Title: Romancing Steven

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  Steven/Michael

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Love and regrets.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  This fits into the Littlest Guide II.  Meaning it contains hints of slash.  Do not read if offended by such.


Romancing Steven




“Over here.”


Michael went over to where Steven sat on the floor unpacking his prized collection of comics.


“I’ve got something for you?”


Steven looked up, blue eyes lit with curiosity.  “Oh, yeah?  What?  Better not be another fucking flower.”


Michael sighed softly.  “I really don’t understand why Blair never kicked your scrawny ass years ago for cussing.”


Steven smiled up at him.  “It’s cause I’m Steven and I can cuss if I want.”


Michael knelt by him.  “Whatever.  I’ll love you, gutter mouth or no gutter mouth.”


“Why thank you.  I like you too.”


Michael frowned.  “Like?  Like?”


Steven wiggled his eyebrows at him.  “Depends on what you’ve brought me.”


“You can be brought?”


“Hell yeah.  Whatcha got?”


Michael brought out the hand he’d been holding behind his back.  “Here you go?”


Steven eyed the small Star Trek beanie for a moment.  Before reaching for it.  “Cool.  Spock.  He can sit right next to Captain Kirk on the computer.  Where are you getting all these beanies anyway?”


“I have my sources,” Michael replied, looking at Steven expectantly.




“Don’t I get a kiss at least for all the trouble I go to romance you?”


Steven moved closer to the bodybuilder.  By-passing the waiting lips to kiss Michael on the nose.  “There you go.”


“That’s it?  That’s all I get?  A fucking kiss on the nose?”


“Yup,” Steven replied, holding his beanie high in the air, to better examine it.


“I bring you gifts everyday for the last five years and all I get is a kiss on the nose?  Shit that sucks.”


“You got plenty of kisses last night.  Actually, I didn’t hear you complaining last night.  I distinctly remember screams of ‘More.  More’. ”


Michael blushed, watching Steven get up from the floor carefully carrying his beanie.  “Oh, man.”


“Yup, there were yells of that, too.  Or more like screams.  Good thing I remembered to turn on the white noise generators.  You would have deafed Jim and Rafe.  Even if they are in their own apartments.”


Michael’s blush deepened.  “Oh, God.  Why do you do that to me?”


Steven placed his beanie Spock next to beanie Kirk on the monitor of his computer.  Adjusting them just so.  “Oh, you love it and you know it?”


Michael came up behind Steven and wrapped his arms around his love.  “Yeah, I do,” He whispered softly.  “Still you’re an asshole.”


“I love you too, musclehead.”


Michael gently nibbled the side of Steven’s neck.  Rocking them side to side.  “So now I rate an ‘I love you’?”


“Hmm.  Do you think Jim and Blair are settled in yet?”


Michael rubbed Stevens’s chest through his t-shirt.  Over the last few years it had gotten more defined and muscular. Steven could if he chose compete, and win. But as he had constantly told Michael.  What he did, he didn’t do for fame or fortune?  He did it to make sure he could protect those in his charge.


Something Michael understood and agreed with wholeheartedly. He turned Steven toward him lifting the t-shirt, tossing it away.  Running his hands over the very defined planes of Steven’s abdomen.


Steven watched in amusement.  “You are such a perv.”


“I love your body. So sue me.”


“Yeah, as you’re constantly showing me.  Always molesting me”


Michael smiled at him.  “Like you don’t like it.”


“Never said I didn’t like it.  I do still wear your ring.”


Michael raised Steven’s left hand, kissing the ring.  “When are you going to marry me for real?”


“Hmm, don’t know.  You still haven’t showed me that you can keep me in the style I would like to be accustomed to.”


Michael pulled off his own t-shirt.  Not missing the appreciative blue eyes that followed the motion.  “I’d have to get ten jobs for that.”


“Want the newspaper?  I’ll help you look for more jobs.”


Michael smiled at him.  “Na.  I rather mooch off of you.”


Steven snorted.  “Figures.”


“What, did you think I just hung around you cause I loved you?”


Steven rolled his eyes.  “Heaven forbid.”


Michael took Steven into his arms.  “So we going dancing tonight?”


“You betcha.”


They didn’t say anything for a while, simply enjoying the warmth and love and affection they felt for one another. 


Finally.  “Wanna have dinner first before we go dancing?”  Michael asked as he nuzzled Steven’s neck.


“Sure.  You buying?”


“I’m mooching.  Don’t have any money.”


“Ah.  Then how do you pay for all the ‘romancing Steven’ stuff you’ve been giving me for the past five years?”


“Robbed a bank six years ago and I’m living off of that.”


“You are so full of shit,” Steven replied, chuckling softly.


“No truly,” Michael replied, pulling away slightly to look at his intended with sincere blue/green eyes.”


“Like I’m going to buy that look.  What am I-four?”


“I don’t think you were ever four. Not even when you were four.”


“Nope.  Can’t say I was.  I’ve been giving Jim grief since day one.”


Michael reached for the zipper of Steven’s jeans.  “And now you give me grief.”


“And you love it.”


“Heaven help me, I do.  I really, really do.”


“Yeah, yeah.  I like you too.”


Michael looked up from his task.  “Again with the like.  Whatever happened to love?”


“Hmm, there somewhere I suppose.  You’ll just have to dig it out.” Steven tangled his fingers through Michael’s soft curly hair.  “What the hell are you doing anyway?”


“Trying to get you out of your jeans so I can have my wicked way with you.  Can’t you tell?”


“Sure.  I just wanted you to say it.”




“Cause I wanted to see if you were still into Maggie’s mushy books.”


Michael pushed the jeans and boxers down tightly corded thighs, Steven obligingly stepping out of them.


“I’ll have you know I never read any of Maggie’s books.”


“Then how did you get all those ideas on romancing then?”


“I came up with those ideas all by lonesome.  I just wanted to show you how much I really, really loved you.”


Steven felt his eyes fill with tears.  “But I keep telling you I don’t need all the mushy stuff.  I’ve known, I’ve always know.”


Michael gave him a sheepish grin.  “I know, but I’ve got to show you.”


Steven fingers still tangled in Michael’s curly hair, pulled him toward him, he rested his forehead against his love. 


“Do you know the one thing I regret the most of all?”




“The day you first started the romancing stuff.  The look in those beautiful eyes of yours when I told you-you better not give me flowers or I’d shove them up….” Steven’s voice hitched.


“Shh, it’s okay.  You let me bring you flowers, candies-all kinds of things since.  Besides I know you didn’t mean it.”


“The look in your eyes will haunt me for the rest of my life.”


“You didn’t mean it.  You were just being Steven.”


Steven met Michael’s eyes.  His own filled with regret and sorrow.  “I will do everything in my power to make sure that look never touches your eyes again.  I swear it.  I swear it on my love for you.”


Michael smiled.  “Hey, you said you loved me.”


“Don’t let it go to your head.  So, what were you going to do with me now that you got me all naked?”


“Have my wicked way with you on the couch,” Michael replied, hopefully.


“Ah, okay.  But know what that means?”  Steven asked, helping Michael out of the rest of his clothes.


“No, what?”


“Tomorrow you gotta bring me a McCoy beanie to sit with Kirk and Spock.”




Steven smiled at Michael.  “Cool.  Have your way all you want.”


“You really are easy.”


Steven lay on the couch, opening his arms wide.  “Only with you, baby.  Only with you.”