Title:  He Said No

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Kavanagh/Ronon

Rating: Adult (noncon)

Summary:  No.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine.  With apologies.


He Said No


“Hmm- what do I do with you?”  Ronon asked, eyeing the fallen scientist with a slight smile on his handsome face.


Kavanagh had fainted before Ronon could do anything.


Now he wondered what to do with him.  Sheppard hadn’t given him any specific orders. 


Ronon looked at the scientist with a speculative look on his face.  He was after all a warrior and warriors generally took what they wanted.  Not that Ronon wanted Kavanagh, but it had been a long time since he’d had sex. 


He could feel himself hardening at the thought.  Kavanagh wasn’t exactly ugly.  He could lose himself in his body for a couple of hours.  Ronon looked at the face slack as if in sleep. Or even three hours, all night perhaps.


With that thought he reached down picking the scientist up as if he weighed nothing.  Flinging him over his shoulder, he rubbed his face gently against the closest cloth- covered buttocks before heading out the door.




“Hmm,” Kavanagh moaned softly.


“Finally awake?”


The scientist stiffened, suddenly remembering.  Only to find he couldn’t move.  He looked around wildly.  He was tied to a strange bed, in a strange room.


He eyed Ronon uneasily.  “Where am I?”


“In my room.”




“I intend to have sex with you.”




“I’m going to have sex with you,” Ronon repeated calmly.


The scientist pulled on the restraints, finding there was little to no give to them.  “No.”


“Oh, yes.”


Kavanagh looked down finding he was naked.  “Oh, God.”


“Your God will not help you.”


“I’ll call for help.”


Ronon chuckled softly.  “Feel free.  No one will hear you.”


“You don’t want to be doing this.”


The Runner ran his hand down Kavanagh’s chest, settling on his soft genitalia.  “I

assure you that I do.”   


The scientist startled at the touch.  “W…why?”


“Because I haven’t had sex in a long time and you are available.”


Kavanagh shook his head.  “No, I’m not.”


Ronon began stroking him.  “Yes, you are.  You’re here aren’t you?”


The blond scientist arched up at the touch.  “Ah. No.”


“Are you taken?”


“W…what do you m…mean?’


“Do you belong to someone?”  Ronon asked, softly, watching in fascination as the scientist began to harden within his stroking hand unwillingly though he might be.


“Well, no,” Kavanagh replied before he could stop himself, cursing his damn tongue.


“You do now.”


“Don’t I get a choice?’


“No,” Ronon replied, using some of the fluid leaking from the now hard penis to stroke further down.  Teasing the tight opening carefully.


“No.  No, Ronon.  Please, you don’t want to do this.  And I never thought you were this much a barbarian.”


Ronon leaned forward to gently kiss the flared head.  “I already told you that I did.  And I am much worse.”


“Ah,” Kavanagh moaned softly when a tongue came out and licked at him like he was a prized piece of candy.  “No.  You really don’t want to be doing this.  I’m not even your type.”  He pulled at the ropes holding him immobile, trying vainly to free himself.


Ronon looked up at him.  “When it comes to sex I do not have a type.  I go with whatever will give me relief.”


“You’d even resort to rape?  Because I don’t want this and it is rape.”


Ronon gave him a smile that could only be described as wolfish.  “Yes.”


Kavanagh flung his head back against the pillow.  “I am so screwed.”


“Not yet, but you soon will be,” The Runner chuckled softly as he ran a hand over pale flesh.  The scientist really wasn’t that bad to look at.  Softer than he was use to  at least in a male.  Muscles just under the skin, yet noticeable.  Hair at his groin just a little darker than on Kavanagh’s head. 


He pumped the hardening flesh a few times liking the soft sounds of pleasure that escaped despite how much the scientist fought against it.  Ronon was really going to enjoy being inside Kavanagh’s body.


He kept doing that until the scientist spilled into his waiting hand.  Using the fluid to coat his own aching flesh.  Lifting the surprisingly well-muscled thighs over his legs he carefully, gently slid in.  Not knowing if Kavanagh had ever had male sex before.


He had not, the flesh that closed around him was tightly, very, very tightly.   It spasmed around him wildly.  The first time was never easy.


Ronon held still for a moment, allowing the scientist to accustom himself to the invading flesh in him.  Very rarely had he had someone that had been untouched.


“Are you ready?”  he asked the shuddering man under him.


“N…no,” Kavanagh hissed in pain.  It’s hurts.”


“Yes. The first time usually do.”


Blue eyes looked up at him in shock.  “Yet you did it anyway?  You raped me anyway?”


“Yes,”  Ronon’s voice held no apology, no remorse.


“B…but why?”


Ronon smiled at him.  “Because you were there.”


“I…I was unconscious.”


“What a better way?  Besides I remembered that McKay was saying one day that you wouldn’t be just an asshole if you got fucked on a regular basis.”


“H…he s…said t…that?”


Ronon nodded.  “Yes.”  He watched stunned, feeling something inside grow cold at the tears that filled the blue eyes looking up dazedly at him.   


“S…so you took it upon yourself to do it?”


“Not really.  I wanted you, so I took you.  I don’t care what McKay thinks and besides I think he could use a good fucking as well.”


Tears coursed down the pale face and Kavanagh began pulling on his restraints.  “Let me go.  I hate you all.  Let me go.  I hate you.  I hate you.”


Ronon covered the blond’s body with his.  “Easy.  You will mark that pale flesh of yours.”


Kavanagh kept arching up trying to free himself.  Managing only to allow Ronon to slide deeper into his body.  He gave up with a tiny whimper of pain.


“Does the fact that you need to have sex to regulate your moods cause you distress?”


Kavanagh turned his head away.   “No, it’s the fact that you all go around talking about my sex life or lack there of.  And the fact that I am being ridiculed on Atlantis.”


A large finger turned his head toward Ronon.  “I am not ridiculing you.”


“No.  You’re raping me,” Kavanagh replied bitterly.  “And everyone hates me.”


“Have you ever asked yourself why?  And perhaps change the things that are displeasing to the people around you.  To make yourself more likeable, more approachable.”


“I’m not here to be liked.”


“That must make you one very lonely person doesn’t it?”


“Yes,” Kavanagh replied, reluctantly.


“Change then.”


“I can’t. I’m too old to change.”


“You are never too old to change if you really want to,” Ronon replied, softly.  Taking the scientist’s glassed off his face and gently placing them on the table near the bed.


The scientist had eyes the color of the sky.  Lightest shade of blue.  They continued to look at him still shimmering with unshed tears.


“Would it make any fucking difference?”  Kavanagh asked, dishearteningly.


“Yes.  To me it would make a many worlds of difference.”




“Because it would.  I would like the one I have chosen for myself to be pleasing to those around him as I find him pleasing,” Ronon replied, beginning to thrust into the body under him.  Listening to the soft sound the scientist made.  Something between a whimper and a moan.


“Oh!” the blond whispered, hoarsely.  Throwing his head back against the pillows as he wrapped his legs around the Runner.   “Oh, my God.”


Ronon began thrusting with more enthusiasm, yet with gentleness that belied his huge frame.  Feeling the scientist become more willing to be pleasured as the flesh around him slowly loosen. 


He didn’t want to hurt Kavanagh, if he could give him pleasure so much the better.  He would like to do this many more times.


He buried his face against the scientist’s neck as he slowed the rhythm, moving firmly into the body under him.  He could keep doing this for some time.  Until he had Kavanagh incoherent with need.  He had done it many time with those less than enthusiastic with his advances.  Kavanagh would be no different.


Kavanagh tightened his hands on the restraints.  It hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable, it might have been enjoyable if not for the fact he was taken against his will. 


He didn’t really want the barbarian, not like this anyway, but there wasn’t much he could do about it.  Ronon was a heavy weight above and in him. 


“Ah, God. Are you almost done?”  he asked, contemptuously.  Wanting it over and done with so he could go to his room and lick his wounds.  Some he knew now would never heal. 


Ronon didn’t like the tone in the scientist voice.  “No,” he told him sharply.  “I can keep this up for many hours.”


Kavanagh sighed unhappily.  “Fine.”  With that he went completely and totally limp.  The legs he’d wrapped around Ronon’s waist falling to the side of the struggling body.  “You just won’t get any cooperation from me.  I won’t be willingly raped.”


Ronon rose slightly, still moving, contemplating the human beneath him. “Kavanagh, place your legs where they were.”




“I will still take what I want.”


“Do it then.  So I can get out of here.  You just won’t get any help from me.  I don’t take kindly to rape.  Especially when it’s me getting abused.”


Ronon tangled his finger in the fine blond hair that had come lose from its band.  “Respond to me,” he demanded, softly.


“No.  Finish, so I can go.”


“And do what.  Tell Weir?”


Kavanagh moved his head back and forth trying to force Ronon to let go of his head.  “She won’t believe me.  No one here would ever believe me.  I want you to get this over with so I can leave Atlantis.  I hate this place and I hate you.”


Ronon was moving his hips into the tight sheathing warmth of the body under him. “We can find pleasure in each others body, if you would allow it.”


“I don’t want to find pleasure with you, Ronon,” Kavanagh told him, harshly.  “You are the last person on this planet I would want to find pleasure with.  Hurry up and finish.”


“Must you act like a spoiled child?”  Ronon asked angrily.


Kavanagh looked up at him in astonishment.  “You’re raping me. How the hell can that be pleasurable?”


Ronon sighed softly.  “You are right.”  With that he pulled out.  His body fighting him as it sought to remain inside the blond scientist. “I’m sorry.”


Kavanagh shuddered violently. “Untie me,” He said baldly.


The Runner reached up, tugging at the binding holding the scientist, freeing him.  Kavanagh sat up quickly, rubbing his wrists.


“Is that what you truly wanted?”  Ronon asked him quietly.  “To be free of me?”


“Yeah.” The scientist looked around the room for his clothing.  “You could have just asked me.  I might not have told you no.”


“Your body was virginal to male sex.”


The blond gave him a tight smile.  “That may be, but that doesn’t mean I would’ve said no to you.  You didn’t need to resort to rape.  I may be many things, barbarian, but a willing victim I am not.  Not to anyone.  If you had thought to come to me and ask if I wanted to be your lover, I would have gladly jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t?  Look at you, you’re beautiful.”


Ronon watched as Kavanagh began dressing.  “And now?”


“Now, there’s no fucking way in hell that I’ll let you near me.”  Kavanagh reached over for his glasses.  “Come near me again and I’ll kill you.”




The blond scientist turned to look at him as he made his way to the door.  “What?”


“This does not end here.”


Kavanagh gave him a smile that was anything but cheerful.  “Oh, I think it does.”


Ronon stared at the door as it closed behind the scientist.  “Oh, I think not,” he whispered softly into the empty room.


To be continued.