Author:  Angelee

Title:  Snow Bunnies

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Date: December 16, 2005

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Challenge: Sled building and racing contest where an ex of one of the couples has entered.

Rating:  Adult

Disclaimer:  Not mine

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Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.


Snow Bunnies


“No, Rodney.”


“But why not?”  McKay asked, impatiently.


“Oh, I don’t know-maybe ‘cause it’d be cheating,” John told him with a raised eyebrow.


“Just a little.”


“Just a little?  You want to build a sled that goes faster than the speed of sound.  In my book that’s cheating.”


“Come on.  I’ll tone it down a little.”


John unwrapped his power bar offering half to the scientist.  “Nope.  We’re entered in a nice friendly sled race with the Athosians.  Not the Indy 500.”


“Come on, John.  Please?”


Sheppard looked over at Rodney.  He looked so cute when he whined.  “Nope.”


“Geez,” Rodney said, sadly.  “You take all the fun out of life.”


“How ‘bout I put it back.  Come here.”


Rodney looked at him suspiciously.  “Why?”


“Because I want to put the fun back into your life, starting with a hug.”


Rodney’s eyes lit with interest.  “A hug?”


“Hum-hum.  A nice long one.  One that goes on for centuries,” John replied, opening his arms.


“Oh, that sounds really nice.  I haven’t had one of those kind of hugs since, well, since this morning.” Rodney went into John’s arms with a happy sigh.  “Oh, yeah.  That does put the fun right back into life.  You know what would make it so much better?”




“A kiss,” Rodney said, hopefully.


John kisses his forehead obligingly.  “There you go.”


“Well, while that was very nice, very nice indeed.  It’s not quite what I had in mind.  I want one on the lips.”


John cupped Rodney’s face in his hands.  “Can do,” He replied, touching his lips to the scientist, who opened his mouth hungrily to John’s tongue.   When he pulled away.  “I do love you Rodney McKay, very, very much.”


Rodney tilted his head to the side.  “Do you?”  he asked, softly.


“Hmm, hmm,” John replied, nuzzling Rodney’s mouth with his.


“That’s good.  Because I, Rodney McKay love Colonel John Sheppard, just as much.” Whispered against the lips seeking his.


John pulled Rodney into his arms.  “And that better have been meant for this John Sheppard.”


“Nope.  I meant the one I got stored in my closet back on earth.”


The pilot chuckled. “That’s what I thought?  Wanna fool around.”


Rodney pulled away slightly.  “What here in my lab?”  he asked, scandalized.


Jon started unbuttoning the Scientist shirt.  “Oh, yeah.  We’ll lock the door and have wild, passionate sex on the floor.”


“That works.”




John watched Rodney build a sled from scratch with something akin to awe.  His lover of two months throwing himself into sled building with a passion he gave his scientific work. From selecting the best wood, to what type of natural varnish would coat the sled, to picking the name.  ‘The Atlantian.’ 


“Nice, Rodney.  Very, very nice,” John told him in approval.


“It did come out rather nice.  Didn’t it?  And I’m not just saying that because I’m the most brilliant scientist in two galaxies either.” 


John fought to keep from taking Rodney into his arms.  Their relationship wasn’t that well know yet.  And Kate Heghtmyer, the women Rodney had dated after that whole Cadman incident was giving them the evil eye.


Was it John’s fault that Rodney and her hadn’t really clicked?  Her loss was his gain.  Despite all of Rodney’s neurosis, he was one fine catch.


Rodney was smart, he was funny, most of that was when he was going on about his neurosis.  John had to bite his lip so many times trying not to laugh and hurt Rodney’s feeling he was surprised his mouth wasn’t permanently bruised.


Rodney was also loving and extremely affectionated.  Seeking John out time and time again just to be held.  It seemed to help calm Rodney’s always working brilliant mind to settle, so the scientist could unwind.


It was those times John enjoyed the most.  During those times the pilot saw the real Rodney McKay.  A gently soul trying to find someone he could trust to hold his heart in their hands and love him.


John looked over at Rodney.  Seeing one very happy and contented scientist.  Rodney’s cheeks and nose were red from the cold and his blue eyes were twinkling happily at him.


“Are you having fun?”  He asked, affectionately.


Rodney nodded.  “It’s really odd to say this, but yes, I am.”  Suddenly out of no where a snowball hit the scientist on the side of the head. Rodney looked around suspiciously.  “Alright, who the fuck threw the snowball?”


No answer from the people gathered. Though, Heghtmeyer had a decided smug look on her face.


John wished she hadn’t joined the contest.  She was nothing but trouble.  John couldn’t really do anything about it.  Everyone who wasn’t scheduled to work was here.  And it really was a beautiful day to be outside. 


Snow covered the ground as far as the eye could see.  There were happy children laughing and playing in it, watched by smiling adults.   There was to be food of every imaginable kind.  Not to mention music, dancing and a huge bonfire once it got dark. He’d be damned if he was going to let one crazed person ruin it.


“Ignore it.  Let’s go, the sled race it about to start,” John told him, grabbing Rodney’s left arm. 


Half an hour later the scientist was holding his trophy up in the air.  “See, I told you, we’d win.  Didn’t I tell you we’d win?”


John smiled at the scientist.  “Yes, you certainly did?”  Rodney was so happy you’d think he’d won a noble prize.


Suddenly another snowball came out of nowhere and hit Rodney right square in the face.  “Ow!  Well, that kinda stung.”


John looked around again trying to see who had flung it.  The psychiatrist was standing there staring at them with an even smugger look than before.


“Did you do something to piss off, Heghtmeyer?”


Rodney wiped the snow off his face with his gloved hand.  “I don’t think so.  We broke it off months ago.  Way before I found out I liked you way better.”


John looked at the blond Doctor who was now talking to Tayla as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.  “Well, I’m thinking she’s not happy about the breakup.”


Rodney turned to look at her.  “Really?”


“Yup.  You didn’t breakup with her by sending an e-mail did you.”


Rodney looked at John hurt in his blue eyes.  “You have a fine opinion of me.”


John touched his gloved hand.  “You have been known to be a gruffie?”


Rodney furrowed his brows.  “Gruffie?  Is that even a word?”


The pilot gave him a beatific smile.  “Is now.”


“Oh.  I’ll be sure to add it to my oh-so-lacking thesaurus.”


“Please do.  Wouldn’t want anyone thinking you were a dumb snow bunny.”


Rodney stuck his very red nose up in the air.  “As if that’s even going to happen.”  The whole effect was ruined by another snowball hitting him in the back.  “Ow!  I think that one is going to leave a bruise.”


John glared at the Doctor warning her off, but all she did was give him an ultra innocent smile.  “I’m gonna fry that bitch where she stands.  Maybe she’s mad because she didn’t place in the contest.”


“Don’t.  It’s not important.  We got lots of better things to do. Let’s go build some snow people.”


John looked at his lover as he quietly rubbed his abused back.  “Are you sure?”




John looked at him uncertainly.  “Really?”


“Yeah. Let me show you how scientists make snowmen.”


John looked at his curiously.  “Is it different than a regular snowman?”


Rodney nodded sagely.  “Much better, more scientific.”


“Alright.  Lead on, McDuff.” The pilot lead close.  “Later maybe we can make snow angels?”


“Oh, how twelve year oldish.”


“Like making snowmen isn’t?”




The day went by pleasantly enough, except for the Doctor from Hell, who continued harass Rodney.  Trying her damnest to ruin the scientist’s day.


Continually bombarding him with snowballs.   Making rude and childish comment. Going as far as destroying Rodney’s beautiful ‘scientifically’ built snowman, snowwomen, snowchildren and a real cute snowcat, while they’d were away at to lunch.


At the devastated look on scientist face.  “I am going to hand feed that fucking bitch to the Wraith,” John hissed.


“No.  It’s okay.  You know the saying-‘about a woman scorned’?”


“I know, but what she did is not right and her being a psychiatrist and all.  Well, it’s just not right.”


“It’s okay, really.”


“We could always make more snowpeople?”


Rodney shook his head.  “No.  It wouldn’t be the same.”


“Damn bitch,” John hated the sad look in Rodney’s eyes.


“It’s alright, really.”


“It’s not alright.  You hardly laugh and have a good time as it is.  Then when you do what’s-her-face goes and ruins it.”


Rodney touched John’s arm.  “I laugh and have a good time more now that I’m with you than I did before,” he told him, softly.


John wished with his whole heart he could take the scientist in his arms, but there were to many people around and one causing all kinds of trouble.  “That’s true.”  Suddenly he came up with an idea.  “Hey?”


Rodney looked up from his contemplation of his wrecked snow figures.  “What?


“It’s still a couple of hours before the bonfire.  Wanna go find a nice secluded spot and fuck like a couple of snow bunnies?”


Rodney looked at him speculatively.  “Don’t you think it’s to cold to have sex in the snow?”


John moved closer to the scientist, he looked around to make sure no one was looking and quickly kissed Rodney on the nose.  “Damn your nose is like ice.”


“And that’s my whole point.  I don’t want to freeze something you may want to play with later.”


“If you were a snow bunny you wouldn’t care?”


“But I’m not a snow bunny,” Rodney told him, reasonably.


“For today you could be.  Just for me?”  John gave him the hazel-eyed puppy dog look he knew Rodney had no defense against.  “Please?”


“Oh, alright, but you have to promise to keep me warm.”


John gave him a brilliant smile.  “Don’t I always?”


Rodney blushed and gave John a smile so shy it make the pilot fall in love with him all over again.  “Yes, you do.  And I do appreciate it.”


“Hmm.  Let’s go find us a nice secluded spot and this bunny will love the heck out of you.”


“Oh, please, you do that anyway.”


John touched Rodney’s cold cheek.  “Yeah, I do,” he told him softly.  Watching in fascination as the scientist blushed again.  “God, Rodney-I do love you so.”


“Thank you.”


John frowned.  “You’re thanking me for loving you?”


“No one’s ever loved me before and I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”


John felt his eyes fill with tears.  “All you did was be Rodney McKay, that’s all it took.”




“Truly.  Don’t change a thing.”


Rodney moved closer.  “Even the bad bits?”


“Especially the bad bits.  I like them best of all.”


“Oh.”  Rodney met John’s eyes shyly.  “Wanna go be snow bunnies?”


“Oh, yeah.  Give me a minute okay?”


Rodney nodded watching silently as John walk through the snow to where Heghtmeyer stood talking with Beckett.


Carson, I need to talk to Heghtmeyer for a second.”


“By all means Colonel?”


John watched as the Doctor went off to talk with Tayla before turning to face the psychiatrist.  “I’m going to give you one warning and one warning only, Doctor.  Do anything else to hurt Rodney the way you did today and I will offer you free of charge to a Wraith hive ship.  Do we understand one another?”


“You threats don’t work on me Colonel.  I can let the military know about you same sex relationship with Rodney.”


John gave her a smug smile.  “They already know.  What, did you think the same rules that applied on earth would apply here in the Pegasus galaxy?”


John had the satisfaction of watching Heghtmeyer pale.  “You’re lying.”


Hell, yeah, but he wasn’t about to let her know that. “Try me.  If you doubt me ask Caldwell when the Daedalus returns from earth next week.”


“What do you see in that neurotic, self absorbed bastard anyway?”


“None of your business.  I’m warning you, hurt him again and there won’t be any place on Atlantis I won’t be able to find you.  Do I make myself clear?”


“As crystal.  You two idiots deserve one another,” she said, nastily.


John gave her a brilliant smile.  “Yeah we do.  And I suggest you check your attitude.  It’s not a health one for a psychiatrist to have.”


John walked back to where Rodney waited.  “Ready?”


“Yup.  You didn’t threaten her, did you?”




“Oh. Okay, I guess.  Did it work?”


“Yup.  She won’t be giving any more trouble.” They walk awhile in silence, until they’d gotten far enough to be sure no one could see them.  John took Rodney in his arms.  “I love you, Rodney McKay.”


“I love you too, Colonel John Sheppard.”


“Cool.  Wanna make-out in the snow?”


Rodney gave him a brilliant smile.  “Yes. I believe I’d like that very much.”