Title:  Getting to Know Each Other

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairings:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee, (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Jacob gets to know everyone. 

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Getting to Know You




Jacob put down the magazine he was reading to see Blair looking at him, an aggrieved expression on his cute face.


“What’s the matter, son?”


“No can get shoes on.  Jim take to feed duck in lake, but no can go without shoes.  Jim gets mad if I dos.”


Jacob smiled.  “You want me to help you with your shoes?”


Blair nodded his head enthusiastically.  “Yuppers.  Ducks likes bread,” he smiled at Jacob.  “We’s got lots of bread.  Wanna come, help feed ducks?”


“I’d love to go with you.” 


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Cool.  But knows what, Grandpa?”


“No, Blair, what?”


Blair held up his hands.  “Needs shoes.  No wanna makes Jim mad.  Jim not pretty when he’s gets mad.”


“Oh, okay.  Then I guess we better get your shoes on.”


“Cools.” Blair climbed up onto Jacob’s lap readily offering a tiny foot for his shoe.  “Grandpa?”


Jacob looked up from sliding a sneaker on to the cutest little foot.  “Yes, Blair?”


The little Guide gave him a shy smile.  “I likes that yous here.”


Jacob felt his eyes fill with tears.  “You do?”


“Yups. Knows why?”

“No, son. Why?”  Jacob asked, softly.


Blair reached out a hand and gently stroked the side of Jacob’s face.  “I likes having a Grandpa.”


Jacob placed his hand over that of his beloved grandchild.  “I likes having a grandchild, too.”


Blair giggled.  “Grandpa has many grandchildens now.”


Jacob smiled.  “Yes, many.”


Blair tilted his head to the side contemplating Jacob with the intensity known in the very young.  Jacob thought Blair was seeing clear to his soul.  Seeing if he was worthy of his love.  He truly hoped he was found worthy.




“Yes, child?”


“I luvs you?”


Jacob felt his heart skip a beat and his eyes fill with renewed tears.  “Oh, Blair.”


Blair frowned slightly.  “Grandpa?”


“I’m okay.  For the first time in my life, I truly am okay?”  Jacob reassured softly.  “Blair?”


“Yes, Grandpa?”


“May I have a hug?”


Blair’s frown deepened.  “Why you ask?  Yous grandpa.  Can get hugs always.”


“Oh, Blair,” Jacob, replied, pulling the slight body close running his hands up and down Blair’s back.   “I love you, son-very much.”


Blair returned the hug with one of his own.  Patting as much of Jacob’s back as he could.  “I luvs you too, Grandpa.  But Grandpa….”


Jacob pulled away slightly.  “Yes?”


“Needs otter shoe.”  Blair stuck out his sock-clad foot.  “We’s gots to go feed ducks befores Steven gives all da bread to the ducks.”  He thought about it for a moment.  “Or befores he ands Michael eats it’s all.”

Jacob smiled. “Alright,” Reaching down to help Blair with his other shoe.


Just then Jim came running into the room.  “Blair, you ready?  I got some more bread just in case Steven and Michael eat all the bread they took with them.”


Both Blair and Jacob looked up.  “I is almost ready.  Needs otter shoe.”


Jim smiled.  “Got help getting your shoes on I see.”


“Yups.  Grandpa helps.”


“Cool.”  Jim looked over at Jacob.  “Do you want to go with us to the lake?”


“Blair already invited me and I would love to feed ducks with you.”


Jacob felt Jim’s eyes on him.  Feeling very much under the microscope.  The Sentinel was still assessing him.  Jacob didn’t really blame him.  Jim would be unsure of him for some time.  He knew he needed to regain his trust and he would.  With all he held holy he would.  Jim would never be given reason to regret his decision to allow him to become part of this very special family.


Almost as if hearing his thoughts Jim gave him a brilliant smile.  “Cool.  Lets go.  I hear Steven and Michael munching on the bread.  They’re eating more than they’re giving the ducks.” 




Once outside, Jacob took a deep cleansing breath.  It was a beautiful day.  Clear and crisp.  The family was scattered all over the front yard.  Simon was grilling chicken, his son Daryl by his side. 


Sally was talking with Mattie as they set up a table with an eye-popping amount of food on it.


William and Daniel were talking with another man.  Who Jacob recognized as the architect designing the now done new Ellison home.


Build with lots of consideration and no small amount of love.  William was not taking any chances with having his family becoming trapped like before. The home was beautiful as it was practical.  William was sparing no expense in an effort to make sure his family was both safe and happy. 


Since being allowed into their lives Jacob had come to realize this was a very close family. There wasn’t anything this family wouldn’t do for one another.


Every member of this unique family had done their best to make him feel welcome.  Jacob felt his eyes fill with tears.  


Yous okay, Grandpa?”  Blair, in Jim’s arms asked, frowning at him in concern.


Jacob rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand.  “I’m fine.  Just very, very happy to be here.”


Jim smiled at him. “We’re happy you’re here, too.”


Jacob returned the smile.  “Thank you, Jim.”


“Hi Grandpa,” Lee told him, shyly.  Coming up to him to wrap his arms around Jacob’s waist.


“Hi, son,” Jacob replied, returning the hug.


Lee sought Jacob out every chance he could.  The elderly man had come to realize that the young Guide was very tactical.  Always seeking hugs and kisses as if he were expecting a famine.  There was even a time when Lee had fallen asleep in his arm.


Steven had explained that Lee was just that way.  He loved to get and give hugs and kisses.  Something the family readily gave and returned.   Sometime with so much enthusiasm that Lee had resorted to charging candy for kisses.  From what Jacob had been able to gather Lee was now so well stocked he could very well open his own candy store.


Jacob smiled at his new grandson, gently kissing his forehead and receiving a gentle blushing of Lee’s pale cheeks and a pleased if not rather shy smile.


“How are you?”


“I’m fine, Grandpa.  You?”


“Good.  Very good indeed,” Jacob replied, smiling at all the boys gathered around him.  They all readily returned the smile.


“Cool,” Steven said, looking out over into the lake.  “Do you like it here, Grandpa?”


“Very much.”


“Dad said we’ll be moving soon.”




Steven smiled at him.  “We have a very important question to ask you, Grandpa.”




“Yup.  Dad said that the southern side of the house will be where our bedroom is.”


“Yes.  Your Dad showed me the plans,” Jacob replied, wondering where this was leading.


“Well, Grandpa…”




“We were kinda wondering…”


“What were you wondering….”  Steven stopped clearly flustered.


Steven looked at Jim who looked back, who told him.  “Ask,” Jim whispered loudly. “We agreed you would ask.”


“I don’t know why I have to ask.  I’m no where near as pretty as Lee.”


Jim snorted.  “That’s for sure.”


Steven frowned at him.  “Can you read my thoughts, Watchman?  Read what I’m thinking right now?”


Jim’s eyes widened in shock.  “That you’re lucky Grandpa didn’t hear you or you’d get your mouth washed out with soap.  Wow, where did you learn words like that?”


“TV.  Amazing what you can pick up watching the pay stations.”


Jim turned to Blair.  “Baby, you have got to start punishing Steven when he cusses.”


The little Guide shook his head. “No can do.”




“Because Stevie is Stevie and he can cuss if he wants.”


Jim frowned.  “That’s not fair.”


Blair smiled at the smug Steven.  “Is?”


“Why’s that?”


“Stevie is Protector.”


“But I’m a Protector and you don’t let me get away with cussing.”


“Sorta-yes, but Stevie different.  Better.”


Jim’s frowned deepened.  “Better?”






Blair looked at Jim as if he couldn’t understand why his Sentinel was asking such a dumb question.  “Because is.”


“But Blair…”


The little Guide cut him off.  “Stevie have scars on back.  Will always have.”




 “Stevie would die to protect.”


“So would I.”


Blair tiled his head.  “Yup.  But you no can die.  No allowed.”




“Dat is why Stevie protect.”


Jim’s frowned deepened even more, eyebrows almost meeting.  “I don’t understand.”


Steven smiled.  “That’s cause you’re a friggin’ Sentinel and the dumbest one on the planet to boot.”


Jim blew him a kiss.  “Love you, too.”


Steven looked at him curiously.  “You’re not going to get all huffy cause I called you dumb.”


Jim sniffed.  “Like it’s anything new.  You’re always calling me dumb.  Besides I need for you to come here,” he told him, handing Blair to Rafe.



Jim wiggled his fingers.  “The laying of the hands.”


Steven sighed heavily.  “Dang.  I thought you’d gotten over that.”


“Nope.  Come here.”


“And if I say no.”


Jim raised an eyebrow.  “Didn’t you promise, I could do this whenever I wanted?”


“Well, yeah…”


“Well then?”


Steven went over to stand near his brother quietly, offering no more resistance.  Not that there was any to begin with.  At least not much of one.


Jacob watched quietly, before asking Lee.  “What is Jim doing?”


Lee rested his head comfortably against his new Grandpa’s chest.  “Jim went kinda bonkers when Steven got hurt during the earthquake.  He needs to touch Steven to make sure he’s okay.  Steven got really, really hurt protecting Blair and Rafe.”


“Oh,” Jacob replied as he watched Jim carefully run his hands up and down Steven’s back.


“Steven is our protector and he keeps the Sentinels in line.”


Jacob kissed the top of Lee’s head, earning a soft contented murmur.  “And what of the Guides?”


Lee looked up at him.  “He babies the heck out of us for some reason.  Makes Jim and Rafe crazy that they don’t get the same treatment.”


“I wouldn’t mind being babied now and then,” Rafe told them ruefully.  “Beats getting told off all the time.”


“You wouldn’t get told off all the time if you didn’t always act so stupid,” Steven replied, moving away from Jim.  “Done?  Are you feeling better?”  he asked his brother, no ridicule in his voice.


Jim gave his a goofy smile.  “Yeah.  The broken ribs are almost, but not completely healed.  So I’m feeling great.”


Steven rolled his eyes.  “Crazy brother.”


“But you love me anyway?”  Jim questioned softly.  Blue eyes dark and suddenly very unsure.


Steven ran his hand up and down Jim’s arm.  “You know it.  For always even if you are a crazy Sentinel.”  He watched his brother’s eyes fill with tears.  “No don’t go getting all mushy.  I’ve told you lots that I love you.  Nothing is ever going to change that.”


“I know it’s just that…”


“What?”  Steven questioned softly.


“I worry about you.”


“I know you do.”  Steven tilted his head to the side as he contemplated his suddenly overly emotional brother.  “Do you and Blair need to sleep with me tonight?”


“Can we?”


“Sure.  When and wherever you need. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel better.”


Jim gave his a watery smile.  “Will you give me your hidden stash of the good candy?”


“How did you…”  Steven stopped himself.  “Sentinel.  Forgot for a moment.  Yeah, Watchman you can have my hidden stash of the good candy, “ he told him grudgingly .  I was saving those to buy Lee kisses I’ll have you know.”


Jim smiled at him. “Yup, now I have candy to buy Lee kisses with.”


“Oh, you…”  Steven stopped himself, looking at his new Grandfather.


Jim’s smiled deepened.  “Hey, now we know how to get you to stop cussing.”


“Shut up,” Steven told him, annoyance growing.


“Aw, come on you can do better than that,” Jim taunted.  He suddenly let out a yelp.  “Steven!”  he said in shock, grabbing his head..  “I think you just melted my brain. And where did you pick up a word like that?”


Steven smiled smugly.  “That’s assuming you have a brain to melt.  Which is highly doubtful.  What you thought there was only one way to cuss?”


Jim sighed unhappily.  “Dang and here I was thinking we’d finally found a way to shut you up.”


“Ha.  That’ll be the day.”


Everyone around them started laughing.  Suddenly called to the overly laden table by Sally.  “Foods ready.  Come and get it boys,” laughing when they made a mad dash for the table.  Followed at a more leisurely pace by a smiling Jacob.




Twenty minutes later, tummies full the boys finally remembered to feed the ducks.  Jacob now sitting with William, Daniel and Simon watched with a huge smile on his face.


“They sure are feisty,” He told William, chuckling softly when Steven shoved Rafe into the lake.


“Yes, that they are.  Now that they’re all feeling better, much more feistier than before.  It’s something I treasure with all my heart.”


Jacob’s smile vanished.  “Are they truly over the earthquake?”


Simon took a sip of his coffee, looking over at the boys all now playing happily in the warm water of the lake.


“Physically their fine.  Emotionally it’s going to take some time.  Especially for Jim.”


Jacob followed Simon’s eyes to see the young Sentinel encouraging Blair to jump into the water.  “Why?”


“He faults himself for the injuries Steven received.”


“He didn’t cause the earthquake.”


“No, but he thinks he could have better protected Steven and the others.  Steven was hurt the worse of all of them.  He’ll have scars for the rest of his live because of it.”


Jacob watched Blair jump into the water and awkwardly swim toward his Sentinel. “Steven isn’t the only one.”


“No,” William replied, watching as Jim encouraged Blair.  “Stevens are on the outside, Jim’s are on the inside.  Not as noticeable but very much there.”


“Is there anything that can be done to help him?”


William sighed softly.  “My sons are all trying to help Jim to heal his wounds, he’s doing better.  But some days are worse than others.”


Jacob nodded watching as Rafe carefully took his Guide into his arms.  Kissing Lee gently.  “You have a very close and loving family.  I envy you that.”


Daniel, who had been quietly listening, spoke for the first time.  “You are a part of this family now too, Jacob.”


Jacob smiled at the Shaman.  “I know and I will thank all the Gods that be for being given this chance.  Especially after what Naomi did.”


“Naomi had everyone fooled,” Daniel replied, softly.  “And you are not to blame for being misguided.”


“I knew how she was and yet I followed her anyway.  Knowing what she wanted to do was wrong.”


Daniel patted his hand gently.  “Don’t think about it anymore.  It’s over and in the past.  Enjoy being around your grandchildren.”  He gave him a brilliant smile.  “You’re in for a treat.”


“Am I?”


All the men sitting around the picnic table turned to look at the gleefully playing children.  Steven as if understanding they were being talked about, turned to look at them and waved.  They all returned it. 


“You have no idea,”   William replied, chuckling softly. “But you will.”