Title: And He Cried

Author: Angelee

Pairing: Clark/Lex (Sort of. Kinda. Well, okay not yet.)

Rating: R

Summary: Life can suck sometimes.

Challenge: Clark wiped the tears from his eyes and decided it was time to leave.

Disclaimer: Disclaimed.

Beta: By my sister Anna. All final errors are mine.


And He Cried

Clark watched silently as Lex kissed his new wife with such true enjoyment it broke his heart.

Lex should be kissing him. That passionate kiss was his not some heartless, money hungry bitch.

No, he didn't know for sure that was how she truly was. It might only be wish fantasy on his part.

Lex deserved happiness didn't he? Yes, of course he did. But not with a slip of a girl who didn't even know how to hold him right.

Look at her over there arms around HIS love. HIS Lex. Clark fought the urge to go over there and show her exactly how to hold Lex. How to love Lex the way he deserved to be loved.

How to love him with every inch, every fiber of his being. How to bring out the animal in the conservative billionaire. Something Clark was positive he could do.

Clark rubbed his stomach. God it hurt. With hunger, but not for food. He could easily take care of that need. This was...this was a want and a need that would never be fed. Forever unrequited. Never to be sated. Unless....Unless he took Lex away from his new wife. Took him far, far away. Where only he alone could savor the sweetness that was Lex.

Could he? Would Lex get mad? Maybe scream and yell? Would it last long...Lex's anger? Would he forgive him if Clark told him of his love? Of his need? Would Lex return that love once he got over his bitch of a wife?

Clark sighed softly. She would forever be that bitch of a wife in his eyes. For she had stolen Lex away from his before he'd even had a chance to approach him. To ask for more than friendship. The deep, deep need for more. For much, much more.

Now only she would see how Lex responded in passion. In lust. Only she would feel his touches. His sweet, sweet carresses. Only she would feel his dark passion as he thrust himself into her willing body. Pale face flushed with heat, coated with sweat.

Clark never would. Not now not ever. How, god, how he hated her.

It was as if she knew. Her eyes mocking him as she tightened her arms around the man that should have been his.

Her smile grating and-oh-so very irrating. He wished with all his broken heart that he could use his power and smash her into teeny, tiny pieces.

How he wished. But he couldn't. For Lex loved her. His rare smiles and even rarer laughter were for her now. Not for him. Not for Clark. Who yearned for them with an ache that was physical. It hurt. It truely hurt.

No, he couldn't damage her. For Lex married her. Not him. The ring sparking merrily in the sun was on her finger not his. Clark could not claim Lex for he belonged to another now.

Clark sighed softly. Wistfully this time. A ring. A symbol of love gained and held. A ring not on HIS finger. Where it should be and wasn't.

Was there a cure for a broken heart? He thought not. Nothing could put back together the shattered pieces that remained. No miracle cures. No quick fixes. Nothing for him.

Gone. Gone. All gone. He watched Lex wrap his arms around his new wife and gently kiss her on the lips.

His breath hitched as the fragments of his heart remaining crumbled into dust. Blowing away in the winds of the love Lex obviously felt for his new wife.

Clark wiped the tears from his eyes and decided it was time to leave. No love for him here. Not now. Not ever.

In his anguish, in his utter misery and thru the haze of hot tears he never saw a pair of beautiful blue eyes follow as he made his way to the door.