Title: To Love and Protect

Author: Angelee

Pairing: Jim/Blair (preslash)

Summary: The little Guide and his Sentinel grow closer and run into a few problems.

Note: Part two in the Littlest Guide universe

Beta: By Amberly and my sister Anna. With may thanks.

To Love and Protect

“No want play date,” Blair complained again as Jim straightened his little Guide’s clothing.

“I know you don’t, baby. But Dad says you need it.”

“Den Will go,” Blair replied, looking over at William balefully. “he idea.”

William bit his lip hard to keep from laughing. Blair was not happy at all at having to go. But Simon and he both agreed that to allow Blair to grow naturally he needed to be around kids his own age group. Not just around adults and ten year olds all the time. So he’d found a neighbor just down the street who looked after kids and arranged for Blair to go to her house a couple of times a week more if there was a need. Everyone knew her and she seemed to be a very nice lady. Plus Jim would never be far from his little Guide.

“Come on, baby-it won’t be that bad,” Jim told Blair, picking him up. He was treated to a wide, blue-eyed glare as Jim carried him out the door.


“Hello, Blair. My name is Mrs. Deans.”

Blair just looked at her, pushing himself into Jim’s body. Mrs. Deans reached over to touch Blair’s little arm only to have the little Guide move it away.

Jim gave Mrs. Deans a small smile. “Sorry. Usually he isn’t this way. He didn’t want to come here.”

“They’re always that way the first time. It’ll get better once he gets to know us. Want to met Megan and Casey your play dates, Blair?”


Jim looked at his all of a sudden rude little Guide. “Blair.”

Blair looked at him with angrily, flashing blue eyes. “She ask. I tell truth. No want be here.”

“Sorry,” Jim apologized, glaring at his little Guide who glared back unrepentantly.

Mrs. Deans smiled. “That’s alright. Lets have him met Megan and Casey. It should get better.”

It didn’t. Blair steadfast refused to play with the cute little redheads the same age as him. It got worse when Megan called Blair-Sandy. At one point it looked like Blair was going to throw something at her. He tolerated Casey a little better, but not by much.

Jim was about to pull his hair out or swat a little Guide butt. He finally lifted Blair into his arms and took him to a corner of the room. “What is it, baby? Why don’t you want to play with them? They’re really cute and they seem to like you?”

“You like dem, den you play wiff dem and I go home.”

“Please, baby. Dad wants you to do this. For me?” Jim pleaded softly.

“No want to. And Megan call me Sandy. I no Sandy, I Blair.”

Jim pushed Blair’s curly hair off his face as he knelt in front his little Guide. “What if I tell her not to call you Sandy?”


“Please, baby.”

“Why?” Blair pouted, little arms folded across his chest.

“It’ll be good for you to be with kids your own age.”

“No need kids own age. I gots Jim.”

“But, baby-I’m ten years old.”

Blair shrugged his shoulders. “So?”

Jim sighed heavily. His little Guide was extremely stubborn. “Please, baby-for me? Because I’m asking you and it’ll make me very happy.”

“Oh, alright,” he said finally, very, very reluctantly, so reluctantly it made Jim smiled.

“Thank-you, baby,” He said, kissing Blair’s forehead.

“No like.”

“I know. Go play now,” Jim told him, turning his little Guide giving him a gentle push.

Blair did as he was asked. He was even polite about it, but Jim could tell his little Guide was not enjoying himself.

After a while Rafe and H joined Jim. The whole neighborhood knew Mrs. Dean and usually came and went from her house at will. Earning a cheerful ‘Hello’ and an offer of milk and cookies. “How’s it going?” Rafe asked Jim as he sat next to him.

“Not to good. Blair doesn’t want to be here,” Jim replied watching Blair hand Casey a colorful block.

“Well then why force him to do something he doesn’t want to?” H questioned sitting next to Rafe.

“My Dad insists that Blair needs to be around kids his own age.”

“Why?” Rafe asked, watching the little Guide give Megan a full-fledged Blair glare.

“I don’t know,” Jim sighed heavily. “it’s an adult thing, I think.”

“Oh,” Both Rafe and H replied, nodding knowingly.

All three friends watched the little Guide try his best to do something he really didn’t want to do until Mrs. Dean ask if everyone was ready to go home. Blair practically bounced over to where they were.

“Hi, Rafe. Hi H,” Blair said, blue eyes sparkling happily-now.

“Hey, kid. How’s it going?” Rafe asked, reaching down to tickle Blair gently on the tummy.

“Better now,” Blair replied, glaring at Jim.

“Blair, please…”

Blair cut in, “Go home, now.”

“Alright. We’ll go home now,” Jim replied, reaching for his little Guide who quickly skipped out of the way, offering his arms to Rafe. Who shrugged, picking Blair up.

“Sorry, buddy. You’re out of favor right now,” Rafe told him as he carrying Jim’s Blair out of Mrs. Dean’s house. Jim followed, frowning slightly.

It stayed that way even at dinner. Blair made sure that Jim’s food was Sentinel safe before scooting Steven over slightly to sit with him. Steven looked at Jim raising a questioning eyebrow as he made room for the little Guide. “What did you do?”

“Took him to his play date.”

“Didn’t you like it, Blair?” Steven questioned, looking down at Blair who’d picked up his fork.

“No,” Blair replied, glaring over at Jim. The young Sentinel sighed unhappily. He’d been glared at a lot today.

“But why? Weren’t they nice to you?”


“Then why?”

“No want play date,” He crinkled his little nose at the word as if it were something really nasty. “Have Jim and Steven and Rafe and H and Carl. No need,” Another crinkling of that pert little nose. “play date.”

William walked it. “What’s going on?” he asked, sitting down.

“Blair doesn’t like his play dates?” Jim told him, earning another glare from those big, angrily, flashing blue eyes. Jim found himself actually shiver at the look his little Guide was giving him. “Why are you blaming me for it anyway? It was Dad’s idea.” Jim looked over at his father. “Sorry, Dad, but you’re going to have to take the fall for this. I don’t like having my little Guide mad at me.”

Steven smiled at him. “Wuss,” he told him, cutting Blair’s meat into tiny pieces.

“Better believe it,” Jim replied, eyeing Blair longingly. He was really missing his loving, happy and cheerfully little Guide.

“Blair is two, Jim you can’t let him bully you,” William told him, looking over at Blair who was ignoring what was going on around him as he chased a pea around his plate with his fork.

“Yes, I can,” Jim replied heartily.

“Jimmy, that’s not the kind of relationship you need to build with someone you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with.”

“I don’t like Blair being mad at me.”

“I know son, but this is something that’s for his own good. You have to be tough.”

Jim sighed heavily. “Alright, but this is killing me.”

“I know, son. There will always be things we have to do that we don’t like, but we must for the better good. This is you’re first lesson. Talk to him about it later when he’s had a chance to calm down a little.”

“Alright,” Jim replied unhappily.

Jim tried when he was helping Blair with his bath. “Blair?”

Nothing. No response not even an acknowledgement.

“Blair.” Blair had totally frozen him out and Jim found out he didn’t like it. Didn’t like it one little bit. “Please, baby.” Jim stuck his hands in the bubble bath moving the water around. “I miss you, I miss you a lot.”

“I is here.”

“I know you’re here, but you’re not talking to me and I miss my Blair hugs,” Jim told him wiping at his eyes, noticing for the first time he was crying. “I need you. I love you, Blair and I don’t like it when you’re mad at me.”

He felt a tiny, wet hand on his arm. “I luvs you too, Jim.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Blair. It hurts when your mad at me. If I could I’d keep you with me always, never let you out of my sight, but I can’t, you have to do your own thing just like I’m going to have to,” Jim looked up. “I’ll always love you no matter what.”

Blair sighed. “Alright, I do what you want.”

Jim gave his little Guide a shaky smile. “Thank you. Are you still mad?”

Blair shook his head sending water spraying all over the room from his just shampooed hair. “No mad.”

“Can I have a hug then?”

Blair’s arms came up offering himself to his Sentinel. Jim pulled the tiny, wet body to him. “Oh, God, Blair-I missed you so much.”

“I is here.”

“Yeah, you’re here,” Jim replied pulling Blair to him tighter. “You’re here. Blair can I ask you something?”


“Will you scent me? I need you so much,” Jim asked, shakily.

Blair nodded solemnly. Pulling his wet hair to the side offering his neck. Jim buried his face against his little Guide keening softly as Blair began releasing the scent. After a moment Blair began releasing the bonding scent as well. Jim rocked them both back and forth as he took from Blair what the little Guide so willingly gave. After a long moment Jim pulled away slowly.

“Oh, Blair. Thank-you, baby.”

Blair patted Jim shoulder gently. “It be okay. I is here.”

“Yes,” Jim said, looking down at his t-shirt. “Oh, I’m all wet now.”

“Yup. Jim all wet,” Blair giggled as he pulled at the wet material. “Take bath, too.”

“Yeah, now I won’t need to take one later.”

“Nope,” Blair replied, kissing Jim’s nose. “Jim?”

“Yeah, baby?” Jim asked as he wrapped his little Guide in a huge towel carrying him into the bedroom.

“I go play date. I be nice. I promise,” Blair said solemnly.

“Thank-you, baby. That means a lot to me. What pajamas do you want to wear tonight?”

Wolf ones,” Blair replied, offering a tiny foot for Jim to slide a sock on to.

“Okay. Blair?”

“Yup?” The little Guide offered his other foot.

Jim looked up meeting Blair’s eyes. “Do you love me?” He asked softly, blue eyes filling with tears as he helped his little Guide with his pajamas. He’d taken over Blair’s care since he’d come into his life and it was something he truly enjoyed and miss when Blair was old enough to dress himself.

Blair frowned slightly as if unsure what his Sentinel was asking. “Yup. Lots.”

The tears fell. “Will you always love me?”

Blair nodded. “Always.”

“Even when I do stuff you’re not going to like? Or I ask you to do stuff you don’t want to?”

“For always and always. Even when Jim make me mads.”

“I’m glad,” Jim whispered, unable to hold back the emotions of having someone mad at him he loved more than his own life. Needed to live. He buried his face in Blair’s lap. He could feel those tiny, hands caressing his head gently. Offering love and unconditional support. Blair began to release the bonding scent as if to affirm his commitment to Jim.

Jim found himself crying helplessly. Holding on to the love Blair was giving him, Not knowing what was wrong. Something. Something-he sensed something in the air and he knew it was going to test the bond he had with his little Guide to its limits. He cried, unsure if they were going to be able to survive it in one piece. But for now his little Guide loved him and for now it was enough. It had to be.



“So how old are you now, baby?”

Blair looked up at Jim offering his arms to his Sentinel. “I is three. Big boy,” He told his Sentinel proudly.

Jim hugged his Guide close. “Hmm, yup. Three is old. Pretty soon you’ll be able to drive us to the mall and we won’t have to ask Dad or Sally to take us.”

Blair giggled. “Silly, Jim. I gots to be as four.”


Blair nodded solemnly. “Yups, four.”

Jim smiled, blue eyes regarding his cute little Guide. The fear and uneasiness was still there. Growing until it ate at every waking moment, making him needy and fearful. Knotting his stomach until he couldn’t eat. He’d lost weight because of it. He tried to hide it from everyone knowing he wasn’t going to be able to hide it much longer. Yet the fear grew leaving him jittery and so very afraid.

Blair had taken to bonding Jim every chance he could. Picking up his Sentinel’s uneasiness, trying his best to ease it. Wrapping his tiny arms around Jim offering all the love and comfort his two year old heart could give. His three year old heart Jim amended.

“I love you, Blair.”

Blair looked into Jim’s blue eyes now shadowed by dark circles. “I knows. I luv’s you too,” He replied, tilting his head to the side as he solemnly regarded his hurting Sentinel. Tiny hands came up to gently stroke Jim’s hair. “Why you ‘fraid?”

“I don’t know,” Jim answered as he’d done every night and day for the past month, moving his face into the life-giving touch. “I wish I knew, baby. Then I wouldn’t need to be so afraid.”

“I here. I take care my Sentinell.”

Jim sighed softly. “I know you will, baby. It’s just… I don’t know what it is.” He looked out into their bedroom, not really seeing it. “Something. Something bothering me. Hurting me. Hurting us. I just wish I knew what it was. All I know for sure is that it’s getting worse.”


He looked at his little Guide. “Yeah?”

“Bond?” Blair asked, solemnly.

Jim gave him a shaky smile. “Yeah, baby. With you always.”

The party was a great success. At least the parts of it Jim could enjoy with his stomach tied in knots as it was. Blair refused to leave his Sentinel’s side. Leaving only long enough to bring Jim a hot dog and punch. Sitting in Jim’s lap offering him food. Smiling happily every time Jim took a small bite just to make his worried Guide happy even though he wasn’t hungry and barely held on to the food. Blair had to release a small amount of scent to help Jim keep the food down.

Blair didn’t leave his Sentinel’s side even when it’d came time to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. Nothing anyone tried would make him leave Jim. Blair was gently stroking Jim hair when…

“Hi, Blair. Happy birthday, son.”

Blair looked over. “Hi,” he told Dr Banks softly.

Dr Banks knelt in front of the Sentinel/Guide pair. “So why aren’t you out there enjoying your party?”

“I Guide,” Blair replied, wrapping a tiny arm around his trembling Sentinel’s neck.

The smile Simon had on his face vanished. “Is there something wrong with Jim?”

“No feel good,” Blair said, sadly.

“Jim, what’s wrong?”

Jim blinked, trying to clear the fog. “Don’t know. I feel funny.”

Simon moved closer. “Funny how?”

“Don’t know. Odd. Something’s off,” Jim replied, pulling his little Guide closer. Relishing the warmth the tiny body offered.

Simon touched Jim’s forehead. “My God-you’re burning up. Let’s get you to the hospital. See what’s going on. William? William, we need to get Jim to the hospital. NOW,” He told Jim’s father who’d come hurriedly at the first mention of his name.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” William asked worriedly, seeing his son bury his face in Blair neck with a weak moan.

“Don’t know, but we need to get Jim to the hospital now.”

“Do we call an ambulance?”

“That probably be the best thing.”

Thus ended Blair’s birthday party. All the people invited watching worriedly as Jim was loaded onto a gurney and taken from the back yard, Blair tucked tightly against his side.

“We’ve got to get to the hospital,” Rafe told H.

“Yeah, if we hurry we can catch a ride with Mr. Ellison, Steven and Sally.” H replied hurrying after the frantic father as he dashed toward his car. Simon having gotten in the ambulance with Jim and Blair.




Once at the hospital Jim sat up sniffing the air before taking off like a shot. Leaving Blair on the gurney a puzzled look on his little face.

“What’s going on?” William asked Simon.

“Hell if I know. Let’s find out.”

They all went down the corridor Jim had taken off down. They found him circling a young girl with shoulder length blond hair, about same age as Jim.

“Who’s that?” William asked eyes narrowing as he watched his son’s strange behavior.

“That’s Alex Barnes. She came on line about a month ago. Having a rough time of it, too.”

“What are they doing?”

“I have no idea.”

The young blond girl was eyeing Jim as if he were some sort of treat. Suddenly her fingers came up meeting Jim’s, tangling them together as they continued to move in a tight circle.

Jim was growling slightly as he continued to eye Alex. He pulled her close to burying his face in her neck keening softly.

“What the hell is going on?” William asked again.

“I told you I don’t know. Information on Sentinels this young is almost none existent.”

“Well, go over there and stop whatever it is they’re doing,” William demand, frowning.

“I’m not going to do it. You do it.”

“You’re the Doctor.”

“You’re the Dad,” Simon replied, listening as the two young Sentinel’s growling increased in volume.

“Do you know what it looks like?” Steven asked.

Both adults turned to look at the younger Ellison. Steven held Blair close in his arms as they all watched the odd drama unfolding in front of them. “What?” William asked.

“It looks like some sort of bonding ritual.”

“What?” Simon asked softly.

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like. A Sentinel/Guide bonding ritual.”

“But they’re both Sentinels.”

“Yup, that might be true, but I’m just telling you what it looks like.” Steven looked at Blair to see how the Little Guide was handling all this. He cussed inwardly when he saw tears rolling down that cute little face. *Okay, enough was enough.* He handed Blair to Rafe, the little Guide promptly buried his head against the older boy’s neck crying softly. “This has gone on long enough,” He said stalking over to where the two young Sentinels were. “What the fuck is the matter with you?” He asked Jim angrily.

Jim looked at him blue eyes dark and dazed. “I…”

Alex growled pulling Jim’s head back against her shoulder. “He’s mine.”

“Like hell,” Steven told her, pulling Jim away from her violently. Cussing loudly when Jim fought him trying to get back to Alex. “Stop it, damn it. You’re Blair’s. Stop it,” Steven said, finally and truly fed up, punched Jim hard in the nose. Hard enough to send the young Sentinel sprawling. Raising a warning finger toward Alex when she tried moving toward Jim.

Jim lay on the floor for a moment before looking up wiping the blood coming out of his nose. “Steven? Y…you hit me,” He said stunned.

Steven nodded. “And I’ll do it again if you don’t act right, asshole. You belong to Blair. Get that straight in your fucking head.”

“Blair?” Jim asked softly, looking around the room. Blair was in Rafe’s arms, crying. His Dad and Dr Banks were looking at him with an odd mix of horror and astonishment. Not to mention H who was glaring at him angrily. Even Sally was looking at him in disapproval. “What have I done?”

“You tell me.”

“I…I don’t know.”

“That’s not an answer.”

Jim’s blue eyes narrowed in anger. “I tell you I don’t know.”

“Well you better fucking well know before I kick you ass all over this room. Do you know what you’ve done?”

“I’ve messed everything up haven’t I?”

Steven looked over at Blair. “That depends. You’re gonna have to do some serious little Guide bun kissing. He may never forgive you for this.”

“Oh, God. Blair?” He got up unsteadily as he headed toward his little Guide. “Blair?” Jim reached an unsteady hand toward him, pulling back when Blair cringed away from him. “Blair? Baby?”

Blair raised tear-filled blue eyes to William. “Home?” He pleaded in a tiny voice that broke everyone’s heart. Except for maybe Alex who was grinning wildly.

William touched Blair’s soft curls lightly. “Home,” he agreed.

Steven watched as his family and friends trailed out the door before turning toward Alex. “Come between Jim and his little Guide again and I’ll make damn sure you regret ever being born. Bitch.” With that said he followed after the others. Simon staying behind to deal with Alex.

Blair had cried himself to sleep on the trip back to the house. Now sleeping peacefully in Rafe’s arms breath hitching now and then.

“Take Blair upstairs, please, Rafe,” William told the youngster softly. Watching Rafe carry the little Guide toward the bedroom before turning toward his remorseful eldest son.

“What happened, Jim?”

Jim wiped his tear-streaked face with the back of his hand. “I don’t know. I’ve been feeling funny for awhile about a month. When we went to the hospital I smelled something. It was…calling to me, I think. I had to see what it was. It was Alex. Alex was calling to me.”

“Were you trying to bond with her?”

Jim eyes widened in horror. “N…no, Dad. No. Never. I’ve got Blair. I don’t need or want anyone else. Believe me. I only want Blair.”

“Then what the hell were you trying to do?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know.”

“Son, that’s not an answer.”

Jim wiped his eyes. “It’s the only one I’ve got,” He said sadly. “Do you think Blair will ever forgive me?”

“I don’t know. Are you still feeling whatever that was toward that girl?”

Jim tilted his head as he did an internal check. “No.” He gave a wryly smile. “I think Steven smacked it out of me.”

“Do you need me to smack you again?” Steven asked him from where he’d plopped himself down on the couch. Glaring at his stupid brother. “Cause I can smack you around some more. No problem, asshole.”

Jim carefully rubbed his nose. “No, One time was enough. And Blair is going to get you for cussing. You know that right?”

Steven gave him a cheerless smile. “A little bite on the nose is nothing compared to what he’s going to do to you.”



Blair woke from his impromptu nap. All three Ellisons, Rafe and H having gone home with a promise of coming over later, watched quietly as the little Guide made his way down the stairs.

“Blair,” Jim called softly trying to gain his little Guide’s attention.

The curly-haired three year old ignored him to climb carefully in to William’s lap. Where he lay his curly head against the elder Ellisons chest.

“Are you alright, Blair?” William asked quietly, wrapping his arms around the little Guide.

“I is fine.”

“Are you sure?”


“Are you mad at Jim for what he did?” He questioned softly as he rocked Blair gently.

Blair nodded. “Mad.”

“Blair, please. Baby…”

William shushed Jim with a hand. “Do you know why?”

“Jim hurt, here,” Blair answered, placing a tiny hand over his heart.

Jim made a mournful sound. Kneeling in front of his father and his little Guide. “Blair, I never meant to hurt you.”

Blair turned his face into William’s chest as if unable to bear looking at Jim. “Did.”

“Is it because you think Jim wanted someone else instead of you?”

Blair nodded. “Yup.”

“Blair, I could never want anyone else besides you. You are my life. I love you,” Jim said, reaching for his little Guide unsure of the response he was going to get. Eyes closing tightly in grief when his touch was rejected once again.

“No love. Go girl.”

“I didn’t go with the girl. Something happened I don’t know what it was. I’m sorry, Blair. I’m very, very sorry. Forgive me, please,” Jim pleaded softly. “It won’t ever happen again. I swear it, Blair. I swear it.”

Blair regarded his Sentinel from where his head lay on William’s chest. Blue eyes wide and questioning. “No love girl more den Blair?”

Jim moved closer. “I don’t know what I felt toward that girl, but love wasn’t part of it. I love you, Blair, only you.”

Blair gave him a tiny smile. “No love Will or Steven?”

Jim moved even closer. “Well maybe them. Even though Steven hit me.”

“Love Rafe, H and Carl?”

Jim gave his little Guide a tentative smile. “Well not really, but I like them a lot.”

Blair nodded. “Likes them lots too. ‘Specially Rafe.”

“I’m glad, baby. Cause they like you a lot, too.” Jim looked up to meet his father’s eyes. William nodded encouragingly.

Jim swallowed heavily moving as close as he could. Terrified that his little Guide would reject him again. “And me? Do you like me at least a little?”

Blair gave him a brilliant smile. “Silly Jim. I luvs you.”

Jim reached out to tentatively touch his little Guide’s arm. Sighing happily when his touch wasn’t shunned. “Really?”

Blair nodded his curly hair. “Yup. Lots.”

“W…will you give me a hug to show me how much?”

Blair regarded him quietly for along time, so long Jim was beginning to dispair that he ever would. Jim thought to himself that he’d messed thing up but good this time. And he wasn’t even sure how he’d managed to do it either. Blair might never let Jim hold him again. Never scent or bond him. Or even spend quiet time together as Blair read to him from one of the dozens and dozens of books, Blair’s groupies as Rafe called them, had given him. Blair might only have just turned three, but he already knew how to read and loved to cuddle next to Jim and show his Sentinel.

Jim loved those times. When Blair would look up at him and smile. His little face lighting up with pleasure as he showed Jim a new word he’d just learned. Or reading a children’s book from cover to cover. It might have been a book with simple words filled with images intended for a very small child, but Jim didn’t care losing himself in his little Guide’s soothing voice. Blair stopping every now and then giggling softly asking Jim if he was purring again. Jim kissing his little Guide’s forehead gently telling him yes he was. Never denying how much he enjoyed the quiet times with his little Guide. If Blair denied him it would feel as if his heart had been cut out. Pretty much like now. The longer Blair took to respond the more Jim felt his heart bleed. Sure he was bleeding all over the living room carpet. There wasn’t going to be anything left soon. No blood, no tears. Nothing.

“I…I love you, Blair,” Jim whispered, heartbroken.

“I knows.”

“Will you ever hug me again?”


Jim opened his arms to his little Guide. Might as well go for broke. He didn’t have anything left to lose. “Now? Please, Blair? Please, Baby?” he pleaded desperately.

Blair went into them slowly. Jim gathered his little Guide to him carefully. “Hmm, you feel good. I missed you.”

Jim felt tiny hands gently stroking his back. “I is here.”

“I thought I lost you,” Jim said, breath hitching.

“No lose. I no mad no more.”

Jim pulled away slightly to look into his little Guide’s blue eyes. “I’m sorry Blair. I never meant to hurt you. I don’t even know what I did or what happen.”

“I knows. I no mad you,” Blair told him, kissing Jim’s nose.


“I mads stupid girl. She hurts Jim here,” Blair said, a tiny hand touching Jim’s head. “Know now.”

Jim moved his head in to the gentle touch. “Hmm, that feels good. You know what happened?”


“What? Tell me so I don’t let it happen again. I don’t like it when you’re mad at me. It hurts to much.”

“She Sentinel. Call to Jim like Guide. No can do.”

“Sentinel like me?”

Blair nodded. “Yups.”

“Okay, and…”

“She bad Sentinel, not good like Jim. Take what she no have.”

“Okay, and…”

“Try take good part Jim. Hurt my Sentinell.”

Jim shook his head. “What? I don’t understand.” He looked up at his father. “Did you catch that, Dad? What does Blair mean?” He asked frustrated.

“I don’t understand it either,” William replied shrugging.

“Geez, How can you not understand it? If a three year old gets it why can’t you guys?” Steven told them, shaking his head in disgust.

“Okay, genius why don’t you enlighten us,” Jim said angrily, still annoyed that his brother had hit him and had threatened to do it again.

“Alright, dumbass I’ll tell you. Blair is telling you that…that bit…girl was trying to bond you like a Guide because there’s something missing in her. She couldn’t because she’s not a Guide and you’re already bonded. Though it was hard to tell the way you were acting. That’s why you were acting like such a dork. Huh, Blair?”

Blair nodded. “Yup. Dork.”

“Is that what happen? And don’t call me a dork?”

Steven smiled mirthlessly at him. “Why not? That’s what you were, dork.”

“Dork,” Blair chimed in.

Jim sighed. “I’m going to be paying through the nose for this aren’t I?”

“In more ways than one,” Steven replied smugly.

“Hmm, yeah.” Jim rubbed his aching nose. “So that was what was making me sick?”

Blair nodded. “Yup. Nose know she here. Even if not see. Jim not know what do. Get sick, act like dork.”

Jim sighed again. “Learned a new word, didn’t you?”

Blair smiled up at his Sentinel. Yup, dork.”

Jim glared at Steven when his brother broke out in laughter. “I hate you.”

“Yup, okay,” Steven replied, unrepentantly still laughing. “Dork.”

Jim ignored him. “Is it over, Blair?”

Blair nodded. “Over.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to go through anything like that again.”

“I sure. No let icky girl hurt my Sentinell ‘gain. Know how stop.”

Jim cupped his little Guide’s face in his hands. “You know how to stop her?’



Blair smiled at him. “No worry. I take cares.”

Jim frowned, but let it go as his stomach growled loudly. “I’m really hungry all of a sudden. Want to get something to eat, Blair? And then maybe take a long nap? A really long nap.”

“Yups.” Jim picked up his little Guide heading toward the kitchen only to be stopped when Blair called to his brother. “Steven?”

“Yeah, kid?”

“I luvs you.”

Steven eyed the little Guide in astonishment. “You love me?”

Blair nodded his curly head solemnly. “Yups, lots.”

“O…oh, that’s cool,” Steven replied, swallowing heavily. “I…I love you, too.”

“Down,” Blair told his Sentinel. He went in front of Steven and offering his arms. Steven hugged him awkwardly. “I luvs you and William lots and lots.” He pulled away. “No cuss no more. Not nice,” He added, biting Steven gently on the nose before going to Jim, who quietly picked him up carrying his little Guide toward the kitchen and food.

Steven looked at his Dad who was quietly watching eyes full of tears. “T…that’s some kid,” he said, rubbing his nose lightly.

“Yes, he is,” William replied quietly. “and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Later that afternoon Simon came over to check on Jim. Only to find the Sentinel and his little Guide sleeping, wrapped tightly around one another.

“Did you find out what happened?” Simon whispered, staring down at the Sentinel/Guide pair.

“Yes. Blair says that Alex tried to bond Jim as if she were a Guide. Trying to replace something in her that was missing. I hope you delt with her.”

“She had to be sedated. Went kind of crazy when you left. She can’t find a Guide. There are Guides available, but no one wants her,” Simon sighed, softly.

“I can see why. She almost destroyed Jim and Blair.”

“Was Blair mad at Jim?”

“Not really mad, more like hurt.”

“Hmm. Is everything alright now?”


“Blair’s a special little boy isn’t he?”

“Very much so. He’s so giving and understanding for someone so young, so very young. Did you know he likes to read to Jim?”

Simon smiled. “Really?”

William nodded. “You should see them. It’s the cutest thing you ever saw. Blair cuddling up with Jim reading to him. And Jim not caring that it’s a children’s book.” He sighed. “You should see the look on my son’s face. It’s as if…it’s as if Blair is feeding a part of his soul just by reading to him, just by being with him. He truly enjoys having his little Guide around. Not caring in the least that he’s responsible for a three year old. Sally keeps offering, saying she wouldn’t mind at all taking care of Blair. I wouldn’t either. He’s is a delightful little boy, but Jim won’t hear of it.”

“They’ve gotten really close haven’t they?”

“You have no idea,” William chuckled softly so as not to wake the two sleeping boys. “and they’re getting closer. Blair has Jim wrapped around his little finger so tightly it makes my son crazy. Jim hates it when Blair gets mad at him, just hates it.”

“I bet.”

“Yes. And Blair more than makes up for it. Everything that he is he gives to Jim. His love, attention, commitment and complete devotion. And Jim eats it up.”

Simon eyed the little Guide wrapped tightly in his Sentinel’s arms. “I’m not sure that’s a good thing. We don’t want Blair to be so involved with Jim that he forget himself and becomes another Jim Ellison.”

“Odd thing that, you’d think that’d be happening, but it’s not. Blair Jacob Sandburg is a entity unto himself. No one can push Blair around not even his Sentinel.” William turned to Simon, smiling. “He’s got all of us jumping through his hoops. Willingly I might add,” He chuckled.

Simon smiled. “That he does. You should see how he has the nurses at the hospital. Everytime Blair goes in its as if they’ve seen Elvis. They get all googoo-eyed over a two year old. Oops, three year old now. It’s the oddest thing. Blair just thanks them nicely for the books and little gifts they give him with an odd look on his cute little face as if wondering what all the fuss is about.”

“It is the same wherever we take him. He gets the same response. Rafe calls them Blair’s groupies.”

Simon chuckled. “Fitting.”

“Do you think it’s a Guide thing?”

“Don’t know. I haven’t seen any other Guides quite like Blair. I think it might just be a Blair thing.”

“Probably is. Would you like some coffee? I think we still have some birthday cake.”

“Coffee sound great. And I sure wouldn’t turn down cake. We need to take Jim and Blair back to the hospital once they wake up to see if everything is okay.” Simon followed William out of the bedroom. “So have you heard from Naomi?”

William closed the bedroom door carefully. “No. I have people looking for her with no luck. I was hoping to find her. Blair needs his mother in his life.” He sighed. “Still nothing. It’s as if she just dropped off the face of the earth.”

“She didn’t take Blair’s rejection well.”

“No she didn’t.”

Their voices faded as they made their way down the stairs.


Jim opened his eyes slowly to find Blair sitting on his chest looking at him curiously. “Blair?” He said hoarsely. “What is it, Baby?”

“Jim luv Blair?”

Jim frowned. “You know I do. Why are you asking? You think I don’t love you?”

“Need know.”

“You need to know? B…but why? I tell you all the time that I love you.”

“Need know, fight stupid girl.”


“Need know, fight stupid girl,” Blair repeated.

Jim sat up, making sure that Blair didn’t tip over. Pulling his little Guide close. “I don’t understand, Baby. What are you telling me?”

Blair sighed. “Need know. Tell, Blair,” He said, tangling his fingers in Jim’s hair tugging hard. “Tell, Blair,” he demanded.

“Ow! I love you, Blair. I love you more than my life. With all my heart and soul. I’ll love you for the rest of my life. For always.”

“I luv you too, Jim.”

Jim flipped Blair over to where he lay on the bed looking up at him. Those wide blue eyes were filled with such love and trust Jim felt his eyes fill with tears. Again. When did he turn into such a crybaby? He ducked his head in shame.

“I’m sorry I’m so needy, Blair. That I have to constantly ask you if you love and need me. I’m ten years old and I shouldn’t be such a crybaby.”

“Jim, no crybaby. Need his Guide. Need me.”

“I know. But other kids my age wouldn’t be asking for so much reassurance.”

“You Jim. Not otter kids.”

“Is it because I’m a Sentinel?”

“Yups,” Blair replied, tugging on Jim till he caught on as to what his little Guide wanted of him. He laid his head against Blair’s chest listening to the gently beating of the tiny heart that was anything but.

Jim sighed softly. The heartbeat was soothing in a way that went deeper than when Blair scented him. He could feel Blair’s hands gently stroking his hair. He never remembered feeling so loved. Not even when his Mom was alive and rocked him to sleep after having a nightmare. Blair loved him, Jim could feel it. It poured out of that tiny body in giant, warm, caring waves.

“W…why do you love me, Blair?” Jim asked quietly.

“Jim mine,” Blair told him just as quietly.

“You love me because I’m yours?”

“Mine to luv and take care.”

Jim sighed again, moving slightly to where his ear lay right over Blair’s heart. Allowing the gentle thumping to warm his soul and the tiny hands stroking his hair to heal the hurt of the past month. “Even when I’m a wuss?”

“Wuss and dork.” Blair agreed and added.

“I’m going to kill Steven one of these days or at least beat the crap out of him.” Blair growled softly. “Sorry. Blair?”


“Do you think we’ll be together forever.”


Jim looked up at him, meeting those beautiful blue eyes. “How can you be so sure?”


“But how?”

“Know here.” Blair motion to where his heart lay, where Jim’s head still rested comfortably.

“Oh, does that mean we’ll never need anyone else?”

Blair crinkled his little nose. “Must. Make go play dates.”

Jim chuckled. “Yeah, huh. But that’s Dad and Simon’s idea.”

“Yups. Will and Simon dumbs. No need otters.”

“Huh? Oh, no need others?”


Jim rubbed his head against Blair’s cloth-covered chest. “No we don’t need anyone else, but its nice to have friends and family.”


Jim looked up at his little Guide. “Do you miss your Mom, Blair?”

Blair sighed. “Yes, miss Mommy.” The sigh was so sad it broke Jim’s heart.

“I’m sorry, Blair.”

“No cry again,” Blair told him sternly, pushing his head back down. “No be sorry. Mommy go, Jim no make do. ‘Sides I gots the bestest Sentinell in the whole world.”

Even though Blair told him not to cry Jim felt his eyes fill with tears. He was going to have to talk to Dr. Banks about that. All this crying couldn’t be normal. Could it? He fought back the tears. “If you got the bestest Sentinel in the whole world. Know what I got?” He asked, slightly weepy.


“I got the bestest Guide in the whole, wide universe.”

Blair giggled. “Silly Jim.”

“Yup. Simon and Dad are waiting for us to get up so they can take us back to the hospital and check us out.”

Tiny hands continued to stroke his hair, rhythmically and lovingly. “Yups.”

“Hmm, we should get up.”


Neither moved. After awhile Jim reached down for the covers and pulled them over the two of them.


“Did you go check on them?” William asked Steven.

“Yeah.” Steven rolled his eyes. “It’ll be awhile, they were being really mushy with one another and then they went back to sleep.”

Simon chuckled. “How do you feel about that?”

Steven sat down reaching for the piece of cake that Sally had cut for him. “What the mushy part or the going back to sleep part?”

“The mushy part.”

Steven shrugged, picking up his fork. “Don’t care. That’s just the way they are.”

“Is that the way your friends feel too?”

“Yeah. Jim is a Sentinel and if a little mush keeps him from going any crazier than he already is-it’s cool,” Steven replied, chewing happily on a piece of cake.

William smiled at his son. “We saw what you did back at the hospital, Steven. I’m very proud of you.”

Steven turned a bright shade of pink. “Aw, Dad-don’t. You’re going to embarrass me in front of Dr. Banks.”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about Steven. You did a good job defending your brother and Blair from a threat,” Simon told, him reassuringly.

Steven shrugged again. “No big deal. Jim is my brother and Blair could be considered my baby brother. I’m not going to let anything hurt them if I can help it.” Sally placed a tall glass of milk next to him. “Thanks, Sally.”

Simon took a drink of his coffee. “Do you think they’re going to be sleeping for much longer.”

“Don’t know. Jim was listening to Blair’s heartbeat and looking real comfortable.”

Simon frowned. “We need to be more vigilant. Jim wasn’t feeling well for a month and we didn’t notice anything. There’s something really wrong with that picture.”

William agreed. “You’re right. How could that have gotten past us? Jim lost weight and we didn’t even notice.”

“I think it’s going to take all of us to take care of this Sentinel/Guide pair. Make sure something like this doesn’t happen again,” Simon said.

“Yeah, that was scary,” Steven declared, taking a deep drink of his milk. “I’ll talk to the guys make sure they keep aware.”

All four including Sally who was at the kitchen sink looked up toward where Jim, Blair and Steven’s bedroom lay. The responsibility of taking care of such a young Sentinel/Guide pairing hitting home-hard.


Two hours later Jim and Blair were up and a little more coherent. At least enough to go back to the hospital to have Simon check them out. In the waiting room suddenly Jim’s nose went up into the air. Blair knowing to expect it took Jim’s hand in his and placed it over his heart. Reminding the young Sentinel of what was truly important.

Jim smiled at the little Guide in his arms. “Thank-you, Blair.”

Blair tilted his head to once side regarding him solemnly. “No act dork,” He was told sternly.

Steven broke out in laughter. “Oh, man-little fellow has your number but good.”

Jim frowned at him. “I hate you,” he told his brother.

Steven sniffed, unimpressed. “Oooh, I’m scared.”

Jim narrowed his blue eyes menacingly. “One day when you least expected it, I’m going to get you but good.”

Steven shivered. “Oh, now that’s scary. Tell me another one. Could use a good bedtime story, big butt.”

“Blair, did you hear that? Steven cussed at me?”

Big, blue eyes regarded Steven. “Big butt, cuss word?”

Steven looked at him innocently. “No, Blair it isn’t. It’s the truth. Jim has a big butt. See for yourself.”

Blair hoisted himself further up in Jim’s arms to look over his Sentinel shoulder. “Yups, big butt not cuss word. Jim gots big, big butt,” He concluded, righting himself. He looked at Jim who’d turned a bright shade of pink. “No feel bad, luvs you anyways,” He told him kissing him consolingly on the cheek. “Even wiff big butt.”

Jim glared at his brother who was laughing hysterically. “You are so, so dead.”

Simon and William watched the boys antics smiling at their interaction. Suddenly the smiles and laughter vanished when Alex Barnes walked into the room. Arrogantly to Steven’s eyes. She started walking toward where Blair and Jim stood. Jim already trembling.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay in your room,” Simon hissed at her. She was a pretty girl on the outside but inside she was truly ugly. That was one of the reasons no Guide wanted her. And really Simon couldn’t blame them.

“But why? When the party’s out here and so’s Jim,” She said smiling almost cruelly. Ignoring the fact she was causing Jim considerable pain.

“Go back to your room, now.”

Alex tossed her blond head. “No. Hello, Jim.”

“Down,” Blair demanded angrily of his Sentinel.

Jim flinched slightly. “Blair?” Blinking his eyes trying to fight the way Alex was making him feel, it hurt. It really hurt.

“Down. Now.”

Jim did as Blair demanded hurriedly. “Blair, baby…”

Blair looked at him solemnly. “Jim, love Blair?”

“More than my life,” Jim said shakily. All of a sudden his strength left his legs, he fell to his knees in front of Blair.

His little Guide nodded solemnly. Going to him he took one of Jim’s hands in his and held it to his chest over his heart. Tilting his head he regarded his Sentinel until Jim realizing what Blair was asking of him. He nodded slowly as he zeroed in on the beating his little Guide’s heart.

Jim sighed softly as it’s gentle rhythms began replacing the tainted callings of Alex with warmth and overwhelming love. After a long moment he felt strong enough to look up at Blair. “B…better. I’m better,” He told his worried little Guide.

When Steven had seen Alex he started forward only to be held back by Simon. “No,” He was told sternly.

“But they need help.”

“I want to see how Blair defends his Sentinel. There’s valuable information in what we’re about to see.”

“But Blair’s only three. He needs help defending what’s his.”

“He might be three, but he won his Sentinel at two. If he needs help you can go in, but not until we see if he needs it.”

Blair looked over at them. “Steven.”

“Yeah, kid?”

“Help, Jim?”

Steven looked at Simon. “Go, but don’t interfer.”

Once Blair made sure that his Sentinel was safe the little Guide turned toward the threat. “No touch my Sentinell,” He warned her.

“And who’s going to stop me? You?” Alex scoffed.

Blair nodded. “Me.”


“I stop. I protect.”

Alex came closer. “Huh, Huh. Jim’s mine. You know it. I know it. Jim knows it. All I have to do is reach out and take him.”

“ No. Alex bad, bad girl. Hurt people. Hurt Jim.”

Alex shrugged. “So?”

“Alex bad. No hurt more.”

Suddenly Alex screamed. Without Blair having laid a finger on her. Jim gasped. “What is it?” Steven asked, tightening his arms around his brother.


Steven looked over at the little Guide who was calmly standing there. Not doing anything-just standing. “Blair? What about him?”

“He’s defending me.”

“How? He’s not doing anything.”

“He’s scenting.”

Steven frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“Remember how he scents me? I’ve told you it’s a clean, welcoming fragrance?”


“He’s sending out something that’s the complete opposite. A scent that’s really gross.”

“But what about you?”

“He’s protecting me from the worse of it, but I can still smell it a little,” Jim replied crinkling his nose. “It’s something between a skunk and something that went really, really bad.”

“I didn’t know he could do that.”

“Me neither.”

Alex continued to scream hands going to her nose, rubbing at it frantically. Her eyes were watering violently as if something vile had been poured into them. Suddenly she fainted hitting her head against a chair as she went down.

Blair turned back toward his Sentinel. “Jim?”

“Yeah, Baby?”

“No hurt?”

“No, Baby-you didn’t hurt me.”

Simon and William came up to them. “Blair, what did you do?” Simon asked curiously.

Blair offered his arms to Jim. “Protect my Sentinell.”

Jim buried his face in Blair’s hair. “Hmm, baby-you did good. Really good.”

“What? What did he do?” Simon just about yelled in frustration.

William looked over at the fallen Alex. “Aren’t you going to help her, Simon?”

Simon spared Alex a tiny glance. “Yeah, eventually. Then I’m going to have her shipped to Alaska. I hear there’s a Sentinel facility over there. Got a couple of people there and what kind of trouble could she cause? First off-what did you do, Blair?”

Blair was rubbing Jim’s chest soothingly. Releasing the scent Jim was coming to associate with warmth and total love. “I scent,” Blair told Dr. Banks softly.

“The same way you scent Jim.”

“No. Scent icky.”


Jim pulled Blair closer to him. Burying his face against his little Guide’s warm neck. “Hmm, Blair.”

Simon rolled his eyes as Blair lost himself in comforting his still shaky Sentinel. “Damn. I’m never going to get a straight answer this way.”

“I’ll tell you what Jim told me. Might be awhile before they quit being mushy,” Steven offered, moving over slightly to give the Guide/Sentinel pair room.


“Jim said that Blair was sending out a scent between a skunk and something that went really, really bad. We didn’t know he could do that?”

Simon bit his lip thoughtfully. “I didn’t either. Hmm stands to reason though. If he could send out a scent to calm and bond a Sentinel he could also send out one to aggravate or to repel the attentions of an unwanted one.” He looked over to Alex who still hadn’t woke up. “Worked really well, too.”

“Yeah, it did. Shouldn’t you do your doctor thing and take care of her?” William asked again.

“Yeah, I guess,” Simon replied reluctantly. “You might as well take Jim and Blair home. I don’t want them anywhere near Alex until I do something with her. I’ll go over later to check on them.”

Steven, Simon and William turned to look at the Guide/Sentinel pair tightly wrapped around each other. Steven rolled his eyes. “If they ever quit being mushy. Come on you two quit it. Lets go home. I’m hungry and Sally’s making pot roast.” Blair and Jim didn’t move fast enough so Steven reached over and pulled the little Guide away from his Sentinel gently. “I. Am. Hungry. Lets. Go. Be mushy at home. I want food.”

Jim cleared his throat. “Alright already. Lets go. Geez, you and your stomach.” Getting to his feet shakily.

“Yeah, yeah. I love you too, lets go,” Steven told him handing Jim his little Guide when he was a little steadier.

William smiled at his three sons as they made their way to the door. “Another crisis averted,” he told Simon. “Want to come over for pot roast?” he asked the man who’d become a close friend.

Simon had been glaring at the still unconscious Alex, turned to William. “Pot roast? Hmm, yeah. What time?”


“I’ll be there. It’ll give me time to take care of Alex. Girl has been nothing but trouble since she came here.” Simon sighed heavily.

“Hmm, yes. I better catch up to my boys before Steven starts pouring salt on Blair and starts in on him as an appetizer,” William chuckled. “See you at six-thirty.”

Simon watched him go smiling, the smile disappearing as he turned to Alex.



“So what time is Sally going to pick us up?” Steven asked as they made their way to the mall exit. Trying not to drop his packages.

“Two-thirty,” Jim answered, catching one of Steven’s bags as it fell.

Sally had dropped them off at the mall so they could do some shopping for the new school year. Rafe, Carl and H were with them all overloaded with bags. Even Blair had a couple. At least some that weren’t to heavy for a three year old.

It’d been two weeks since the Alex incident and Jim had found that even though Blair had forgiven him Rafe, Carl and H hadn’t. Even after he’d explained to them that it wasn’t his fault. He was still being subjected to glares and hard hits to the arm and some nasty comments. He understood, truly he could, but they were his friends too as well as Blair’s and the punches to the arms were starting to hurt.

Just then Rafe punched him again. Jim turned to glare at him. “Ow! That hurt.”

“To bad asshole. You should have though about that before you hurt Blair,” Was the unrepented reply.

“He forgave me. Why can’t you guys?”

“Blair’s three years old and he can’t kick your ass, but we can,” H told him.

“Blair can to kick my ass. He does it all the time,” Jim replied, eyeing his little Guide affectionately. “don’t you, Blair?”

Blair smile up at him. “Yups.”

“That may be true, but just watch it,” Carl said frowning. “hurt him again like that and you’ll answer to us.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Geez, I’m getting it from everywhere.” Just then Blair made a sound. A sound he’d never heard come from his little Guide. Jim turned to find Blair kneeling in front of a box just outside the mall entrance near where they were suppose to wait for Sally. “What is it, Blair?”

The little Guide looked up at him. “Kitties.”

A man smiled at them as they all moved to look inside the box. “My cat had kittens. They’re free to good homes.”

Blair looked up at him with such a wistful, hopeful look on his cute little face. “I don’t know, Blair. We’ve got to ask Dad.” Jim sighed unhappily as Blair’s face fell.

“Oh, quit beinging such a wuss. Get the kid a kitten,” Steven told him shoving Jim hard.

“Ow! We can’t just go home with a kitten. Dad’ll kill us.”

Steven rolled his eyes. “Wuss. That’s why we go prepared. How much money you got left? I’ve got ten.”

“Hmm, I’ve got ten, too. Why?”

“We prepare. If we go home with everything the kitten needs. You know-food, litter and all the stuff they need, we stand a better chance of pulling this off. And then we get Blair to give that real cute face. You know the one that charmed old lady Reynolds into giving us our ball back when it flew into her yard. Can you do that, Blair?”

They all laughed when Blair gave them the exact look. Wide-blue eyes looking up at them beguilingly from a pale face framed by a tangle of wild curls. That same look could charm a snake out of a tree according to Jim and Steven’s dad. Now they were going to use it to win Blair a kitten.

Steven smiled at him. “That’s it. Use that on Sally and Dad and you’ll have yourself a kitten. We got to make our case. Give me your money, Jim. I don’t know how much all that kitten stuff’s gonna cost.”

“I’ve got five,” Rafe chimed in.

“Let me check, “ H said going through his pockets. “I’ve got five, too.”

“Hey, look I’ve got twenty,” Carl said, offering the extremely rumpled money.

“Cool,” Steven replied, taking it. “If we don’t use it, you’ll get it back. You’ll get it back anyway. We pay our debts. How much time we got left before Sally gets here?”

“Fifteen minutes,” Jim answered, looking at his watch. “Are you sure we’re going to be able to get away with this?

“Piece of cake. Blair?” Blair looked up at him. “Pick your kitten, kid. I’ll be right back with the stuff we need, the pet store is near where we’re at.” Steven blinked momentary blinded by the brilliant smile the little Guide gave him before he ran off into the mall.

Jim knelt near Blair and the box of kittens. “Which one do you like, Blair?”

“Diss one,” Blair replied, carefully holding up a fuzzy grey and white kitten.

Jim smiled at him. “Cute,” He said, stroking the kitten’s soft fur.

Blair smiled back at him. “Yups. William let keep?” He asked hopefully.

Jim nodded. “I think so. Steven has it all figured out and if all else fails-we beg.” It wasn’t as if Blair asked for that much. Actually his little Guide very rarely asked for anything. If Blair wanted a kitten then Jim with Steven’s help would find a way to get him his kitten. “What are you going to name him?”

“Wofie,” Blair replied solemnly, holding the kitten close.

Jim tucked a stray curl behind his little Guide’s ear. “Wofie is a good name, Baby. A really good name for your kitten,” He said softly as he gazed into the beautiful blue eyes of his little Guide. Vowing to himself Blair would want for nothing, ever. After all Blair loved and protected his as no one else ever could. See that he got the kitten he wanted wasn’t that much of a big thing. Jim kissed Blair’s forehead. No big thing at all.