Title:  Where’s Blair?

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairing:  No pairing.

Summary:  See title.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine owe. With apologies.

Note:  This story begins of a challenge given by Wolf Mistress. 


Where’s Blair?


“So, Rodney?”


The scientist gave a heartfelt sigh.  “Damn, when are you going home?”


Steven sat across cross from him, reaching for Rodney’s blue jello.  “Hmm, never.  I kinda like it here,” he replied, picking up the spoon and began eating, it much to Rodney annoyance.


“That’s mine.”


Steven’s wiggled his eyebrows at him.  “And mighty fine blue jello, I must say.  Thank you for sharing.”


“I’d be really annoyed if I didn’t know you could kick my butt all the way back to our universe without breaking a sweat.”


“Yes, I could.”


Rodney looked at him in alarm.  “Y…you wouldn’t would you?”


“What?”  Steven asked around a mouthful of jello.


“Kick my butt.”


“Have you done anything to hurt your Guide that I should be kicking your butt over?”


“Well, no…”


“Then you got nothing to worry about.”


They shared an easy kind of silence as Rodney typed into his laptop, while Steven watched him.  Eating Rodney’s blue jello. 


“So do you like it here?”  Rodney asked, without looking up.




“Do you like Atlantis?”


Steven sighed softly before answering.  “Yeah, it’s a cool place.”


“Yeah, it is.”


“Are you and John getting along alright?”


Rodney stopped typing.  His blue eyes filled with a joyous kind of wonder.  “Yes.  John is greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.  Know what?”


Steven tilted his head.  “What?”  he asked curiously.


“He loves me.”


Rodney’s voice held such awe it made Steven smile.  “What’s wrong with that?”


“Nothing wrong with it.  It’s just I never thought anyone would ever love me.  Much less a man as beautiful as John.”


“You’re so sappy.”


“Only for John. With anyone else I’m my usual grumpy self.”  Rodney gave Steven an uneasy look.  “Except for people who can kick my butt without really trying.”




Rodney frowned.  “Maybe for you.”


Steven gave him a cheeky grin.  “Especially for me.”


“I hate you.”


Steven wiggled his eyebrows at him teasingly.  “I know.”


Rodney rolled his eyes.  Go away little boy, you bother me.”


Steven laughed.  “Nope.  I’m having way to much fun.”


Rodney snorted.  “Whatever.  Steven?”




Steven watched as Rodney’s blue eyes filled with tears.  “Do you think John will love me forever?”


“You think he won’t?”


“I’m not exactly the most loveable person in two galaxies.”


“Nope, you’re not.  That’s Blair.”


Rodney fingered his laptop.  “That’s what I mean.”


“He’ll love you till the end of time and beyond.”


“How can you be so sure?”


Steven reached across the table and stopped Rodney’s nervous hand.  “I can.  You don’t have to worry about that.”


“What if he finds a Sentinel he likes better?”


“He won’t.”


“How can you be so sure?”  Rodney asked again in frustration.


“John loves you.  You are his Sentinel.  He’s your Guide.  That’s forever.”


Rodney sighed softly.  “Is there really a forever and beyond?”


“Yup, there is.”


“How do you know?”


Steven smiled.  “Always the scientist. I believe, Rodney.”


“That’s it?”


“That’s all it takes.”


Rodney looked at Steven.  Searching his face for the hidden truth.  He must have found what he was looking for when he nodded slowly.


“Okay.  Okay.”


“Believe?” Steven asked him softly.


“Yes, I believe.”


“A step forward in the evolution of the smartest scientist in two galaxies.”




Steven nodded.  “Yeah.  This opens a whole new playing field for you, my friend.  For you and your Guide.”


Rodney smiled.  “Does that mean you won’t kick my butt any time soon?”


“I will if you do something stupid.”


Rodney looked at him uneasily.  “Like?”


“Hurt your Guide.”


“Oh, but then if I ever hurt my Guide I deserve to get my butt kick.”




Suddenly Jim came running into the cafeteria.  “Steven?”  Panic clear on his pale face.


Steven stood, rushing toward him.  “What’s wrong?”


“Blair.  It’s Blair?”


“What about him, Watchman?  Last I heard he was going to the south pier to look at whales with Michael, Lee and Rafe.”


Jim gave a shaky breath.  “Yeah, they did.  But on the way back…”  He couldn’t continue, his eyes filling with tears.  He tried again.  “On the way back he disappeared.”


“What do you mean disappeared?”


“One minute he was there, the next he wasn’t.”  Jim eyes held fear, deep, deep fear.  I can’t feel him, Steven.  He’s not here on Atlantis.  I can’t feel my little Guide.”


Steven frowned.  “Hmm, hang on, Watchman.  Easy.”


“What do you mean easy?  Don’t you understand?  I CAN’T FEEL MY GUIDE?  Do you know what that means?”


“I know what it means, Watchman.  I know,” Steven whispered softly.


“Help me?”  Jim whispered softly.


Steven gathered his trembling brother in his arms.  “You know I will, Watchman.  We’ll find him.”


“Where is he?”


Rafe, Lee and Michael rushed into the cafeteria in time to hear Jim’s heartbroken words.


“He’s not in this galaxy any more,  Lee replied, softly.


“What? Where could he have gone?”


Steven closed his eyes as he sought an answer to his brother’s question.  “Lee’s right. Blair’s not here, he’s back on Earth.”


“Steven, I need to go to him.  I need my Guide.”


“I know.  We all need to get to him.”


Jim’s eyes widened in panic.  “He’s not in danger is he?”


“No, no really.”


“What the fuck does ‘not really’ mean?”


“He’s with someone who won’t hurt him.”


Jim gave a frustrated sigh.  “What?”


“He’s not in any danger.”


“I need to get to him.”


Steven cupped Jim’s face in his hands.  “I know.  I know.  We’ll all go to him. Nothing will hurt him, Jimmy.  Not on my watch.  Get Dad and the others, we’re leaving Atlantis.”


Rodney watching quietly.  “I want to come, too.”


Steven looked at him for a moment before nodding.  “Alright.  Get your Guide.  We’re going back to Earth.”




Blair looked around curiously.  He was in a place he wasn’t familiar with.  He wasn’t afraid.  He had no reason to be afraid. 


He saw a man sitting quietly in a chair.  He went up to him.  “Hello,” Blair said shyly.


The man moved his head slightly, opening his eyes.  “Hello, little man.  Where did you come from?”


Blair shrugged his little shoulders.  “No, no.  One minute, Atlantis.  Next here.”


“Ah,” the man replied, reaching down to pick Blair up in his arms.  “So what’s your name?”


Blair didn’t answer for a minute.  Staring at the beautiful tattoos running along the sides of the man’s head.  He touched them gently.  “Pretty.  I am Blair Jacob Sandburg Ellison.  Very nice to meet you, sir.”


The man smiled at him.  “That certainly is a mouthful.”


Blair stared at him curiously.  Sensing there was something very different about him.  Yet Blair wasn’t afraid.  “Yup.”


“Can I call you Blair?”




“Well, Blair, little man-it’s very nice to meet you.  My name is Blade.”