Title:  You’re a Bug

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing:  Rodney/John

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Bugs need love to.

Beta: By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine own-with apologies.


You’re a Bug


“Oh, Rodney, why don’t you come out and p…playa…?”


Rodney rolled his eyes at the bad Warrior movie recap.  Like that would work in any case.  He’d been running from John for what felt like hours.  Barely staying step ahead of him.


He didn’t know why the John was after him.  Just that he was.  He’d started turning in to the Iratus bug.  Giving him a funny look during one of the times Rodney had gone to visit him in the infirmary.  Started sniffing and pawing him in a way that made the scientist way to uncomfortable.  Plus John’s usually beautiful green eyes weren’t quite so pretty now and it was creeping Rodney out.


“Come on, Rodney.  I won’t hurt you,” John called to him seductively.  “I promise.”


Rodney rolled his eyes again.  Like he was stupid enough to believe that one. 


John had chased him out to the South Pier.  During the chase he’d lost his earpiece and was incapable of calling for help.  He hadn’t really expected for John to leave the infirmary and track him down in his lab.


But he had.  Pinned him to the wall and started sniffing his chest.  Rodney had sort of liked it, but then John had looked up at him and the scientist had gotten a good look at John’s face and eyes.


He pushed the Major or was it Colonel? - away.  He’s been running ever since.  He was tired, hungry and he wanted to go to his room and sleep for a hundred years.


Suddenly he was turned and shoved into the wall-hard.


“There you are, Rodney.  Why did you run?”


Rodney gasped as all the air was knocked out of him.  “Ow!  Because it looked like you wanted to hurt me and I really don’t like pain.”


John tilted his head back and forth looking at him curiously.  “I won’t hurt you.”


“Well, it sure seems like it to me.”


John began playing with the zipper of Rodney’s uniform.  “I won’t,” he insisted as he slowly lowered it down to expose the scientist’s chest.


“What are you doing?”  Rodney gasped, trying to pull the zipper back up.  “Stop it.”


John slapped his hands away.  “I want to see you.”


“Ow!  You don’t need to get me naked to see me.”


“Oh, what pretty white flesh you have, Rodney,” John said, moving closer to lick at a tiny red nipple.


Rodney gasped at the sensation, John’s tongue was kind of cool, not warm at all.  Like it should have been.


“Ah, t…thank you-I think.”


“Hmm, lots of pretty-white flesh,” John mumbled to himself as he began to gently suck on the nipple in his mouth.  Feeling it grow and expand.  His hands going lover to cup Rodney’s groin.  Kneading the flesh with the palm of his hand.


“Stop, Colonel.  Please, you shouldn’t be doing this,” Rodney begged softly.  Oh, God-it felt good.  So good.


John pulled away slightly, continuing to knead.  “Why not?”  he asked curiously.


“B…because….”  Rodney thought about it for a moment.  “I…I don’t remember, but you shouldn’t be doing this.”


“Oh,” John replied, as went to take the same nipple in his mouth, sucking on it hungrily.


Rodney pushed his head back against the wall.  This was feeling good.  It shouldn’t be feeling this good.


He allowed the sensations to course through him for awhile.  Sex for him had been few and far between.  It’d been at least a year since anyone had touched him. 


John hands and mouth felt weird, not human, but Rodney kind of like it.


When the Colonel pushed his uniform down to his feet, the scientist came out of his daze slightly.  He certainly became aware when the Colonel suddenly turned him to face the wall.


“W…What are you doing?”


“I’m going to fuck you.  I need to fuck you.”


“No.  No.” Rodney struggled, held still by John’s strong hands. 


“Why not?”


“B…because you’re a bug.”


Rodney felt John’s penis being stroked between his buttocks.  Leaving a wake of viscous fluid.  It was cold, really cold.


“That may be true, but bugs need love too.”


Rodney shook his head, renewing his struggles.  “No, they don’t.  They only have sex to propagate.”  He went still.  “Are you trying to have baby bugs with me, John? Tell me you’re not trying to get me with bug.”


John rested his penis at Rodney’s entrance.  “I can not tell a lie.  I want to get you with bug,” he replied as he slowly slid into the scientist body.  “Hot.  Tight,” he whispered into Rodney’s ear.  “So sweet.  I knew you would be.”


The scientist moaned softly as the Colonel went deep.  It didn’t hurt, but he certainly knew what John was doing.


“I don’t want to have baby bugs.”


John angled Rodney’s hips back.  “Aw, and here I was thinking you liked me.”


“Ah, I…I do.  I like you a lot, but not enough to have your bugs.”


John began thrusting.  Slowly at first, growing in strength and force as Rodney became adjusted to him.  “Not even one?”


Rodney moaned as the penis in him scored his prostate.  “No.  That’s just gross.”


“Well, what are you going to do if I do get you with bugs?”


“Get Carson to Raid the little fuckers.”


John drove into Rodney’s body steadily.  Not surprised when the scientist met him thrust for thrust.


“That’s mean.”


“Not really.  Just practical.  God, that feels good.  We shouldn’t be doing this,” Rodney said, pushing back.  John felt so good.


John nibbled on his ear.  “I want you to have my baby bugs.”




“Yes,” John replied, biting Rodney’s ear hard.




“You will.”


John pushed Rodney onto the floor.  Following close, sliding back in with almost no loss of contact.


“I don’t want to.”


“You might not have a choice.  I’m fucking you right now.  You might already be pregnant.”


Rodney gasped when John angled his hips up, sliding in even deeper.  “Ah, God-that’s good.  Yeah, and Carson gave you the serum to make you better, too.  So you might be shooting blanks.”


John grabbed Rodney’s hips again and began forcing him back against him-hard.  So hard the scientist saw stars.  Knowing he was going to be sore tomorrow.


“I might not.”


“Might and probably are.” John moaned softly.  “Oh, you feel so good.  So good.  I’m going to get you pregnant.  I swear I will.”


Rodney reached down and began stroking himself.  “Whatever.”  He came with a small whimper.  Filling his hands with his semen.  He held still for a moment, boneless as John continued to thrust.  Feeling the Colonel come inside of him seconds later.  When John didn’t seem to be in any hurry to pull out.  “What are you waiting for?  Round two?”


“Maybe. And maybe I’m waiting to make sure you get with my bug.  The longer I stay in you the better.  Besides I like the way you feel.  Do you mind?”


“Course I mind.  But whatever turns your crank.”


John blanketed the scientist body with his own.  “Thank you, Rodney.”


“I’m still not going to have your bug baby.”






John whispered softly.  “We’re just going to have to wait and see then, won’t we?”  As he began thrusting again with more vigor than before.