Title:  From Something Bad

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Rodney/ John

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Can something good come from something so very bad?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine.  With apologies.

Note:  There be darkness ahead.  Don’t read if offended by such.


From Something Bad


It had started as a simple trading mission.  How it turned so bad so quickly was anyone’s guess.


They’d gotten separated.   Rodney had listened, for once and not run off to explore this or that.  John had been so proud of him too.  Rodney hadn’t insulted anyone the whole time they’d been having dinner with their maybe trade partners.


He’d seemed rather subdued, but John had put it off as the Scientist just showing another of his rather quirky sides.


As the night wore on and the liquor flowed John had watched over his team like a hawk.  Refusing to take part in the night’s activities.  He didn’t know how Rodney had been there one minute and the next he was gone.  John had been so vigilant.


John had been beside himself with worry as they searched the small primitive village.   Rodney was his friend.  Okay, to some it may not have looked like it, but they were. 


When they’d found him in one of the huts on the outskirts of the village, John had sighed with relief.  At first he seemed unhurt.  At first it seemed like he was only sleeping.  At first John had thought all was well.  Until he noticed …


Rodney was unconscious.


Rodney was naked.


Rodney was bleeding.


Bleeding from an area of his body that left no doubt what had happened to him. The only thing that had kept John from torching the village and its people were Tayla’s softly spoken words.  Rodney needed him now more than ever.  Would need him in the coming days as never before.


John listened.  Truly he did.  But that didn’t stop him from wanting to annihilate   everything and everyone on the fucking planet.  Even if had only been one person that had hurt Rodney.


He didn’t because Rodney needed him.


Would need him as his body and mind healed and after.  When the trauma of what had happened fully hit.


He was there when Rodney woke screaming.


He was there when Rodney threw up everything he’d eaten in the last month.  Held his head as the uncontrollable spasms shook, covering him with sweat.


Held Rodney when he wept late at night when the trauma of what had happened to him made it impossible to sleep. 


John’s heart broke every time those blue eyes looked at him full of heartbreak and terror.  During those time John cried with him, holding him close until exhaustion took hold and Rodney finally slept.


John kept watch.  Holding Rodney to him gently.  Soothing his uneasy sleep with gentle words and a light, caring touch.


John thought Rodney was getting better.  After three months, he really thought Rodney was doing better.


He really had.


Then Rodney began throwing up, early in the morning.  Complaining of an upset stomach and nausea.


John thought it was still the trauma of being violently raped.  He really did.  Until after Four days of the same John took Rodney to Carson.


Beckett ran test after test.


Then he ran them again.


Then again.


Stunned, he returned to where Rodney and John waited and told them the results.


There was no doubt.


None at all.


Atlantis medical equipment was unparalleled. 


There could be no doubt.


There was no mistake.


None what so ever.


Rodney was a male.


Rodney was in the Pegasus Galaxy. Where unusual things happened.  Ever day, sometimes twice in that same day.


Now was one of them.


Rodney was pregnant.


Carrying a child inside his very male body.


The scientist had stared at Carson as if he’d grown another head.  Had denied that he could be.


Carson showed him the results.  Showed him that male pregnancy was prevalent on the planet where Rodney had been attacked.  Where the attacker still roamed free and had now changed Rodney’s life forever.


Rodney looked at John stunned, before running out of the infirmary as if the devil himself was after him.


John after giving Carson a quick goodbye, followed. He’d found Rodney in the balcony near the Scientist’s quarters.  Crying.  Rodney had been crying.  Wiping the tears of shame and horror from his eyes.


John hadn’t said a world, simply taking Rodney into his arms and held him close.  Offering comfort.  Offering love.


Nothing had changed in the following months.  Not when Rodney had refused to abort the fetus.


John had offered comfort and love.  Telling Rodney he would back him in whatever decision he chose.


Telling him they would handle it together.


As the months passed Rodney’s tummy grew.


Rodney whined about swollen ankles and the inability to see his feet.


Rodney ate everything in sight. Despite Carson’s warnings.


John watched and helped as best he could.  Taking Rodney on long walks all over Atlantis. 


John rubbed Rodney’s feet.  Smiling at the contented sighs.


When Rodney got really big and gasped when the child within him kicked, Rodney let him feel.


Smiling when John gave a startled cry when the baby moved against his hand as if reaching for him.


That was when it became real for John, Rodney was really going to have a baby. John began reading to the child within Rodney’s body. Ignoring his complaints of reading material. 


John played music to the baby.  Most time simply resting his head against the expanding flesh, talking to the baby.


During those times Rodney was silent.  If John looked up it would be to find Rodney’s blue eyes closed, quietly listening.   Expressive hands stilled for the first time since John had known him.


When Rodney shot up in the bed late one night, eyes wide.  John thought Rodney was having another nightmare.


Clear enough it wasn’t, when Rodney clutched his tummy and gave a tiny whimper.  Blue eyes wide with fear and pain.


John hadn’t wasted any time.  He’d taken Rodney to Carson-fast.  Ancient technology made it easy for Rodney to give birth to his child.  Simply materializing it from inside his body where the baby rested against Rodney’s stomach, into a waiting incubator.  Not to much pain, or blood. 


Something right out of Star Trek, Rodney happily told everyone who would listen.  Happy there wouldn’t be that much pain and absolutely no blood loss on his part.


Rodney had stood near the incubator looking down at his child after Carson had done whatever it is they do when a baby was born.   John had joined him.


They silently watched the tiny infant.  He looked like Rodney only with hair.


They both gave small sounds of pleasure when the baby finally opened his eyes and looked at them.


His eyes were blue.


As blue as Rodney’s.  With lashes so thick they looked like they’d been painted on.


Rodney turned to John and smiled.