Title: First Touch

Author:  Angelee

Fandom: The Sentinel

Pairing:  Jim/Blair

Rating: Adult

Summary:  The wait is over-sort of.

Beta:  By my sister Anna-all final errors are mine with apologies.

Note: This story takes place two weeks after The Glimpse. This story is in The Littlest Guide universe. It’ll be an ongoing storyline-so don’t expect for Jim and Blair to come out of the loft any time soon. (o:

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First Touch



“Home,” Jim told Blair as he let them into the loft on Prospect.  He really liked this place.  It was welcoming and homey. Well, it was now-with all of Blair’s Mayan statues and wall-hangings everywhere. 


The loft would always remind him of a safe and welcoming place, thanks to Mattie and Michael. He was glad that Mattie had allowed him to buy it from her.  Well, after arguing with her about it, when she’d wanted to give them the loft.


“Home,” Blair agreed as he followed Jim in, tossing his backpack onto the floor.  Blair looked over at his beautiful Sentinel who was quietly watching him.  “Jim?”


“Yeah, Baby?”  Jim asked softly, reaching over to gently stroke his cheek.


“I’m sixteen,” Blair said shyly.  “Finally.”


Jim smiled.  “I know.”


“I love you.”


Jim pulled him into a tight hug.  “I know that, too.”


Blair looked up at him.  “Do you love me?”


“You know I do.”


Blair smiled at him.  “Yup, I do.  I just had to hear you say it.”


“Well, I do.  I love you very, very much,” Jim told him, burying his face in Blair’s neck.


“Can I now?”  Blair whispered, wrapping his arms around his Sentinel.


“Not yet. Soon.”

“When?  I’ve been waiting forever,” Blair told him, plaintively.


Jim pulled away slightly.  “Not as long as I have.”


“Hmm, that’s true.  Can we both quit waiting now?”  Blair asked hopefully.


“In a minute, Baby,” Jim told him.  “Give me a second to get use to the way things are going to change.”


“They aren’t going to change that much, Jim.”


Jim cupped Blair’s face, looking into his eyes.  “They will.  You won’t be my little Guide any more.  You’ll be all grown up.”


“But I’ll still be your Guide, only more,” Blair sighed.  “I want you so much.”


Jim smiled at him.  “I know you do.  You’ve been making me crazy for weeks now,” He said ruefully.  “Pesky, little shit.”


Blair looked up, returning the smile so apologetically, it touched Jim deeply. “I know. I’m sorry about that.  It’s just, I need you in a way I hadn’t before.  You weren’t the only one going crazy.”


“I know.”  Jim pulled away reluctantly.  “Wait for me here?” 


“Okay,” Blair nodded, watching Jim walk up the stairs to the bedroom at the top of the loft.


He waited patiently, silently for Jim to call him. Nibbling on his bottom lip nervously.  This would be their first touch in passion, before every time they touched it’d been in love.  Now it would be both and Blair couldn’t help but be a little bit nervous. Not really sure what to expect.  Only knowing that Jim would never, ever, hurt him. 


When the call came he ran up the stairs.  His breath caught at what he saw.


“Oh, Goddess.  For me?”


Jim smiled at him, blushing.  “For you.  All for you.”


Blair climbed on to the bed crawling to where his very naked Sentinel lay. He touched Jim’s face gently, smiling when he moved into the gentle caress like a cat, purring happily. 


“Mine?”  Blair asked softly




Blair touched Jim’s chest.  “Mine?”




Blair’s hands caressed downward.  “Mine?”




Blair gently stroked just under Jim’s bellybutton with the forefinger of his left hand.  “Mine?”


Jim knew what Blair was asking.  “Yours, Baby.  All yours.  Do it.”


Blair spread out his left hand and gently pressed in.  Watching quietly as Jim closed his beautiful, blue eyes, arching his body up.


“Baby,” Jim said, awed as his blood seemed to catch fire.  “Oh, God.”


“You’ll never know how much it means that you’ve been waiting for me,” Blair whispered.


“You’ve been waiting for me as well.”


Blair straddled his Sentinel’s beautiful body.  “I can kiss you now?”


Jim smiled up at him.  “Baby, you’ve always been able to do that.”


“I know.  But can I kiss you now with feeling?”


Jim reached up and gently tucked a stray lock of hair behind his Guide’s ear.  “Baby, I’m all yours, do whatever you want.”


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Truly?”


“Truly. I’ve always been yours.  From the day you walked into the Sentinel Center and claimed me for your very own.  Heart, body and soul, I’m yours.”


“Almost as if were married,” Blair whispered softly.


“From the day we first met.”


Jim watched as Blair’s beautiful, blue eyes filled with tears. “I…I was two.”




“I wanted you even then,” Blair said, blue eyes becoming distant, still hazy with unshed tears.


Jim smiled.  “Yeah.  I never stood a chance.  Two years old.  Face covered with chocolate.  Demanding to bond me.  Blair?”


Blair looked down at his Sentinel.  “Yeah?”


“Love me,” Jim requested softly, reaching up to unbutton Blair’s black and white flannel shirt.


Blair smiled down at him.  “Who’s anxious now?”


Jim pulled the shirt free to toss it over the rail.  “Me.  You turned me back on, remember?”


“Hmm, I did, didn’t I?” Blair replied, reaching down to unbutton his jeans.  Allowing Jim’s eager hands to push them down and off.  They joined the shirt.  Those same hands gently caressed his thighs.


Suddenly he found himself on his back, staring up at Jim. “Wow!” 


“Did I scare you, Baby?”


“Never,” Blair told him.  Closing his eyes as Jim carefully covered him with his body.


He lay passively on the soft mattress as his Sentinel buried his face in his hair.  “I’ve always loved the way you smell.  Cinnamon and oranges.   So good,  Jim whispered. 


Gentle hands, so gentle, so very gentle, stroked his body, making Blair shiver.  “Oh, Goddess.  Jim.  Jim.”


“I’m here, Baby.  I’m here.”


Strong hands buried themselves in his hair as Jim began to move against him.  Making Blair pant in time with the gentle motions of his beloved Sentinel.  It felt good, so very good.


“Hmm, Jim,” Blair murmured.  “I…I…”


“I know, Baby.  I know.  You don’t have to say it.  I feel the same way.”


Blair ran his hands over a strong back, going lower, stroking the soft, flexing skin of Jim buttocks.


“Jim.  Jim.  Jim.”


“What?  What?  What?”  Jim asked, panting in time with his thrusting.


“K…kiss m…me. Kiss me.  Kiss me.  Please, please, kiss me.” 


Their mouths met, hungrily, desperately, before something changed.  The kisses becoming gentle, becoming almost sweet.


Jim pulled away slowly, resting him cheek against Blair’s. Moving his body slowly against his Guide’s. “Gently.  Gently.  I won’t hurt you.  Ever.”  He vowed, trying desperately to calm himself.


Blair ran his hands over his Sentinel’s trembling back.  “You couldn’t hurt me.  I want what you want.”


Blair’s words gave Jim all the permission he needed as he began thrusting against his Guide’s body in earnest.  They’re lips met in a kiss as gentle as it was passionate. 


Blair moaned softly into Jim’s mouth.  It felt so good to finally get what he’d been wanting for what seemed like forever. 


Kisses. Jim’s kisses.  Jim’s body against his, their sweat mixing as did their tears. Moving together as one, urgently the closer they got. 


Jim buried his moan of completion against Blair’s neck.  Holding his Guide close as Blair came moments later with a small gasp of surprise.


Blair held his trembling Sentinel close, as close as Jim held him if that were possible.  First touch in passion was everything he’d hoped for. 


He knew there would be more loving for both of them.  Everything that had been stored away, carefully guarded for just the right moment-now released.  Blair sighed happily, running his hands up and down his Sentinel’s broad back, soothingly. 


Jim waited so patiently for him.  Somehow knowing that if he’d shared this with someone else it would have broken Blair’s heart.  So he’d waited.  Patiently, so very patiently.  Never once complaining about it.  


Jim lifted his head from where he’d buried it against Blair’s neck, looking deep into his Guide’s eyes.  Leaving Blair breathless at the love and passion they held.  For him all for him. 


Blair knew second touch was going to be just as sweet as the first had been, but more passionate, more consuming.  There was going to be more, so much more for them to share.  Oh, Goddess, so much more. 


Blair reached up, begging silently for a kiss.  He could hardly wait.