Title:Like a Thief in the Night




Rating:Adult.Noncon or rather non-aware.

Summary:How far would you go to get what you wanted or needed?

Beta:By my sister Anna.All remaining errors are mine.With sincere apologies.


Like a Thief in the Night


I shouldnít be doing this.I know I shouldnít be doing this.Itís wrong.So very wrong.But I canít help myself.Iím so fucking lonely and he hates me so much now.I donít see that I have much of a choice.


I want it.With an ache that touches at the very heart of me.


So I sneak into his penthouse late and night when I know heís asleep.How do I know?Iím hovering outside his window, with my heart in my throat.Thatís how.


I shouldnít be doing this.I really shouldnít.I donít know how many laws Iím breaking on how many different planets, but Iím going to do this.I have to do this.I want this.


Breaking in wasnít all that hard.He wonít know I was even here.Iíll make sure he doesnít know, with the nifty new power Iíve got.Heíll never know and Iíll still get what I want.


I go into his bedroom to find him sound asleep.He doesnít look all that different from when we first became friends.Beautiful, ageless.


He looks so peaceful stretched out on his huge bed with its purple bed covers, purple pillows, purple sheets, purple everything.


My Lex sure likes purple.I sigh heavily before I can stop myself.He hasnít been my Lex for a long time.Lex hates me now.Not that I blame him.


He shifts around on the bed, my sigh almost waking him.I use my new power to lure him back into a deeper sleep.Mind control does have its uses after all as I watch Lex become boneless in slumber.


I move the bed covers off of him.Heís wearing purple silk pajamas.I smile, shaking my head as I look down at him.Lex and purple.


My handís shaking as I reach out to touch him.†† My mind luring him into a deeper sleep than before, readying him for what Iím about to do.


I unbutton his pajama top, spreading it wide.Iíve never seen such flawless white skin in my life.My God-Lex is beautiful.Very much a male, but oh-so-beautiful.


My handís still shaking as I run it over his chest. I move closer to gently caress my cheek over his left nipple.My eyes never leaving Lexís face.


I feel my mouth begin to water with the need toÖ Before I know it itís in my mouth and Iím gently suckling on it.


It tastes good.Just like Lex.Like clean skin and sunshine.


My other hand makes its way toward its mate.Running my thumb over it gently.


I startle when Lex makes a soft murmuring sound deep in his throat.But he to deeply asleep to know itís me touching him in a way I have no business doing.


I run my tongue over the nipple hungrily.My eyes still locked on his face.


Oh, God.I wish he didnít hate me so much.I wouldnít have to sneak in here to get what I want.What I so desperately need.


Iím so fucking lonely.


Lex doesnít want me.


At least not any more.My stupidity made sure of that.


Lex hates me.


He tries to kill me now every chance he gets.†† He knows Iím Superman.Heís probably always known.


I feel my eyes fill with tears.If I could do it differently.I would.I would go back and change the past.All the hateful words, the lack of trust. Everything.


Believing my parents that I needed to hide who I was, like there was something wrong with being different. That itís a sin to be different.


I am different.Thereís no hiding that fact.I. AM. DIFFERENT.No better and no worse than anyone else.Does the fact that I can fly, burn things with my eyes or lift things with my bare hands that would crush a mere mortal make me a monster?


I am no monster.I am different.Born on a different planet, under a different sun. Certainly no monster.Just different.


I havenít talked to my parents in a long time.I know that Iím to blame for a lot of whatís happened, but they had a start in turning me into a mistrustful, egotistical fool who couldnít see what was in front of his face watching him with wide, blue-eyed wonder.


Someone who watched the wonder turn into hurt, disheartenment, anger and finally where weíre at now-hate.Seeing the hate that one fateful cold winter morning was like a splash of cold water.A true shock to the system.


When I finally realized what Iíd done it was too late.Lex wouldnít let me within a foot of him.Not that I blame him.I was a total and complete shit to him.


I tried to reconcile with Lex.Tell him I was different.Tell him the truth he so desperately wanted, but Lex wouldnít listen.I couldnít get him to listen.I donít blame him for that either.The wounds I caused were just too deep.


By that time I missed him with an ache that left me physically sick.


I watched him from afar like the love struck fool I had become.Even stalking him just so I could get a glimpse of him.


This was about the time I started having very little to do with my parents.They werenít completely at fault for what I had become.They meant well, even if they were wrong.The fault ultimately lay with me.But theyíd drilled it into me until I couldnít think straight or for myself. Telling me constantly Lex was evil.Lex would ultimately lead to my downfall.


When in reality all Lex wanted was to love me.To be my salvation.He wanted to protect me.Trying time and time again to find the truth, to help, not hurt.And I returned the favor by shoving him away so hard, the look of hurt on his face will haunt me to my dying day.


I deserve the pain Iím in right now.I relish it all the more because I so deserve it.Every bit of it.


It was during one of my bouts of physical pain that the AI tried his best to give a comfort that was not sought or wanted.I explained as best I could what was wrong with me.


The AI had listened quietly.Then he told me what he could do to ease my pain.Since I had completely ruled out kidnapping Lex.I listened just as quietly as he had listened to me.As he talked for the first time in what seemed like forever, I had hope.Hope for me.Hope for a future.My future. One not filled with bleak lonely despair. †††


My free hand wanders down Lexís body.Opening the pajama bottoms, spreading the soft material wider than I had the top.Heading toward a very definite destination, a definite plan.The whole reason I came here.Why I keep Lex deeply asleep.He must never know.Heíll hate me all the more if he ever found out what Iíd done without his consent.


Heís hard.Which will make my job a lot easier.Iím still watching Lexís face.Itís twitching in his sleep as I continue to suckle on his left nipple.


I smile inwardly.Heís certainly enjoying the attention his bodyís getting.Heís leaking a little.I spread the fluid as I start a rhythm guaranteed to give me the results I want.


Lex may hate me.


He may not want me any more.


I want him.


If I canít have him.


I will have a part of him.


One I can hold close when the person I want most in the world no longer loves or wants me.


The AI says heíll do it.


Because I ask.


Because I wanted it with my whole heart and soul.


I. Want. This.†† †††


Because I can no longer have Lex.


Because I am a fool whose lost it all.Before realizing what had been mine.


Lex is getting close.I can feel it in the way his body begins to twitch.I reach for the small tube tucked into my uniform.


When his body arches up off the bed slightly I ready the tube.Watching as it quickly fills with his warm fluid.


I watch his body twitch in aftershocks.Unable to resist I move closer to lick any remnants of fluid, murmuring happily.Lex taste good.


I can feel him struggling to waken.I gently urge him back into sleep. I carefully close his pajamas bottoms and button the top back up.


I have to hurry.The AI says I have a short time span.If this is going to work I need to get back to the Fortress.


I pull the covers back up over my love.Watching as he digs himself in deeper into its comforting warmth.Wishing with all my heart I could be in there with him, holding Lex close against me.


I look into the tube containing all my hopes and dreams. After a moment, tuck it into my waistband.With a final look back toward my love, I quickly open the window I came through, carefully slipping back into the darkness like a thief into the night.


Coming soon-Part 2:Paying the Piper