Title:  Kiss Me

Author:  Angelee

Pairing:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee,(preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating: Adult

Summary:  Irish kisses

Note: Lady Q’s Saint Patrick’s Day challenge# 4. Write a story where your character wears a pin that says "Kiss me I'm Irish" and gets his wish.
Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.
Kiss Me
“Hmm, Jim?”
Jim looked up from his homework.  “What?”
“Is Blair Irish?”  Steven asked, smiling.
“Don’t know.  Don’t think so.  Why?”
Steven pointed over toward the door.  “Look.”
Jim looked up to see his little Guide bouncing into the room followed by Michael.  Wearing a button on his little flannel shirt proclaiming ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’.  Having just come back from Mrs. Deans St. Patrick’s Day party.
“Hi ya, baby.  Did you have fun?”
“Berry much.  No like Megan much, but Mrs. Dean had good candy and cookies. And punch dat was green.  I save green cookie for you.”
Jim moved his chair away from the dining room table.  “Why thank you, Baby.  That was really nice of you.”
Jim lifted his little Guide into his lap.  Blair opened his hand to show his Sentinel the crumbled cookie.  “See.”
“I do.  It does look like a good cookie.”
Blair nodded solemnly.  “It is.  Want some?”
“May be later.”  Jim offered him a napkin.  “Wanna put it on the napkin for me.  I’ll have it later with milk.”
“ ‘kay.”  Blair carefully place the half squished cookie on the napkin.  “It real good.”
“It looks good.  Thank you, Baby.”
“It to bad you not go.”
Jim tucked a stay lock of curly hair behind Blair’s ear.  “I know, but I had a lot of homework.  I’m almost done.  Did Michael take care of you good?”
Blair nodded.  “Yup.  He take real good care of me.”
Steven looked over at his intended who was quietly listening with a huge smile on face.  “Did you bring me a cookie, too?”
“No?”  Steven asked in outrage.  “Blair thought enough of his Sentinel to bring him back something.”  He pouted.  “Don’t you love me?”
Michael shook his head.  “Nope.”
Steven frowned.  “Huh.  So you just told me you did so you could have your evil way with me and dump me by the wayside?”
“So I should probably be happy that you didn’t leave me pregnant and penniless?”
Steven looked at the Michael who was looking at him serenely.  “You do know what this means right?”
“No. What?”
“That-that button your wearing…”
Michael looked down at his button, one just like Blair’s.  “Yeah?”
“No way in hell.”
Michael looked back up at Steven. “That’s alright.  I got someone else to give me kisses.”
“Oh, yeah?  Who?”
Michael shook his head.  “I’m not telling you.  You’ll go out and pound them into little bits until there’s nothing left.”
“Fucking right.  I could take a wild guess.”
“You may of course try.”
Steven looked over at his brother who was trading sloppy kisses with his Guide. Purring happily the whole time.  “Thank you.”  He stroked his forehead with his right forefinger.  “Let’s see here.  There are only a few people that would dare touch what is mine.”
“Well that’s just a touch arrogant.”
“Yes it is.”
Michael looked at Steven. “Oh.”
“Hmm.  So tell me how many chocolates did it take?”
Michael frowned at him.  “Excuse me?”
“How many chocolates did you have to pay Lee to kiss you?”
Michael’s frowned deepened.  “I don’t have to pay anyone with chocolates for kisses.”
“Of course you do.  Lee’s the only one I would let kiss you with out doing bodily harm.”
“That’s so…”
“Fucking right.  So how many?”
“Three,” Michael replied, reluctantly.  
“Hmm,” Michael looked over at Jim and Blair who were still sharing Irish kisses.  The Sentinel’s purring louder than before.  “It took three Snickers to get one kiss.”
“I got two kisses and it only costed me an Almond Joy.”
“I hate you.  You do know that?”
Steven smiled at him.  “Yup.  I know.  So Michael?”
Steven walked over to where the bodybuilder stood.  Lifting the tight muscle shirt he ran his fingers over the tightly corded abdomen.  Loving the way the soft skin rippled.
“Kiss me,” he replied, blue eyes twinkling merrily.
Michael watched a finger trace the deep indentations of his stomach. “Why would I want to do that?”
Steven moved closer.  “Because for to day I’m Irish and I want you to.”
Michael pulled him closer.  “That’s good enough for me.”  Before their lips could meet.  “Then maybe we could share the St. Patrick’s Day booty I brought back from Mrs. Dean’s just for you.”
“You brought me back stuff?”  Steven asked, pleased.
Michael nodded.  “Of course I did.  I would never forget about you.  Not ever.”  He angled his head to the side.  Closing his eyes as their lips got even closer.
“I love you.”
Michael smiled against the warm lips against his.  “I know.  Now kiss me.”