Title: Snowdrift

Date: Dec 16

Pairing: Jayne/Simon

Fandom: Firefly

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jayne, Simon alone in damaged shuttle.

Disclaimer: Disclaimed

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Note: Words you might like to know. Mei-mei- little sister Gorram-damn, Dong ma-understand. Tianna-Oh God. Translations found at

Beta: By my sister Anna. All final errors are mine. With apologies.



I ain’t stupid.”

“I never said you were, Jayne.” Simon told his burly companion.

“I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“I know.” Simon replied. Applying the bandage to the cleansed, medicated wound on Jayne’s forehead.

“Really I didn’t. I went snow blind for a second. I swear there wasn’t snow there when I decided to go that a way and all of a sudden there it was and we’d hit it before I could pull up.”

Simon sighed. Looking in to the remorseful blue-gray eyes staring up at him. “I know, Jayne. Don’t worry about it. Mal will find us eventually.”

“Yeah, but it takes time and I know you wanted to spend Christmas with you Mei-mei.”

“I did. I still can. They’ll find us. And besides I can spend Christmas with River when we get back to Serenity . You didn’t mean to get us stuck.”

“I didn’t. Really I didn’t.”

Simon sighed again. “Don’t sweat it, Jayne. I don’t mind spending Christmas with you.”

Jayne’s eyes widened in surprise. “Me?”

Simon smiled. “Yes. You.”

“I thought you didn’t even like me.”

“I don’t mind you, Jayne. Dong ma?”

“We don’t exactly move in the same circles you and I.” Jayne replied, stretching his massive bulk in the cramped shuttle. Jayne was big, really big. He towered over all most everyone.

Simon looked out of one of the many shuttle windows. For as far the eye could see there was only snow. Snow, more snow and yet more snow.

The snow had been blowing fast, violently, creating an ever-changing landscape of shifting snowdrifts. Jayne going low to avoid detection after picking up medical supplies for Serenity slammed into one of them before the mercenary could pull up and now the shuttle refused to start.

It could have happened to anyone. It truly could have. Only Jayne seemed to refuse to believe that.

It could have to do with the fact that most people thought Jayne Cobb had not a single whole marble in his bag. Which was not true. He might be a mercenary who’d go with whoever gave him the best offer. He might be gruff, dirty and occasionally uncouth. But what had ended them in a non-working shuttle in the middle of a violent snowstorm could have happened to anyone.

“No, in another world we probably wouldn’t have. But we do in this one.” Simon told him softly.

He sat down opposite Jayne. Legs stretched out along side Jayne’s. The mercenary was big, really big. And the heat coming off of him would keep the doctor warm despite the cold that was starting to seep in from outside. At least along the side where their legs touched.



“I’m starting to get cold.”

Jayne sighed heavily. “Yeah, me too.”



“I know how we can keep warm?” Simon told him conversationally.

“Oh, yeah?”


“Do you trust me?”

Jayne opened his eyes slightly. “Not really.”

“Oh.” Simon said, disappointed.

“Don’t take it personal. I don’t trust anyone.”

“Oh. Alright then. Jayne?”


“I’m really cold.”

The blue-gray eyes opened all the way as they started at Simon. The Doc was starting to shiver noticeably. Blue eyes meet his hopefully.

“Oh, alright. Come here.” He told him grudgingly, opening his arms.

Simon gave him a brilliant smile as he scrambled into them. “Thank-you, Jayne.” He told the mercenary happily burying himself deep into his burly bulk.

“Yeah, well don’t be getting no ideas there, Doc.”

“Okay. Jayne?”

“What now?”

“I’m still cold.”

The mercenary heaved a deep sigh. “Gorram, what do you want?”

“Spread your legs so I can go between them.”


Simon looked up to met outraged eyes. “Spread your legs so I can go between them. “Come on, Jayne. I promise not to compromise your virtue. It’s just that there’s more of you then there is of me. And I’m really cold.” Simon said plaintively.

Reluctantly Jayne spread his legs. Allowing Simon to go between them. “Nice.” Was the comment as the doctor made himself comfortable. “Tangle your legs over mine.” He demanded after a moment.

Jayne rolled his eyes, but did as he was told. Simon was practically in his lap. Head tucked under his chin. “Happy, now?” He asked sarcastically.

Simon wiggled happily for a moment. “Oh, yeah. You’re really warm.”

“Well, I’m glad I’m good for something.”

“Tianna, if I’d known you were so warm I’d have gone to you instead of looking for extra blankets back on Serenity.”

Jayne chuckled. “Know how that sounds, Doc?”

Guileless blue eyes looked up at him. “Huh?”

“Doc, you can’t be that much of a innocent.”

Cold hands buried themselves into Jayne’s clothing seeking out skin. “What are you talking about, Jayne?”

The mercenary shivered as they found it. “Damn, your hands are cold.”

“They won’t be for long.” He was told contently. A head burying itself once again under his chin.

Jayne rubbed his face against Simon’s soft hair. “Doc, are you comin’ on to me?”

“And if I am?” Simon said defiantly.

“Then I might be a takin’ you up on it.”



Simon sighed sadly. “But it’s to damn cold in here. We’ll freeze.”

“All you gotta do is turn on the heaters.”


Jayne nodded. “Yup, all shuttles have them.”

“But I thought they weren’t working when we hit the snowdrift.”

“Different system.”

“You made me think we were going to freeze to dead?”

“Never said that, did I?”

“Why did you make me think we didn’t have heat?” Simon asked, pulling away slightly.

“Wanted to see what you’d do.” Jayne replied pulling him back.

“Were you trying to get me into your pants?”

“Hmm, yup.” Came the unrepented reply.

“Oh, okay. Turn on the heat and I’ll see what I can do.” Jayne reached up and flipped a switch. “Oh, you bastard.” Simon said with a smile.


The small shuttle quickly filled with warmth. “Oh, yeah. That’s much, much better.” Simon said. He turned to Jayne. “That’s not saying that I didn’t like how I was keeping warm before. Okay, let see about getting me into your pants.” The mercenary jumped. “Oops, hand still cold?”

“Fuckin’ hell, Doc.” Jayne complained, half-heartedly.

“Think of it as revenge for not telling me about the heaters.”

“Fair enough.”


“Yeah, Doc?”

Simon eyed Jayne’s mouth. “Can I kiss you?”

“Why surely.” The mercenary replied.

Their lips met in their first kiss. At first just a gentle touching of lips. Slowly becoming more heated. Simon opening his mouth wide kissing Jayne hungrily. Slowly he pulled away, biting Jayne’s lower lip.

“You taste good, Jayne.” He said, licking at the small hurt.


“Hmm. Can I uncover you? You’ve got way to much clothing on. To hard to reach you.” His hands beginning to unbutton and unzip before Jayne had had an chance to respond. “Nice. Very, very nice.”

Jayne was big everywhere. Simon’s hands went between the mercenary’s legs rubbing hard. Making Jayne flinch Yup, big very big.

“Wow, there Doc. Real sure of yourself, ain’t ya? You sure ain’t sweet no angel.”

“Never claimed to be an angel, Jayne. Sweet or otherwise.” Simon whispered against Jayne’s chest. Mouth seeking and finding a tiny nipple waiting for him to suck.

He did hungrily. Smiling inwardly when Jayne’s big hands tangled in his hair pulling him close against his chest, moving Simon gently against him as the big man sought more contact.

“Tianna.” Jayne moaned softly. “Other one, Simon. Please the other one’s missin’ the attention.”

Simon let the mercenary tug his head over toward the other waiting nipple. “Sensitive, here?”


Kneading the big man’s chest Simon pushed more of Jayne into his mouth. Licking and sucking hungrily. The mercenary tasted good, so good.

“Let me love you, Jayne. Please let me love you.” He pleaded softly.


“Please, please.” Simon began urgently pulling at Jayne’s clothing.

When all the many layers Jayne wore were tossed aside Simon looked at the big body. “Oh, Jayne your gorgeous.”

He had the honor of seeing the big, buff mercenary blush a bright red. “You ain’t suppose to be a sayin’ such things, Doc.”

“But why?”

“Cause we’s fellas.”

Simon ran his hands over the miles and miles of warm flesh that was Jayne Cobb. “Well that’s just fucked up. And I can say you’re gorgeous if I want. And you’re one fine specimen of maleness, Jayne Cobb.” He sighed happily.

The blush deepened. “Doc.” He said self-consciously.

Simon smiled. “Okay, I’ll stop. Lay back, Jayne.”

Blue-gray eyes looked at him distrustfully. “Why?”

Simon urged the big body down. “Because I’m about to give you the loving of a lifetime.”

Jayne smiled as he complied. “Modest ain’t ya?”

“Oh, yeah.” Simon replied. “My mom always said that about me. Simon Tam you are a modest boy, she use to tell me all the time.”

Jayne smiled shyly at him. “Aren’t you gonna take your clothes off?”

Simon thought the shy smile was kinda cute coming from a big, bad mercenary type, as he very carefully laid his body on top of Jayne’s. “No, not just yet.”

“That don’t seem fair.”

Simon smiled. “Don’t worry so much, Jayne. You’re going to like what I have planned for you.”

“Oh, yeah?” The mercenary said skeptically.

“Hmm.” Simon replied.

With that said proceeded to drive the big mercenary half out of his mind. There wasn’t an inch of Jayne’s big body that missed Simon’s gentle, loving touch. From the top of Jayne’s forehead to his toes and every gorram inch in between. Time seemed to stand still for the mercenary as he gave himself to Simon’s tender, enthusiastic care.

“Simon, Simon. Please you’re makin’ me crazy.”

“Hmm.” Simon replied. Unable to form words as he enthusiastically sucked on Jayne’s big toe.

Jayne glared down at him. “Don’t make me go down there a gettin’ ya.”

Simon laughed. “Oh, alright.” He replied, rubbing his still clothed body against Jayne’s. He kissed the mercenary passionately before whispering into his ear. “Turn over.”

Jayne’s big hands pulled Simon’s shirt free of his pants. “Why?”

“I’m not done with you. I still need the other side.”

Jayne shook his head fighting Simon as the doctor urged him over. “No. You made me crazy doin’ the front.”

Simon kissed him again. “Please, Jayne. You’ll like it, I promise.” He plead, licking Jayne’s lips urgently, hungrily, over and over. “Please. Please.”

The big man sighed softly. “I’m doin’ this against my better judgment.” He said, reluctantly turning over.

Simon kissed the back of his neck earning a shiver. “You’re going to love what I have planned.”

“Hmm.” Jayne replied, burying his head in his arms.

The mercenary’s skepticism didn’t last long. Simon paid just as careful attention to the back as he had to Jayne’s front. Warm kisses followed by loving licks and gentle nibbles made their way all the way down to make their way partially back up. Settling at Jayne’s rump.

For a time Simon lay his head on the warm mounds of flesh. Running his hands over Jayne’s thighs. Listening to the sounds of contentment Jayne was making as he waited to see what Simon did next.

Jayne’s eyes snapped opened when he felt Simon’s hands part his flesh and a very warm, wet tongue invaded him.

“Simon.” He gasped, shocked. “Don’t be a doin’ that.”

Warm puffs of air caressed him as Simon laughed quietly, before the tongue began lapping at him delicately.

Jayne felt his eyes widen at the shock of such an intimate touch. No one had ever done such a thing to him before. Never.

“S…Simon?” He questioned softly. The only response he got was the tongue increasing it’s lapping motion. “Doc?”

Simon smiled to himself as Jayne began moving back and forth as if he wasn’t sure if he wanted more or wanted to get away. Simon thrust his tongue deep, wiggling a hand underneath at the same time. Simon smiled inwardly. The mercenary was hard as a rock. He wasn’t going anywhere Jayne was going to stay right where he was.

Simon gently, insistently encouraged Jayne to kneel up. Allowing him better access to all parts of his body. Simon licked hungrily, making the mercenary moan in need. He pushed closer into the warm flesh, seeking to go deeper. Loving the sounds Jayne was making.

“Simon, Simon, Simon.” Jayne chanted softly.

Simon pulled away. “What, what, what?”

“More, more, more.” Jayne groaned.

Simon wet his finger before gently inserting it into Jayne’s body seekingly. Finding what he sought he stroked hard making the big body under him shuddered violently.

“Like that?” He whispered into the nearest ear, biting the lobe.

“Bastard.” Jayne cursed, pushing back into the finger.

“Nope. Mommy and Daddy where married, I assure you. And you still like it don’t you?”

Jayne refused to answer. Moving his head away from Simon’s mouth almost angrily. So in retaliation Simon added another finger. Chuckling wickedly when Jayne gasped harshly at the intrusion into his body. “You’re no virgin to male loving, so I don’t know why you’re getting all huffy about it.”

“N…never said I was a virgin did I? Gotta get relief some how.” Jayne replied defensively, arching his head back when Simon added a third finger. “Ah, you’re no angel either. Know exactly what you’re doin’ doncha?”

“Hmm, hmm.” Simon replied using his free hand to stroke Jayne hard. “ Yeah I know my way around a male body, but that might just be because I’m a doctor.”

Jayne didn’t know if he should push back or move forward into the maddening hand or those gently thrusting fingers. “Right.” He scoffed. “And here I thought you were all prim and proper like. Purer than the snow out side the shuttle.”

Simon laughed. “Whatever gave you that idea?” Sensually licking at the sweat now covering the big, shuddering body under him.

Jayne choked out a dry laugh. “ Turns out you’re just a slut like me, ain’t ya.”

“Stick’s and stones, Jayne, stick and stones. You’re body is extremely sensitive to touch I like that. I like that a lot.”

Simon withdrew the fingers, but before Jayne could voice a complain he’d undone his pants coating himself with the same cream he’d used on Jayne’s forehead and entered the big mercenary’s body with a gentle shove.

“Ah, tianna.” Jayne moan echoed through the shuttle.

“Oh, yeah. You’re no innocent to this kind of loving are you, Jayne? Don’t think I needed the cream at all, you were so ready for me.”

“You ain’t exactly an angel yourself, Doc?” Jayne repeated in annoyance. “So don’t a be makin’ comments about my experiences.”

Simon opened his shirt spreading it wide he laid his body all along Jayne’s back. “No, angel, Jayne. Not even close to being an angel and you better quit insulting me or I’m going to stop. Do you want that?” Wrapping his arms around the big, very warm, shuddering body under him as he began thrusting-hard.

“Tianna.” Jayne whispered, dropping his head on to the floor of the shuttle and raising his butt to allow for deeper penetration. “Yes. Yes.”

“You like?” Simon asked. Nibbling on the back of the mercenary’s neck as he moved from side to side.

“Tianna.” Jayne repeated. “Yes.”

“You’re a big boy aren’t you, Jayne? I like my boys buff and big all over. Especially here.” He said, stroking hard, earning a harsh moan of pleasure/pain from the mercenary.

“A…and s…slightly s…stupid.” Jayne stuttered hoarsely.

“You’re not stupid, Jayne. Don’t say you are.”

Simon increased the thrusting until he had the mercenary’s big body moving back and forth into it. It was hard, it was fast and it was extremely satisfying to both. Jayne hadn’t been done this good in along time, if ever. He couldn’t last, he knew he couldn’t.

He keened softly as he filled Simon’s hand with his seed. He’d never had a lover that was quite as enthusiastic as the Doc before. He was going to be walkin’ funny for a while. Not that he minded. He wondered if Simon would do him some more when they got back to Serenity? He hoped so.

Simon had found release when Jayne did. Unable and unwilling to fight the spasming muscles yet refusing to pull free of the tight warmth he was encased in.



“You taste good.” Simon whispered, licking the warm milky fluid from his hands happily. Making soft appreciative sounds.

Jayne gasped, feeling himself harden all over again. It hurt, it was too soon, but there it was. “Doc you’re gonna be the death of me.” He panted.

“No way, baby. I don’t want you dead. I like the way you feel alive and so very warm way, way, way to much.”

“Aren’t you gonna get out of me?” Jayne asked, moving restlessly.

“Why, you want me to?”

Jayne turned his head slightly offering his lips. “Not really, but I want my turn.”

Simon gave him a brilliant smile. “Really?” He asked, before kissing the mercenary. Tugging on his lower lip lovingly as he pulled away.

“Yeah. This ain’t gonna be on of them one-sided affairs, is it?”

“No, Jayne. We will be equal in all things.”

“Well then get out of me. It’s my turn.”

Simon ran his hands lovingly over Jayne’s abdomen going lower to stroke the mercenary until he was rock hard and aching. “I’ll get out, but no way am I done with you.” He told him softly, pulling out slowly making Jayne.

Jayne felt hands caress his back soothingly before parting him one more time, “Simon? Doc, what are you doin’?” He asked nervously.

All he got for his trouble was that evil chuckle before a warm wet tongue began lapping hungrily at him once again.

“No. Doc, don’t.” He protested weakly. “That ain’t right.”

It continued until Simon was good and ready to stop and by that time Jayne was a mass of screaming, ultra-sensitive nerve endings. He didn’t know if he should be disappointed or not, when the maddening tongue moved away.

“Jayne?” Simon laid his head against a warm, quivering flank.


“How fast do you want to get back to Serenity?”

“Huh?” Jayne replied, distracted by the hand running sensually over his body.

“Well, if you’re in a hurry to get back, I suggest you reach up and turn on the homing beacon I turned off after we hit that big snowdrift.”

“Doc!” The mercenary said, a bit shocked by Simon’s forwardness.

Jayne shuddered violently when Simon mounted him again sliding deep and began thrusting with an enthusiasm that belied the fact he’d already come once.

That gorram, homing beacon could stay off for awhile. A long while. Seemed Simon wasn’t done with him and he still hadn’t had his turn yet.

“Merry Christmas, Jayne.” Simon whispered into his ear, biting it hard.

Jayne grunted a response. It’d be along time before Jayne would even think about turning on the homing beacon. A real long time.