Title:  Spring Fever

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Smallville

Pairing:  Lex/Clark

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Spring bring a type of fever.

Note:  Challenge giving by Lady Q’s Spring Challenge.  This one is #1. Write a story where your character really does get Spring Fever.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine.  With apologies


Spring Fever




“Just a moment,” Lex replied, holding up a finger, still talking on the phone. 


Clark moved from one foot to the other anxiously.  “Come on, Lex.  Hurry up,” he whispered softly.


Lex put down the phone.  “Alright, I’m done.  What can I help you with?”


Clark gave him a brilliant smile.  “Today is the first day of spring.”




Clark pouted slightly. “What do you mean so?  I thought we could spend it together.”


Lex looked at his friend speculatively.  Clark didn’t look right.  He looked a bit odd-off even.  “Are you feeling alright?”


“Right as rain.  So are you going to spend this beautiful first day of spring with me or not?”


Lex frowned at him.  Not liking his attitude at all.  “Not.”


“I can make you come with me,” Clark told him with no small amount of menace. “if I have to.”


Lex’s frowned deepened. “What’s wrong with you?  You’ve never threatened me before.”


“I’m sorry, Lex, I don’t mean to come on so strong. But you’ve never refused to spend time with me.  Come on, Lex.  That’s all I want is to spend a little time with you.”  Clark cajoled, running an anxious hand over his messy hair.  It even seemed to Lex that it was trembling a little.


“And I’m not now.  I just want to find out what’s going on with you.”


Clark began pacing back and forth across Lex’s office.  “I got up this morning feeling really odd.


“Odd how?”


“Anxious. Fidgety.  Like I have and itch I need to scratch but can’t. And I feel hot.”


“What brought this on?”


Clark shrugged impatiently.  “Don’t know.  It started when I opened my window and breathed in the spring air.”


Lex chucked softly.  “Kind of sounds like you have spring fever.”


Clark scowled at him.  “It’s not funny.  I’m very uncomfortable.”


“I bet.”


“Help,” Clark asked, with a green-eyed pleading look.


Lex looked at Clark in amusement. “What the hell do you expect me to do about it?  Throw money at it and hope it goes away?”


“I thought you were my friend.”


Lex got up from his chair.  Going around his desk to where Clark was moving uncomfortably.  “You are.  I’m sorry I didn’t mean to tease you,” he told him.  Taking him into his arms, he ran his hand up and down Clark’s broad back.  “Better,” he asked when Clark gave a happy and very contented sigh.


“Much,” Clark replied, against his neck, Lex shiver slightly as warm air gently caressed his skin.


He startled slightly when Clark pulled him closer.  It was then Lex realized fully the extent of Clark’s trouble.


He pulled away slightly.  Clark?”


“I…”  Clark looked at Lex’s lips hungrily.


Clark, what the hell is the matter with you?”


“I…don’t k…know.  I need.  It’s like I’m hungry,” Clark answered helplessly.


“Hungry for what?”






“You.  I want you.”


Clark, I would do most anything for you.  You do know that, right?”


Clark was starting to move restlessly against him.  “Yeah, I know.”


“But what makes you so sure I can give you this?”


Clark began nuzzling Lex’s neck hungrily.  “Because you love me and don’t want to see me hurting.”


Clark.”  Lex buried his fingers in soft, luxurious hair.  Clark was right.  He was so right on so many different levels.  He could have this right?  He could have Clark this one time.  Even if Clark hated him when he came to his senses.  For now he could have this.


“Hmm.   You feel so good.”  Clark whispered, pulling him even closer.


Lex moaned softly.  They started a strange sort of dance.  Moving gently against one another.  Back and forth, side to side.






Lex swallowed heavily.   “W…we shouldn’t be doing this. You’re going to hate me if I let this continue.  I don’t want you to hate me.”


“We should.  Won’t hate.  Not ever,” Clark replied, carefully cupping the back of Lex’s head, pulling it back carefully so he could nibble on his Adam’s apple.


“Oh, God.”


“Hmm, you taste so good.  I want more. I want to taste you all over.  So there isn’t a square inch on you I haven’t tasted.”


Suddenly Clark pulled away.  Reaching down he tore Lex’s silk shirt as if it were paper.  Doing the same with Lex’s wool pants.


Lex’s watched in amazement as Clark tossed the torn clothing across the room as it were a nuisance to be rid of.


“That was three thousand dollars worth of clothing you just destroyed,” Lex commented in amusement.




Clark gathered Lex to him and carefully urged him onto the heavily carpet floor.  Covering Lex’s body with his own.


Lex vaguely wondered when Clark had taken off his clothes before the body above his shoved into him.  That he wasn’t expecting.  No way in hell had he been expecting this.


“Oh, God.” He arched up in pain/pleasure. 


“Mine.  Mine.  Mine,” Clark chanted as he began thrusting powerfully into Lex.


Lex gasped softly, digging his fingers into the soft carpeting.  “Oh.”


“Mine.  No one else’s.  Mine.”


Clark buried his face against Lex’s neck as he thrusted.  Licking and biting the soft skin, marking it.


“Oh,” Lex bit his lip hard as Clark began to thrust as if his life depended on it.  The force moving him across the carpet.


He was no stranger to male love.  It had been a while and Clark was by no means little.  It hurt.


“No one will ever touch you, but me.  No one will ever love you but me.  Mine.  All mine.  For always mine.”


Clark.  Hurts.  It hurts,” Lex whimpered softly.  Feeling tears of pain leaving the corners of his eyes, trailing down his face.


“I know it hurts.  Suppose to hurt.  Sorry.  Sorry.”






“Spring?  Oh, God.  Stop.  Please, Clark, stop.  Let me get something to make it easier.”


“No.  Has to hurt.  Has to.”


“What are you saying?”


Clark licked at the tears still coursing down Lex’s face hungrily.  “Mine.”


Clark, you’re not making any sense.  Stop, please, stop.”




“Oh, God.  Hurts.”


“Mine.  Make you mine for all times.”


Lex moaned softly, arching up to try and easy the pain deep within.  “Ow.  You’re too big, Clark and I haven’t done this in some time.  Stop.  Please.  I’ll beg if I have to.”


“No, don’t beg.  Won’t do any good anyway.  I have to.  No choice.  Not any more  Sorry.  Sorry.”


A particularly hard shoved made Lex whimper.  “Stop.”


“No.  Mine,” Clark growled softly.  “Won’t stop.  Can’t.”  Increasing the rhythm of his hips.  Driving deep into Lex’s ill-prepared body.


“Don’t.  Stop it. Ah, hurts.  Why, Clark why?”


“Spring.  Spring.  The time of mating for my people.  Mating, my mate.  You.”


“M…me?  Your people?”


“Mine.  Spring.  Renewal.  Mating.  Mine.”  


Clark’s body was glistening with perspiration, glimmering in the soft sun light coming in from the windows.


Clark.  I thought we were friends,” Lex gasped, struggling against the consuming pain.  It felt as if Clark was rearranging his insides.


“Yes, friends, but want more.”


“Ah.  What?”


“Mate.  My mate.  Mine.” Lex tried to push Clark away from him.  It did no good. And it seemed to anger Clark, who growled at him. “Stop fighting me. Mine.”


Lex gasped softly.  “Ow!  Stop hurting me then.”


“Have to.  First time has to.  Don’t want to.  Have to.  Sorry.   So sorry.”


“Why?  Why?”


“Renewal.  Renewal.”


Lex’s swallowed heavily.  “What?  What are you saying.  Make sense, Clark.”


“Survival.  Last.  I am the last.  No more after me.  Survival.” Clark looked down at Lex, green eyes heavy with tears.  Still shoving hard into Lex.  “No more.  No more.  Last.”


Lex frowned.  “What? What are you saying?”


“Renewal.  Renewal.”


Suddenly Lex’s eyes lit in understanding.  “You’re not human are you, Clark?”


Clark lifted Lex’s hips for deeper penetration.  “Not human.  No more.  Last.  Last.”


Lex gasped when the new angle Clark sought scored his prostate.  “Oh, God.  That feels… No more?  You are the last?”


“Last.  Renewal.  Of age.  Of age now for renewal.  Not the last.  Not the last.  Not any more.”


Clark scored his prostate again.  Making Lex arch up in pleasure.  “W…What?”


“Mate.  My mate.  Mine.”


“W…What?  Do that again.  I liked that.”


Clark gave him a tiny smile.  Shoving into him hard. “Mine.  Mine.”


Lex moaned softly.  It didn’t hurt as much any more.  It was starting to feel really good actually.  “Oh.”




“Y…yours.  All yours.”


Clark smiled down at him.  “Yes.”  Moving strongly into Lex.  “Mine.  Baby.”




“Mine.  Baby.”


Lex blinked.  “W…what?”




Lex blinked again.  “Renewal.  Not human.  Clark!  Oh, my God-no.  You didn’t just now make me pregnant?”


Clark nodded.  “Yup.  Renewal.  Baby.  Mine,” he replied, shuddering as his seed went deep into the body under him.


Lex’s whimpered softly as it seemed to scald his raw insides.  After a moment it turned soothing.  Making him moan in pleasure, at the release of pain.


Clark’s body fell heavily on his. Lex moaned at the added weight.  He ran his hands over the broad trembling back.  Clark?  Clark?”


After a moment Clark lifted his head.  “Hmm?”


“You didn’t really make me pregnant, did you?”




“And what if I didn’t want to have a baby?”


Lex watched as Clark’s eyes filled with tears.  “Don’t want my baby?”


Lex shook his head.  “Didn’t say that.”


Green eyes looked at him hopefully.  “Want baby?”


Lex gathered the tears on to his thumbs. “I might.”  He smiled up at Clark.  “There aren’t all that many males who can claim to be pregnant.  Or made pregnant by the hottest alien around?”  He gently caressed Clark’s face.  “You don’t feel as hot any more.  Are you feeling better?”


Clark nodded.  “Better.”


“Good.  Wanna get off me?”


Clark shook his head.  “Can’t.”


Lex frowned in confusion.  “Why?”




“The baby?”


Clark nodded.  “Baby.”


“Will the baby be in danger if you pull out of me?”


“Need to make sure you stay pregnant.  Renewal.  Important.”


“How long?”


“Two hours.”


Lex frowned.  “You have to say inside of me for two hours?”




“Can you at least move?”


Clark shook his head, looking regretful. “No.”




Clark smiled down at him shyly.  “Yes, damn,” he agreed softly.


Lex stretched luxuriously under Clark.  Moaning softly when it made him slide even deeper.  “Well, what are we going to do for the next two hours?”


“Cuddle?  Kiss?  Name baby?”


“Let’s do the first two, and save the last for later,” Lex replied, wrapping his arms around Clark’s body.  “When I woke up this fine first day of spring, I never thought I’d have a mate and become pregnant.”  He smiled wryly at Clark.  this may be the strangest day in history.  My history any way.”




“Not a one.”