Title:  What’s a Grandfather to Do?

Author:  Angelee

Fandom: The Sentinel

Pairing:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee (preslash), William/Daniel (slash)

Summary:  Will there be a new member to the Ellison household?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine own-with apologies.


What’s a Grandfather to Do?




Jacob looked up from his coffee cup to meet a pair of shy blue eyes.


He smiled. “Hello, there.  You’re Lee aren’t you?”


A dark blond head nodded enthusiastically.  “Yes, sir.”


“And so polite, too.  Would you like to join me?”  Jacob told him, motioning toward an empty chair.


“Yes, sir.  Thank you, sir,” Lee replied, scrambling hurriedly into the chair as if it would be taken from him.


Jacob chuckled.  To many sirs in one sentence.  Call me, Jacob.”


“Yes, s…, Jacob.”


Jacob looked at the boy now sitting across from him.  Beautiful wouldn’t even come close to describing Lee.  It was as if the boy had an inner glow.  From his shiny, dark blond hair framing a pale face and clear, blue eyes.


“Do you like it here, sir?”  Lee asked, shyly.


“Jacob.  Call me Jacob,” He gently reminded.  “Yes, it’s very pleasant.  Very peaceful.”


Lee smiled at him.  “That’s until Steven wakes up and starts yelling at his Sentinels.”


“Does he do that a lot?”




Sally came in carrying a large tray of scrambled eggs and bacon.   “Good morning, Lee.  Did you sleep well?”


“Yup, I did,” Lee replied, smiling at her.  “Thank you.”  Murmuring softly, contently when she kissed him on the forehead.   Returning the favor by kissing Sally on the nose.  Which earned him a brilliant smile.


“I’m glad.  Would you like orange juice or milk?”


“Could I maybe have hot chocolate?”  he asked, giving her a pleading look that would have charmed the birds from the trees.  Sally was no less immune.   She gently stroked the hair from his face.  “Yes, you may.”  She turned toward Jacob.  “Do you need anything, Mr. Sandburg?”


Jacob smiled.  “Jacob, call me Jacob. I’m fine thank you, Sally.”  When she’d gone back into the kitchen.  “Is it alright that I’m here?”


Lee gave him a puzzled look.  “In the dining room?  I don’t think anyone would object.  Especially if you’re hungry.  Sally’s always willing to make something if you are.”


Jacob chuckled.  “No, son.  I meant here as-here at the cabin.”


“Why wouldn’t it be?”


Jacob ran his finger over the rim of his cup.  “Because of all the trouble my daughter has caused.”


“That was Naomi, not you.”


“She’s my daughter.”


Lee tilted his head to the side as he contemplated him.  “You’re not Naomi.  And Jim and Dad wouldn’t let just anyone live with us.”


“You’re willing to accept that?”


Lee nodded, sending blond hair into his face.  Jacob almost reached out to gently move it off the pale face.  He had to force himself still, not knowing how his touch would be perceived.  “Of course I am.  And so are the other guys.”  Lee gave him a touchingly endearing smile.  “We’ve never had a grandfather before.  I think it’s really cool.  Hmm, that’s okay isn’t it?”


“What, son?”


“That we call you Grandpa?  We know that technically you’re only Blair’s Grandpa, but he said it would be okay to share you.  But you might not want to be shared.  Is it?  Is it okay to share you?”  Lee asked him hopefully.


Jacob felt his eyes fill with tears.  “Oh, son…”

“Oh, did I say something wrong?”  Lee asked in alarm.


“No, Son.  You didn’t.  It’s the emotions of an old man, that’s all,” Jacob replied, wiping his eyes with his handkerchief.  He carefully placed the handkerchief back in his pocket.  “I never thought….”




Jacob looked out into the homey cabin.  It was a huge place, clearly filled with love and laughter.  Wondering if he would fit in here.  He sighed heavily.  No one had ever wanted the love he had to give not even his own daughter.


“Naomi was a difficult child.  Never wanting to be hugged or kissed.  Pushing away all signs of affection.  She ran away when she was sixteen.  I hadn’t seen much of her in the preceding years.  I didn’t even know she had-had a child.  My grandchild. That was why I did a lot of the things I did.  I wanted to see Blair.  Get to know my grandchild.  Make up for all the years I’d missed.”  Jacob wiped at the renewed tears with the back of his hand.


“You’re here now,” Lee told him quietly.


Jacob gave him a small smile.  “I’m here now,” he repeated, just as quietly.  “And have no idea if I belong.”


“You belong.”


Jacob sighed.  “I don’t even know if I’m wanted.  I may be pushed away yet again.  I’m not sure if my old heart can take being shoved away again.”


“You won’t.”


Jacob looked at Lee.  The youngster seemed to be glowing even more.  Almost as if he were haloed.


“How do you know?”


“I was sent out first as feeler.”




Lee nodded, sending his hair back into his face.  This time Jacob unable to stop himself reached out a hand and gently moved the soft hair, tucking it behind his ears.  Waiting to be pushed away.  Naomi always had.  It never happened.  Lee moved into the touch with a soft murmur.  He looked up giving him a brilliant smile.


“We’ve never had a grandfather before.  None of us.”


Jacob smoothed Lee’s hair.  “You’ve mentioned that before.”


“Yup.  The guys and I don’t really know if you’d want us.”


Jacob frowned.  “And why wouldn’t I?”


“Because Blair is your blood.”  Lee looked away, seeming to get confidence from somewhere before saying.  “And even though Blair is your blood and would get special grandpa privileges, we would love it if you would be our grandpa too.”


“Do the others agree?  Would they like me to be their grandpa as well?”




Jacob looked at the youngster staring at him with such hopeful eyes. “How do you know?”


“I was sent to ask.”


“You were?”


Lee nodded.  “Yes, sir.  They’re listening right now.”


Jacob looked around the room.  Seeing no one else.  He couldn’t even hear anything.  “Where are they?”


“Waiting in our room.”




Lee nodded again.  “Yes, sir.  If you stay around us long enough you get use to that,” he added at Jacob’s confused look.  “They can hear us through me, even if they’re not in the room.  They didn’t want to overwhelm you or anything, being as you’re new to the Ellison family and all.”


Jacob was starting to catch on.  “So they sent you as emissary?”


“Yes. Blair is to little, though he could probably get you to understand Blairspeak eventually. Steven can be to heavy-handed, though he means well.”  Lee’s blue eyes took on a distant look, suddenly he began chuckling.


“What?”  Jacob asked, curiously.


“Steven said I’m going to owe him a dozen kisses for that comment.  The others are to shy to ask you.  They thought that since I was the prettiest of all of us. You would fall before my cuteness and agree to be our grandfather.”  Lee’s cheeks pinked slightly.  “Steven’s words not mine.  About the cuteness thing, I mean,” he quickly added.   “They thought I’d have a better chance at convincing you to take all of us as your grandchildren.” He gave Jacob a wistful look.  “We want you as our grandpa.  Will you have us?”


Jacob covered his mouth with his hands, feeling his eyes fill with tears. “I…I  don’t know what to say.”


“Say yes,” A voice told him from the doorway to the dining room.


Jacob looked over to see all the boys standing there, their faces filled with a shy sort of hope.  “Say yes,” Steven said again, moving into the room.  “We’re in the market for a Grandpa.  And you seem to be in the market for grandchildren.  I think it’s the perfect solution to our problem.” All the boys followed Steven into the room.  Except for Blair who was in Jim’s arms.  “We promise not to cause you too many problems.  Except for the Sentinels, their kinda dumb so sometimes you gotta point them in the right direction. And knock them around a few times till they understand.”  Steven ignored the glare Jim and Rafe gave him.  “We will promise you one thing.”


Jacob offered his arms to Blair.  Not really expecting his tiny grandson to accept him.  His heart filling with joy, when Blair quickly went into them.  Jacob looked at Jim grateful the young Sentinel had allowed it. Receiving a tentative smile in return.


“W…what’s that?  He asked his voice hitching.  Heart filled with a hope he wasn’t sure he should be feeling.


“Take us on and you’ll be loved as no other grandpa on the planet ever has.”


Jacob’s tears spilled over.  Looking at the boys through a haze of tears.  He blinked them away as best he could. Feeling Blair kissing his face, tiny hands on his cheeks, cooing soft words of comfort. 


“With an offer like that.  What’s a grandfather to do?”  he replied, opening his arms wide.