Title: The Littlest Guide

Author: Angelee

Pairing: Jim/Blair (preslash)

Summary: Two year old Blair bonds ten year old Jim.

Beta: By my sister Anna. All final errors are mine-with apologies.

Note: Part of this story first appeared in My Mongoose earlier in the year. Check out the cute artwork by Patt Rose if you get a chance. http://mymongoose.populli.net/mtm/ang.htm I really like the one at the bottom. (o:

And http://mymongoose.populli.net/majb/ang2.htm Since then I thought about it and thought about it some more and decided that it was to short. Plus there where some things about the story that bothered me. So I changed them and compiled part one and two together and added more to make it a bit longer. For all of you who sent feedback-I sincerely thank you and I hope you like the changes. For those of you seeing the story for the first time I hope you enjoy it.



“No. Absolutely not.”

“You must. Blair has already been proven to be a Guide.”

“My son is two years old. Two-God damn it. He is way too young to be a Guide.”

Blair sat quietly in the chair as he watched the big dark-skinned man and his Mommy arguing. He had no idea what they where arguing about. Just that it had something to do with him. And that was only because he kept hearing his name mentioned.

He sighed softly. His Mommy had forgotten to pack his books and he’d already eaten his animal crackers. He was bored. Without his Mommy or the man noticing Blair got off the chair and wondered off.

He didn’t know he was in a Guide testing facility. Where everyone who reached the age of two came to be tested. It was mandatory. For the sake of the world most treasured and rarest of being-The Sentinel.

Blair didn’t know that the blood test they drew from him showed a high level of pheromones that proved to the world that he was a Guild. All he knew was that the blood test hurt and he had cried. He did get a chocolate candy for his tears as well as a Batman band aid for his owie. The chocolate he’d mostly eaten and now mostly worn smeared all over his face. The band-aid he wore on his right index finger like a badge of courage.

He didn’t care about that any more, all he knew was that he was hungry and thirsty. He looked back at his Mommy and at the man balefully. They were still arguing. He’d have to go in search of what he needed by himself. He was after all a big boy.

As he searched for something to eat and drink he heard someone crying. He didn’t like that sound. It hurt him. It hurt him in a way he didn’t understand. He followed it into a room where there was a tall, mean-looking man standing over the boy he’d heard crying.

“I know it hurts, Jimmy. They’re getting a group of Guides together for you now. Hang in there, son.”

“Oh-God. Dad it hurts. My head feels like it’s going to explode.”

“I know, son. I know. If I could take the pain away I would. You weren’t suppose to come on line for at least ten years. Hang in there, help’s coming.”

“I ‘elp.”

Blair walked up to the two who were looking at him curiously. What they saw was a tiny child, a baby-really. With a wild mane of curly hair framing wide, blue eyes and a pert little nose. And a face covered with chocolate.

“I ‘elp,” The tiny little boy said again, coming up to them unafraid. “no cry. I make better.”

Blair went to Jim opening his arms. “Up.” he demanded.

Jim reached down doing as he’d been bossily told. “urt?” Blair asked, sympathetically.


Blair sighed sadly. He wiped the tears of pain still coursing down Jim’s face with tiny hands. The Sentinel moaned softly, moving into the touch eased the pain in his head as if by magic. “No cry. I make all better,” He was told softly.

Jim had come online less than twenty-four hours before He’d never know such agony in his whole ten years of life. He hurt. Oh, God-how he hurt. But as the tiny, little munchkin with the chocolate-smeared face making himself comfortable in Jim’s lap, it didn’t hurt as much. He actually felt a lot better.

Blair for being so small knew exactly what he had to do. He moved his curly hair away from the side of his neck exposing it to the Sentinel. “Nose here.”

“Huh?” Jim asked distractedly.

“Nose here.”

“You want me to put my nose on you neck?” Jim asked, shaking his head trying desperately to clear the fog.

Blair nodded. “Yes, here. Sniff.”


“Yup, sniff. Now,” Blair demanded impatiently.

“I can’t. You’re too little. I need someone older.”

Blair’s blue eyes narrowed. “I not little. I two.”

Jim kissed the tip of Blair’s tiny nose. “Yes that is old, Chief,” he said, smiling down at the child in his lap. “but you’re too little to be a Guide. I need someone older.”

Blair was starting to get very annoyed with this boy. He was refusing his help. A help he was willing to give. “I not to little. I test,” Blair held up his band aid covered finger. “see. Doctor say so. I you Guide. You mine Sentenell.”

Jim shook his head. “No, baby. You’re too little. Besides the doctor is coming with a bunch of Guides for me to choose from. I hear them coming now.”

“I no baby. I Blair. You mine. I you Guide. Sniff, now,” Blair demanded.

Jim felt funny. As if the room was starting to spin dizzily. His nose was starting to pick up a scent, hypnotic and compelling. It was calling him. Cinnamon. Hot and spicy

With a start he realized it was coming from Blair. Blair was calling to him. Releasing the scent into the air.

Yet he shook his head resisting. “No, baby. You’re too little. I can’t take you for my Guide.”

“I not to little,” Blair told him angrily. “you mine. Sniff.”


“Yes,” With that Blair stood on Jim’s lap. Practically getting into Jim’s face. “sniff.”

“No. Dad help me,” Jim pleaded with his father. “take, Blair. Get him out of here.”

William Ellison watched quietly. His son had been in such agony. An agony now eased by a tiny slip of a boy. This same boy now demanding Jim make the final commitment of a Sentinel to a Guide. A baby with the will of an adult. Knowing exactly what he wanted and he wanted Jim.

“I don’t know, Jimmy. Blair seems to know what he wants. Why are you refusing him? He made you feel better, didn’t he?” William asked, watching in amusement as Blair wrapped his tiny arms around Jim’s neck when the threat of being taken away from his Sentinel had been very real.

Jim tried prying the little arms away. Finding Blair to be really strong for such a little tyke. “Yeah, he did. But he’s got his whole life ahead of him. I don’t want to take that from him.”

“So do you, son. You’re only ten years old. Your life hasn’t even started yet. But you’re a Sentinel. Blair, here may be a little young, but he seems to be a Guide. Your Guide at least according to him.”

“B…but Dad, I…” Jim’s voice trailed off as he noticed Blair sending out more of that odd, hypnotic scent. He shook his head desperately trying to clear it. “Don’t, baby,” he protested weakly.

Blair tightened his arms around Jim angling his curly-head. “Jim, mine. Sniff.”

“I…I can’t.”

“Can. Nose here. Sniff,” Blair told him pointing to the exact spot he wanted Jim’s nose with his left hand. With his right he tugged at Jim’s head.

Jim unable to fight the comforting scent surrounding him finally gave in with a heartfelt moan. Burying his face against Blair’s neck he pulled the little body to him tightly.

He felt Blair running gentle comforting hands through his hair. Could hear him making soft, cooing noises.

Jim had never felt anything like it in his life. It was as if he was being offered love. Pure, clean, untarnished love. So pure it made his heart ached. It felt so good. So very good. He pulled Blair to him tighter. Wanting more, he keened softly.

Blair gave it. Releasing another flood of scent. Jim’s keening increased as it caressed his frayed nerves. Healing all the wounds caused by coming online so suddenly, so very painfully.

Something else was happening at the same time. Blair was releasing another scent. Subtle, so subtle, yet to his Sentinel nose clearly defined. Mixed with the heat of cinnamon, there was the clean, fresh fragrance of oranges.

With a start Jim realized what Blair was doing. He was releasing the scent that would bind them together for all time. There was no place on this planet that Blair could go that Jim would not be able to find him. He would always know where his Guide was. Always.

Just as the scent would make sure that Jim was his and no others. Would want no other. Ever. As Guide and as soon as Blair was old enough, mate. Blair was making sure Jim knew exactly who he belonged to.

Jim smiled inwardly. For someone so young, Blair seemed to extremely possessive. He no longer fought the bonding. It was hopeless in any case. Blair had seen to that. They now belong to each other for all times.

Jim buried his fingers into soft curly hair as he sniffed hungrily at his Guide’s neck. He didn’t hear the commotion that had taken over the room as Guides from every corner of the planet came to woe the youngest Sentinel in recorded history. Jim was deep into the bonding his little Guide had begun.

Finally, the bond firmly in place they slowly pulled apart. Ignoring the noise in the room. Lost in each other and the bond they now shared. “Better?” Blair asked his Sentinel.

“Yes, baby. Thank you,” Jim told him with a smile.

“No more pain? All gone?”

“Yes, all gone,” Jim said licking at the chocolate covering Blair’s face. His tiny Guide giggled happily in his arms.

“Jim, silly.”


The noise in the room rose to a level they couldn’t ignore any more and both of them looked at the dozen or so people yelling and screaming at each other at having lost the world’s youngest Sentinel.

“They mad,” Blair told Jim.


“Blair, baby. There you are.”

A lady with bright, red hair came running toward them. Jim growled at her menacingly when she reached for Blair.

“Hi, Mommy. No touch. Jim get mad.”

Naomi Sandburg did as Blair asked. Not so much because he said it, but because the young boy holding Blair was eyeing her as if she intended to do Blair bodily harm.

“Blair, honey-what did you do?”

“I be good, Mommy. I ‘elp, Jim.”

Naomi wanted to reach out to her son. She couldn’t as the growling increased in intensity every time she tried.

Blair turned to the boy holding him. “No growl. Mommy no hurt.”

The growling promptly stopped. But icy, cold eyes continued to glare at her. Daring her to take Blair away from him.

“What’s happened here?” She asked Simon who’d come up to them. The doctor she’d been arguing with before she noticed Blair was missing.

“They’ve bonded.”

“No,” Naomi said horrified.

“Yes. Much to the disappointment of every Guide in the room,” Dr. Simon Banks looked at the two newly christened Sentinel and Guide pair. They were both ignoring all the adults as Jim licked Blair’s face like a cat cleaning it’s offspring or mate. Much to the delight of the child he held. Blue eyes shining happily at every swipe of Jim’s tongue, Blair’s bright laughter filling the room. “except for maybe one.” Simon added.

“Do something. Dissolve it,” Naomi demanded angrily.

Both Jim and Blair stopped what they were doing to stare at her as if she’d grown another head, arms wrapped protectively around each other.

“Can’t,” Simon told her, biting down hard on his cigar. He couldn’t smoke in a hospital facility, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have it in his mouth.

“And why not?” she demanded.

“Because there is no way to dissolve a bond once it’s in place,” William Ellison told her.

“And who the hell are you?”

“I’m William Ellison. I’m Jim’s father.”

“Well then, you do something. I want my son back,” Naomi demanded.


“And why the hell not? It seems to me all I’ve been hearing is a lot of CAN’T.”

“Because Blair now belongs to Jim,” he told her calmly.

Naomi began arguing with the two men. Her voice joining everyone else already yelling in the room.

Blair looked at Jim sighing softly. “They fight lots.”

“Yup,” Jim replied, rolling his eyes in disgust.

“Jim. I hungry. Thirsty. Gotta pee, too. Real bad,” Blair told his Sentinel plaintively.

“Okay. Come on.”

So busy arguing amongst themselves no one in the room noticed when the ones they were arguing about walked right passed them and out of the room. Blair held tightly in Jim’s arms.


With the most pressing of Blair’s needs taken care of, Jim took Blair to the cafeteria. That’s where their perspective parents and Dr. Banks found them.

Blair’s tiny hands waving wildly as he told Jim a wild tale about wolves and panthers. The Sentinel listening tolerantly. Saving Blair’s apple juice from being knocked over time and time again from those flaring little arms. He was offering his Guide a piece of peanut butter and jelly sandwich when…

“Blair Jacob Sandburg, what have I told you about running off like that?” Naomi scolded angrily.

Blair turned startled blue eyes toward his mother. “I no run off, Mommy. I wiff Jim.”

“I’m still your Mother, Blair Sandburg.”

“Yes, Mommy-always. But I belong wiff Jim now,” Blair told her, quickly scrambling off his chair and into Jim’s lap.

Naomi reached out her arms. “Baby, come with me. We’ll figure out how to dissolve the bond.”

Jim growled at her, pulling his little Guide close. Blair tilted his head sideways. “Shh. No worry. Sniff.” Releasing scent to calm his agitated Sentinel. Jim complied. Sniffing hungrily at Blair’s neck.

“No, Mommy. No belong you. Belong Jim,” Blair told her.

“B…but I’m your Mommy,” Naomi replied, more than a little stunned at the turn of events.

Jim growled against Blair’s neck. “Mommy, stop. You hurt Jim. No can let. Go now,” Blair said, soothing Jim with his tiny hands.

“Mrs. Sandburg, you need to stop this,” Dr. Banks told her. “the law is on the side of Jim and Blair.”

“I won’t let this happen. He’s just a baby,” Naomi replied, her blue eyes filling with tears.

“A baby he may be, but he is Guide to one of the youngest Sentinels in recorded history. There is nothing you can do.”

“I’ll file a complaint.”

Simon shook his head. “Do it if you wish, but if I were you I wouldn’t go to the time and expense. You will lose.”

“Mrs. Sandburg why are you fighting this. All of Blair’s needs will be met from now on. And I mean all of them. From clothes to food to college expenses when he’s ready. Not only that, he will be protected by one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Jim will die before he lets anything happen to Blair,” William Ellison told her softly.

“And he will also become his lover,” Naomi replied bitterly.

“Yes. That he will, but not until he’s old enough,” William agreed.

“I wanted more for my child that to be burdened with a Sentinel.”

“Mrs. Sandburg, being a Guide to a Sentinel is not a burden. Look at your son. Does he look like he’s burdened?”

Naomi looked at Blair who was carefully holding Jim’s head against his neck. Quietly talking to him.

“Blair, is this what you want? Do you want to stay here with Jim?” She asked sadly.

Blair looked up, eyes shining happily. “Yes, Mommy.”

“Jim,” The young Sentinel’s head came up. “do you swear you’ll take care of my baby? You’ll never let anything bad happen to him?”

“I swear, Mrs. Sandburg. On my life.”

Naomi wiped at the tears coursing down her face. “Well, it seems as if I have no choice. I won’t fight this anymore.”

“Good. That’s good. Come with me to my office. There are papers you need to fill out,” Simon told her, gently urging her out of the room.

“I just wanted him to experience life to the fullest. See the world.”

“Oh, he’ll do all that. Only now he’ll have a Sentinel at his side when he does it,” Simon replied. “and I envy him with all my heart,” He added, turning to look at the youngsters cuddling tightly on a cafeteria chair.



“Hi. I Blair. Who you?” The littlest Guide the planet had ever seen, asked of Steven, Jim's younger brother.

“I'm Steven. Nice to meet you, Blair.”

Blair looked over at Steven with wide, innocent blue eyes. Shyness not a word in this two year old's vocabulary. “Hello,” He said, offering his hand.

It had been decided that Blair would move in with Jim and his family. Since right after signing the paperwork for Blair-Naomi Sandburg had disappeared. Without a sign... without a word. She had simply walked out on her little boy.

As far as Jim was concerned, good riddance. She had tried to take his little Guide. That was something he would never allow. He may only be ten, but he would die to keep Blair by his side. There was no forgiveness or understanding in his heart for someone trying to take what was his.

So now, Jim held Blair tightly in his arms introducing him to his brother and his new home. Steven would move out of the bedroom he and Jim shared and Blair would move in. From now on this cute, little two year old would be the center of Jim's life.

“I live here now?” Blair asked Jim quietly.

“Yeah, baby. Is that okay?”

Blair nodded his curly, little head solemnly. “Okay. Where Jim is, Blair is.”

Jim felt his eyes fill with tears. “Really?”

Blair patted Jim's chest. “No cry. I you Guide. I stay you always.”

“Are you sure that's what you want?”

“Yes,” Blair asked frowning. “Jim no want Blair?”

“That's not what I said…” Before Jim could finish the sentence he could smell the scent.

“No, Blair, you don't have to do that,” he protested weakly.

Blair moved his head to the side demandingly. Jim had no choice. He sniffed at Blair's neck hungrily, keening softly as Blair began releasing the bonding scent as well.

He could feel little hands holding his head against a warmly scented neck. It felt good... so good. Love-Blair was offering him pure unadulterated love. Yet it was starting to bother Jim that Blair was releasing the scent wherever and whenever the hell he felt like it.

Slowly he pulled away. “Demanding little shit, aren't you?” he asked the tiny boy he still held close. Before he knew what happened, little teeth bit his nose-hard.

“Ow! You bit me,” Jim told him, stunned.

“I bite,” A curly head nodded. “I bite again. No cuss. Blair no like,” he was told disapprovingly.

Steven who'd been watching the whole thing broke out in laughter. “Oh, man-this is just to funny.”

“Laugh it up, asshole. I wasn't cussing at you, Blair,” he told his little guide hurriedly when Blair made a disapproving noise. “I was cussing at Steven.”

“Cussing no nice. No do.”

‘Okay. I'm sorry,” Jim replied meekly. That caused Steven to break out in a fresh peal of laughter.

Blair eyed Steven. “No laugh, Jim.”

“But it's funny.’

“No laugh,” Blair told him sternly.

Jim eyed his brother from behind Blair's little body. Mouthing silently. “There, asshole.”

“Blair, Jim's cussing at me,” Steven complained, smiling evilly at his brother.

The curly little head turned toward Jim, blue eyes narrowing. “No hear anything.” he said, frowning at the extremely innocent look his Sentinel was giving him.

“Yeah, he was. I swear it.”

Before Blair could reply the Ellison's housekeeper Sally walked into the room. “So this is Blair?” she asked walking up to the little boy who suddenly, oddly enough, turned extremely shy, pushing into Jim's body in an attempt to hide.

“This is Sally, Blair,” Jim told his little guide softly. “she doesn't bite.”

Wide blue eyes looked at Sally from under a wild mane of curly hair. “Hi.” he said softly.

“Hello, Blair,” Sally told him, instantly taken with the baby. “I hear you're coming to live with us.”

“Yes. Jim need me,” Blair told her. Straightening up in Jim's arms. “I Guide,” He said proudly. “I Jim guide. See.” He showed her his Batman band aid. “I test and everything,” He frowned slightly. “Test hurt,” he added, pouting slightly.


“Yes. Lots. That okay, though. I got candy for owie. Jim lick off face like kitty cat.”

“He did?” Sally asked, looking at Jim who was smiling happily at his Guide.

Blair nodded solemnly. “Yup. It tickle. I Guide now. Jim Guide,” Blair's eyes grew impossibly larger. “lots people hospital. Fight for Jim. No let. Jim mine. Huh, Jim?”

Jim kissed Blair's forehead. “Yup. I'm all yours.”

“So how's my family getting on?” William Ellison asked, joining them.

“Great, Dad,” Jim replied.

“So, Blair, how do you like your new bedroom?” William asked Blair.

“Nice,” Blair said looking around. “why two beds?”

“Well, one was Steven’s, it's yours now, the others for Jim.”

Blair frowned at William. “No need two beds. I sleep Jim.”

“But you can’t. You have to have a bed all your own.”


William looked at Jim who shrugged. “Hmm, cause you do?” Jim questioned.

Blair shook his head. “No need. Steven keep bed. I Guide, I sleep wiff my Sentinel.”

“Well, I guess that’s-that,” Jim said.

“Yes, I guess it is.” William agreed, smiling. “Jim-Blair needs clothes. All he has is what he has on.” He looked at the child in Jim’s arms. “Want to go shopping, Blair?”

Blair looked at Jim. “Shopping?”

“Yup, shopping.”

“Okay. Jim go?” Blair asked, hesitantly.

“Always, baby. Always.” Jim replied, hugging him close.


Shopping with Blair turned out to be an experience none of the Ellisons were expecting. Blair, having wiggled free of his Sentinel’s arms, calmly walked the aisles, carefully choosing each and every garment as if it were a world altering decision, always seeking Jim's final approval before going on to the next item.

With the clothing issue taken care of, William wanted to get the little Guide a few nonessentials like toys. Thinking perhaps now Blair would show his true age going after everything he saw. Proven wrong as Blair just as carefully went up and down the toy aisles finally settling for a black fuzzy panther and a wolf. Having made his decision, nothing the three Ellisons said or did would get Blair to add more toys to the cart.

Blair was turning out to be an unusual little boy acting far older than his two years and more than a match for strong-willed Jim.

As a treat, William decided to take them all out to dinner and ice cream after. For the first time since he'd chosen Jim as his Sentinel he wasn’t in Jim’s arms, but in his own chair. An intense look on his little face as he checked Jim’s plate making sure there was nothing on it that would make his Sentinel sick.

Jim had tried giving his Guide attitude. All his ten year old arrogance coming to the forefront, trying to overwhelm Blair with it. All the little Guide had to do was turn those big, blue eyes toward Jim and growl. It wasn't even a loud growl. A tiny rumble from that little throat and Jim had become the meekest of Sentinels, allowing Blair to continue his careful inspection of his food. It was the funniest thing William had ever seen.

Getting ice cream had turned into something else entirely. Something William would not like repeating again any time soon. Jim had zoned on the ice crystals that lined the giant freezers as he was about to help Blair chose ice cream from the many flavors the store had to offer.

It had frightened the hell out of William and Steven when all of a sudden Jim straightened, blue eyes glazed and distant. Laughter dying on his lips.

They watched in stunned fascination as the world’s smallest Guide brought the youngest Sentinel ever known out of his first zone. They weren’t the only ones watching. Silently, everyone in the store watched, as with the gentlest strokes of his little hands and softly spoken words, Blair brought Jim back.

Still in Jim’s arms, unafraid of having his Sentinel drop him. Knowing instinctively what had to be done and doing it. Finally, when Jim had returned from wherever he'd gone, Blair had released pheromones to center a badly shaken Jim in the here and now.

Nothing had ever frightened William as much as watching his son laughing one moment, frozen stiff as a statue the next. Yet Blair had taken it all in stride. He was an unusual and very special little boy William mused to himself as he made a final check on his three boys before turning in.

True to his word Blair was in Jim’s bed. Sentinel and Guide tightly curled around each other, Jim holding Blair tightly to him.

Turning off the lights William noted that in his tiny little hands Blair held the panther close. The wolf sitting on the bedside table between the two beds as if keeping watch.



“Hmm.” Jim woke to little hands caressing his face.

“Jim, okay?”

“I’m fine. You?” Jim asked hoarsely, trying to clear his voice.

“I good.”

Solemnly, Blair stared down at his Sentinel a tiny frown marring his cute little face. Jim stared back wondering what the hell his little Guide was doing. That was when he realized that Blair was releasing the scent.

“Blair…” Jim moaned softly. “don’t.”


“Why?” Jim asked, pulling Blair to him urgently. Burying his face against his Guide’s neck, he keened softly.

“I Guide. Take care of my Sentinell always.”

Blair’s tiny hands gently soothed Jim. Offering and giving comfort. It was then that Jim realized that Blair for all of being two, took his job as his Guide very serious. And he had sensed that there was something not quite right.

“Blair. Oh, God-Blair.”

“I here. I take care you. Sniff. Jim be okay.”

Jim lost himself in the comfort and unconditional love Blair was giving him. Allowing it to center his world. He keened again as the rich scent reached to his very soul covering it like a warm blanket. He buried his head tightly against Blair’s neck breathing deep. Hands those tiny hands continued to gently stroke his hair. Giving Jim everything.

Slowly he became aware of his surroundings to find Steven sitting on the edge of his bed watching them curiously. “What was that?” Steven asked, eyes wide.

Steven had read all the pamphlets he could find on Sentinels when he’d found out that Jim was one. He’d seen Jim in such pain when he’d come online he wanted to help. Knowing he couldn’t. Only one person could do that. But what had just happened hadn’t been covered in any of the literature he’d read.

Jim cleared his throat. “I…I don’t know. Blair must have sensed that something was off. He released the scent to fix it.”

“Do you know what was off?”

Jim frowned. Doing a internal check. “Hmm, hearing and sight I think. I’m still trying to get use to this whole Sentinel thing. But they seemed to have been a little off. It’s better now,” Jim smiled at his little Guide. “thanks to Blair.” Tiny hands had not stopped stroking the back of Jim’s head. “How did you know, baby?” Jim asked softly.

Blair shrugged his little shoulders. “I Guide.”

Jim kissed the tip of his Guide’s cute little nose. “Yeah, you are. My Guide?”

“Yup. Jim’s Guide, always.”

Jim felt his eyes fill with tears. “Oh, Blair,” he said, pulling his little Guide to him in a hug.

Blair returned it. “Jim, okay?”


“Good. Jim?”


“I hungry,” Blair said plaintively. His tummy growling loudly in agreement.

Both Steven and Jim laughed. “Okay, let’s get you changed and we’ll get you fed,” Jim replied, lifting his little Guide into his arms.

Breakfast was a replay of the night before as Blair carefully checked everything on Jim’s plate. Only this time Blair sat on Jim’s lap and alternately fed his Sentinel and eating himself.

Every now and then Jim would catch Blair looking at him oddly, but he guessed that his little Guide found everything to his satisfaction, he hadn’t released the scent.

Breakfast was a happy affair. As the joke flew fast and furious as Steven and Jim teased each other unmercifully. Sally and William laughing at the two boys antics.

Blair watched quietly. Feeding his Sentinel in between jokes.

It had been decided that both Steven and Jim would take Blair to the park right after breakfast. Show him the area he now lived in.

Summer break from school having come in handy as everyone became use to having a small child in the house. Once school restarted it would lead to a whole other set of problems.

William was already looking it to it. There were special clauses for Sentinel and Guide. But none for a Sentinel/Guide pair as young as Jim and Blair. Blair was to young to be in classes that Jim would have to take while in school, but the little Guide could not be that far from his Sentinel.

It was nothing that William couldn’t deal with-with the backing of the Sentinel group and with the amount of money he was willing to use to keep both his son and his little Guide together and safe, everything should work out. At least that’s what he was hoping. He had his fingers crossed in any case.

Smiling he watched as his three boys made their way out the door. Jim for once walking Blair out instead of carrying his little Guide. Shaking his head chuckling softly to himself he went into his study to make some phone calls.


“Nice,” Blair proclaimed as looked around the park.

“Yeah, it is. It’s the best park in all of Cascade,” Steven told him. Seeing some friends he waved. “Jim, there’s Rafe. Wanna go say hi?”


Blair watched the whole thing blue eyes wide. They were a lot taller and older than him so he wasn’t real sure what to make of Jim and Steven’s friends. Yet they all readily accepted the little Guide. Having been briefed by Steven that Jim was a Sentinel and now needed one. Henry-known as H for short, Carl and Rafe all gravely shook Blair’s hands when he offered it to them.

“Wanna play some football?” H asked the two Ellison boys. Both readily agreed.

Jim looked at his little Guide. “Blair, do you wanna play football?”

“I to little,” Blair said shaking his curly head. Looking up at the five boys watching him. “I sit under tree. Watch.”

Jim frowned. He couldn’t leave his little Guide sitting alone. That wasn’t right. Blair was after all still a baby. “No, I can’t let you sit there by yourself. I’ll sit with you while the others play.”

“I’ll sit with him, Jim. We can take turns playing, if you like,” Rafe offered.

The Sentinel looked at his best friend. “Are you sure?” he asked uncertainly.

Rafe smiled at him. “Yeah, it’s cool. I got a kid brother at home and my parents are always asking me to baby-sit. I don’t mind at all.”

“Well, okay if your sure,” Jim replied, kneeing on the ground in front of his little Guide. “Is it alright with you, Blair?”

Blair nodded. “It cool.”

Jim chuckled. “Okay. Just don’t let Rafe teach you any other words,” he said kissing Blair on the forehead.

He watched Rafe take Blair by the hand leading him toward one of the trees near where they would be playing. Confident he could trust his best friend with his Guide he turned to his other friends.

For the next hour and a half they played football. Rafe and Jim taking turns with Blair. Jim even took his Guide to play in the playground. Swinging him on the swings laughing at his little Guide’s squeals of delight. And yells of “Higher, Jim, higher.” It was the same thing on the carousel only this time it was squeals of “Faster, Jim, faster.”

Blair’s happiness seemed to be contagious before Jim realized it all of his friends including Steven were riding the carousel with Blair. While Jim worked his butt off pushing it.

“Damn, you guys are heavy,” Jim told them, panting heavily.

They’d decided after a while to rest for a bit under the same tree Rafe had taken Blair to. His blue eyes widening when he realized what he’d just done. He nervously looked at Blair to see if his little Guide had heard. He really didn’t want to get his nose bit in front of his friends for cussing. Jim sighed happily. Blair hadn’t heard, he was busy investigating a Lady Bug crawling on Rafe’s left hand.

“Well if it isn’t the freak.” Heads turned toward the voice. A collective moan from all of them. It was Mike. The biggest, meanest bully they knew.

“What do you want, Mike?” Jim asked, rolling his eyes in disgust.

“Why would I want anything from you, freak?”

“Go away, Mike. No one wants you here.”

“It’s a free park, last I heard, freak.”

“Then go to the other side of it and leave us alone,” H told him.

“Don’t want to,” Mike replied.

Jim sighed. “Go away, Mike.”

“I hear you’re a Sentinel now. You’re a bigger freak than I thought,” Mike taunted. “Can’t live without a Guide now, can you, freak?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, Mike. Go away.”

Mike turned toward the little boy sitting quietly in Rafe’s lap. “So is this your Guide, freak?”

Jim sighed again. “Mike, why don’t you go away before there’s trouble?”

Mike came up right into Jim face and pushed him hard. Hard enough to send him sprawling to the ground.

Before anyone had a chance to react Blair came out of Rafe’s lap, launching himself at Mike.

“No touch, Jim. Jim, no freak. You freak.” Attacking Mike like a tiny, curly-haired avenging angel.

Mike not expecting it took a step back before regaining his footing. When he had, he backhanded Blair sending the little Guide flying.

“Blair,” Jim yelled, horrified. He turned toward Mike, blue eyes icy. He needed to take care of his Guide, but first he needed to take of the threat.

Jim growled low and rumbling before proceeding to beat Mike to a bloody pulp. He had to be pulled off by Steven before he did any serious damage.

“Jim, your Guide needs you. Leave Mike alone now. He’s gotten the message.”

The red, angry haze that covered Jim lifted at the mention of Blair’s name. “Oh, God, Blair,” Jim whispered hoarsely as he went to his Guide.

Blair was in Rafe’s arms a little hand clutched to his cheek. Jim reached out with violently trembling hands. “How bad is it?”

Blair removed his hand to reveal a dark, purple bruise forming over the whole left side of his face and he had blood on the corner of his mouth. “Oh, God, Blair,” Jim said, eyes filling with tears. “we’ve got to get you home. Sally will know what to do.”

Jim picked up Blair hurriedly he ran as if his life depended on it. Not realizing that his friends and Steven were following. Steven after giving the fallen Mike a swift, hard kick to the stomach. Earning a most satisfying moan of pain.

“Sally. Sally come quick. Blair’s been hurt,” Jim yelled as he just about knocked the door down in his haste to get in.

Three adults came rushing in from the study. One being his father, Sally and the Doctor he recognized from the hospital, Dr Banks.

Dr Banks jumped right in and grabbed Blair from Jim’s arms. “Here, let me have him. Mr. Ellison there’s a bag on the front seat of my car, get it for me, please. Here are the keys.”

Sitting Blair on top of the dining room table he began a careful examination. “How did this happen?” He asked, gently probing the angry looking bruise.

Jim wiped the tears coursing down his face. “We were at the park and Mike one of the bullies that lives around here came up to us. He was saying stuff and then he pushed me, knocking me to the ground. Blair didn’t like it so he attacked Mike. Mike backhanded him. Hard. Will Blair be alright?”

“Yes. I think so. Do you hurt anywhere else, Blair?” Simon asked, carefully checking the back of Blair’s curly head.

“No. Only hurt here,” Blair replied, little hand touching the side of his face.

Jim felt his eyes fill with renewed tears. “Some Sentinel I am. I can’t even take care of my Guide.”

Rafe touched his arm. “You couldn’t have known, Jim.”

“I should have known and knocked the hell out of Mike before he got a chance to get near Blair.”

Jim looked at Simon, blue eyes brimming with tears. “Are you going to take Blair away from me?” he asked voice trembling. “I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”

“Should I?”

Jim looked at the floor. “I…”

Blair who’d been watching Jim solemnly. “Down,” He demanded of Simon, who quickly complied. He went to Jim, staring up at his distraught Sentinel. “Up.”

Jim lifted his little Guide up into his arms. “I’m sorry I’m such a lousy Sentinel, Blair,” he said quietly.

Tiny hands gently caressed his cheek. That’s all it took. With a moan of such loss it touched everyone in the room Jim buried his face into the side of Blair’s neck sobbing his ten year old heart out.

“You can’t take Blair away from Jim,” William told Dr. Banks, wiping at his eyes.

Simon looked at the two little boys holding tightly to one another. “I couldn’t even if I wanted to. The bond is in place and unbreakable. I have read of a couple of cases where a Guide broke the bond with their Sentinel. Simply walked away. Those cases are very rare and has not happened in this century. The bond is so new I think that if Blair wanted he could break it. But I don’t know. There simply isn’t any information on a Sentinel/Guide pair so young. They’re the first. This will be a learning experience for everyone.”

“No cry, Jim. I okay,” Blair told his Sentinel. “no hurt much.”

“I suck,” Jim sobbed into the side of Blair’s neck. “I don’t deserve a Guide like you.”

“No say that. Jim my Sentenell always.”

“I suck,” Jim repeated.

“No say that.”

“Why not? It’s true.”

“No true. Jim protect Blair. Hit Mike.”

Jim pulled away slightly. “Not fast enough to stop Mike from hurting the side of your cute, little face.”

Blair made an impatient noise. “I be okay. I protect my Sentenell. Jim protect his Guide. No worry so much.”

“I… No, Blair don’t,” Jim protected weakly. Unable to continue when Blair began releasing scent.


“Blair, I really wish you’d quit doing that,” Jim replied, moving his head back and forth fighting the calling of the bond.

His little Guide was having none of that. “Jim, need. No talk. Sniff.”

“No, Blair. Please.”

His little Guide tangled his fingers in his hair pulling at him impatiently. “Sniff.”



“No,” Jim fought the seductive calling of Blair’s scent. Wanting nothing more than to give in. “I don’t deserve you.”

“Jim mine. Sniff.”

“Blair, please, don’t.” Jim begged weakly.

Blair frowned. “Jim no want Blair?” Hurt clear in his voice.

“With all my heart,” Jim told him with a sob.

“Then sniff.”

“I can’t. I don’t deserve you. I can’t take care of you.”

Blair tilted his head to one side observing his Sentinel with wide, blue eyes. “Jim take care me. I take care Jim. We take care of each odder.”

“Are you saying we can take care of each other?”

Blair nodded. “Course.”

“Of course?”

“Yup,” Blair nodded again.

“Are you sure you want me?” Jim asked, voice trembling.

“Yup. Jim-my Sentinell. Want Jim always. Forever and ever.”

Jim gave Blair a brilliant smile. “Forever and ever?”

“Yup,” Blair agreed.

Suddenly Jim frowned as he eyed his little Guide. “Aren’t you going to scent me?”



A tiny hand stroked the side of his face. Jim moved into it with a small sound of contentment. “Jim no need. Jim fine,” Blair told him softly.

“Oh. Then since I’m not going to get scented can I have a hug?”

Blair giggled. “Jim silly. Can always have hug. No need ask.”

Jim pulled his little Guide to him tightly. “I love you, Blair,” he told him softly.




Jim laughed. “Yup. Cool. So do you love me back?” Blue eyes suddenly dark and very vulnerable.

Blair nodded his curly-head. “Yup. Lots and lots,” he replied, giving Jim a very wet, very sloppy kiss on the nose.

Jim feeling better than he had since his little Guide got hurt returned the kiss just as wet, just as sloppy. Earning a bright, happy giggle from Blair. Jim hugged him close. Suddenly remembering he turned to Dr Banks.

“You’re not going to take Blair away from me are you, Dr Banks?” Deep fear in his voice and his eyes.

Dr Banks shook his head. “No. I just need your assurance that this won’t happen to often.”

Steven spoke up from where he stood near his father. “No, it’s not. Jimmy beat the crap out of Mike. He won’t be bothering anyone for a long time.” His eyes widened when he heard Blair growling at him. “Sorry. Sorry. I won’t do it again,” he said hurriedly.

“Do what, son?” William asked, looking at his Steven curiously.

“Cuss. Blair doesn’t like cussing. He bit Jim’s nose yesterday when he did it.”

Jim groaned, hiding his face in his little Guide’s curly hair and waited. It didn’t take long for his friends to start ribbing him.

“Blair bit your nose?” Rafe said with a big smile.

“You’ve had Blair how long, Jimmy boy?” H said laughing. “Already has you wrapped around his little fingers doesn’t he? And he’s what-two?”

Carl just laughed shaking his head.

Jim looked up. “Yeah, yeah laugh it up. Make fun of me. I’ll just sic my little Guide on you and he’ll give you what for. Let’s see who’s gonna be laughing then,” He told them smugly. “Huh, Blair?”

Blair nodded. Yup,” He said, growling at them menacingly.

The whole room broke out in laughter. “So everyone how about some lunch?” Sally said smiling. “Boys stay and join us,” she told Steven and Jim’s friends. “Dr. Banks can you stay. It won’t be anything fancy-soup and sandwiches, but there will be plenty.”

Dr. Banks smiled. “I’d love, to. Thank you.”

Sitting at the table a few minutes later Simon watched as Blair carefully examined Jim’s lunch and the patient look on Jim’s face as he waited. “Jim, I noticed that you were able to fight the pheromones that Blair released-how did you do that?” He asked, picking up his chicken salad sandwich.

Jim took a bite of the pickle Blair was offering him. “Blair let me.”

“What do you mean?”

“If Blair wanted to scent me he would have. There is no way I can fight him. I’ve only had him two days and I already know that.”

“But yet, you were able to fight it off even for a little while. How?”

Jim bit into his sandwich hungrily before answering. “I didn’t fight anything off. Blair let me. If he wanted me scented, then that’s what would have happened. And the scent he was releasing wasn’t even that strong. Not as strong as it was this morning when he fixed my senses.”

Dr. Bank’s eyebrows went up. “Fixed your senses?”

Steven answered for Jim who was playing catch the airplane sandwich with a giggling Blair. “It was the craziest thing. Blair was looking at Jim with the oddest look on his little face. Kinda like he was checking him out to see if everything was working right. It wasn’t, that’s when he scented Jim to fix him. I don’t remember that being in any of the pamphlets the Sentinel hospital gave us.”

“That’s because there’s nothing in there that covers that.” Dr Bank’s replied. “Blair?”

The little Guide looked over at him. “Was there something wrong with Jim this morning?”


“And you fixed it?”

Blair nodded. “Yup.”


Blair gave the same response he did that morning. Shrugging his little shoulders proclaiming. “I Guide.”

“I know, Blair. But how did you know that Jim need help?” Simon asked patiently. Knowing he was dealing with a two year old and therefore needed it endlessly.

“Knew,” Blair told him just as patiently.

“How? Please, Blair this could help many special people like Jim.”

Blair looked up at Jim for confirmation. “Yes?”

Jim nodded. “Yup. If you can tell Dr Banks how you knew I needed help. Take your time.”

Blair looked back at Simon. “Know here,” he replied, his little hand going to his chest.

“In your heart?” Simon asked quietly.


Simon sighed. “That doesn’t help.”

“Of course it does, Dr Banks,” William said quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“What Blair is trying to tell you is that he knew instinctively that Jim was in trouble.”

“Instinct is not scientifically based,” Simon scoffed, watching as Blair began feeding his Sentinel once more.

“Perhaps not, but it goes to show me and the world that my son could not have a better Guide. Even if he’s only two. He knows what Jim needs even before Jim does. My son could not have found a better Guide especially as Jim learns about being a Sentinel. He brought Jim out of a zone last night with the skill and knowledge of someone-maybe ten times his age. He knew, he KNEW what he had to do without any one telling him. And he DID IT without a qualm. Without fear. He may only be two but he is first and foremost Jim’s Guide. Aren’t you, Blair?”

Blair nodded. “Yup. Jim’s Guide. Forever and ever.”

“That presents a whole other set of problems?” Simon told William.


“Because of his age how do we keep Blair from becoming so wrapped up in his Sentinel he loses himself in the process? What becomes of Blair Jacob Sandburg? His hopes, his dreams?”

William smiled at Jim and his little Guide. Both who were looking at him solemnly. “It’s like I told Naomi. He can still have his hopes and dreams and more. Now not only does he have one of the most powerful beings on this planet protecting him, he also has the Ellison name and money backing him. Blair Jacob Sandburg will want for nothing. Ever.”

“Mr. Ellison, Blair is two. With that kind of attitude Blair will grow up being one of the most conceited people it will be my unlucky privilege of knowing.”

William shook his head. “No, Dr Banks. Have a look at my sons. My boys, I’m raising with Sally’s help since my wife Grace died. I am proud of my sons. Damn proud of them. I am raising them to be well-rounded individuals. Who know right from wrong and will be good, strong, loving men. Blair will be raised the same way. There will be problems popping up from time to time I’m sure, but it won’t be anything we can’t handle. Nothing any family couldn’t handle even if one of it’s members is a Sentinel and another his Guide. Right, Jim?”

Jim gave his dad a brilliant smile never prouder of his father as he was right now. “Right, Dad.”

“Right, Steven?” William asked his youngest son.

“Right, Dad,” Steven readily agreed.


Sally nodded. “Nothing we can’t handle.”

“Right, Blair?” William asked the newest member of his family.

Blair nodded sending his curly-hair flying all over the place. “Yup.”

Not to be left out Rafe, H and Carl jumped in. “We’ll help, too.”

William smiled at them before turning toward Dr. Banks. “See, we have all the help any family could possible need. We will make this work.”


After everyone had left Sally went into the kitchen to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and Steven had gone to their room to read for awhile. William in his study working on how to keep Jim and Blair together when Jim went back to school in two weeks.

The ten year old Sentinel and his two year old Guide were currently cuddling on the living room sofa.

Blair resting comfortably on top of Jim playing with his Sentinel’s nose. Jim gently stroking his little Guide’s curly hair.



“You purring?”

The Sentinel thought about it for a moment. “Hmm, yeah, I guess I am.”

“Why you purr?”

Jim kissed Blair’s forehead. “Don’t know. I guess because I’m happy.”

The tiny Guide moved his head from where it lay on Jim’s shoulder to look up at his Sentinel. “Really?”


“No mad?” Blair asked, eyes wide, almost as if he were afraid.

“Why would I be mad?”

“Cause I ‘tack Mike.”

Jim frowned for a minute. “Oh, cause you attacked Mike?”

Blair nodded. “Yup.”

Jim shook his head. “No, I’m not mad about that. I’m really proud of you.”


“Yup,” Jim replied, pulling Blair closer to him tightly. “I just wish you hadn’t gotten hurt.” Kissing the dark bruise gently.

“I protect my Sentinell, always,” Blair told him solemnly.

“I know you will, baby. But right now you’re so little. You have to be more careful. I don’t know what I’d do if you really got hurt and they took you away from me because I couldn’t take care of you right,” Jim said, voice breaking.“ I was really afraid.”

“I protect, my Sentinell no matter what,” Blair told him firmly. No doubt to where he stood in the matter.

Jim sighed. “I know, baby, I know. But you can’t go around attacking everyone that pushes me around.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m bigger than you and I can defend myself.”

Blair shook his head. “No. No. My job. I take care my Sentinell.”

“Blair, you’re only two,” Jim replied, frustrated.


“You’re really little, baby.”

“I little, but I no baby. I take care of my Sentnell,” Blair insisted.

“I know that, sweetheart. But you can’t do what you did today?”

“Why?” Blair asked, blue eyes wide, waiting to see why he couldn’t take care of his Sentinel the way he knew deep inside he was suppose to.

“I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“I okay.”

Jim sighed again. “I know you’re okay, next time you might get hurt really bad. And where will that leave me?”


“Blair, baby-listen to me, please. What happens to me if someone hurts you when you’re defending me and you end up in the hospital? Who will help check my food and scent me when I need it? Who will take care of me?” Jim hated himself when he saw Blair’s little face pale. But he needed for his overprotective Guide to understand.

“Oh,” Blair replied quietly.

“Yes-oh. Do you want another Guide to have me?”

Blair shook his curly-head vehemently. “No. Jim, mine.”

“Okay, then you need to understand that you can’t do what you did this morning again. Do you understand, baby?”

Blair nodded reluctantly. “Yes, Jim.”

“You won’t do it again?”

“No say that.”

“What are you saying then, baby?”

Blair tilted his head to the side as he contemplated Jim. “I take care of my Sentinell, always,” He shrugged his little shoulder. “I get hurt, I get hurt. My Sentinell be safe.”

Jim felt his eyes fill with tears something he seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Especially since Blair had come into his life the day before. He really hoped that wasn’t going to be the way things were from now on. He pulled Blair to him holding tightly to this little determined fellow willing to do whatever it took to keep him safe.

“Oh, Blair what am I going to do with you?” Jim told him in exasperation.

“Don’t know,” Blair replied, kissing Jim’s nose sloppily.

Silence filled the room as the cuddled happily together. Finally. “Blair?”


“I’ve got a question for you?”

“What?” Blair asked, playing with Jim’s fingers.

“I can’t live without you anymore. You know that, right?”


“If something happens to you I will die.”

Blair stopped what he was doing to give Jim an incredulous look. “No.”

Jim nodded. “Yup. Without you I will die. So if you get hurt and weren’t around when I needed you I will die.”

Blair looked at Jim quietly for a long time. Finally. “Alright, Jim. Do what you want,” He said reluctantly. “no like. But I do.”

“Good baby. You need to understand that to keep me safe you need to keep you safe and besides we will take care of each other from now on. We won’t fight if we don’t have to, but if we do, I’ll do the fighting okay? If it makes you feel better, if it looks like their winning you can go in and kick some butt. How does that sound?”

Blair gave him a brilliant smile. “Really?”



Jim laughed. “Learned a new word from Rafe, huh?”



Blair smiled at him again. “Silly, Jim.”

“That’s me,” Jim told him. Seeing Blair yawn hugely. “Wow, there buddy I just saw your tonsils. Wanna take a nap?”

Blair nodded his curly head. “Tired,” he replied sleepily.

“Okay. Lay back down and close your eyes. We’ve both had a busy few days and I could use a nap, too,” Jim said, pulling his little Guide close against him.

William watching the exchange from the doorway smiled. Jim and Blair’s relationship was going to be very interesting to say the very least. It certainly wasn’t going to be any walk in the park that’s for sure.



“What are you saying, Dr. Bank?” William asked as he sat in the Doctor’s office.

“What I’m telling you is that Blair Jacob Sandburg is going to be smarter than all of us in this room put together,” Simon replied, biting down on his cigar-hard. Looking at William Ellison then at his two sons, Jim and Steven. All of them looking at him in blue wide-eyed incredibility. Except for Blair who sat on his Sentinel’s lap reading a book given to him the day before.

Blair had been given an IQ test, stunning the people giving the test by the Little Guide’s attentiveness to detail and photographic memory. He absorbed knowledge like a sponge and always wanting, demanding more.

“Are you sure?” William asked carefully.


“Well, then where does this leave us?”

“Blair will attend school with Jim. He’ll be close but not in the same classroom. He will have special teachers who’s job it is to see he doesn’t grow bored and keep up with the rate he absorbs knowledge. I don’t envy them their job that’s for sure. It’s not going to be easy. He’s smart, really, really smart. He’s just so damn young.” At that Blair’s head popped up and he growled at Simon. “Oops, sorry, Blair. I won’t do it again,” Simon said repentantly, smiling at William when Blair bend his head down to his book. “That may have a lot to do on why he chose Jim as his Sentinel. It may explain a lot of things. This opens a whole new field of study concerning Sentinels and Guides.”

“I won’t have Blair and Jim as laboratory rats. I won’t allow it. They are children and will stay that way as long as possible,” William told him angrily.

“I agree. They will both be allowed to to grow up naturally. As much as they can considering. We’ll be monitoring them closely. The information we can gather from them will be invaluable in helping other Guides and Sentinel pairings.”

William nodded in agreement. “Alright, but if I say you’re getting in the way of them leading a normal life as possible, you will back off. I will not allow you to interfer to heavily in their lives.”


“Then we’re set?”



The first day of school dawned early in the Ellison houshold as they all scrambled to shower, find where their backpack’s disappeared to and where their shoes had gone. Everyone in panic mode except for Blair, who sat on the bed he and Jim shared waiting patiently for his Sentinel and Steven. A Batman backpack sitting on his lap. He watched the whole whirlwind events of the first day of school with a bemused look on his cute little face.

Rafe, H and Carl had been waiting for them outside of the Ellison house and they’d all walked together. Rafe holding on to Blair’s hand.

Jim had frowned when he’d seen that, but quickly forgot about it when they’d run across more of their classmates.

As the day progressed Jim began to feel odd. Disorientated and really, really dizzy. Shaking his head slightly to clear it as he made his way to Blair’s classroom to have lunch with his little Guide.

That was when he came across Rafe holding Blair in his arms, who was giggling as Rafe tickled him.

Jim found himself growling. The growling got louder when Rafe hugged his Guide. “Blair come here,” he demanded angrily.

Wide, startled blue eyes looked over at him. “Jim.”

“Rafe, put my Guide down. NOW.”

“Jim?” Rafe asked in confusion.

“Put my Guide down. Now, Rafe. I won’t tell you again.”

Rafe carefully placed the Little Guide down on the floor. “Jim, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“Get away from him, he’s mine.”

Blair looked at him tilting his head slightly as Jim continued to growl, the growls becoming louder and louder the more angry and disoriented the young Sentinel became.

“Blair, come here.”

Blair went. Jim grabbed him when he got close enough. “Mine.”


“Scent me, now,” Jim demanded, pulling Blair to him tightly.

Blair pulled his curly hair to the side and Jim buried his face with a deep moan of need. Immediately smelling the scent that had become familiar, soothing and welcoming, filling his senses. Calming his raw nerve-endings. He keened softly, rocking himself and his little Guide back and forth.

“Shh, Jim be okay,” Blair said, stroking Jim’s hair. “it be okay. Sniff.”

“Blair. Blair. Help me. Please help me,” Jim pleaded as everything in the room swirled around dizzily.

“I ‘elp. Sniff.”

“I hurt, Blair. It hurt’s.”

“I know. Sniff. It be okay,” Blair told him, releasing more scent.

Jim trembled as he sought it hungrily. Pulling his little Guide to him tightly he buried his head deep into Blair’s warm neck. Moaning softly when Blair started releasing the bonding scent as well.

Slowly Jim became aware of his surroundings to find his father and Dr. Banks kneeling close by.

“W…what happened?”

William smiled gently at his son. “You tell us? We got a call from Blair’s teacher saying you were having trouble. What happened?”

Jim looked around Blair’s classroom in confusion and at Rafe who was close by. Eyes dark in concern. “I…I don’t know.”

“Blair can you tell us what happened to Jim,” Simon asked the little boy still held tightly in Jim’s arms.

Blair nodded. “Yup.”

William and Simon waited and waited and waited until finally… “Well, Blair?” Simon asked with barely concealed impatience.

“Many people, many sounds, many smells,” Blair replied, stroking Jim’s chest with his tiny hands.

“Jim’s senses were overwhelmed by everything in the school?” William asked, moving closer to his still trembling son.


“Is Jim going to be okay now?”

Blair looked up at his Sentinel. “Yup. No happen again,” He promised solemnly. “I take good care my Sentinell.”

Jim smiled shakily at his little Guide. “I know you will, Blair.”

“Are you alright now, son?”

“I’m still alittle wobbly,” Jim replied, pulling Blair close. “I think I need to lie down for alittle while.”

“Maybe we should take them both back to the hospital. Jim can rest on my couch where I can keep an eye on him,” Simon said, eyeing the Sentinel/Guide pair. “We’re only half a block away. Not that far.”

“That’s a good idea,” William replied, pulling his still shaky son to his feet.

Jim sighed as he lay on the couch in Simon’s office. Carefully positioning Blair on top of him. He’d refused to let him go during the trip to the hospital. Now he wrapped his arms around his little Guide tightly.

Blair had been releasing the scent in tiny doses during the ride. Now on top of Jim he began releasing it full force. It filled Jim senses to where that was all he could smell and feel. He moaned softly as he allowed it to caress his frayed and shaky senses.

“Shh, it be okay. Sleep. I take care you.”

With that Jim closed his eyes. Knowing his Guide would guard his sleep.

He woke slowly to find that Blair was still releasing the scent. He didn’t feel as wobbly so he guessed that it’d worked. “Blair?”

“I here.”

“What happened?”

Blair sat up on Jim’s chest. Sad blue eyes looked down at him from a very, pale face framed by a head of tangled curly hair. “I sorry.”

“F…for what,” Jim asked, shaking his head trying to clear the fuzz.

“I no take good care of my Sentinell.” Jim watched in shock as Blair’s eyes filled with tears. Something his little Guide had not done even when Mike had hit him in the park.


“I no take good care of my Sentinell.” The tears fell down the tiny, pale face.

“No don’t cry, Blair. You did take care of me. You’re a good Guide. A really good Guide,” Jim told Blair, wiping at the tears.

Blair shook his head. “No. I did bad.”


“I should have scent.”

Jim sat up pulling holding his Guide carefully as he did it. “Huh?”

“Many people, many smell. I should have scent.”

“You did.”

Blair shook his head again. The tears falling faster. His bottom lip trembling violently. “This morning before school. I should have scented. Keep my Sentinell safe. No do. I bad, bad Guide.”

Jim pulled Blair tightly to him. His heart breaking at his little Guide’s pain. “No, no. Don’t say that. You’re a good Guide. Please, Blair-don’t cry,” he replied, feeling his own eyes fill with tear. “if you cry you’re going to make me cry, too.”

“I bad Guide. I bad. No deserve Jim,” Blair buried his face against Jim’s chest.

Jim looked over at his Dad and Simon who were quietly watching. “What do I do? Help me,” he pleaded.

“Let him get it out of his system. Then try talking to him,” William suggested softly.

Jim tightened his hold on his little Guide. His own tears falling on top of Blair’s head. Shining like glitter on the bright, curly locks. Finally after what felt like forever to Jim the tears stopped.

“Blair?” Nothing. “Blair, please baby, look at me.”

A little face looked up at him. Big, blue eyes, red and still full of tears. “Jim, no want me?” Blair asked sadly.

“I’ll always want you, baby.”

“I bad Guide.”

Jim gently cupped his Guide’s little face. “That’s not true. You didn’t know I was going to react the way I did to the first day of school. And besides we’re still getting use to one another and this whole Sentinel/Guide thing. There are things that are going to come up. And you helped me. If you hadn’t helped me I’d be in a lot of trouble. You did great, baby. Really great.”

“Jim, no mad.”

“No, baby. Jim no mad. I love you, Blair.”

Tiny arms came around his neck. “I luv you too, Jim.”

Jim smiled at his little Guide. “Better?” he asked, gently running his hands over Blair’s back.

Blair kissed the tip of his Sentinel’s nose. “Better.”

“I could use another nap. Wanna take a nap with me?” Blair nodded. “Okay. Let’s lay down.” Blair curled on top of Jim sighing softly. William listening quietly to his son and little Guide coming up he carefully covered them both with a blanket. “Thank’s, Dad.” Jim told him gratefully before his blue eyes closed. William watched them for a moment running his hands over Blair’s soft, curly locks and then over his son’s in a gentle caress.

“It’s not going to be easy for them, is it?”

“No, but it will get better as they become more in tune with one another,” Simon replied looking over at the sleeping Sentinel/Guide pair. “at least we can hope it will. I don’t think my heart can take to many more crises.”

“Nor mine.”


Two hours later Jim with Blair in his lap sat in a chair in front of Simon’s desk. Jim peeling an orange for his little Guide. William sat close to them reading through some manuels Simon had given him on what was known about Sentinel/Guide pairing.

“This is all you’ve got?” William asked in disgust.

“Afraid so. Information is hard to come by. That’s why it’s critical that we document any thing pertinent with Jim and little Blair.”

“I already told you I won’t have you interfering to deeply into their lives.”

“Yes, I know. We will allow them to grow naturally. But what we can learn from Jim and Blair can help a lot of Sentinel/Guide pairings.”

“I know,” William sighed. “I just wished…”

“I agree, but it needs to be done.”

“Now about the sexual mating rites of the Sentinel…” William said, holding up the manual when he heard a loud gasp. He turned to looked at Jim who as staring at him in blue eyes wide in shock.


William chuckled as he looked into the horror-stuck face of his son. “It’s going to happen, son.”

Jim covered Blair’s ears. “Dad, he’s a baby. Please, that’s just gross.”

William looked at the little Guide sitting in his Sentinel’s lap happily eating his peeled and quartered orange, unconcerned by the conversation taking place in the room or the fact that his Sentinel was carefully covering his ears. “Yes, he’s a baby right now, but he’s not going to stay that way.”

“Dad, please,” Jim said turning a bright red all the way to his hairline.

William laughed. “It’s not that bad, son. I’m sure you’re really going to enjoy it when the time comes.”

“Dad, please. Blair’s right here,” Jim replied and if possible turning an even brighter shade of red.

“Okay, son. We’ll talk about it at a later date,” William told him, smiling.

“A real later date.”

Blair finally took notice that Jim was covering his ears was looking up at him curiously. “Jim, why you hold ears?”

Jim let go. “I…I hmm…” Unsure of what to say. Glaring at Simon and his father as they laugh at his expense.

Blair looked at the two men quietly laughing and back at his Sentinel. “Why they laughing?”

“H…hmm, their laughing at me, Blair.”

“Oh. No laugh, Jim,” Blair told them disapprovingly. William and Simon promptly stopped, biting their lips hard. “Okay, they stop. Want orange?”

Jim took the piece being offered by his little Guide glaring at the two adults. Who had tears streaming down their faces. “Can I go now?”

“Ah, I don’t see why not. Just take it easy.” Simon told him, chuckling.

“Okay, we’ll met you outside, Dad.” With that he rose from the chair, Blair in his arms and with as much dignity as he could muster walked out of the room, followed by a renewed burst of laughter.



“Why I go? I no need candy?” Blair told Jim for the hundreth time. “I stay Sally and Will.”

“It’s Halloween. It tradition,” Jim answered for the hundreth time. “kids go tricker treating.” Straightening Blair’s Batman costume. His little Guide looked really cute.

“And besides if you don’t want your candy I’ll take it,” Rafe, dressed as Robocop said standing next to Spiderman-aka-Steven.

Jim had apologized to Rafe for the whole first day of school fiasco. Rafe understood that it’d been a Sentinel thing and not something Jim had meant in a hurtful way.

Blair had begun the next day to scent Jim every morning before school to keep him centered. It’d become a routine the ten year old Sentinel had come to truly enjoy. It was a time set aside just for him and his little Guide. He truly relished the time, looking forward to it immensely. He also enjoyed the fact that he hadn’t had another episode like that one again.

“Ha, if Blair doesn’t want his candy I get it. I’m his Sentinel,” Jim replied, knowing fool well he’d be lucky if Blair let him keep his own candy. His little Guide was extremely particular about what Jim ate. And if the Sentinel tried Blair would give him hell about it.

Rafe punched him gently in the arm. “Ha, says you. What are you suppose to be anyway?”

Jim punched him back harder. “I’m a policeman with the Cascade P.D. See my badge?”

“Ow. Okay, if you say so.”

“Yes, I say so. That’s what I’m going to be when I get older.”

Steven began moving from one foot to another impatiently. “Can we go now? We still need to pick up H and Carl.”

“Okay, lets go see how much candy we can get,” Jim replied smiling.


“How did Blair do it? We all went to the same houses and he got double the candy we did,” Rafe said in annoyance looking at Blair’s huge pile of assorted chocolates, lolipops, gums and hard candies. Comparing it to his much smaller pile.

They were back at the Ellison house after dropping Carl and H at their respective home, checking their candies at Mr. Ellisons insistence. Who said it was better to be safe than sorry.

“It’s because Blair’s a lot cuter than us,” Jim replied smiling at his little Guide who was sitting in his father’s lap on the big couch, sharing a peach. “Must be all that curly hair and big, blue eyes.”

“I guess,” Rafe grumbled.

“Blair did say we could have his candy.”

“Yeah he did, but that’s to much like taking candy from a baby.”

Jim chuckled. “Yeah, huh? Blair, are you sure you don’t want any of this candy?”

“No want. Want coloring book and crayons.”

“And how did he end up with a coloring book and crayons, when we didn’t?” Rafe asked glaring at Jim.

“Don’t you think you’re a bit old for a Bambi coloring book? Blair might let you color in it if you ask nice. Won’t you, Blair?” Jim teased.

Blair nodded solemnly. “Yup,” Offering William another slice of peach from the plate he carefully held.


“Fuck you,” Rafe told him softly so that Mr. Ellison and Blair couldn’t hear. Mr. Ellison would only scold. Blair on the other hand bit and bit hard.

Jim laughed. “Steven do you want in on splitting Blair’s candy?”

Steven who’d been looking through Blair’s coloring book and eating tootsie rolls, startled. “Yeah, hmm, okay.” he replied absently.

An hour later found the four boys out of their costumes, bathed and laying on the floor-Rafe spending the night since it was Saturday and not a school night, coloring in Blair’s coloring book. Trading colors as they colored ‘within the lines’ at Blair’s insistance. Halloween candy in a forgotten pile in the middle of the living room floor. William and Sally watching the boys as they quietly argued over what colors they should be using and where.



“I want the turkey leg,” Steven complained loudly as Jim reached for it.

“Why do you get it?” Jim asked glaring at his brother.

“Because you gave the other one to Blair.”

They both turned to look at the little Guide as Blair looked at the turkey leg on his plate quizzically. Unsure about what he was suppose to do with it.

“It’s almost bigger than him,” Steven told Jim chuckling at the look on Blair’s face.

“Yeah, almost. Take the the other one. I’ll share with Blair. There’s no way he’ll be able to finish it by himself. Blair, do you want to share with me?”

“Yup. It very big,” Blair said, poking at it with a tiny finger.

Jim laughed. “Yeah, it is. Here let me cut it into little pieces for.”

“Yes, please.”

The Sentinel looked over at his family and friends all sharing a special meal on a special day. Grateful they were together and supremely grateful for the little boy sitting in his lap watching him take apart the turkey leg they were about to share. He met his father’s eyes.

“Dad.” Jim said, blue eyes glistening with moisture.

“I know, son. I know,” William told him softly his own just as moist as they both looked at the little Guide eating his bite size pieces of turkey. “I know.”



“Where’s, Blair?” Jim asked concerned. Unable to find his little Guide amongst the Christmas debris.

Steven looked around. “He was here a minute ago. Blair. Blair.”

The brothers began tossing wrapping paper and bows left and right and they searched for the little Guide.

“Blair. Where are you, baby?” Jim called.

“I here,” Blair answered, a pile of wrapping paper moving slowly over by the tree.

“Isn’t that your wrapping paper?” Jim accused Steven.

“Hmm, yes,” Steven replied guiltily as they both began digging to free Blair.

“There he is,” Jim replied, lifted Blair free from the mountain of wrappings. His little Guide had a bow stuck to the side of his curly hair. “are you alright?”

“I cool.”

Jim smiled as he carefully pulled the bow off of Blair’s curly hair. “I’m glad. You’re the best present I’ve ever had. You know that, baby?”

“I luv you, Jim. Lots and lots,” Blair said reaching up to give his Sentinel a hug.

“I love you too, baby. Hmm, you give the best hugs. I’m really, really glad you found me. Did you like your presents?”

“Like, lots,” Blair replied looking over at his pile of coloring books, books on panthers and wolves. Pajamas with matching slippers, a backpack. More clothes than he could ever wear. Chances were he’d outgrown them before he had a chance to wear them all.

Blair had received presents by everyone Jim could think of and some he couldn’t. The Postman, the lady down the street who hated everyone, but always had a smile and a cookie for Blair. Even the people at the store they went to had given Blair something. The biggest Christmas stocking Jim had ever seen in his life. Filled with candies and every conceivable toy was in there.

Blair had touched everyone’s life not just that of his Sentinel with his gentle, caring nature. Having the cutest little face, framed by a wild tangle of curls and the bluest, widest eyes in existence didn’t hurt either.

Jim would die to protect his little Guide. Would cherish him for the rest of his life. He smiled down into the innocent face looking up at him so trustingly. Knowing without a doubt his little Guide would do the same for him.