Author:  Angelee

Title: The Consequences of Blue

Date: December 12, 2005

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Rating:  Adult

Challenge:  Giving your partner Viagra for Christmas wasn’t the brightest idea-or was it? (Your choice if it’d done in secret or openly)

Disclaimer:  Not mine.

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Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine with apologies.


The Consequences of Blue




“What’d I tell you about gag gifts?”


“Hmm-‘No Rodney, I don’t like gag gifts.  They’re stupid and have a tendency of hurting people’s feelings’.”


“That right.”


“Ow!  Damn it, John,” Rodney complained, half-heartedly.


“I did warn you.”


“Yes, you did.”


“Did you listen?”  John growled.


“No,” Rodney sighed, unhappily.


“So, what happens?”


“I Rodney McKay must pay the price.”


“Yes, you must.”


Rodney tried wiggling into a more comfortable spot.  Stopped by hard hands against his back.  “John!”


“No.  You need to learn not to mess with me.”


Rodney turned slightly to try and meet John’s eyes.  “I don’t think that blue pill was meant to be taken by healthy males.”


“Face forward. Well, you thought that I wasn’t a healthy male by giving it to me.”


“At the time I thought it would be funny,” Rodney replied, facing forward as he’d been order.  “Now, not so funny.”


“No, not so funny.”


“I’m sorry,” Rodney said, contritely.


“Hmm, doesn’t help you much in your current predicament does it, lover?”




Rodney stared out the window into the clear night sky.  The two moons were full and beautiful.  He sighed unhappily.  He’d hurt his lover of two months.


John had warned him he didn’t like gag gifts.  Not for birthdays, Christmas, Easter any time.  No gag gifts.  John had reemphasized it several times. No gag gifts.  Not ever.


But Rodney thinking he was a know-it-all, got him one anyway.  Well, in many respects he was a know-it-all, just not when it came to dealing with people.  When it came to dealing with people he was quite illiterate.  Rodney thought to himself sadly.


So to prove how much he hated gag gifts.  John Sheppard had taken one of the little blue pills Rodney had gifted him with.  After given Rodney a green-eyed look filled with anger, hurt and betrayal.


Now Rodney’s body was being use as John’s plaything.  Not that the scientist had minded at first. John had made love to him up against the door.  Kissing the living daylights out of him.


Rodney loved John’s kisses.  The pilot gave the best kisses in the world. It was as if John was trying to move in to Rodney’s body through his mouth and those kisses could go on for hours. Or at least that’s what it felt like for Rodney.  Who let it be known, loved John’s kisses.


He’d gotten kisses.  Lots of sweet kisses.  That was until the pill took effect and the kisses stopped.  Damn, he missed them and he damn well wanted them back.


Rodney sighed unhappily, again.  Not that he didn’t like what John was currently doing to him, but because he was paying the consequences of his stupidity and arrogance.  No more kisses for Rodney McKay.


“Ah,” he hissed.


“Did that hurt, lover?”  Rodney asked, without any bit of sympathy.


“Well, yeah.  It was kind of fun up against the door.  Over the desk.  The back of the chair was especially nice.  On the floor.  Up against the windows.  You might want to get the butt imprint taken care of.  The shower was nice.  I didn’t much care for the kneeling over the bathtub, that one’s going to leave bruises.  What with my delicate skin and all.  I didn’t much care for the bathroom floor.  Way to cold.   I like where we’re at now best of all.  Bed is nice, really nice.  But now I’m really hungry and I’m getting very, very sore.”


“I’m sorry to hear that.”


“Does that mean you’re ready to finish?”


John chuckled in his ear.  “Hell, no.  As far as I’m concerned we’ve just started.”


Rodney moaned in despair.  “I said I was sorry.”


“Doesn’t help me with the little blue pill problem.  Does it?”


“You didn’t have to take it.”


“Well, don’t know about that, lover.  You seem to think I needed it.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have given it to me.”


“Ow!  I…it was a joke,” Rodney told him, trying to turn back to look at John.


“And as you can tell, I thought it was really funny.  Face forward.”


Rodney signed, unhappily, he was doing that a lot.  But then he had reason.  “I’m really sorry.”


“Hmm, hmm.”






Rodney hugged his pillow to him.  “Truly, I am.  Cross my heart and hope to die.”




“So how long before the pill wears out?”


John placed his hands on Rodney’s hips.  “Oh, I’m thinking I’ll be good for another couple of hours at least.”




John nuzzled Rodney’s sweaty neck.  “The power of blue.  You like it?”  he asked, seductively.


Rodney shivered.  “I kind of did up until an hour and a half ago.”


“Oh, and what happened an hour and a half ago?”


“You quit giving me kisses,” Rodney said, despairingly.


“You think you deserve any kisses?”






“Of course I do.”


John draped himself over Rodney’s back.  Still moving, still very much a part of the scientist body.  “Why’s that?”


“C…cause you love me?”  Rodney asked, very unsure at this point.


“Do I?”


“You know you do and I deserve every kiss.  Every last one of them,” Rodney replied ardently.


“Yeah, I do love you.  Heaven knows why sometimes.”


“Because I’m cute and you like how neurotic I am.”


“How do you know that?”


Rodney pushed back into John, moaning when his prostate was scored. “You told me so last week.”


“I did?”




“Must have been a momentary lapse.”


Rodney moaned softly as he continued to thrust back against the pilot.  “Well, that stung.”


 “It was meant to.”


“You don’t love me anymore?”


“I’m seriously thinking about it.”


Rodney’s hands went between his legs to stroke himself in time with John’s thrusts.  “You can’t mean that?  All because I gave you a gag gift?”


“I told you that I didn’t like gag gifts.”




“Told you they were childish and stupid.”




John caught wind of what Rodney was doing and quickly put a stop to it.  “I warned you.”


Rodney sighed unhappily when John took his hands in his and held them over his head.  “But to quit loving me over it.  That’s just cold.”


“You questioned my manhood and virility.”


“No, I didn’t.  I think your manhood is just fine.  Very beautiful in fact.  And as far as your virility, no one comes close.”


“You gave me a bottle of Viagra.  Where did you get it anyway?”


“Beckett.  Ow!  Damn it, John.”


“Beckett?  Why would anyone on Atlantis need Viagra?  And what the fuck is your problem?”


“The male ego spans galaxies, I suppose.  Are you trying to find your way to my throat via my….”


“Don’t go there,” John threatened, softly.


Rodney buried his face in the pillow and silence filled their bedroom, well except for the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh.  He lifted his head.


“I love you, John,” he offered in way of apology.  “I swear to never, ever be this stupid again.”


John chuckled softly.  “I kinda like it.”


“Me being you’re sex toy,” Rodney said, ruefully.  “I bet.  You got me right where you want me.”


“Sure as hell do.”


“I could be working on something important right now.”


“You are working on something important right now.  Making sure your lover is satisfied and you’re doing a damn fine job of it too.”


Rodney began moving back into John again.  “Is that you talking or that damn blue pill?”


John grunted.  “What the hell do you think?”


Rodney thought about it.  “The pill.”




“How much longer are you planning on doing this?  My ass is sore.  I won’t be able to walk right for a month.”


“We’re going to keep going until you learn your lesson.”


Rodney hissed when John hit a particularly sore spot.  “I’m really smart.  I learned my lesson the minute I handed you that damn bottle.”


“And you’re just saying something?”


“Sure.  I kind of like you in me,” Rodney said, sheepishly.


“Even for this long?”  John asked in amazement.


Rodney tangled their fingers together.  “If I could I’d find a way to make you a part of me for always.  I love the way you feel in me.”


“You’re such a poet.”


“You think so?”




“I’ll write you sonnets if you promise not to laugh at me.”


John kissed the top of Rodney’s head.  “I’d never laugh.  Write me as many as you like.”


“Nice.  John?”


“Yeah, baby?”


“Baby?  I kinda like that.  Hmm.  Can I ask you a favor?”




“I wanna see your face.  Not that I don’t like it this way, but I’d really like to see your face and maybe get some kisses,” he said, wistfully.


“Is the way we’re doing it to impersonal?’




John pulled out of Rodney’s body allowing the scientist to flip over and stretch out any kinks.  Applying more lube he slowly slid back in.  Smiling at the look of pure contentment that crossed Rodney’s face.




“Oh, yes.” Rodney reached up and gently ran his finger down John’s nose, collecting the sweat gathered there.  He tasted it delicately, murmuring in approval.


John smiled down at him.  “Like that do you?”


“Oh, yes.  Maybe when the pill runs out you’d let me lick you all over.”


John shivered at the wave of pure lust that coursed through him at Rodney’s words.  “Hell, yeah.  I’d really enjoy that.”


“I’m really sorry, John,” Rodney said, remorsefully.


“I know you are, baby.”


“Forgive me?”


“I already forgave you.”


Rodney looked up at John hopefully.  “Really?”


“Yeah, but don’t do it again.”


Rodney smiled up at him happily.  “I won’t.  Let it be known that Rodney McKay learns his lessons very quickly.  He’s not a genius for nothing.”


John kissed his chin.  “Yes, Rodney McKay is the smartest man in two galaxies.  Everyone says so.”


Rodney looked up at John in surprise.  “They do?”


“Hmm, hmm.” 


John lowered his body, thrusting into Rodney’s willing flesh with strokes that made the bed squeak.


“Who says?”


John grunted.  “Do you really wanna talk about this now?”


“Oh.  Oh.  No it can wait.  It can definitely wait.” Rodney wrapped his arms and legs around John’s moving body.  Encouraging him to take what he needed.  The bed began to squeak louder as the thrustings increased in speed.


Rodney moaned softly, offering his mouth to John, who sought after it hungrily.  Kisses he thought to himself happily.  I get kisses again.  Oh, how I missed them.


John doesn’t hate me.  He still loves me.  He does still love me?  Doesn’t he?  Rodney frowned inwardly.  When the kiss broke.




“Hmm?”  the pilot replied, distractedly.


“You still love me, right?”


“Always.  T…talk later.”


John lashed onto the side of Rodney’s neck, marking him as he thrusted powerfully.  Rodney gasped in pain. Arching his hips up, encouragingly, fighting just as hard to find completion.  When it came it left them both drained and fighting for breath.


Rodney ran his hands down John’s back to cup his buttocks. “I think you marked me.  I’m going to have to wear a turtleneck for a while.”


John licked at the forming bruise.  “Sorry.”


“No you’re not.”


John chuckled.  “Nope, not really,” he replied, biting Rodney again.


The scientist jumped.  “Ow!  When did you turn into a vampire?”




“Oh, alright, I guess.  Just leave me enough blood to get by with.”


John chuckled.  “Alright,” replied, licking at the tiny wound.  “Hmm, nice.  Better than power bars.”


“Really?”  Rodney asked, curiously.


“Hmm, wanna taste?”


Rodney shivered .  “Yuck, no thank you.  I’ll leave it to the vampire amongst us.”


John licked the side of the scientist neck sensually.  “More for me.”


Rodney chuckled softly. “You are so kinky.”


“Yup.  Know what else?”  John whispered against his neck.




“I want you again.”


Rodney moaned softly.  “Damn pill.”


John pulled away slightly looking at Rodney with hurt hazel eyes.  “Well, I wouldn’t wanna to put you out or anything.”


“Shh, I didn’t mean it like that.  I am yours body and soul, do to me what you will,” Rodney said, dramatically.


John gave him a brilliant smile.  “Cool. Know what else?”  he asked, beginning to thrust into Rodney.


“No, what?” 


“I never took the fucking blue pill.”