Title: Watching Lex

Author: Angelee

Pairing: Clark/Lex (preslash)

Rating: Hmm-R I think

Disclaimer: Disclaimed

Summary: When does the watching end and the taking charge begins?

Challenge: “He who triumphs who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” -Sun Tzu, the Art of War.

Advertisement: Part of the ClarkLexFest 8thWave.

Note: Sequel to And He Cried.

Beta: By my sister Anna. All final errors are mine.

Watching Lex

“Sigh.” He’d been watching Lex and his bitch of a wife for two weeks now.

Truth be told it’d made Clark completely and totally bonkers.

He hated the wife with an alien passion. Hated everything about her. The way she acted, the way she dressed. How really beautiful she was. Lex after all would never have anything but perfection in his arms. Right?

Clark ran unsteady hands over his unruly hair. He wouldn’t consider himself beautiful, but he certainly wouldn’t consider himself butt ugly either. He had pretty eyes. His mom had told him so. That should count for something right?

“Yuck.” Clark whispered softly to himself as he watched the bitch of a wife kiss Lex.

Did Lex really like having all that disgusting red lipstick smeared all over his face? Clark knew he wouldn’t. That stuff must be a bitch to get off.

“I certainly wouldn’t like getting that stuff all over my face.” Clark told himself petulantly.

Lex suddenly looked over at him. Clark quickly picked up his hot chocolate, pretending to lose himself in it.

Cautiously he looked up after a few minutes to find Lex once again paying attention to his stupid wife.

Yeah, she wasn’t just ‘the bitch of a wife.’ She was also stupid…

Clark huffed softly. She didn’t even know better than to take off that god-awful lipstick before kissing Lex.

Poor Lex had to rub it off with a napkin the Talon was well stocked in. Good thing to, by the way Lex was scrubbing his face to get that gunk off.

“Hey, Lex. I’ll take it off for you with my tongue. After I fling your stupid wife into the next county.” Clark whispered to himself. Not stupid enough to say it out loud. Hmm, maybe he’s toss her over two maybe three counties.

Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket. Fling her far and fling her wide. For added measure he’s make sure to fling her really hard, too. He could do it. He could. He was after all a powerful alien. And plus he was really strong. He bit his lip. That really didn’t make any sense. Well maybe it did in a stupid sort of way. After all stands to reason if he was powerful he’d be strong too. Right?

Clark mentally shrugged. Didn’t matter after all. Didn’t matter where it counted. Lex was still with HER. While he sat alone faking that he was drinking a hot chocolate he didn’t really want. So he could watch Lex while at the same time completely and totally ignore his friends. Who were starting to get really pissed at him. Right at this point Clark didn’t really care. He should, but he didn’t. Not when she sat over there kissing HIS Lex.

Also stood to reason that she was also making love to HIS Lex. Clark sighed wistfully. That should have been his job. After all Lex should have been his.

And he certainly wouldn’t have smeared lipstick all over his face.

God, he hated her with every fiber of his being. Yes he was obsessed. Yes, he knew it. He might be a crazy, obsessed alien, but he wasn’t a stupid, obsessed, crazy alien.

Clark growled softly. Stupid bitch of a wife was staring at him again.

Now was it his fault she’d made him crazy by stealing Lex right out from under him? Was it his fault that he now had really ugly thoughts about what he wanted to do to her for stealing Lex from right under him?

He growled again. Bitch was still staring at him from what looked like a really comfortable spot on Lex’s shoulder.

Clark sighed softly once again. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. But that spot really did look comfortable.

The bitch smiled at him as Lex laid a gentle kiss in her hair.

Yuck. That was just gross. Now Lex would be coughing up furballs for the next week .

Clark growled, returning her smile stiffly. He really should steal Lex right out from under her just like she did to him. Serve the bitch right.

Only he’d take HIS Lex someplace far away. Where no one would find them.

He chewed his thumbnail nervously. What if Lex hated him for it though? He did after all marry the bitch.

Then there was his parents to think about. They’d be really, really mad when they found out he’d stolen Lex. And there was school, his friend and all that stuff.

But then he was an alien from who knows where. Why should he give a fuck?

Lex was HIS. Even if Lex and the his bitch of a wife didn’t know it yet. Clark smiled inwardly. But they would. Oh-they would, they really would. He was feeling better than he had in along time.

The bitch smiled at him tauntingly from Lex’s shoulder. And then Lex looked over at him. God, Lex had really, pretty blue eyes.

Finalizing his decision Clark smiled brilliantly at them. The bitch’s eyebrows went up in alarm. Clark’s smile widened even more Yeah, she should be afraid. Be afraid, bitch. Be very, very afraid.

Lex, well Lex only widened those pretty blue eyes of his. Returning his look speculatively.

Clark continued to smile at them happily.

The time for sitting around was over. He could win this silent battle he’d been playing with the bitch. Now, now was the time to fight for what was his. It was time. HIS time.

After all…

*He will triumph who knows when to fight and when not to fight.*