away.


“My turn. My turn,” Michael replied, shoving Steven not to gently out of the way.  “I want to make Lee make those cute little noises too.”


The body builder gathered the Guide into his arms with a gentleness that belied his huge bulk.  Getting the same reaction. Lee started making the same little noises, only louder.


During this time no one noticed Blair bouncing into the bedroom to gather a pair of Jim’s socks.  He watched them curiously for a moment before bouncing back toward the bathroom and his Sentinel.


When Michael pulled away Lee staggered, shaking his head. Blue eyes dazed and unfocused.  “That was some kiss,” he replied, softly.  Touching his lips.


“Like it?”  Michael said smugly.


Lee smiled shyly, for the first time showing how deep his dimples could go.  “Yeah.  It was a really good kiss.”


“Hey and mine?”  Steven asked frowning.


“It was a good kiss, but Michael’s got some real pretty lips.  Made for kissing.”


Michael turned to give Steven an even smugger look.  “I got kissable lips.”


Steven rolled his eyes.  “Oh, brother.”


“You’re just jealous cause Lee likes my kisses better than yours.”


“And you’re really warm too,” the Guide added softly.  “Really, really warm.”


The body builder gave Steven another look.  “Oh, just stop it,” Steven told him in disgust.  “You’re to vain now as it is.”


“Jealous, much?”


“No.  I bet I can make Lee like my kisses better than yours.”






They each took a hold of one of Lee’s arms.  Tugging him back and forth like a rag doll.  Finally having had enough, Lee pulled free.


“Stop it.  Stop it.”


“What?”  Steven asked letting go in surprise.


Lee glared at them.  “Do you all think that I’m that easy?  I’m not that easy. Just cause I like kisses doesn’t make me easy.”


“No one said you were easy,” Rafe replied, moving closer to try and calm his angry Guide.  Oh, but Lee was beautiful when he was angry.  Blue eyes, flashing with spots of color his on his normally pale face.  He was so beautiful.  Even covered with chicken dots. 


Lee easily side stepped him. “You all think I’ll let myself be attack just so you can hear me make those so called ‘little noises’ you like so much.  Well, no more.  It stops right now.  From here on, no one touches these lips for free.  You want kisses?  Buy them with chocolate.”


“What?”  Rafe asked eyeing his Guide in surprise.


“You heard me.”


“B…But I’m your Sentinel.”


“So?  You’re the worst.  I can’t get any peace since you found out about the noises I make when being kissed.


“I. Hmmm…”


“You think being my Sentinel gives you special privileges to my person?  Well, think again.  No chocolate, no kisses.”  Lee frowned at him.  “Not Hershey’s, not M&M’s, not Reese Peanut Butter Cups and not Almond Joys. From you I want the expensive chocolate.”


“And from us?”  Steven asked, curiously.


“I’ll take the above mentioned chocolate.”


“For kisses?”




Rafe frowned at his Guide. “How come they get to give you regular chocolate for kisses, but I have to buy you the expensive stuff?”


“For thinking you could take liberties with my person.” 


“Well, that sucks.”


The glare Lee was giving him deepened.  “What?  What did you say?”


“Nothing,” Rafe replied contritely.  Knowing better than saying anything else.  He might be kinda dumb, but he wasn’t stupid.


“That’s what I thought.”


Steven turned toward the bodybuilder.  “Hey Michael?”




“Do we have any more chocolate in our stash?”


“Nope.  We haven’t been able to get out to buy more, remember?”


“Shit.” Steven rubbed his nose thoughtfully, eyeing Lee as Rafe tried to calm his Guide.  “Maybe Sally will pick us up some at the store for us.  What kind do you think would be good for Lee kisses?”


“Hmm, I’m thinking Snickers with Almonds. Thems some good chocolate.”


“Sure are, but will it get us Lee kisses?”




“Cool, lets go get to Sally before she goes to the store.”  He quickly went to his nightstand and pulled out some money. “Do you think forty will be enough?”


Michael though about it for a moment.  “Lee’s kisses are really good and he makes the cutest noises when he’s getting kissed.  “Sixty.”


Steven chuckled as he grabbed the extra twenty.  “Lee’s going to be spending all his spare time giving kisses.  Poor Guide’s not going to have any lips left.”


Michael smiled.  Turning to look at Lee who was still glaring at Rafe.  Though he was sorta letting his Sentinel touch him.  “Yup, hurry up.  Sally should be getting ready to leave any minute now.”




“So what are they arguing about now?”  Jim asked his little Guide as he helped him into the bathtub now full of cream colored water.


“Lee kisses.”




“Rafe have to pay wiff bedder chocolate dan Steven and Michael for kisses.”


Jim poured some of the special shampoo Simon had given them into his hand. 




Blair nodded solemnly.  “Yuppers.  Rafe mad.  But not mad as Lee.”


Jim rubbed the oatmeal shampoo into Blair’s hair.  “Oh.” 


Blair look up at his Sentinel.  “Jim?”


“Yeah, baby?”


“I no ask for chocolate for kisses.  I give free.”


Jim carefully worked the shampoo in.  Smiling as Blair gave a contented sigh.  “No?”


“Nope.  I luvs you berry, berry much.  I give kisses free.”


Jim smiled.  “Why thank you, Baby.”


Blair returned the smile with one of his own.  The kind that lit up a room and warmed Jim all the way to his soul.  “You berry welcome.”


Jim gently massaged the shampoo in.  Noticing that the dots scattered all over his little Guide’s scalp were starting to clear.  His little Guide was getting better, he thought contently.




“Yeah, Baby?”


“You like my kisses bedder dan Lee’s?”


Jim nodded, picking up a washcloth.  “Your kisses are much better than Lee’s.  I wouldn’t trade your kisses for all the chocolate in the world or Lee’s kisses.”




“Yup,” Jim replied, rubbing the special oatmeal soap into a nice foam before rubbing the washcloth over Blair’s chest.  “You give very good, very special kisses.”


Blair tilted his head to the side as usually always did when he was thinking very hard about something.






“You give Lee chocolate for kisses?”


Jim shook his head, rubbing the washcloth across Blair’s back.  “No.”


“Why not?”


Jim smiled at him.  “Your kisses are the only ones I want.  The only ones I’ll ever need.” Suddenly his arms were full a very slippery Guide.  “Wow!”  Jim replied, trying to keep from sliding in the bathtub and hurting something important.


Wet sloppy kisses rained all over his face as Blair happily wrapped his arms around his neck.


Jim accepted the kisses as he always would from his cute, very wet little Guide. Murmuring contently as Blair continued to happily kiss him. 


Finally…”What was that for?”  He asked, holding Blair tightly to him.


“Cause you are the bestest Sentinel in da whole wide world.”


Jim chuckled softly.  “I’m glad you think so.  Know why?”


Blair looked at him, blue eyes wide.  “No, why?”


“Because you are the bestest Guide in the whole world.  You are what makes me the bestest Sentinel in the world. You are my life, Baby.  If I have you-I don’t need anything else.”


“Need cookies.”


Jim smiled.  “Well, yeah.  I like cookies, but I don’t need them anywhere near as much as I need you.”


“Need milk.”


“Milk’s good.  Especially with cookies, but you are my life, Baby.  I could live without milk and cookies.  I can’t live without you.”


“Need Blair kisses?”


“Oh, yeah.  Those I could never ever do without.  I would miss them very much if you didn’t give them to me any more.  But I need you most of all.  My life.  You are my life, baby.”


Blair kissed him solemnly on the nose.  “I give.  Many, many kisses. For always.”


“Hmm, I’m glad.  I’d die without your kisses.”


“No die.  Give for always.  Blair love Jim berry much.”


Suddenly Lee stormed into the bathroom.  Taking his clothes off he tossed them all over the bathroom, not caring where they landed.


“Can I join you?”


Jim with Blair in his arms moved over, making room for Lee.  “I, hmm-guess so.  Why aren’t you in one of the other bathtubs with Rafe?”


Lee frowned, glaring out the bathroom door.  “I hate my Sentinel at the moment.  If I keep hating him I’m going to ask for a Sentinel/Guide divorce.”


“Why do you hate him this time?”  Jim asked curiously.  Nodding to Blair when his little Guide held a washcloth in his hands.  “Go ahead.”  Guiding him carefully as he made his way to the very agitated Lee.


“He thinks he can touch me whenever the mood strikes him.  As if what I want doesn’t matter.  Oh, that feels nice, Blair,” he said as the little Guide rubbed the soapy washcloth all over his chest.


“I thought you liked it when Rafe touched you.”


“I do.  Oh, right there Blair.  That spot is itching me something fierce. But he’s been demanding I bond him a lot.  Demanding that I kiss him, when he want to be kissed and not before. He’s being arrogant and selfish and I’m tired of it.  Maybe once and a while I’d like to be the one to offer kisses.”


Just then Rafe walked into the bathroom, like a puppy who’d been severely scolded. He went to kneel by the tub.




Lee glared at him angrily.  “What do you want?”


Rafe ran his hand through the cream-colored water.  “I’m sorry,” he said softly. 


“You’re always sorry.”


“That’s cause I am.  I don’t mean to be a butthead.  Sorry Blair,” he replied, absently, when the little Guide growled.  “Hey, how come you never get after Steven for his potty mouth?”


“He Steven he can have potty mouth if he want.”


Rafe frowned at the little Guide.  “That doesn’t seem very fair.” The hand he had in the water inching closer to Lee. Running it up his Guide’s arm.  When it was allowed Rafe sighed happily.  “Oh.  I love you, Lee.” 


“I love you too, but you’re a big jerk.”


“I know.  I’m doing better.  But this time it isn’t all my fault.”


“Oh?”  Lee said, eyeing the hand that was gently caressing his chest with bemused interest.


“Yup.  I think I’m going hormonal.”


Lee blinked. “Oh,” he replied, softly. After a long moment he carefully took Rafe’s hand off his chest, placing it gently on the edge of the tub he made his way thru the murky water to wedge himself between Jim and Blair. His blue eyes huge, shock coloring them almost purple.


Rafe smiled sadly at his Guide. “I don’t think chocolate is going to fix this, huh?”