Title:  Fruit Basket

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Rodney/John/Ronon

Rating:  Adult

Recipient:  Karendreamer

Summary: Fruity fun.

Note:  I wrote this for a secret Santa assignment.  I went back and change a few things. I forgot a few things and went to the wrong site to check info. I know now where to go to get the right info when I’m not sure. If you find a spot where I call Ronon something he’s not. Or Rodney’s touching any form of citrus let me know.     


Fruit Basket


“What does it taste like?”


Rodney waved one around.  “Like a fruit?”


Ronon rolled his eyes.  “I know that.  What kind of fruit?”


Rodney narrowed his eyes at him.  “Well, being as it’s a strawberry, my guess would be that it tastes like well- a strawberry.”


Ronon sighed unhappily.  “Rodney, you are a very difficult person.”


Rodney smiled at him.  “I know,” he replied, unrepentantly.


The Satedan frowned at him. “I don’t like you very much.”


Rodney looked at him, blue eyes twinkling happily.  “Gee, that’s to bad.  I was going to share some of the bounty from the fruit basket my sister sent me.  Chances are that there’s no fruit like these anywhere in this galaxy.”


Ronon perked up.  Eyeing the overflowing basket.  “You were.  Sharing with me-I mean?”


Rodney nodded.  “Yup.  And I wouldn’t share my fruit with just anyone.”


Suddenly the door to the balcony opened, John Sheppard came walking through.  “So here’s where you guys are.  Oooh, a fruit basket.  Nice.”


Rodney frowned at him.  “Don’t touch.  Mine!”


John looked at him.  “Selfish much.”


“Selfish lots.”  Rodney replied, holding the fruit basket to his chest protectively.


“Did I see strawberries in there?”


Rodney nodded.  “You did.”


“I haven’t seen any strawberries much less tasted one in forever,” John said, wistfully.


Rodney looked at John who was giving him a green-eyed puppy dog look and then at Ronon who was giving him his own version of a puppy look. He didn’t stand a chance.


He sighed.  “Oh, alright.  I’ll share, but not here.  Do you think you can help me make it to my quarters without anyone else noticing I’ve got a fruit basket from home?”


John nodded.  “Piece of cake.  Everyone’s busy with their own letters and care packages to notice us.  The Daedalus is a God sent.”


Rodney looked into the mess hall.  “Hmm, you’re right.  There doesn’t seem to be as many people.  Let’s go.”




They made it to Rodney’s quarters with no trouble whatsoever.


“Okay, give me a strawberry before I drool so much I drown us all,” John said, looking at the basket longingly.


“Alright.  Hold your horses a second,” Rodney replied, laying the basket on his desk.  Pulling off the bright red bow he peeled away the plastic wrap.  “Here you go.  Ronon what would you like to try?”


“What is that long yellow thing there?”


“That’s a banana.  They’re quite tasty.”


Ronon looked up from contemplating the basket.  “May I try that?”


“You sure may.”  Rodney handed it to him.  “No. No,” He said, hurriedly.  Watching Ronon try and take a bite out of it. “You’ve got to peel it first.  You can’t eat it with the peel. Want me to show you how?”


“Yes, please,” Ronon replied, handing the banana back.


“See you kinda pop it open from the top here and peel the outer skin and eat the white part inside,” The scientist told him, handing it back.


“Oh.  Alright.”


Rodney reached into the basket for an apple.  Looking up, he dropped it.  He gasped softly when he saw how the Runner was eating the fruit.


“What?”  John asked, reaching into the basket for another strawberry.  “Oh,” He replied in stunned awe.  “Wow!”


Ronon was nibbling the sides of the banana.  His eyes closed in pure unadulterated pleasure and he was purring like a big cat.


“I…I’d say he likes the banana,” Rodney whispered softly, blue eyes wide as saucers.


John gulped audibly.  “Yeah, I’d say.  Hmm, that’s an image right out of a porn.”


“Better than.”


“Oh, yeah.”


They watched him for a while, their clothing feeling a little tight around the crotch area.  They’d never in their life seen a banana eaten the way Ronon was eating it.


“Got a camcorder?”  Rodney asked, his eyes never leaving the Runner’s face.




“We can call it ‘Ronon and the Banana’.”


John chuckled softly.  “Nice.  We’d make a fortune.”






Rodney ran his lips over his suddenly dry lips.  “John?”




“Ronon’s really enjoying the banana.”


John tried to adjust himself discreetly.  “Yeah, well-I’m enjoying Ronon eating the banana, too.”


“No.  No.  I mean really, really enjoying the banana.”


John looked over to where Rodney was vaguely waving his hand.  “Holey moley.”




“Oh, yeah.”


Rodney tried to discreetly adjust himself too.  “Hmm, he’s really…”




“Oh, yeah,” Rodney replied, in awe.


“Well, he’s a big boy.”


“In more ways than one.”


John sighed.  “Hell, yeah.”


“It looks like it would hurt.”


John took his eyes off of Ronon reluctantly.  “What being that hard?”


“Well, yeah-that too.  But I was thinking having that inside of you.”


John blinked.  “You’re gay?”  he asked in surprise.


Rodney kept watching Ronon.  “Not yet, but I could be tempted.  Very, very tempted.”


John chuckled.  “Like Eve and the apple?”


“Hell yeah, only this time it’s by Ronon and the banana.”


“Me too.”


Rodney turned his head slightly toward John eyes never leaving the Runner.  “You to what?”


“Be tempted.”


“You’re gay?”


“Not yet,” John replied, rubbing his groin absently.


Rodney sighed.  “The only thing holding me back from going over there and attacking him is…he’s really big.  And I’m not into pain.”


“I figure if you use a lot of lube and I do mean a lot of lube, it should be okay.”


“Think so?”




Rodney watched Ronon take what was left of his banana deep into his throat.  “Okay, but you go first.”


“Why me?”  John asked, gasping when the Runner began sucking on his fruit like a lollipop.  Eyes closed in sheer pleasure.


“Cause it was your idea.”


“No it wasn’t.”




“Wasn’t.  Oh, man-that’s just so hot,” John moaned softly. “Hey?”




John moved closer to Rodney, gently moving back and forth against his hip.  “He’s big enough to do us both.”


“That’s just obscene.  Are you humping me?”


John pulled Rodney closer to him.  “Yeah.”


“Just checking.  What if he’s not gay?  Oh, now that’s really nice,” Rodney whispered softly, when John’s hand reached over and gently cupped him.


John nuzzled the scientist neck.  “Look at the way he’s eating the banana.  He’s gay.  Or at the very least thought about it.”


“Hmm.  Maybe we should ask him.  Because he is capable of causing us a great deal of pain if we’re wrong.”


“That’s true.  Ronon?”


Ronon opened slight dazed eyes.  “Yes?”


“Are you gay?”




John continued to hump himself against Rodney’s hip.   “Like other guys for sexual pleasure?”




John looked at Rodney in triumph.  “See.”


“Why do you ask?”


“Rodney wants you to do him.”


The scientist looked at John.  “You little shit.”




Rodney turned toward the runner.  “Yes, Ronon?” he asked, contritely.


“Do you want me to pleasure you?”


“Hmm,” he turned to glare at John when the pilot shoved him toward Ronon.  He was now inches from the Runner.  He looked up.  “Hmm,” he gulped.  “Yes, please.”




Rodney grimaced slightly when he looked down at the Runner’s body.  “Is this going to hurt?”


Ronon pulled the scientist into his arms.  “Maybe a little at first.”


“Maybe you should do John first.  He trained to withstand pain.”


Ronon gave him a beatific smile.  “I can do you both at the same time.”


Rodney turned toward John. “I thought you were kidding.”


“I thought I was kidding too,” the pilot replied, moving closer.  “How?”  he asked intrigued.


Ronon gave him a brilliant smile.  “Well, I have you on your hands and knees while I am in back of you and I go from one to the other.”


“Assembly style.  Very efficient,” Rodney nodded in approval.  Ignoring the fact that his face was probably redder than the Washington Apples in his basket.


“You can also be on your back if you prefer.  But I think I would like you on your hands and knees for the first time.  It will last longer for all of us.”


“How long?”  Rodney asked, curiously.


“Hours and hours.”


“Hours and hours?”  John asked, watching as Ronon began rubbing himself against Rodney’s stomach.  Or it might be more like his chest. 




Rodney turned to look at John again.  His blue eyes so wide he kinda looked like he was going to pass out.  “John?”




“You may want to rethink this?”




“Well, hmm-see how he’s rubbing himself against me and all…”


“Yeah and?”


“Ah…he’s big, really big and really, really hard.  It’s going to really hurt.  Right now he’s just rubbing himself against my stomach and I think he’s bruising me.”


John waved a dismissive hand.  “That’s not hard to do.  A fly landing on your arm bruises you.”


“Be that as it may.  I don’t do pain that well.”


Ronon was increasing the rubbing.  “Don’t you want me, Rodney?”


“Course I do.  I just don’t want the pain.”


“I won’t hurt you. I think that I want to have pleasure with each of you, one at a time.  As it is the first time we will be doing it.”


Rodney swallowed heavily.  “W…who do you want to do first?”


Ronon smiled down at him.  “You.”




“Is that alright?”  Ronon asked, beginning to open Rodney’s uniform.


The scientist watched.  “Hmm, I guess.”


Ronon spread the uniform wide.  “You have very soft skin.”


“T…thank you.  John?  John?  Panic attack here, help.”


John was watching eating some grapes.  “Let it happen, Rodney.  You don’t want to be a virgin the rest of your life do you?”


Rodney gasped when Ronon picked him up and flung him on the bed.  “Not a virgin.”


John bit a grape.  “You are when it comes to male sex.”


“Well, yeah, but…”


“Relax. Ronon said it wasn’t going to hurt much.”


“B…but…” Ronon climbed on top of Rodney making him forget what he had been about to say.  “Oh, but you’re big,” he said instead and with considerable awe.  “I bet you’re really warm on cold winter nights.”


Ronon chuckled softly.  “So I’ve been told,” he replied, kissing him gently.  Not wanting to frighten the scientist any more than he already was.  Ronon wanted Rodney.  He had for a long time.  He thought the quirky scientist was fascinating, funny and very handsome.


“Really?”  Rodney asked running his hands across the Atterian smooth hairless chest.  “Will I get a chance to find out?”


“If you wish.”


“I wish.  John?  Come here feel how soft Ronon is.  His skin is like silk.”


John came up to the bed nibbling on another grape.  “Are you killing time, Rodney?”  he asked running his free hand over Ronon’s back.  Watching the way the Runner’s back rippled.


“Am I that obvious?”  Rodney asked sheepishly.


“Oh, yeah.”


“Hum, Ronon.  Here’s the lube.  Found it over there in the desk.”


“John!”  Rodney said scandalized.  “You’re going through my things?”


The pilot smiled at him sheepishly.  “Yup.  Low and behold what I found in of all places your desk.  Why do you have lube in your desk?  No, never mind I don’t wanna know. Good thing it was there anyway ‘cause I really wanna watch before it’s my turn.  Ronon can you make it nice and long for our dear scientist.  I don’t think he’s gotten laid in like forever or that might be ever.”


Rodney jumped slightly when Ronon began applying the lube to a most delicate area.  “I hate you so very much.”


John blew him a kiss.  “I know.”


“Are you ready, Rodney?”  Ronon asked, chuckling softly at their byplay.


“I…I guess,” The scientist said reluctantly.  He turned his head slightly.  “Are you sure you don’t want to go first?”  he asked John, who shook his head.


“I’ll wait.  He’s already got you all fixed up.”


“Oh, o…okay.”  Rodney felt Ronon begin to slowly, gently slide in.  “Oh, my God!”


“Rodney are you alright?”  John asked, panicking.


The scientist waved an impatient hand.  “Fine.  Fine.  It feels incredible.”


John knelt in front of the bed to watch.  Ronon had a hold of himself and was very carefully pushing into Rodney.  It was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen in his life.


“Oh, man.  That’s just so hot.”


Rodney was beginning to pant.   “You should try it from where I’m at.  Ah, easy, Ronon.  I’ve never done this before.  Easy.”


Ronon suddenly stopped moving.  “You have never done this before?”


“No.  Why’d you stop?”


“I would never have taken you this way if I’d now you were virginal,” The Runner replied, eyes filling with tears.  “It is a great honor to initiate someone into the world of pleasure.  I have dishonored the Gods.”


“No you haven’t.  I’m not complaining.  I swear I’m not Ronon.  Please, please keep doing what you’re doing.”


Instead Ronon lay his head against the scientist shoulder and began softly crying.  “I am not worthy.”


“You are.  I swear you are,” Rodney replied, desperately. He put his arms around Ronon, comfortingly.  “Always a bridesmaid and never a bride,” he sighed, unhappily.


“He’s still kinda inside you isn’t he?”  John whispered from the edge of the bed.


“Yeah and?”


“Well, hmm-wiggle.  Get him interested in something else besides your virginal honor.”


Rodney gave him a brilliant smile.  “And everyone says you’re dumb,” He replied, wrapping his legs around the Runner and began to wiggle like John had suggested.


John frowned.  “Like who?”


“Never mind.  Oh, this is really nice.  I’m glad you suggested it.  Oh, man,” Rodney said when Ronon slid deeper. 


John moved closer, interested.  “What?”


“It feels incredible.”


“Does it hurt?”


“Not anymore,” Rodney hissed as a wave of pleasure he’d never felt before in his life made his toes curl.


“What?  Tell me?”


“He just scored my prostate.  Intense,” Rodney began to move more frantically against Ronon’s big body.  “Man oh man.  I need more.  I just wish…”


Suddenly Ronon surged up.  “What?  This?”


Rodney gasped as the Runner began to move in him in sure heavy thrusts.  “I think I’ve been had,” he said, arching up in pleasure.


“Yes.  My size intimidates many people.  I had to make sure you were comfortable to truly enjoy what I have to offer,” Ronon replied, lifting Rodney’s legs over his shoulders.


“Wow,” Rodney moaned when he felt the Runner slip in even further.


John watched avidly as the scientist was driven repeatedly into the mattress.  “How are you doing Rodney?”


“I…I…I’m doing, huh, g…good.  I kinda feel like a pretzel though.”


“How does it feel?”


“Hmm,” Rodney bit his lower lip hard.  “It’s kind of hard to explain.  It sort of hurts and its sort of pleasurable.  More sort of pleasurable than painful though.”


John cupped his aching groin.  “I’m beginning to wish I’d gone first after all.”


“I’m not trading.  You’re going to have to wait your turn.”




Ronon looked over at the pilot as he drove into Rodney.  “What is it you want?”


“Someone to love or to love me,” John replied wistfully.


“Take your clothing off and prepare yourself.”


John didn’t have to be told twice.  When he was ready he stood by the bed impatiently.  Watching when Ronon pulled out of Rodney. 


“Hands and knees, Rodney,” the Runner told the scientist softly.


“Oh, man.  I was just beginning to have fun.”


Ronon gently slapped the scientist on the butt.  “You’ll have fun again.  Be patient.”


“Ow!  That’s what they all say,” Rodney, replied, getting into the position Ronon wanted.


“John, under Rodney also hands and knees.”


The pilot scooted under Rodney.  Finally knowing what the Runner was after.  “This is going to be fun,” He said gleefully.


“Have you done this before, John?”


“Nope,” John replied, rubbing his butt against Rodney’s groin happily.  “And don’t start the dishonoring stuff again.  I’m relaxed and all ready to party.”


“Alright.”  Ronon reached over and took a hold of Rodney. 


“Oh, God your hand is warm,” Rodney moaned softly.  He looked over his shoulder at the big Runner.  “I can do this myself.  I’m not all that naïve.”


Ronon kissed him gently on the nose.  “I know, but be patient,” he replied, guiding Rodney into John’s body.


“Oh,” John whispered, softly.  His eyes closed tightly as he allowed himself to feel what was happening to him.


“Are you alright?”  Rodney asked, panting at the overwhelming tightness.  He gave a harsh moan when he felt Ronon in back of him.  “Oh-wow.  A Rodney sandwich.”


“I…I’m fine. Do something,” John said in desperation.


“What the hell do you expect me to do?  Ronon’s still not back in-ah…  Oh.  Okay, I take that back.  Wow!  Oh, God.” 


John felt Rodney’s shudder all the way to his toes.  “Rodney?”


“Fine.  Fine.  I’m fine.  N…never better.”


Ronon began moving back and forth and side to side.  Sliding deeper and deeper into the scientist as Rodney began to relax.  He looked down watching as the last inch slid into Rodney’s welcoming body.


“Goddess,” he gasped harshly.


What?”  Rodney asked, trying to look back at the Runner.


“I…I’m all the way inside of you.  That’s never happened before.”


John was pushing back against them.  “I always said Rodney was a big a…”


Rodney shoved forward-hard.  “Don’t go there.”


“Ow!  No, never mind the ‘ow’. Do that again, I liked that-a lot.”


“What this?”  Rodney asked, thrusting forward again.


John buried his head against the pillows, lifting his hips up higher.  “Oh, yeah.  Just like that.”


No words were spoken as the three men began to seek their pleasure in earnest.  The sound of flesh slapping flesh echoing in the small room as well as the sounds of hoarse gasps and whispered requests. 


Rodney came first overwhelmed by the double stimulation. Quickly followed by John helped along by Ronon big warm and knowledgeable hand.


John fell forward onto the mattress followed closely by Rodney.  The pilot moaned softly as Rodney was driven into him by the force of Ronon continuing to thrust into the scientist. 


“Y…you okay?”  Rodney asked, panting softly against John’s neck.


“Y…yeah.  You?”


“I’m good.  Ronon though is still going strong,” Rodney hisses at a particularly hard thrust that drove both of them deep into the mattress.


“Ah,” John gasped, softly.  “That could make me come again.”


“M…me, too.  Shit.”




“He’s really big.  Not that I’m complaining or anything.”


Hard hands held Rodney’s hips close as Ronon gave a loud keen as the scientist felt warm fluid fill his insides.


John and Rodney both gasped when Ronon felt forward squashing them.  Worse for John because he was at the bottom.


“Oof!”  he moaned softly as all the air swooshed out of his lungs, falling forward.


 No one made any move for sometime lost in the pleasurable afterglow.


“Hmm, Ronon?”  Rodney finally called softly.




“Are you ever going to…hmmm?”


The Runner wrapped his arms possessively around as much of the scientist as he could.  Liking very much where he was at.  “Not yet.  Soon.”


Rodney made himself comfortable against John.  “Oh, I guess that’s okay.  How are you doing?”  he asked the pilot.


“Besides being flattened like a pancake, never better.  You?”


“Good.  Good.  You Ronon?”




“Good.  Good.”  Rodney wiggled slightly earning a gasp from the man below and above him.  Feeling Ronon beginning to stiffen inside of him.  It was the most unusual feeling he’d ever had in his life.  “Oh!  Round two?” he asked hopefully.


“Yes,” Ronon told him, beginning to thrust into him again.  “This is an addictive feeling.  One I will want again.  Is that alright?”


“Fine by me.  John?”


John was lost in the feelings Ronon was creating as the Runner drove Rodney into him.  “Cool by me.  Next time I get to be the sandwich filler.”


“Ha,” Rodney told him, biting his shoulder as Ronon picked up the pace.


“I’ll shoot you,” John threatened, softly.  “Ow!  No biting.”


“I say again-ha.  Oh, God, this feels good.  Alright I’ll quit being selfish.  You may be the filler, next time. We can take turns.  Ronon you game at being a filler?”


“Y…Yes,” Ronon replied, burying his face in Rodney’s sweet smelling hair.


He turned his head slightly to look at the fruit basket laying forlornly on Rodney’s desk, temporarily forgotten.  There was one banana left in it.  He smiled as he turned back to the business at hand. 


Ronon had never had such vocal lovers before. Rodney and John continued to talk and snip as they continued to seek pleasure with each other.  Every once and a while including him in their comments.


It was fine by him, he was exactly where he wanted to be and would be again if he had any say in it.  With Rodney and John around things would never be boring.  No, they would never be boring at all.  Quite the opposite.  Just the way he liked it.