Title: Stealing Lex

Author: Angelee

Pairing: Clark/Lex

Rating: NC-17

Declaimer: Disclaimed

Summary: Does the end justify the means?

Challenge: Because I’m exiled, and alone, and a long way from home and when I’m with you…it doesn’t feel so bad.

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Note: Sequel to And He Cried and Watching Lex.

Beta: By my sister Anna. With thanks. All final errors are mine.

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Stealing Lex


Clark was trembling as he looked over at Lex nervously.

Who was watching him quietly. To quietly.

Everything had gone according to plan. He’s stolen Lex with no problem. He’d even done it in front of the Bitch. Just so she’d know who she was dealing with.

Secrets be damned. He wanted Lex and he intended to have Lex.

“Lex?” Clark nibbled his thumb anxiously. “Talk to me.”

“Well, Clark-I really don’t think there there’s much to say at this point. Besides what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Lex told him from his sitting spot on a bale of hay.

Clark had found an abandoned farm just outside of Smallville. Nobody came here. Nobody even knew it existed besides him. And well now Lex.

“You married her, Lex.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Without even asking me.”

Lex’s almost invisible eyebrows went up. “And why would I need your permission to marry, Clark?” He asked in a deadly calm voice.

Clark flinched. “That’s not what I’m saying, Lex. I…you should have asked me.”

“Ask you what, Clark? Are you feeling alright?”

Clark looked at him woefully. “No.”

“What’s wrong, Clark?”

“You should have asked me.”

Lex sighed heavily. “Asked you what?”

“If I wanted to marry you.”


“You automatically went with the b…” Clark caught himself. “But what of me?” He asked quietly.

“Clark, your sixteen. Sixteen fucking years old. Your still a baby.”

“I’m not a baby.” Clark practically shouted. “I love you, Lex.” He said softer, calmer.

“Y…you love me”?

Clark nodded pushing his unruly hair off his face. “Yes. I have for a long time.”

“I didn’t know.”

“I never got a chance to tell you. You married the b…her before I got a chance to tell you.”

Clark looked pleadingly at Lex. Everything he was feeling was showing clearly in his hazel eyes. “Do you love me even a little bit?”


“Please, Lex. Please.”

Lex turned away from Clark. Looking out over the abandoned barn, the very strong boy had spirited him to. With no effort at all. No real effort whatsoever.

Slowly he turned to face the violently trembling boy. “I do have feelings for you, Clark. I do.”

“B…but do you love me?”

“Is that why you brought me here? To see if I love you?”

Clark nodded. “I needed to find out. Away from the castle. Away from my parents. And away from the…your wife.”

“Away from the distractions?” Lex asked with a tiny smile.

“Y…yes. Please answer me, Lex. Do you love me? Could you love me-at least a little bit.?”

“Do you know why I married her?”

Clark sighed heavily. Heart breaking a little more with every second Lex didn’t answer his question . “N…no.”

“You’re sixteen years old, Clark. Sixteen.”


“You’re so young. So fucking young. She’s twenty-three. My age. My bloody age. She’s not a baby just out of diapers.”

“Quit calling me a baby. I’m not a baby. I’m not even human.”

Lex gave him a twisted smile. “That much is obvious, my friend. One minute I’m talking to my wife-the next I’m among the hay bales and sawdust.”

Clark flinched. “I’m sorry did I hurt you?” He asked hesitantly.

“No, Clark. I’m fine.” Lex meet Clark’s eyes. “If I asked you something would you answer me truthfully?”

“If I can.”

“If I asked you to take me back to my wife, would you? Could you?”

Lex watched those really broad shoulders slump. Tears began coursing down Clark’s pale face.

“Yes.” Clark told him forlornly, reluctantly.


“Because I love you.”

“Enough to let me go?”


“To see if I’ll come back?”

“Yes, Lex.” Clark wiped the tears away with the back of his hand.

“You love me that much?”

“Yes, Lex. With everything that I am.”

Lex smiled at Clark. “Well, that’s good to know. For awhile there I thought you had gone completely and totally bonkers.”

Clark gave him a weak smile. “Maybe a little. What gave me away?”

Lex moved closer to the still trembling boy. “Maybe the fact that you were always watching me. Or me with my wife. The fact that your beautiful hazel eyes were always shooting daggers at her.”

“She kept taunting me, Lex.”

“Or the fact that yesterday you were growling. Were you growling at me or her, Clark?”

Lex was close, so close Clark could almost reach out and touch him. He wanted to so badly he ached with the need for it.

“A…at her. She was giving me these looks, Lex. Laughing at me. Taunting me with the fact she had you and I didn’t.”

Lex moved closer. “Would you have hurt her?”

“I wanted to, Lex. I really did. But you loved her. You married HER.”

Lex reached up to gently wipe the tears away. “I married her, but I never said I loved her.”

Clark moved his face into the gentle caress. His eyes closing he sighed softly. Lex’s touch felt so good. Suddenly something Lex said clicked and Clark’s eyes snapped opened.


Lex closer still. “I never said I loved her, Clark.”

Suddenly there was hope. A small flicker. Tiny as it was, it was there. Enough to spark a tiny flame of hope in Clark’s heart.

“What are you saying, Lex?”

“Why did you steal me away, Clark?”

“I…I wanted to be with you. To see if maybe I could make you forget her and love me. Don’t be mad, Lex. Please, please don’t be mad.” Clark pleaded softly.

Lex watched those beautiful hazel eyes fill with renewed tears. He went over and carefully, gently pulled Clark into his arms. As if he were made of the most delicate of crystals. Precious and extremely rare.

Sighing heavily Clark buried his face in Lex’s shoulder. It was just as he thought. Lex’s shoulder was truly comfortable. He sighed almost happily. Still sad, but feeling better at being held by his love. Even if Lex didn’t love him back.

Hands ran over his back, soothingly. “I’m not mad, Clark. I could never be mad at you.”

“Could you maybe love me? Maybe just a little bit?” Clark’s voice trembled.

Lex tightened his hold over the fragile boy. “Why, Clark? Why is my love so important to you?”

“You are my heart and soul, Lex. The other half of me.” Clark replied, looking up into Lex’s eyes. “Love me.” He whispered softly. “Let me love you.”

Clark was trembling so violently he was actually moving Lex with the force of it.

“Clark, you need to calm down a little. Or you’re going to move us into the next room with neither of us having taken a step.”

Clark gave a shakily laugh. “I’m sorry, Lex. It’s just…I want you so much. I’m scared. I’m excited, happy, and sad all at the same time. I can’t seem to stop shaking.”

“Okay, well then hold on to me and don’t let go.”

Clark did as Lex suggested. The warm, caring hands moving up and down his back went along way to calming his nerves. He moved away slightly to cup Lex’s face.

“Let me love you.” He whispered softly against Lex’s lips. “Let me love you.” He repeated over and over as he kissed Lex.

Heartened when Lex didn’t refuse him. He took Lex’s left hand tugging him over to a corner of the abandoned barn where he’d made a nest of blankets and pillows.

Carefully and oh-so-gently he laid Lex down. With trembling hands he opened Lex’s shirt. Spreading the expensive material wide he exposed tender, white flesh.

“So beautiful. So very beautiful.” He whispered softly.

Growing more confident he carefully shredded Lex’s pants as if it where paper. He tossed the remains to the side.

Lex watched him quietly. Neither fighting or helping. Just watching.

“Oh, God, Lex you’re so beautiful.”

Lex was pale, so very pale. With no hair anywhere.

“So soft.” Clark said. As he ran his hands over Lex’s pale abdomen. “Like velvet.”

Clark moved away slightly, tugging at his own clothing. He needed them off and he needed them off now. Done he laid his body over Lex’s matching them part for part, he began to move.

“Lex. Oh, God, Lex. This is heaven. You feel so good.” He looked down at the blue eyes still quietly watching him.

Lex didn’t find him repulsive. He was hard against him even if all he was doing was watching. Lex was hard for him. That meant something. Didn’t it?

Clark need more. He needed lots more. Knowing it could and probably would cause Lex pain yet unable to stop himself Clark lifted Lex’s legs over his shoulders and entered him in one swift, hard push.

Lex’s only response was an almost nonexistent narrowing of those beautiful blue eyes. Clark saw. He saw it as he pulled out to push back in, hard. He couldn’t stop. He couldn’t… not even if his life depended on it. He couldn’t stop.

“Lex-oh-Lex. You feel so good. I love you, Lex.”

He looked down, meeting Lex’s eyes. “Please, Lex. Please.” He pleaded.

Arms came up over him pulling him close, as Clark panted and strained over him. Coating them both with his sweat.

“Oh, Lex-I’d sell my soul to the devil if you would love me just a little.”

Hands gently moved his sweat soaked hair off his face. “I do love you, Clark.” Lex told him gently, softly.

Clark stopped moving. “You do?”

“Oh, yes.” Lex replied. Pushing up encouragingly. “I have from the very first time I laid eyes on you.”

Clark smiled brilliantly at him. “I’m glad. So very glad.” He said. Taking Lex’s hint he began moving into what he now knew was a welcoming warmth.

“Yes? Let see if you say that when you’re visiting me in jail for corrupting a sixteen year old.”

Clark moaned softly. Lex felt so good. So very good. “Hmm, I’m in you, Lex. Moving in you. Not the other way around. Though I’d really like that, too.”

Lex smiled up at him. “ I bet you would. Clark?” Pulling him close.

“Yes, Lex?”

“Kiss me.” Lex demanded hoarsely.

“Your wish is my command.” Clark told him complying happily.

“Yeah? Well touch me while your add it.”

“But Lex I am touching you.”

Lex rolled his eyes. “Smart ass. Touch me. I need to come.”

“For me?” Clark asked hopefully.

“Clark, you have got to be the most insecure alien I know. Of course for you. Do you see anyone else in me?”

“Hmm, no?”

“Damn right. Keep doing what you doing, but kiss me and let me feel you. Really let me feel you.” Lex demanded. Hands on Clark’s butt pushing the younger man into him hard. “Oh, God. That’s good. So good.”


“C…Clark?” Lex panted.

“Come for me, Lex.”

“Not yet. Not yet. Feels good. Don’t want to come yet.”

Clark’s thrusting began increasing in strength and in speed. Fast and hard. Moving Lex across the blankets until they were almost off them.

“Tell me again.” He pleaded.

“I love you, Clark. As much as you love me. With all my heart and soul.”


“I love you, Clark. I love you.”


“I. Love. You.” Lex screamed. Coming harder than he had in his whole life.

Clark gave a hoarse cry as he found release deep in Lex’s body. He collapsed shakily. “You love me?” He asked. Raining kisses all over Lex’s face. “Only me?”

“Oh, yes.” Lex said responding weakly to Clark’s kisses. “More than I ever thought I could love anyone.”

“What about your wife.”

“I don’t love her, Clark. I already told you that.”

“Why did you marry her then?”

“My father arranged it. In his words a merger of sorts. I was given no choice. Threatened with the loss of my inheritance.”

“You still touched her, Lex.” Clark said unable to keep the disgust out of his voice. “Let her touch you.”

Lex looked at his sheepishly. “Hmm, well about that…”

“Yes, Lex?” Clark asked. Thrusting downward sharply. Still very much a part of Lex’s body.

Lex hissed arching up. “Ow. Now that was uncalled for.”

“Hmm, yes.” Clark said unrepentantly. He ran a lazy finger over the white fluid coating Lex’s stomach. Catching Lex’s eyes he tasted it. Smiling as he watched those beautiful blue eyes dilate. “Yes. Lex. What were you going to say?”

Lex watched hungrily as Clark continued to suck on his finger. “Hmm. I forgot. Damn, but you do that good. Will you suck me one of these days?”

“Anytime you want, Lex. But what about your wife?”

“She knew I didn’t love her, Clark. That when we had sex I wasn’t thinking of her. I was thinking of someone else. O…of you.”

Clark began thrusting in renewed arousal. “ Well that explains a lot. You’ll divorce her, then?”

“Ah, yes. Clark! Ohh-good, right there. Right there.”

“Then you’ll marry me?”

Lex hissed when Clark bit his neck. Marking him. “Y…yes.”

“Can I have a ring?” Clark asked. Soothing the hurt with a gentle swipe of his tongue.

“Whatever you want, love. Whatever you want. As long as I can have you with me. You are a part of me.” Lex arched up driving Clark deeper. “I…I’m not complete without you. Nothing else matters when I’m with you. Not my father, your parents, my wife. Nothing, matters, but you. The way you make me feel. Oh-God, that so good. Harder. Harder, Clark. Not the fact that you’re sixteen fucking years old. Ahh.” Lex screamed convulsing. Again spewing creamy white fluid between their two bodies. “ I LOVE YOU, CLARK.”

Clark stopped thrusting to watch the beauty that was Lex as he achieved orgasm. He wanted to see it again. Had to see it again.

“Do you? Tell me why.” He demanded. Resuming his thrusting. Watching happily as Lex’s eyes widened in astonishment. Clark smiled inwardly. He was an alien after all. He was in love. And had yet to have his fill of his love. By the time he was done with Lex, Lex would be ruined for anyone else. Would want no one else. EVER. He’d see to it. Lex was his to protect, to love with all that he was. With all that would be. Lex-was his.

Lex returned his love. Loved him. It filled all the empty places in him had had been hurting for so long. He didn’t hurt anymore. Lex loved HIM.

“Tell me why you love me, Lex? Tell me?” Clark asked again.

“Oh-God, Clark. You will be the death of me. I love you for many reasons. You’re beautiful. Your courage knows no bounds. I love the way you look at me. The way you make me feel. The way you’re making me feel right now. Loved. And I have the feeling by the time you’re done with me I will know what it means to be well fucked, too.”

Clark smiled at him. “Oh, yeah.” He agreed heartily and very happily.

Lex returned it. “And, and…because there are times when I feel…Oh, God-right there. Right there. Ohh, yeah. I…There are times that I.. feel exiled…Ohh, ohh. Good so good. B…

“Because I’m exiled, and alone, and a long way from home, and when I with you … it doesn’t feel so bad.”