Title: Sun-kissed
Author: Angelee
Pairing: Lex/Clark
Summary: Lex likes Clark sun kissed.


Lex sat in his usual chair watching Clark.

Always watching Clark.

He was after all very beautiful, and so very worth watching.

They’d been lovers two years now. Since Clark had rushed up to him one faithful, cold, wintry day and kissed the living daylights out of him. Declaring his love. Claiming he couldn’t live without him.

Lex had believed him. Those beautiful, green eyes warm, so very hopeful, and filled with a love Lex could not, would not deny. They had not been separated since. Together every day. Apart for no more than a few hours at a time.

Lex couldn’t remember his life being so full of love and laughter. Ever.

Happy. Lex was happy for the first time. Clark’s love made him happy. Happier than he had a right to be.

Every day Clark brought joy into his life. Something money could never buy.

Clark turned to him and gave him a brilliant smile. Lex returned it with one of his own.

Gone with no regrets where the holidays spent alone wishing for someone to spend it with. Someone to shower with gifts, to show how much he appreciated them. How much he cared. Now he had Clark.

Who finally allowed Lex to buy him things. Not many at first.

Now Lex gave Clark a gift every day to show his love and appreciation for having him in his life.

Clark wore on the ring finger of his left hand the most important gift Lex had ever given him. A plain, gold band now shining brightly in the noon sun.

Each and every gift Lex gave his green-eyed angel was met with that same brilliant smile and a gentle kiss. Be it a single perfect rose to the most expensive cars on the market. Clark’s car collection now rivaled Lex’s own.
Clark every day since they’d been together gave Lex gifts as well. With a gentle kiss and a, “This is for you, my love.”

He smiled softly as he thought back to the first gift Clark had ever give him. A tiny, stuffed Pegasus with gold-tipped wings. It now sat encased in glass. Protected like the most expensive of his possessions. Which it was.

Lex fingered the ring on his left hand. Married. They were married now. For all times? He hoped so. He would not love another the way he loved Clark.

If ever Clark declared he no longer loved him, his life would end. Lex was sure of it. He would no longer want to live. Clark was everything. Everything.

As if sensing his thoughts Clark turned to him a slight frown on his beautiful face. “Lex?”

Lex smiled at him. “I’m alright.”

“Are you sure?”

Lex fingered the rim of his glass. No longer drinking it’s contents. Simply holding it as he watched his Clark. “Yes.”

Lex sat the glass down on the coffee table and rose to join Clark as he sat naked, outside on their penthouse patio. Soaking the rays of the sun as if it gave him life and health. Clark loved the sun, seeking it out every chance he could.

Yes, Lex knew Clark was not of this world. Born on another. It no longer mattered as he knelt before his sun-kissed love.