Title:  Spring Fever 2

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Smallville

Pairing:  Lex/Clark

Summary:  How much longer?

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  A Smallville series inspired by a springtime challenge given by Lady Q.  And because Twilight wanted to see what happens next.


Spring Fever 2


“So, how long did you say we had to stay like this?”  Lex asked, running his hands up and down Clark’s back.


“Two hours.”


“Or until you know the pregnancy took?”


Clark nuzzles Lex’s face.  “Hmm, yes.”


“How will you know?”


Clark licked at Lex’s lips.  “I’ll know.”


“Hmm, you know as much as I like this, you’re really heavy.”


“I know.  I’m sorry about that, but I need to be sure.  If we’re careful you might be able to flip over onto your stomach.”




“Yes, but I won’t be able to see your face,” Clark said regretfully. “But it’ll keep me from flattening you and the baby into goo.”


Lex chuckled softly.  “Oh, now that’s romantic.”


Clark smiled at him.  “Yeah, huh?  Wanna try it?”


“Let’s for a little while at least.”


Clark pulled out very carefully.  Allowing Lex to turn onto his stomach, quickly reentering him.  Earning a small moan of pain from Lex.


“I’m sorry, Lex.”  Clark said apologetically. 


“No it’s okay.  I’m fine, just a little sore.  It’s okay really.”

“Are you sure?”


“Yes, I want this baby as much as you do.”


Clark nuzzled the back of Lex’s neck.  “Oh, Lex-you’ll never know how much this means to me.”


“I think I do.  I’ve always wanted a baby.”


“To carry on the Luthor name?”


Lex sighed softly, arching back into Clark.  “No, not really.  More like having someone to love with my heart and soul, unreservedly.  And will hopefully love me just as much.”


“Oh, L…Lex,” Clark’s voice hitched.


“What?”  Lex asked, moving from side to side, loving the way Clark felt.


“You’ve already got that?”


“I do?”


“Yeah, you have me.”


“Oh,” Lex replied, voice filled with wonder.  “I never realized…”


Clark placed his hands on Lex’s hips and began pushing him back into his renewed hardness.  “What?  That I love you?”


Lex lowered his upper body closer to the floor.  Raising his hips up into the pleasure Clark was giving him.  “Yes.”


“I do.”


“What?  Love me?”  Lex asked distractedly.


“Yes.  Very much.  I think that’s why I fixated on you.  You are my soulmate.  My one true love.”






“Oh.  Oh, God.  Are we suppose to be doing this?”







Clark stopped, making Lee moan in loss.  Understanding why Clark had stopped, yet regretting it just a little.  But wanting the baby more than he wanted to get fucked.


They could always make love later.  He wanted the baby desperately, wholeheartedly and with an ache that left him trembling.


“I’m sorry, Lex.”


Lex rested his head in his arms.  “Don’t be sorry.  We can make love later.  Right now it’s more important to make our baby?”


Clark covered Lex’s body with his own.  “You do want this baby?  Don’t you, Lex?”


“More than anything.  I’d give up all my money for the baby I’ll be carrying.”


“Then how would you spoil him if you couldn’t buy him things?”


Lex perked up.  “Him?  A boy?  It’s going to be a boy?”


“Yes.”  Clark told his softly, gently nibbling on his ear.  “You carry our son.”


Lex felt his eyes fill with tears.  “A son.”


“Yes.  Our son.”


“Oh, my God.  Clark-oh-my-God.  A Boy?  I can’t believe it.  A son,” Lex said no small amount of awe.


“Yes,” Clark chuckled softly when Lex let out a triumphed shout.  “I’m glad you like that.”


 “I am very, very happy about that.  More than you’ll ever know. Clark?”




“Can you pull out now?”




So I can face you, it’s time to plan our future.”