Title: Destiny’s Child

Author:  Angelee

Pairing:  Jim/Blair (preslash)

Rating:  Mature

Summary:  Sometimes what destiny plans is right before our eyes.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All final errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  There was another story planned instead of this one, but the muses had other plans and they were quite adamant about it to. Literally hitting me over the head adamant and I do what they demand-I get less bruises that way. (o:

Note 2:  My sister is DEMANDING acknowledgment for the plot bunny on therapeutic hugging.  Here you go. Geez!!


Destiny’s Child


“What are you doing?”  Jim asked as he walked into the bedroom.


“Michael was reading this article in a magazine about therapeutic hugging and he decided he was going to try it on me,” Steven replied, as he hung limply in the bodybuilder’s arms.  “Said it might help me with my bad attitude.”


“Oh!  Is it working?”


“Hell, no.  I like my bad attitude.  I’m holding on to it to my last dying day.  Could I ask you a favor?”


“Sure, ask away.”


Steven sighed unhappily.  “Could you poke him with a stick or something, I think he fell asleep. He’s been trying to hug my bad attitude outta me for half and hour and I really gotta go to the bathroom.”


Jim moved around the two, smiling.  “You could just wake him.”


“What would be the fun in that?”


The young Sentinel chuckled.  “That’s true.  Michael.  Come on, Michael, wake up.”  Jim gently cajoled. The bodybuilder’s face was resting on top of Steven’s head, blue-green eyes closed. Even asleep, he had his arms securely wound around the very, uncomfortable Steven. A Steven who’d been trying to get free unsuccessfully for the last ten minutes.


“Come on, hurry up.  Don’t baby him.  Hit him or something.”


“I can’t do that.  He could hurt me.”


Steven snorted.  “No, he won’t, you woose.  He’s YOUR bodyguard.  Hurry up before I pee myself.”


“Why can’t you wake him?  He’s huggin’ you.”


“Alright!  Fine!  MICHAEL, WAKE THE FUCK UP.”


Michael startled.  “W…what?  What is it?” 


Steven pushed at the tight hold Michael had on him.  “Let me go, asshole, I gotta pee.”


The bodybuilder let go reluctantly, watching sleepily as Steven dashed for the bathroom.  “It didn’t work.  Did it?” he said sadly.


Jim sat on the bed Blair and he shared.  “Nope.” 


Michael made his way dazedly to his bed.  His first real bed since moving into the Ellison household.  “Well, I’ll just have to keep trying,” He said, resolutely.


“Yeah, Steven does have a very sucky attitude.”


“That’s why I’ve gotta kept trying.” 


Jim chuckled.  “Oh-he’s gonna love that, but you’re right he does need a serious attitude adjustment.”


Michael punched his pillow into submissive softness.  “I know.  I’ll try again later.”  Covering himself with an afghan his grandma had made him promptly fell asleep.


Steven walked back into the bedroom.  “I heard that.”


Jim smiled at him.  “You were meant to.”


“Asshole.”  Steven looked around the room.  “Hey, where’s your little shadow?”


Jim made himself comfortable on his bed.  “Taken a nap with his Grandpa.”


“Jacob sure is one cool, old dude.”


“Yeah.  Completely different from Naomi.  Which makes me really happy.  I really didn’t want to run again.”


Steven sat on the edge of Jim and Blair’s bed.  “I would have run with you this time.  If you had-had to run, that is.”


Jim touched his brother’s arm.  “Thank you, Steven.”


Steven gave him a brilliant smile.  “No problem.  So, what time is your first football game?”


“It’s not a real game, it’s only a skirmish.  It’s at four.”


“Dad going?”


Jim rearranged his pillows, laying down. “Yup.  He’s leaving work early.  After the skirmish he’s gonna take us out for pizza.  Wake me in half an hour?”


“You bet.”




Jim loved playing football.  He was glad that Simon had finally agreed to let him play.  Only thing he really didn’t like was that there was this other kid on the team, by the name of Lee Brackett, who had taken a real dislike to him.  Kept trying to flatten him.  Might have something to do with the fact they were both trying for the quarterback spot.  Or it might have been cause Lee liked Daisy, who still like him.


Jim had seen Lee around.  Never really paid much attention to him before, but now he had no choice since Lee kept trying to kill him.   As luck would have it he was on the opposite team for this skirmish.  So he was sporting some very real aches and pains by the time they’d finished the game.


Jim limped over toward where Steven, Michael, Rafe, H. and Carl were waiting for him.  Smiling as everyone congratulated him, he handed his brother his helmet.


“Nice game.  Well except for Lee flattening the stuffing out of you every few minutes.”  Steven told him, accepting it.


“Yeah, he hates me.”  Jim looked around. “Hey, where’s Blair and Dad?”


“Blair wanted something from the concession stand,” Michael replied, glaring over at Lee, who was giving the whole group the evil eye as he stood with his step-dad Kincaid.  Who in turn was giving Lee a VERY loud lecture on the evils of losing.


“Yeah?”  Jim said, removing his jersey.


“Yup.  I think Blair wanted some cotton candy.” 


Jim froze.  “C…Cotton candy?”


Michael looked at him oddly.  “Yeah, why?”


Jim took off running toward the concession stand, the others trailing behind.  Moaning, when he realized he’d gotten there to late.  His Dad was rubbing futilely at his very expensive suit.


“I don’t know what happened.  It’s as if the bags of cotton candy exploded,” William was explaining to Simon, who was trying to help him get rid of some of the sticky confection clinging to his suit.


Jim bit his lip.  Almost afraid to ask.  “W…where’s Blair?”


His Dad and Simon separated.  Jim moaned softly when he got a good look at his little Guide.  Their friends breaking out in laughter.  Blair was sitting in the grass, happily eating cotton candy.  It didn’t bother him one bit that he was covered from head to toe with it, just like that time at the zoo. 




His little Guide gave him a brilliant smile.  “Jim.”


The young Sentinel knelt next to him.  “Hey, Baby.  Whatcha’ doing?”


“Eating cotton candy.  Want some?”  Blair told him innocently, offering some of the candy in a rather sticky hand.


“Hmm, okay, but I want it from some place better.”  Jim lifted his little Guide into his arms and licked Blair’s cheek.  Tasting cherry cotton candy and earning a happy giggle from Blair.  Jim looked up at his Dad.  “I’m sorry.  I forgot to remind you about Blair and cotton candy,” He told him apologetically.


William rubbed at a spot, only to make it worse.  “It’s okay, Son.  I didn’t really like this suit anyway.  I think we may have to go home to change though. Blair and I seem to have lost the cotton candy war and I need to change.  Even though we’re only going out for pizza, I don’t feel right going covered in cotton candy.”




While Jim cleaned up Blair, William changed into casual clothes, which consisted of jeans and a light sweater.  The only reason he’d been in a suit  in the first place was because he’d left work early to see Jim play. Shrugging his shoulders, he tossed the ruined suit into the trashcan near his bed.  He really didn’t like it anyway.


Walking down the stairs William heard the doorbell. A tall, heavy set man holding a cake stood in the doorway, when Michael opened the door.


“Hello. My name is Joe Taggart, I’m your neighbor to the right.  I’m here to welcome you to the neighborhood.”


Michael smiled at him, taking the cake.  “Hi.  I’m Michael Beans.  I work for Mr. Ellison.  Won’t you come in, Mr. Taggart?”


“Call me Joel, please.  I can only stay for a moment.  My wife is holding dinner. Hello everyone,” Joel looked at the group assembled curiously.


“Hello, Joel.  I’m William Ellison.  I had planned on going out and visiting our new neighbors, but with one thing or another I just haven’t had time,” William told him offering his hand.


Joel shook it, warmly.  “I understand.   My wife Gladys and I would like to schedule a block party in the next week or so-welcoming you to the neighborhood, if that’s all right?”


“That’d be great.  Let me introduce you to my family.  This strapping young fellow is my eldest son-James Joseph-Jim for short.  The little guy in his arms is Blair, my youngest. Next to him is Steven, my middle son.  Next to Steven, is Daryl and his father Simon. You’ve already met Michael.  The two of our household who aren’t here at the moment- Sally, she’s gone to visit her daughter. Also missing is Jacob Sandburg-Bair’s grandfather. He’s out of town for the next couple of days.”


Joel smiled at all of them.  “It’s a pleasure to meet all of you.”


“Can you stay for a few minutes?”  William asked Joel, leading him to the couch.


“Sure. My wife will understand, if I’m a little late.”


“So Mr. Taggart, what do you do?”  Simon asked, from the loveseat he was sharing with his son.


“I’m a Detective with Cascade Police Department.”


Jim sat up straighter.  “You’re a policeman?”


Joel nodded.  “Been doing it for ten years.”


“I want to be a policeman”.


“You do?”  Joel asked, eyeing the boy sitting on the floor.   Jim was a cute fellow, couldn’t be more than eleven or twelve years old with piercing blue eyes.


Jim nodded. “Yes, have since I was very little.”


“That’s great,” Joel said smiling.  “Maybe one of these days I can take you to the station and you can have a look around.”


“Really?”  Jim asked, hopefully.


“I don’t see why not.”


“One thing,” William said, raising a hand.  “Jim is a Sentinel.  There are special precautions that need to be taken.  Jim doesn’t go anywhere without Blair, his Guide, or Michael, their bodyguard.” Steven cleared his throat. “Or Steven, their very protective brother.”  He chuckled when Steven gave him a brilliant smile.


Joel nodded. “That’s fine.  No problem there.”


During this whole time Blair had been staring at him in wide-eyed fascination.  He whispered something to Jim, without taking his eyes off of Joel.


Jim chuckled softly. “Yeah, I guess.”


That seemed to give Blair all the encouragement he needed as he got off Jim’s lap and walk over toward Joel and promptly climbed into his.  He wrapped his tiny arms around as much of Joel’s expansive frame as he could.  Jim’s chuckling increased.


“What?”  Steven asked, curiously.


“Blair says that Joel looks like a big teddy bear.”


Joel Taggart smiled, enchanted by the little boy looking up at him with blue-eyed adoration. “I guess I do. You sure are a cute little fellow,” Joel told him, stroking a baby fine cheek with his forefinger.  “My wife Gladys is going to love you.  You ever need a babysitter let us know.”


William returned the smiled.  Another had fallen before the mighty little Guide.  Not surprising, no one could withstand Blair’s cuteness.  “That’s nice, thank-you.”


“No problem.”


“Can you come over for dinner tomorrow?  I know you said that you wife was waiting dinner for you or I’d ask you both to join us for pizza.”


“I’ll have to check with Gladys, but I think we’ll be available.  Good thing you mentioned my wife, I better get going.  About what time would you like us to come over?”


“Six, okay?”




Joel tried to get himself free, but the little Guide wouldn’t let go and he really, really, didn’t want to hurt the feeling of a child so small.  He looked pleadingly over at Jim.


“Blair, Baby-you gotta let Mr. Taggart go. He’ll be back tomorrow,” The young Sentinel told his little Guide.  Blair sighed unhappily.  “I know, but he’ll be back tomorrow.”


Blair looked up at Joel for confirmation. “I’ll be back.  You can cuddle this big old teddy bear all you want.” 


“You promise?”


Joe tugged gently on a soft curly.  “You betcha’.”


After saying good night to Joel, William turned toward his family, clapping his hands together.  “Who’s for pizza with everything on it?”






The next evening found everyone gathered around the dining room table enjoying a spaghetti dinner.  Laughing and talking as they passed around big bowls of spaghetti and breadsticks.


Blair sat in Joel Taggart lap’s enjoying his spaghetti, face covered in sauce. “So, Blair, what did you do today?”  Joel asked the cute little boy not minding in the least that Blair was smearing spaghetti sauce all over his white shirt.


“I go swimming wiff Steven and Jim,” Blair replied, offering his teddy bear a bite of his breadstick.


“Hmm, good breadstick.  You know how to swim?”


“Yippers.   Jim teach.”


“That’s really good.”


“Yup.   Jim punch Steven for hitting me with ball.  Dey fight.”


“It was an accident.  I didn’t expect you to be where the ball went.  I was aiming at Michael,” Steven protested with a weak smile.  Already having being raked over the coals for beaning the little Guide with a beach ball.


Jim stopped twirling spaghetti onto his fork.  “I told you not to throw the ball, didn’t I?  Told you, you were going to hurt someone, didn’t I?”


Steven glared at his big brother.  “Alright, already.  Blair wasn’t hurt and he forgave me.  LET IT GO.”


Jim put down his fork.  “Know what I think, Steven?”


Steven looked at him uneasily.  “W…What?”


Jim gave him a tight grin.  “I think you need a therapeutic hug.”


Steven shook his head violently.  “No, I don’t.  My attitude is just fine, thank you very much.”


“I really, really think your sucky attitude needs adjusting,” Jim told Steven, who was now glaring at him.  Knowing exactly where this was heading.


“And I’m telling, you I don’t?” He hissed at his brother.


Jim turned toward the bodybuilder.  “What do you think, Michael?”


Michael contemplated Steven for a long moment.  “Hmm, he has been unusually hostile lately.  You may be right, Jim.  I’ll take care of it after dinner.”


Steven paled slightly.  “I told you, I don’t need an attitude adjustment hug.”


“I beg to differ, oh-brother-mine.  I think you do,” Jim told him, picking up his fork.


Joel looked down at the little boy in his lap calmly eating as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.  “Does this go on a lot?”


Blair nodded.  “Lots.”




“Maybe next time you’ll listen to me when I tell you not to do something,” Jim told him smugly.


“Oh, give me a break.  The ball didn’t even hurt him.  It bounced right off,” Steven replied, eyeing Michael nervously.  He really didn’t want a therapeutic hug. Maybe he could outrun the bodybuilder. How fast could someone that was solid muscle run anyway?


“Blair could have been hurt.  He’s only three.”


“The ball bounced off,” Steven insisted.


“That doesn’t matter.  I told you not to throw it.”


Steven narrowed his eyes.  “And since when do I listen to you oh-mighty, Watchman?”


“In all things concerning MY Guide.  I demand IT.”


“Oh, shut up,” Steven told him in disgust.  “It was a ball, a BEACH BALL.”


Blair looked up at Joel.  “May I have some milk, please?”  Not in the least bit worried about the escalating yelling.


“You know what you need, Watchman?”  Steven asked Jim, blue eyes sparking angrily.


“Oh, I’m sure you’ll tell me.  Simon, can I have a breadstick?” 


Simon passed the breadsticks, watching enthralled.  He’d rarely ever seen Jim and Steven fight.  This was interesting and bound to get even more so.  William, Sally, Michael and Daryl continued eating, just as unconcerned as Blair.


“Oh, I’ll tell you alright.  I think you need to get knocked down a peg or two,” Steven said, tossing a cherry tomato from his salad at his brother.


Jim caught it in midair, handing it to Blair, who promptly popped it into his mouth.  “Oh and are you the person to do it?  I don’t think so,” He said, arrogantly.


It was the arrogance of Jim attitude that finally pushed Steven over the edge.  “That fucking does it,” He hissed, coming to his feet so fast he knocked over his chair.  “I’m going to fucking kill you, you anally retentive twit.”


It didn’t matter that there were guests in the house.  Well, it might have if both brothers hadn’t been so angry.  But it was an explosion that had been building all day. 


Jim pushed his chair away, a little more calmly than Steven.  “Bring it on, asshole,” He said, motioning to Steven with his right hand.


Joel and Gladys turned toward William. “Aren’t you going to do anything?”  Joel asked, eyeing the tussling brothers on the floor.


“No.  They’ll take care of it themselves.”


“They could get hurt,” Gladys, Joel’s wife of twenty-nine year, said worriedly when Steven bit Jim on the shoulder.  Making him yelp in pain.


“It’ll be stopped in a second,” William told her, taking a drink of his ice tea.  “I do apologize for their attitude. It happens every year, around this time.  It’s the ‘going back to school anxieties’.”


Blair was wiggling in Joel’s lap. “Down,” He demanded.


“No, Blair.  Stay with me until the fighting is over,” Joel told him, tightening his hold on the struggling toddler.


“Let Blair go,” William requested softly, just as a yell of outrage rented the air as Jim was once again bitten, this time his right hand.


“But…”  Joel protested.


“He won’t be hurt.  Let him go.”


Joel reluctantly released the little Guide.  Watching as Blair moved over toward his brothers. “STOP,” He yelled at the top of his lungs.  “NO FIGHT.”


Surprisingly the fighting stopped as quickly as it had begun.  The adults at the table watched in amazement.  Except for everyone in the Ellison household, already use to the power the three year wielded over his two brothers.


The Taggarts looked at William in shock. “Watch.” He told them, smiling.


Blair went over to his two brothers, glaring down at them. “Bad.  Fighting no good.  Cussing no good.”


“Jim started it,” Steven told him defensively.  Yelping, when he was smacked by a little fist to the arm.


“No care. Fighting bad.  Cussing bad.” 


“I’m sorry, Blair,” Jim said repentantly.  “Don’t be mad.  I don’t like it when you’re mad.”


“I no mad.  No fight, no more.”


“Alright,” Steven whispered softly. He looked up at his little brother.  “You’re not mad are you?  I don’t like it when you’re mad either.  I don’t hate it as much as Jim, but I don’t like it either.”


Blair shook his curly head.  “No mad.  No like fighting.  Want stop.”


Joel turned toward William unwilling to break into the drama unfolding in front of him.  “How did you know he’d be able to stop them fighting?” he whispered.


“They love Blair,” William told him.  “Sometimes love is all it takes.  Michael, would you get the first aid kit?  I think we may need to pass out a few band aids.”


“Aren’t you afraid that one of these days Blair will get hurt when he steps in like he just did?”  Gladys asked.


“No.  Jim is a Sentinel, attuned to his Guide so finely he knows about every breath Blair takes, every sigh, every single smile.  If you had watched closely, you would have seen that the fighting had stopped the minute Blair got off Joel’s lap.”


“That answers about Jim, but what about Steven?”  Joel asked, watching Michael patching up two very remorseful little boys.


“Steven loves his brothers.  He’s attuned to them both.”


“That’s putting a lot on the power of love,” Joel replied.


William shook his head.  “It’s not only that. The minute Jim felt Blair get off Joel’s lap, he stopped fighting, Steven felt it and stopped as well.”


“Are you saying Steven is a Sentinel?”  Joel asked, as the boy they were talking about let out a yelp when Michael started cleaning a cut over his right eyebrow.


William turned to Simon who was the expert on all things Sentinel. “Steven is not a Sentinel.  But he is just as rare and special, he’s their Guardian/Protector, if you will,” Simon told them.


Steven listening turned to Jim.  “See asshole, your not the only special one in this family.  Ow!  Blair, that hurt,” He complained, rubbing his arm where the little Guide had hit him.


“No cuss,” Blair told him, disapprovingly.


“Alright, I’m sorry.”  Steven looked over at his Father and Simon. “How come nobody said anything about this before?”


“I wasn’t sure.  There was something odd about the way you acted toward Jim and Blair. It set off warning bells,” Simon said, taking off his glasses to rub his nose.


Heh, I always knew you were off,” Jim heckled.


Steven glared at him.  “Shut up.  What’s odd about the way I am with them?  They’re my brothers.”


“Don’t get me wrong, Steven.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way you are with them.  It’s just that at times it’s not within the norm.”


“So, what you’re saying is that I’m abnormal.  I should just let crazy Moms, sorry Blair, separate my brothers?  I shouldn’t protect them and take care of them? Watch out for them?  I should let them fend for themselves?  Is that what you’re telling me?”


Simon sighed heavily.  They really should have talked to Steven about this sooner.  “No, that’s not what I’m telling you.  Okay-I have a ‘what if’ for you.  Say Naomi came back what would you do?  Truthfully?”


“If she meant to harm them, I’d protect my brothers with everything I had.”


“Like you did before?”


Steven nodded.  “Yeah.  What’s wrong with that?”


“Nothing.  What do you do at night when your brothers are sound asleep?  Tell me the truth.  I’ve seen you do it.”


Steven looked at his brothers nervously.   “I walk around the house making sure it’s secure and that they’re safe.”


“Every night?”


Steven nodded.  “Yeah, I still don’t see what’s wrong with that,” He said defensively.


“There’s nothing wrong with that.  Neither is there anything wrong with you watching over them while they sleep. You’re their Protector.  It’s instinctual. You couldn’t fight it if you’re life depended on it.” 


Steven tilted his head.  “Why would I want to do that?  They’re my brothers, I love them.  I’ll protect them with my life, if I have to.”


“No, Steven, no,” Jim said, in horror.


Steven turned toward Jim.  “I understand it now.  It all makes sense.  Kinda like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fitting together. I am your Protector.  Like Blair centers you and keeps you from going loonier than you already are.  While you do the work you were meant to do, I protect you, so you can.  I protect you both.”


Jim’s blue eyes filled with tears.  “No, Steven, no.”  He repeated again.  “I won’t let you do it.  I don’t want you getting hurt.”


Steven looked at his brother calmly.  “You can’t stop me doing what I have to anymore than you can stop being a Sentinel.  Or stop Blair from being a Guide.  Being your Protector is what I was born to do.  I know that now.”


“But Steven…”


“No, don’t argue with me.  It won’t do you any good anyway.”  Steven smiled at him.  “I think it’s kinda cool, actually.  Knowing at eleven what my life’s work will be.  Just like you, I’ve got a destiny and you better not fucking get in my way.  And besides it’s something I already do anyway.” 


Blair let the cuss word go.  Instead he went to Steven and gently touched his face.  “Do you understand what I gotta do, Blair?”  he asked, blue eyes pleading for understanding  as he looked up at his baby brother.


The little Guide nodded.  “Yup.”


“You’re going to let me do it?”




Steven hugged Blair.  “Thank you, little brother.  And you Jim?”


The young Sentinel rubbed at his eyes.  “I don’t like it?”


“You don’t have to like it, just accept it.”


Jim sighed heavily.  “Alright, Steven, alright.”  Tears streaming down his face he gave his brother a weak smile.  “My little brother, the Protector.”


Steven pulled him into a hug.  “Damn straight and don’t you ever forget it.  Let finish eating.”


They rose to their feet, Jim carrying Blair.  “I’m sorry for getting out of hand, Dad.”  Jim told his Father, wiping his face with the sleeve of his shirt.  He then turned toward Mr. and Mrs. Taggart. “I apologize for fighting. It’s something you shouldn’t have seen and I’m sorry.”


Blair offered his arms to Joel, who took him from Jim.  “That’s alright.  That sort of thing happens in every household.”


Steven smiled at him sheepishly as he sat down.  “We’re not exactly your normal household.”


“That’s true.”


Steven looked at his father.  “How long have you and Simon known about me?”


“About a week,” William replied, gently touching his son’s shoulder. “There were things about your attitude toward Jim and Blair that bothered Simon.  Especially seeing how overly protective you’d been getting as time went on.”


Simon broke in.  “Your over-protectiveness set off all sorts of bells.  It was oddly familiar, so I did research.  Found something in the ancient text on Sentinels and Guides.  I had a lot of trouble finding what I was looking for.  You, my little friend are as rare as Jim and Blair.  Actually rarer.  A protector to the Sentinel/Guide like you has not been seen in three millennia.  Which is why I had so much trouble find information.


Steven smiled at the quietly listening Jim.  “See I’m special, too.”


Jim snickered.  “I’d say.”


Steven frowned at him.  “Did you just insult me?” Jim didn’t answer, wiggling his eyebrows at his frowning brother instead. Steven narrowed his blue eyes as he tried to figure out what the wiggling eyebrows meant.  After a moment he gave up, shrugging he turned to Sally.  “So, what’s for dessert?”