Title:  Heart of a Runner

Author:  Angelee

Fandoms:  The Sentinel (littlest Guide) / Stargate Atlantis

Pairings:  For this story it’ll be Ronon Dax and Lorne

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Needing confidence to hold a fragile heart. 

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine with apologies.


Heart of a Runner






Ronon Dax looked at his brand new Guide uneasily.  “I…”


Lorne smiled at him.  “I’m know, it’s alright really.”


“But you don’t even know what I was about to say,” Ronon protested softly.


“I do.  You’re sorry you squashed me with your enthusiasm.  Am I right?”


Ronon went knelt in front of him.  “Well, yes, but…”


“But what?”


Ronon reached out to Lorne, so afraid the touch would be rejected.  It wasn’t.  Lorne moved closer allowing the Runner to gently cup the side of his face with his big, very big hand.


“I’m sorry I hurt you.  Really, really, really sorry.”


Lorne turned his face, laying a gentle kiss inside the palm.  Making the Runner gasp softly at the tender touch.


“I know you are.  We can start over if you want.”




“We can start over and you can do everything I’ve heard Sentinel’s do to woo their potential Guides.”


“Potential?  Aren’t you already my Guide?”  Ronon asked uneasily.


“Well, yes.  But I wouldn’t say no to being wooed.  It suppose to be really cool.”


Ronon smiled at him for the first time since Steven had allowed him to take Lorne to his quarters.  That was one bossy little shit.  But boy could he pack a wallop.


Steven had looked at Ronon for so long that the Runner was beginning to despair ever being alone with his Guide.  But after many harrowing moments he’d finally agreed.  Promising dire consequences if Ronon hurt Lorne.


“You want to be wooed like a man woos a female to get her into bed?”


Lorne blushed.  “Not exactly.  I’m pretty much a sure bet.”




Lorne fingered the couch they sat on nervously.  “There are some things you need to know about me.”


Ronon reached out and gently cupped the nape of his Guide’s neck, pulling him close to gently sniff.  Lorne moaned softly arching his head to the side to allow total and complete access.


“You smell so good.  Honey and lemons.  My Mom would make a tea of lemons and honey when I wasn’t feeling well. And then she would hold me in her lap and sing to me.  It always made me feel better.”


His hand began to gently unbutton Lorne’s jacket seeking warm skin.  Slipping his hand through the opening, gently stroking warm flesh.


Lorne gave a shaky gasp.  “Oh, God. Ronon, please-you’ve got to stop that.  I need to talk to you, about something you need to know about me.”


Ronon looked at his Guide curiously.  “What could you need to tell me about yourself?  You are my Guide.  What else could there be?”  he asked, running his hands over the soft and very warm tummy.


Lorne arched up into the touch with a tiny gasp.  Ronon sniffed appreciatively as the room filled with a scent he was intimately familiar with.  Being as it filled his room every time his left hand met his penis.  Well, eventually anyway.


His Guide gave him a wryly smile, it contained also no small amount of embarrassment.  “That’s what I need to talk to you about.”


“What?”  Ronon asked, nose wiggling appreciatively.


Lorne rolled his blue eyes at him.  “You have to smell it,” He replied in aggrieved.


“Ah, yes.  It’s a very nice smell,” the Runner replied, still without a clue as to what his Guide was talking about.


“Oh, God-Ronon.  Don’t make me spell it out, please,” Lorne replied, burying his face in his hands.


“What?  I don’t understand.”


“I’ve got a slight problem.  Well, it’s really not that slight. Considering it’s ended many a relationship.”


“What?”  Ronon asked, rubbing the soft skin of his Guide’s tummy again.  Watching as it happened again.  Lorne arched up and with a small moan came, again.  “Oh,” he replied, when the light bulb finally lit.  “Oh,”


Lorne peeked at Ronon from between his fingers.  “Yeah.  I’m extremely sensitive.  I don’t really like people touching me for that reason.  I can come at a drop of a hat.  Made boot camp a living, breathing nightmare.”


Ronon’s eyebrows went up.  “Really?”  he asked curiously.


“Yeah.  I don’t like people touching me.  Otherwise I’d forever be running out of underwear,” Lorne relied ruefully.


Ronon gave him a big, brilliant smile.  “Nice.”


“Nice.  What do you mean nice?” Ronon didn’t answer.  Instead he picked his Guide up in his arms carefully and carried him to the bed where he gently laid him down.  Lorne watched bemused as his Sentinel began to remove his clothing.  “Ronon?”


“Shh.  Concentrating here.”


“What are you doing?”


Ronon looked up tossing his Guide’s shirt over the edge of the bed.  “I thought that would be obvious.”


“Well, yes.  But why?”


“I want to see exactly how responsive my Guide is.”


A sock flew over a pair of very wide shoulders.  “But…”


“No buts.  You’re mine to cherish and love.”  He wigged his eyebrows at him.  “Especially the love part,” he added as he tossed another sock.




“No buts. Unless it’s your butt I get to play with.  Which I most certainly will.  How many times can I make you come if I’m in your ass?”


Lorne gasped.  No one had ever talked to him that way before.  It kinda of shocked him in a real exciting kinda way.  “I don’t know.  No one’s ever done that to me.”


“Truly?”  Ronon asked, pleased beyond words by that.


Lorne nodded shyly.  “Yeah.”


“You’ll let me?”


Lorne smiled at him.  “You are my Sentinel.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t let you do to and with me,” he replied, cupping the side of Ronon’s face.


The Runner looked down at the bruises covering a good amount of his Guides chest and abdomen.  “Are you up to it?”  he asked sadly.  Wishing with everything in him that he could take back what had happened hours before.


Dax, looked at me.” The Runner did.  “You didn’t mean to hurt me.  You were as overwhelmed by the whole thing as I was.  I don’t blame you.  I will never blame you.  You are a gift.  A most welcome and beloved gift.   One I will treasure for the rest of my life.”


Ronon felt his eyes fill with tears.  “Do you mean that?”


Lorne cupped the side of his face.  “Oh, God, yes.  More than you will ever know.”


The Runner turned his head into the hand, kissing it gently.  “I’m not exactly a prize.”


Lorne frowned.  “What the hell is that suppose to mean?”


“I’m big.  I’m clumsy.  I don’t know how to use all the fancy words Rodney uses.”


“You’re courageous and kind. Big and very beautiful.”


Ronon smiled at him.  “You think I’m beautiful.”


Lorne returned the smile.  “Oh, yeah.  And know what else?’


The Runner shook his head sending this braids flying.  “No what?”


“You’re mine.  All mine,” Lorne said with a happy sigh.


Ronon looked at him from beneath his lashes.  “Yes,” he replied shyly.  “All yours.”  He started reaching out with his hand only to be stopped by Lorne.  He frowned.  “I thought you said I was yours.”


“You are.  As I am yours, but I need to tell you…”




“I’m extremely sensitive.”


“Yes, you told me.”


Lorne looked at the hand he held in his. “So sensitive that I might be a little quick on the draw,” he said in embarrassment.


“Yeah, and?”


“I’ve never been able to hold a serious relationship because of it.  There are times where I come before I’ve even had a chance to…”


Ronon tilted his head as he looked at his Guide.  “Get inside a women?’


Lorne blushed.  “Yeah.”


Ronon frowned as he thought of something.  “Have you ever been inside a women?”  he asked softly.  Not wanting to embarrass his Guide any more than he already was.


“Not really.”


“What does ‘not really’ mean?”


“I’ve been close, but never really inside of one.  I come before I make contact and by then the women are so disgusted with me, they up and leave.”


Ronon gave him another of his big brilliant smiles.  “You are a virgin, huh?”


Lorne rolled his eyes.  “Well, if you get real technical about it.  Yeah I guess I am an all around virgin.  “Pleased by that are you?”  he asked as his Sentinel’s smile got even bigger.


“Oh, yeah.”


“I’m glad, but that still doesn’t solve the problem we’ve got.  “I wanna feel you.  All of you, but…”


Ronon looked at his Guide appreciatively.  “You will.”

“But how if I come just by the thought of having sex?”


“You let me touch you in the Gate room and didn’t come.”


Lorne looked up at his Sentinel, who was now removing his clothing. “That’s true.  But it might have been the overwhelmingness of the situation.  God, damn-you’re big.”  His eyes widened.  “Everywhere.”


Ronon smiled at him.  “Yup.  I’m a big boy.”


“I’d say.  Hot damn.”  The Runner chuckled as he straddled his Guide’s body.  “I’m gonna come, Ronon.  I’m gonna come,” Lorne whispered, urgently. “S…stop.  Stop.”


“So come,” Ronon replied, not in the least concerned.


Lorne did all over their two bellies.  “Sorry,” he said, remorsefully.


Ronon ran his hand through the pearly fluid covering his front.  Bringing it up to his mouth, tasting it.  “Don’t be.  It’s cool.”


“It is?” Lorne asked in surprise. 


“Sure.  You’re my Guide.  I’ll like whatever you do.  And I figure that you not having had all that much skin to skin contact.  So that’s why you come so quick.”  He smiled at him as he tasted another finger.  “We’re just gonna have to keep doing it until your body gets use to the idea.”


Lorne frowned at him.  “You think that’s going to work?”


“Sure.  And it’s going to be fun finding out how long it’s going to take you to slow it down,”  Ronon replied, laying his body against that of his Guide.




It took an hour and a half and much of Lorne’s bodily fluid.  More than he thought he had, but if what was coating their two bodies was any indication it was embarrassingly true.


Lorne sighed softly as he ran his hands over the very, very broad back of his Sentinel as Ronon moved above him.


The Sentinel’s face was buried in his neck sniffing happily.  Hips moving in a rhythm that had Lorne biting his lower lip, hard.


Twenty minutes ago the Runner had used a good deal of Lorne’s fluids to coat his penis and had gently and with infinite care entered the body of his Guide.

Lorne wrapped his arms around Ronon, holding him close.  It was good, so very good.


It’d hurt at first.  Ronon was big.  Really big, everywhere.  But he was as gentle as he was big.  Taking his time to allow Lorne to get use to the idea of having something that big inside a body part of his that shouldn’t be able to take him.  Or for that matter want to take him in.


Lorne arched his body up.  Wincing slightly as it hurt his bruised ribs.  Lorne’s body wanted Ronon.  Wanted him bad.  In mind, body and spirit.  Ignoring the pain to better feel.  And feel he did.  God, did he feel.


Ronon felt good, so good inside of him.  Lorne sighed again.  Wrapping his legs around the big body moving on top of his.  Earning an approving purr from Ronon as it pulled him deeper into the body of his Guide.


Lorne licked his dry lips as Ronon began thrusting in earnest.  Arching his head back he moaned softly.  God, it felt good.


He arched his head to the side allowing Ronon better access.  Releasing the scent that would keep his Sentinel from zoning on the overwhelming sensations coursing through him.


He didn’t know how he was doing it, he just knew that he was.  He wondered if he could release the bonding scent as well.  He closed his eyes tightly and repeated over and over silently to himself.  ‘Bonding scent.  Bonding scent.  Bonding scent.’  Needing to make sure that Ronon Dax was his and his alone. 


Wanting to make sure that no other Guide would be able to swoop in and take him from under him.  He smiled inwardly.  That wasn’t exactly the case right now.  Considering he was under the Runner’s body, being fucked to within an inch of his body.  And loving every minute of it.


Ronon Dax was good at it too.  Using that big body of his to full advantage and then some.  Lorne thought to himself as a hard thrust had him going cross-eyed. 


Suddenly the Runner went stock still, making Lorne moan in disappointment.  He kinda liked being made cross-eyed. 


You bonding me?”


Lorne moved his hands to his Sentinel’s nicely rounded buttocks, trying to get him to resume.  Didn’t work as Ronon frowned down at him, holding still.


“Trying to.  Is it working?”


Ronon smiled down at him. “Oh, yeah.”


“Cool.  Can you…”  Lorne pushed down on the warm flesh in his hands.  you know.”


“Not right now.  I want to bond first.  Like the way it feels.  More?”  he asked his Guide hopefully.


Lorne sighed unhappily.  Not to unhappily though as he closed his eyes and concentrated on releasing bonding scent.  He was close.  Really close to making the Runner his.


He knew he’d gotten it right when Ronon began to keen softly.  Burying his face against Lorne’s neck.


He wrapped his arms around the suddenly trembling body of his Sentinel.  Running his hands soothingly over the hard muscled planes.  The keening increased in volume.


Lorne’s eyes widened in alarm.  ‘Oh, God-I’m hurting him.  I’m hurting him.  What the fuck do I do now?  Steven?  Steven.  Oh, God help me.’ He whispered urgently to himself.  Suddenly realizing that he really shouldn’t be asking a teenager to help him considering the position he found himself in.


He heard a chuckle inside his head.  ‘S…Steven?’  he asked hesitantly.


‘No one but.’


‘Oh, God-shoot me dead now,’ Lorne thought in horror.


Again the chuckle.  ‘It’s okay I’m not going to tell anyone what you and Ronon are doing.’


‘I’d appreciate that.  Help me?’  Lorne asked, overcoming his mortification with his need to help his Sentinel.


‘You’re not hurting him.  They do that when bonding is taking place.’


‘But he’s trembling and sweating-a lot.’


Lorne felt Steven give him an impish grin.  ‘That might be because of what you’re doing.’


The Guide felt himself blush five shades of red.  ‘Oh, God.’


‘Shh, it’s alright.  You’re bonding him, that’s all.’


‘I’m doing it right?’


‘Hell, yeah, in fact you’re doing it so right, you’re gonna have a mighty strong bond.”


Lorne smiled, pleased.  ‘Really?’


‘Yup.  I don’t have to worry to much about you now.’


‘Cool.’  Lorne tightened his arms around his now violently trembling Sentinel.  The keening was echoing off the walls.


‘Isn’t it though?’


‘He’s mine?’


Lorne felt Steven smiled.  ‘Oh, yeah.  As if he could be anyone else’s. The Powers That Be gave him to you and you to him.  It couldn’t be any other way.’


‘Oh, God,’ Lorne replied, suddenly fully realizing the gift and the responsibility he’d been given. He was so screwed.


‘It’s going to be okay.  You’re going to be a terrific Guide.’


‘You sure?’  Lorne asked, not so positive.


‘Yup.  Just keep doing what you’re doing and it’ll help solidify the bond. Besides it kinda looks like Ronon likes it.’


‘Is there anything else I need to know about Sentinels?  I don’t want to do anything that’ll hurt him.’


‘Sentinels are needy little suckers for all their arrogance.  But their heart is always in the right place.  You Sentinel’s heart is bigger than most, just like the rest of him.  Despite it’s size, it’s very fragile.  Take good care of it.’


Lorne wrapped his arms tighter around his Sentinel who was still keening only quieter now.  ‘He’s been through so much.’


‘That’s what I’ve heard.’


‘Steven, what if I do something stupid and hurt him.  I don’t think I could survive if I hurt him.’


Steven sighed softly.  ‘You won’t hurt him.  You’re a Guide, now.  That means your very soul was made or in your case slightly adjusted to care for a Sentinel and their needs.  There’s no way for you to hurt him.  There’s never been a Guide that I know of that’s intentionally hurt one.’


‘I’ll be the first.  God, I know, I’ll be the first,’ Lorne replied, panic stricken.  “I’m so fucked.  So truly fucked.”


Steven chuckled.  ‘You won’t and you’re not.  You just have to trust yourself.  Trust your instincts when it comes to your Sentinel.’


‘That’s it?”  Lorne asked apprehensively. Still not sure.


‘That’s it. You’re going to do fine.’


‘O…okay, if you say so,’ Lorne replied, feeling a little better, about the whole thing.


‘I do.  I’ll sign off now.  I want to go harass Rodney.  That’s great fun.  It doesn’t take much to get under his skin.’






‘You’re not going to tell anyone, right?”  Lorne asked hesitantly.  ‘Right?’  When Steven didn’t respond.  ‘Steven?  Steven, you swore you weren’t going to tell anyone, what Ronon and I were doing.’


‘I didn’t exactly swear.’




Lorne could hear Steven chuckling in his head.  ‘I promise.  I won’t tell a soul.  I’m going now.  Got Rodney picking on to do.  Take care of your Sentinel.  See ya.’


Lorne sighed softly.  His Sentinel has finally stopped keening and was now asleep, with his nose pressed against Lorne’s neck.


“I can do this,” Lorne whispered softly to himself.  “I can,” he said more forcefully.  “I can.  “He wouldn’t have been made my Sentinel if I couldn’t do it.  Right?”  he asked the quiet room.  Receiving no answer, he sighed softly, wrapping his arms tighter around Ronon.  Well, as much of him as he could.  He nodded to himself resolute.  “I will do this.  Oh, God, don’t let me mess this up.  Don’t let me mess this up.” 


His eyes filled with tears.  “How am I going to protect the heart of my Runner, when I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing?  I’m going to hurt him, I just know it.  Then what?  I’m so fucked.  So very, very fucked.” 


Suddenly a sense of calm came over him.  Reassuring his fears, giving him hope that everything was going to be alright.  He could do this.  He would do this.  His Sentinel would be okay.  They both would.  As if in understanding Ronon twitched slightly.  Giving a tiny moan against his neck.   Nuzzling deeper against his Guide and hardening inside his body.  Ronon hadn’t pulled free. 


Lorne’s eyes widened.  “Oh.”  For some odd reason he hadn’t even realized that Ronon was still very much a part of him.  Which was really odd considering.  ‘Well, that’s different’, he thought to himself. Wiggling a little, eyes widening even more when the Runner slid in deeper.  ‘Really different.’


He kissed the top of the Ronon’s braids.  Feeling more confident and sure.  His Sentinel murmured, softly waking.  He met Lorne’s eyes.


“Hey,” Ronon said huskily, shyly.


Lorne smiled at him.  “Hi, my, big beautiful Sentinel.”


Ronon chuckled softly.  “Hello, my equally beautiful and brave to take me on, Guide.”


Lorne ran his hands over Ronon’s broad, very broad back.  “We’re going to be okay.  We really are.”


The Runner gave him a brilliant smile.  “I never had a doubt.”