Title:  Destiny’s Heart and Soul

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  The Sentinel

Pairings:  Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee (preslash) William/Daniel (slash)

Rating: Adult

Summary:  Completing the bond and a slight bump in the road.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies…


Destiny’s Heart and Soul


“What’s going to happen now?”  Rafe asked, pulling Lee closer.


Steven looked around the room, frowning.  “We bond, but I think someone’s…


Suddenly the front door opened and Daniel walked in, stopping short.  “Holy sh…”  He looked at the swirling colors in awe.  “Oh, now-that’s really pretty.”


“Come in, Daniel.  It seems that you’re a part of the bonding,” Steven told him with a huge smile.  “It kinda felt like someone was missing.”


They all watched in silence as the colorful lights went toward Daniel almost joyfully.  “Wow!  What do I do?”  The Shaman asked as he watched them twirled around him.


“Close your eyes and go inward,” Steven suggested.  “You’ll find your answers there. You are a Shaman, so they should come to you a lot quicker.”


“Hey, how do you know all this stuff?”  Jim whispered to him softly.


“I just do, Watchman.  Now shut up.  We’re bonding.”


Daniel closed his eyes.  After a second he reopened them, giving the gathered group a brilliant smile.  “I thought I didn’t fit in here,” he said, eyes filling with tears.  “I really thought, I didn’t fit in.”


“You do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here now,” Steven told him.  “Do know what you have to do now?”




Steven smiled at him affectionately.  “Then get to work.”


Daniel reached out and gathered all the lights to him, bathing him in every color of the rainbow. “We begin the bonding.”  He turned first to William.  “They are your heart and soul. You are their anchor. Your love will keep them steady for what lays ahead.  With your guidance they will grow strong and true.”  The lights reached toward William. “Do you acknowledge and accept your place?”


“Yes,” William replied, smiling as the lights curled around him lovingly.


“Your place in recognized and accepted.”


Daniel turned toward Jim and Blair.  “Jim. You have been called a Sentinel of a kind the world has never seen and never will again. Do you acknowledge your place and accept you responsibilities as Watchman and to your Guide?”


Jim swallowed heavily.  “Yes.”  Smiling as the lights twirled around him happily.


“Your place is acknowledged and accepted. Blair?”


The little Guide’s head popped up.  “Yup?”


“You are the world’s littlest Guide.  There are no others before you or that will come after.  It is your responsibility to watch over your Sentinel.  Protect and guide him to the best of you abilities. You are also a Shaman.  Growing in power and strength with the passing of each day.  Do you acknowledge your place at you Sentinel’s side and in the world?”


“Yes,” Blair replied solemnly, giggling softly when the lights gently tweaked his nose.


“Your place is acknowledged and accepted.”


Daniel turned toward Rafe and Lee.  “Oh, God, The lights are going to hate me I know it,” Lee said in a panic.  “They’re going to think I’m the worst Guide the planet has ever known.  They’re going to think I suck.”


Rafe pulled Lee toward him tighter.  “They’re not going to think you suck.  They’re going to think you’re great, just like I do.”


Lee looked at Rafe.  “You think I’m great?”


“Hmm-hmm, the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”


Lee smiled at him.  “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever told me.  I love you, Rafe.”


Rafe kissed his Guide’s forehead.  “I love you too.”


“Rafe, you are a Sentinel of the first order.   Your powers are unique onto yourself and will become clear as you gain strength and confidence.  By combining your powers with those of the Watchman, those strengths will double.  Both of you will become more than you are singularly.  Do you acknowledge your place in the world and accept your responsibilities to those around you and to your Guide?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Your place is acknowledged and accepted.  Lee?”


“S…sir?”  Lee stuttered nervously.


“You are a Guide of the first order, it is you responsibility to watch over your Sentinel.  Protect and guide him to the best of your abilities. As with Blair you are also a Shaman, growing in power and strength with the passing of each day. Do you acknowledge your place in the world and accept your responsibilities?”


“Yes, Sir.”  The lights twirled around them, offering love and warmth.


“Your place is acknowledged and accepted.”


Daniel turned toward Steven and Michael.  “You are the protectors of the youngest Sentinel/Guide pairings the world will ever know.  Your responsibilities carry more burdens than those of the pairings you protect. There may be a time when you will be asked to lay down your life for your pairings. Knowing this do you acknowledge and accept your place?”




Steven looked over at Jim. “We already talked about this, Watchman.”


“I won’t be responsible for your death.  I couldn’t live with myself if you or Michael died because me.”


Steven smiled at his brother.  “The choice has never been yours to make, brother.  I’ve already told you that.  It is mine and Michael’s. I love you, all of you and will do what I must to make sure you’re safe.  So will Michael.”


Jim shook his head, blue eyes filling with tears.  “No, Steven, no.”  He turned toward the bodybuilder.  “Michael, please you can’t do this.  Don’t do this,” He pleaded.  “Don’t.”


“I am a Protector.  I know my place, Jim as does Steven.”


“W...what makes my life more important than yours?”


“You are the Watchman.”


“No, Michael.  Please, don’t do this.  Don’t,” Jim begged.  “Please, please, don’t.”


“I have to.  My destiny is set as well as yours.  I can’t and won’t fight against it.”


Both Steven and Michael turned to Daniel, trying as best they could to ignore the quiet sobs coming from Jim.


“We accept,” They said together.  The lights curling around them had a different tone, darkening as if in understanding of what was being asked of the young Protectors.  Yet just as loving.


“Your place is acknowledged and accepted.”


Steven looked at the Shaman.  “Daniel, it is my place to ask for your acknowledgement.  Do you understand?’




“Daniel, your place is as teacher.  It is your responsibility to teach the ways of the Shaman to Blair and Lee.  So they may best do their duties.  As well as teaching the Sentinels how to care for the Guides they are bonded to.  One can not be without the other.  Your duty is to teach the two to become one.  Do you acknowledge your place and accept your responsibilities?”


“I do.”


“Your place is acknowledged and accepted.”


By this time the lights had encircled all eight of them.  Moving from one to the other, before shooting up into the air and disappearing.


Steven looked up to where the lights had vanished before turning toward the assembled group. 


“Well, that was intense.  Anyone for lopsided cake?”





They all sat around the dining room table eating cake and drinking milk.   Steven suddenly got a mischievous look in his eyes. 


“Hey, Dad?”


William unaware of the look as he concentrated on the piece of birthday cake in front of him.  “Yes, son?”


“You know how Daniel is part of the group and all…”


William took a bite of cake.  “Yes?”


“When are you going to ask him to move in?”


“S…Steven.” William stuttered.


Steven’s eyes began twinkling merrily.  “If you’re worried about the Sentinels delicate hearing we can get Simon to pick up some more white noise generators.”


William felt his face flame.  “Steven!”


“It’s just an idea.”


William covered his face with his hands.  “Oh, my God.”


Jim offering Blair a piece of cake.  “Leave Dad alone, Steven.  But twerp does have a point, Dad.  Why don’t you ask Daniel to move in with us?  It’s not like we don’t know what you do when we’re not here.  We appreciate the consideration, but it’s not necessary.”


William didn’t think his face could burn any more.  He looked at his sons from between his fingers all of them were looking at him with an earnest expression on their young faces. He looked over at Daniel who was quietly chuckling.


“Kill me now,” he whispered softly.


Steven looked at him as he took a huge bite of cake.  “Can’t do that.  Who’s going to teach us how to become strong and brave?  And some of us need lots of help in that department, like Jim and Rafe.”


“Hey!”  Both Sentinel’s protested together.


“They need lots and lots of help,” Steven continued, ignoring them.  “cause of them being such big sissies and all.”




“Yes, Rafe?”  Steven asked, taking a drink of his milk.  “What can I do for you?”


“You are our Protector right?”


“That’s the word on the street.”


Rafe scratched his forehead with his forefinger.  “Who protects us from you?”


Steven gave him a brilliant smile.  “Well, buddy-I’d say you’re way out of luck there.  I’ve got free reign when it comes to you two sissies.”


“What about Blair and Lee?”


“What about them?”


“You don’t give them as much grief as you do Jim and me.”


Jim looked over at Rafe.  “He doesn’t give them any grief at all.  Why is that?” he added, glaring at his brother.


Steven smiled at them.  “I like Blair and Lee better than you two sissies.”


Both Rafe and Jim looked at him in astonishment.  “You like them better than us?”  Rafe asked after a second of stunned silence.




“Aren’t you suppose to like us all the same being you’re our Protector and all?”  Jim asked, in confusion.


Steven took another bite of cake.  “Nope.”


“How does that work?”  Rafe asked.


“Says so in the Great Protectors Manual.  ‘Thy Great Protector shall like thy Guides better than thy sissy Sentinels’. ”


Jim frowned at him.  “Does not?”  He turned toward Michael.  “Does it?”


Michael shrugged his massive shoulders.  “Beats me.”


Jim’s frown deepened.  “You’re making that up.  There’s no Great Protectors Manual.”


“Yes, there is,’ Steven insisted.


“Oh, yeah?  Then show it to me?”






Steven rolled his eyes.  “Well, duh, it’s a manual for Protectors.  You’re just a sissy Sentinel.”


“Then why doesn’t Michael know anything about it?”


“Haven’t shown it to him yet.”


“You’re, lying,” Jim told him, confidently.


Steven shrugged nonchalantly.  “Okay.  I’m lying.” He turned toward his father.  “So, Dad when you gonna ask Daniel to move in?”







“Do you know we haven’t tried that telepathic stuff we did when you guys were in the hospital?”  Michael told Steven as they sat watching TV.   Blair between them reading.


“That’s true.  Wanna try.  It should’ve gotten stronger, with the bonding and all,” Steven replied.


*Testing, one, two, three.*


Steven rolled his eyes.  *I’m not a freaking microphone, asshole.*


Michael smiled at him sheepishly. *Sorry.*


*Hmm.  Well, it seems to be working okay.  Am I coming in loud and clear for you.*


*Yeah.  This is so cool.*


*Isn’t it?*


*Hmm-hmm.  So what do you wanna talk about?*


Steven shrugged.  *Don’t know.  What do you wanna talk about?*


*Don’t know.  Hey, is there really a book for Great Protectors?*


Steven smiled at Michael.  *Na.  I was just messing with Jim and Rafe.*


*I figured as much.  Do you really like Guides better than Sentinels or were you still messing with them?*


Steven frowned as he thought about it.  *I like them the same.  Just don’t go tellin’ Jim and Rafe that.  It’s just that Guides need more protecting than Sentinels do.  They’re more vulnerable than Sentinels.  Have you notice that wide-eyed innocent look they’ve got?*


Michael nodded.  *Yeah, I have.*


*I though that was just the way Blair was.  Until Lee joined the family.  He’s got it too.  They need extra protecting.  Especially from their Sentinels.*


*But, I thought that Sentinels lived for their Guides.*


Steven nodded.  *They do, but they have a tendency of overwhelming their Guides with their needs.  Remember Rafe nosing Lee’s neck raw with the whole bonding thing?*


*Yup.  So we have to take extra care with the Guides?*


“Yeah.  Make sure that the Sentinel they’ve bonded don’t run over them.*


*I don’t see Blair or Lee letting them do that,* Michael said, looking at Blair sitting between them.  The little Guide smiled up at him when he noticed.


*Hum-hmm, that’s why we needed to put first aid cream on Lee’s neck?*


*I see your point.*


*It takes someone very special to bond to a Sentinel.  Sentinels don’t really get a choice because they just…well-need.  Guides have a choice.  Either they want to bond or they don’t.*


*Does that mean they can leave a Sentinel if they suddenly don’t like him or her?*


*Simon says that it’s possible.  Especially for someone as young as Blair and Lee.*


*Hmm.  I wonder what happens when a Guide decides he can’t stand his Sentinel or the Sentinel piss him off so much he doesn’t wanna be their Guide?*


Steven shrugged.  *Don’t know.  I hope that never happens, though.  At least not with our pairings.*


*Me, too.*


“Why is it so quiet in here?” 


Jim’s voice startled all three of them. He stood in front of the coffee table holding a plate of cookies, looking at them curiously.


“Jim, you just scare the crap out of us,” Steven told him, jumping about a foot off the couch.


“Sorry, but you’re never that quiet.  What’s going on?”


“Michael and I were testing out the telepathic stuff.  See if it still works.”


Jim sat on the coffee table, offering them cookies.  “Does it?”


“Yeah, it does.  Thanks,” Steven replied, helping himself to a cookie.


“What’s the range on it?”


“Hmm?”  Steven asked, nibbling on the cookie.


“How far does the telepath thingie work?”


“I don’t know.  We probably should test it out.  Cause what good is it if it only works for a couple of blocks?” Steven asked Michael.


The body builder nibbling on his own cookie, nodded.  “Yeah, that’s true.  We’re not doing anything right now.  Wanna test it?  Blair wanna go for a ride?”


Blair now in Jim’s lap sharing lazy kisses and cookies, looked over at him.  “Yuppers.”


Michael smiled at him as he took the little Guide from Jim’s arms.  “Cool.  On the way back wanna stop for ice cream?”


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Ice cream,” he said, nodding his head so enthusiastically it sent his curls all over his face.


“Hey, I want ice cream,” Steven demanded.


“You gotta stay here so that we can test the telepathy thingie.  Hey, Jim wanna go?”


“Sure.”  Jim smiled at Steven.  “Maybe we’ll bring you back an ice cream cone.”


“Ice cream cone?  I don’t want no freaking ice cream cone.  I want a banana split.”


Turned out the telepathy thingie had unlimited range.  Michael, Blair and Jim had gone all the way to the edge of town.  With Steven still able to hear the bodybuilder loud and clear. 


Now Steven sat on the couch eating the banana split he’d asked for.  “I think that we’ll be able to talk no matter where either of us is. Being as we’re taking care of two Sentinel/Guide pairing that might not always be together. Hey, Lee wanna share a banana split with me?”  he asked as the Guide walked into the living room.


Lee sat next to Steven eyeing the ice cream.  “Hmm, okay.”


Steven offered him a generous helping from his own spoon.  “If I’d known you’d be back from studying Shaman ways with Daniel, I’d have had Michael and Jim bring you back something.”


“Sharing with you is just fine.” Lee reached over and took the ice cream from the spoon.  “Hmm, good.”


Steven smiled at him.  “Don’t mind sharing cooties with me?”


Lee smiled shyly at him.  “Heck, no.  I kinda like your cooties.”


Blair sitting on Jim lap sipping soda from his plastic cup.  “No share Steven cooties, share mine,” he demanded, offering his drink.  “My cooties bedder.”


“Okay,” Lee replied, taking a sip from the straw.  “Hmm, good soda.  Thank you, Blair.”


“My cooties better dan Steven cooties, huh?”      


Lee nodded.  “Hmm-hmm, much better than Steven’s cooties?”  he replied, tucking a stray lock of curly hair behind the little Guide’s ear.


“Hey,” Steven protested smiling.


Lee shrugged.  “What can I say, Blair’s cooties are younger.  They’re tastier.”


“Okay, I’ll take your word for it.  Want some more ice cream?”


“Yes, please.” 


They talked and shared ice cream with alternate drinks of soda from Blair. The little Guide making sure Lee got a good healthy dose of his cooties.


Since Lee had joined the household Blair had become extremely protective of the new Guide.  Going so far as putting himself, time and time again, between Rafe and Lee.  When he thought Rafe was bothering Lee to much.


Rafe didn’t fight it knowing better than to try arguing.  He couldn’t win in any case.  If Blair said ‘No’ Steven and Michael would back him up.


Steven eyed his friend critically.  “You look tired Lee.”


Lee rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands.  “I am.  I haven’t been sleeping to well.”


“Why?”  Jim asked, pulling Blair back into his arms.


“Don’t know.  I’ve been getting these weird dreams.”


Michael rubbed Lee’s back soothingly.  “Wanna talk about it?”


“Na.  They don’t stick around long enough for me to remember them.”


Blair looked up at his Sentinel.  Jim nodded at the unspoken question in the wide blue eyes.  “Go ahead,” he told him softly, kissing him on the forehead before placing him gently on the floor.


Blair went to Lee and offered his little hand.  “Come.”


Lee took it.  “Where we going?”


“Take nap.”




Three pairs of eyes watched Blair lead Lee up the stairs.  “Something’s wrong?”  Jim told Steven and Michael worriedly.  “I can feel it.”


“Is there another Sentinel in Cascade?”  Steven asked, watching the two Guides turn the corner.  Knowing instinctively they were going into the Sentinel-free zone.


Jim bit his lip as he thought about it.  Sending his senses wide.  “No.”


Michael looked at him.  “What is it then?”


Jim frowned.  “I’m not sure.  It’s something that’s got me feeling very uneasy.”


Steven looked at him, his brows furrowing deeply.  “Something like that time with Alex?”


Jim thought about it.  “Yeah,” he finally, reluctantly admitted.  “But it’s not me this time.”


“Can you tell who it’s aimed at?”  Steven questioned softly, banana split forgotten.


“Lee.  It has to do with Lee.”


Michael sat next to Jim.  “How?”


Jim closed his eyes in concentration.  “I…I’m not sure.  I can’t get anything passed vague images.”


Steven sighed heavily.  “Okay.  Try concentrating on those images.  How is it going to affect Lee?”


Jim opened his eyes.  They were filled with tears.  “It’s going to hurt him-a lot.”


“Oh, shit,” Steven hissed. “Is there some way to stop it?”


Jim shook his head reluctantly.  “No.  Everything is already in motion.  It can’t be stopped.”


“Is there anyway to soften the impact?”  Michael asked, pulling the distraught Sentinel into his arms.




“Shit,” Steven swore again.


“Blair is so going to kick your ass,” Michael told him with a rueful smile.


“He hasn’t yet.”


“That’s cause he’s been distracted by Lee,” Jim told him, burying his face in Michael’s chest.


Steven sighed heavily again.  “What the hell are we going to do?”


“There’s nothing we can do.  We’re going to have let it play out.”  Jim closed his eyes tightly.


“Then all we can do is keep our eyes open and be there for him.  Anyone want ice cream?  I’ve lost my appetite,” Steven told them, softly.  Jim and Michael shook their heads.  “Jim, does Blair know?  Could he help us figure out how to stop it?”


Jim tilted his head.  “He knows, but there’s nothing he can do about it?  Like I told you it’s already in play.  It has to work itself out.  The best we can do is be there for Lee when it happens.”


“How long have we got?”  Michael asked, softly.


“I don’t know.  A week, two tops.”


“Shit, shit, shit,” Steven cursed heavily. “Okay, we know it’s coming.  How long we got.  We can’t stop it.  So we try and lessen the impact on Lee.  Help him through whatever it is. Are we together on this?”


Jim and Michael nodded “Yeah,” they both answered together. 


“Do we tell Rafe?” the bodybuilder asked.


Jim closed his eyes lowering his head until it rested against his chest.  When he reopened his eyes they were glimmering with tears.  “We can’t.  He’s going to be the cause of Lee’s pain.”




William watched his boys, frowning deeply.  Something was going on with them.  They were hovering protectively over Lee.  Especially Blair who it seemed hadn’t left Lee’s lap in a week


Now they were all sitting next to Lee, practically glued to him. Everyone except Rafe who was watching them with an odd look on his face.  Not commenting, just watching them quietly.


“What’s going on?”  William whispered to Simon who was also watching the odd behavior with a heavy frown on his face.


“I don’t know.  I’ve tried to get them to talk to me, but they’re being extremely closed mouth about whatever it is.  It’s got to do with Lee that’s the only thing that’s coming through loud and clear.”


“Yes. So loud and clear, it’s screaming,” William replied, worriedly, watching Blair giving Lee another hug.


“Yeah.  I’m taking them all to the center tomorrow see if we can figure out what’s going on.  Have you noticed that they’re not even eating cookies as much as they usually do?”




Simon gave him a tight smile.  “The happier they are the more cookies they eat.  Something’s making waves so they’re not eating as many as they normally do.  Odd thing to notice, but it’s a true gauge as to what’s going on with them.”


“Sally was commenting on that yesterday.  Telling me she went from child to child offering their favorites, but they all refused cookies, except for Rafe.”


“Something’s going to happen and it’s not going to be good.”


“No, not good at all,” William agreed, worriedly.




Next day Simon noticed that the children were more agitated that before, becoming more and more frustrated when they refused to talk to him.


Now they all sat in the waiting room, except for Rafe who’d gone to the bathroom.


Simon was determined to get the truth out of them by the end of the day or die trying.  He bit down on his cigar viciously as he went into his office.


“Jim, do you feel it?”  Steven whispered to his brother.


The Sentinel nodded.  “Yeah.”


“Michael?”  Steven asked the bodybuilder.  “Do you feel it?”


“Yeah, like ants crawling up and down your spine.”


Steven nodded.  “Yeah, whatever’s going to happen it’s going to be today.”  He looked over at Blair and Lee who were cuddling on the couch, reading from a magazine.  “Shit, I wish Lee didn’t have to through whatever it is.”


“Me neither, but there’s nothing we can do to stop it,” Jim replied, remorsefully.  “It’s some kind of lesson.  I’m not sure if it’s for Rafe or for Lee, though.”


Suddenly there was a soft sound of pain.


“Lee?” Steven got to his feet and hurried over to where the Guide sat.  Joined just as quickly by Jim and Michael.


“Are you alright?”  Michael asked, reaching out a hand, resting it on the pale Guide’s arm.


“I…I don’t know.”


“Do you know what it is?”  Steven asked the Guide who had suddenly gone ghost white.




 Lee got to his feet and shot out of the room.


“Damn it.  It’s happening,” Steven replied, getting to his feet.  “Let’s go.”


They found Lee standing at one of the waiting room door’s swaying unsteadily as he looked in.


“Lee?”  Steven called softly.  “What is it?”  Looking into the room.  “Shit.”


What they saw was Rafe moving around another Guide.  Nose high into the air.  “I don’t think I can do it,” he was telling the tall blond male.  “I think I’m not even suppose to try.”


“Of course you can,” The blond Guide urged, smiling at him.  “It’s not going to hurt anything.”


“I’m already bonded.”


“I know, I heard. But see if you can catch a wiff of my bonding scent.  That’s all I’m asking.”


Rafe moved closer, but before his nose could bury itself into the Guide’s neck. 


“Rafe!  How could you?”


Rafe’s head snapped toward the door.  “Lee!  I wasn’t doing anything,” he said defensively, almost angrily.


“Weren’t doing anything?  It looks like you were doing plenty.”




“I saw what you were doing.  You know you can’t do what you were trying to do.  It’ll affect our bond in not a good way.”


Rafe moved toward his Guide.  “Lee…”


“Does our bonding mean so little to you?”  Lee asked softly, hurt beyond belief by what he’d witnessed.




Lee walked up to him.  “Well, does it?”


“I don’t know how to answer you,” Rafe replied, unable to meet his Guide’s eyes.


Lee wiped the tears coursing down his face.  “That’s answer enough.  I’m not enough of a Guide for you that you need to go looking else where?”


“No, Lee, that’s not true,” Rafe replied, trying to reach for his Guide.  Lee easily sidestepped him.


“It is t…true.  You were trying to bond another Guide.  I saw you with my own two eyes.  If the bond I have with you isn’t enough.  It’s now broken. Find another Guide more to your liking,” he whispered hoarsely to his Sentinel before turning and running from the room.


Rafe’s anguished cry filled the room, falling to his knees as pain tore at him.  It was as if someone had taken his insides out with him still alive.


“Michael, you and Jim see to Rafe.  Blair and I will take care of Lee,” Steven told them, quickly picking Blair up and running out the door with him.


“Rafe?  Rafe, are you alright?”  Jim asked, worriedly.


“N…no,” Rafe replied, tears of pain streaming down his face.


Michael pulled him into his arms.  “What the hell were you thinking?”


Rafe looked up at him, his dark brown eyes glistening with tears.  “I…just wanted to see if I could sense another Guide’s scent.  I wasn’t gonna bond him.  I swear it.”


Jim placed a gentle hand on Rafe’s forehead.  “You know how insecure Lee is about being a Guide.  He thinks he doesn’t deserve you. And if you wanted to try something like that you should have tried it with Blair.  Lee wouldn’t have reacted the way he did and broken the bond.”


“Shit, it hurts.”


“I can help.  Bond me.”


All three looked at the blond Guide, now kneeling next to them.  “What?”  Rafe asked, shakily.


“Bond me.  Your Guide broke the bond.  Bond me.  I’m available and I want you.”


Rafe sat up unsteadily.  “No.  I don’t want you.  I want Lee.  I’ve only ever wanted Lee.”  He looked at Jim.  “What the hell am I going to do?” he asked, tearfully.


Jim looked toward where Lee had gone.  “I don’t know, Rafe.  I have no idea how you’re gonna fix this.  Or even if it can be fixed.”


“It can,” the bodybuilder said softly.  A faraway look in his blue/green eyes.


Rafe looked up at Michael.  “I can fix it?  Make Lee take me back?” he asked, hopefully.




Rafe moved closer to Michael.  “How?”


The bodybuilder carefully gathered the hurting Sentinel back into his arms.  “You’re gonna woo you a cute little Guide.”


Rafe rubbed his face against Michael’s very warm muscular chest.  “I am?”


“Yeah.  Steven and I can keep you from zoning until you get Lee to take you back.”


Rafe pulled away slightly.  “Is that part of the Protector’s job?”


Michael gently moved the Sentinel’s sweat-soaked hair off his face.  “Yeah.  We won’t be able to keep you stable for to long, though,” he warned.


Rafe moved his face into the gentle touch, it made the pain not so bad.  “How long do I have?”


“One week to get Lee back or bond another Guide, before your senses go completely wacky.”


“I don’t want another Guide.  Sorry, man,” Rafe told the still hovering Guide.  “I want Lee.”


“No problem.  But if it doesn’t work out.  I’m available.”


“Thanks.”  Rafe struggled to his feet shakily.  “Okay, let’s go.  I got one hurt and very angry Guide to woo back.”