Title:  No Love For Me (Sequel to He Said No.)

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Ronon/Kavanagh

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Is there such a thing as someone who’s unlovable?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  Anna gave me the title for this story-if I don’t credit her, she’ll bug me till I do. (o:


No Love For Me


“Stop it.  Stop following me,” The blond scientist hissed at Ronon.




“I told you I’d kill you if you tried to touch me again.”


Kavanagh looked around the empty hallway.  Damning McKay for sending him to a secluded part of Atlantis to do repair work on circuitry giving off the wrong signals.


He’d been avoiding the Runner for the past week.  Since Ronon had raped him.  He only need two more days and he’d be free of Atlantis and Ronon.  He could put this off as just one huge nightmare and hopefully move on with his life.


Ronon held up his hands.  “I’m not touching you,” he said, with a small smile.


“Leave me alone.”


“I have.”


“Stop following me.”


Ronon tilted his head slightly to one side.  “Well, I can’t do that.”


“You can,” Kavanagh insisted.


“I want you.”


“No.  You want a body to slack your passions on.  That’s not me.  I won’t be anyone’s willing victim.”


The scientist stiffened when Ronon came closer. “You are not a victim.”


“Hell, right I’m not.” He watched in amazement as the Runner began running his fingers over the buttons on his uniform.  “W…what are you doing?”


“At night when I try to sleep I have these dreams of you.  Of being so deep inside your body that I can feel your heart beating against my sex,” he whispered seductively against the scientist ear.


“S…stop it.”


“Of you arching up against me.  Willingly.  Wanting me as much as I want you.”


“I…I don’t want you.”


The hand on his uniform top began to slowly unbutton the buttons.  “You do.”


“No.  I don’t.”


A big hand made it’s way through to gently stroke his skin.  “Hmm, you are very soft.  I noticed that the first time I touched you.  You have very soft skin for a male.”


“You mean when you raped me.”


Ronon sighed heavily.  “Will you never let me live that down?”


“No.  You forced yourself on me.  I wasn’t even awake to say yes or no.”


The Runner gently nuzzled the scientist neck.  “What would you have said if I had waited for you to waken?”


“I would have looked at you as if you were crazy.  No body wants me.”


Ronon pulled away slightly looking at Kavanagh in amazement.  “What are you saying?”


“No one would want to love me.”


“But Kavanagh I’m trying to love you and you refuse me,” Ronon told him, stunned by the scientist words.


The blond scientist shook his head.  “You just want to use my body for your own purpose.”


Ronon’s hand went between Kavanagh’s legs gently cupping him.  “That may have been what it was at the beginning, but it is no longer that way.”


“Right,” Kavanagh replied, disbelievingly.


“I want you.”




“I do,” Ronon replied, moving closer to breathe in the blonde’s clean scent.  Nuzzling his neck with his mouth.


“Of course you do.”


Ronon began to gently massage the soft flesh under his hand.  Urging it to respond to him.  He smiled inwardly when he heard Kavanagh moan softly turning his head for what Ronon hoped was a kiss and not an effort to bite.


Suddenly Kavanagh’s ear piece went off startling them both.


“Dr. Kavanagh have you found out what’s wrong with the circuitry yet?”  McKay’s impatient voice filtered through.  “We’re waiting.”


The scientist touched it moving away from Ronon.  “I took a wrong turn.  I’ll have it checked in a minute.


“At your leisure.  We up here have nothing better to do but wait on you,” came the sarcastic reply.


“Yeah whatever, McKay,” the blond said, sighing unhappily. Moving down the hallway hurriedly.  Buttoning his shirt as he went, without as so much as a backward glance.


Ronon sighed heavily.  He almost had him.  The blond was almost his.  Ronon had felt Kavanagh begin to respond to him, felt the gentle stirrings under his hand. He stalked the opposite way back toward the main part of Atlantis.  Cursing Rodney with every foul word in his vocabulary.




“Kavanagh, open the door, please.  I want to talk to you.”


“No.  Go away.  I leave this damn universe tomorrow and I won’t have to put up with you or anyone else here.  Get away from my door before I call security.”


“I’m not leaving until I talk to you.”


“You just want me to open the door so you can molest me again.”


Ronon chuckled softly.  “What if I promise not to touch you?”


He heard the disbelieving tone clearly through the door.  “Like I’m going to believe that considering you’re a barbarian.”


“I swear.  I’ll keep my hands to myself. Please, Kavanagh.  I want to talk to you about staying here on Atlantis.”


“No fucking way.  I’m going home.”


Ronon leaned his head against the door.  “Please, Kavanagh?  Do you have a first name?”


“I’m not telling you my first name.  If I did that probably means we got married or some other stupid nonsense in this godforsaken universe.”


“No, that happened the minute I took you for my own.”




“It did.  We’re married now.”


“Well, when I leave tomorrow on the Daedalus you can consider that a divorce.”


“Kavanagh, please?”


“Fuck off.”


“I want you,” Ronon said softly, moving closer to the door where he thought the scientist was positioned.


“Ah huh.”


“Let me have you just this once before you go.  So I might convince you to stay.  That perhaps you would want me as much as I want you.  I would even be willing to go back with you to Earth.  Please.”




“I will stay out here until you open the door,” Ronon warned.


“Stay there then.  I’m going to bed.  I have a busy day tomorrow.  Good night.”


Ronon sighed unhappily.  It was going to be a long night.  He smiled to himself.  Tomorrow he would capture the blond scientist before he could make his escape.  Still smiling he sat on the floor to wait.


Next day a passing Marine looked at him curiously. “What are you doing sitting on the floor?”


“Waiting for Kavanagh to come out of his room.”


“Oh,” The Marine whose name tag said was Smith.  “You did know that his room is one of the few rooms on Atlantis that has another entrance?”


Ronon stood up.  “What?”


“His room has another entrance that leads to the transporters.”




“Yeah, and what I hear Kavanagh was scheduled to leave on the Daedalus this morning at 0600.  It’s 0615 now.  I think you’ve missed him if he hasn’t come out, he probably went out the other door.”


Ronon felt as his heart drop.  He’d lost he blond scientist before he’d even had to show him he could be loved.  That he would love him. It hadn’t been a joke.


In his heart Ronon knew he had already committed to the scientist and they were no deeper vows of love his people could show.  They were married even if Kavanagh would not tell him his given name, which would seal the mating for all time.   


Ronon sighed sadly wiping absently at the tears that fell.  He was mated with no mate.  Kavanagh was so skittish he would not let him near to show him he could be loved.  There would be no love for Ronon either.




Ronon looked up to see Kavanagh standing near him.


“W…What?”  Ronon asked, trying desperately to clear his throat.


The scientist moved nervously from one foot to the other.  “Calvin.  My first name is Calvin.”


Ronon rose to his full height.  Making Kavanagh take a nervous step back.  “C…calvin?”


The blond nodded.  “Yes.”


“You came back.”


The blond nodded again looking up and down the empty corridor.  “Yeah, I did.”


“W…why?”  Ronon gave a wryly smile.  “I though you wanted a divorce.”


Kavanagh cleared his throat.  “I don’t really know.”


Ronon moved closer.  Gathering the scientist into his arms carefully. Trying not to startle him.  “I think I know.”


Kavanagh looked up at him.  “Wanna share it me?”


Ronon gathered the scientist closer.  It felt good to have him in his arms.  As if he belonged there.  “For one of your world’s better scientist you really are not that smart.”


Kavanagh laid his head against his shoulder, sighing softly.  “I know.  When it comes to stuff like this I suck.  So share your secret.”


Ronon cupped the blonde’s face.  “You wanted love.  My love.  You came back to a world you really didn’t want to be in for my love.”  He gently placed a kiss on Kavanagh’s lips.  “For everything you will have to endure here in this universe you came back because of me and I will love you to my dying day for the priceless treasure you have given me.”


“What treasure?”