Title: The Journey Continues 

Author:  Angelee

Fandoms: The Sentinel/Stargate Atlantis/Blade Trinity (this is getting longer than the pairings.)  (o:

Pairings:  No new pairings to report.

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Not telling. You’re on your own.

Note:  Continues a challenge given by Wolf Mistress.

Note 2:  Whistler didn’t die.  I’m telling you he didn’t and I’m sticking to it.

Note 3:  You need to be familiar with my Blade Trinity series, though it’s not a- you have to know it for sure-sure.  But it wouldn’t hurt.

Beta:  By Bobbie, with much grateful thanks.  All remaining errors are my own-with apologies.


The Journey Continues


“Who have you got there?”


Blade turned from his contemplation of the cute little boy in his lap.  “This is Blair Jacob Sandburg Ellison,” he told his mentor and friend.


“Hello,” Blair said, offering his hand.


“Hello, Blair,” Whistler took the tiny hand in his.  “Polite little thing, aren’t you?”




Whistler looked at Blade.  “Where did he come from?”


“I don’t know; he just sort of appeared.”


Whistler knelt by them.  “Where’s your family, Blair?”


Solemn blue eyes looked at him.  “They on Atlantis.  Be here soon.”  As if catching himself.  “They will be here soon.  I try harder not to talk like baby.  Be more grown up.”


Whistler smiled at him, a hand coming up to gently tug on a soft curl.  “Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, Blair.  You talk just fine.”


Blair titled his head as he studied the man in front of him.  “You think I talk fine?”


“Sure do.  Better than most, I’d say.  Take your time being little.  Everything will come in time.  Especially being a grown up, which isn’t worth all the hype it’s given.”


Blair nodded.  “Alright.  I be little for little while more.”


Whistler smiled at him.  “Good,” he replied, tickling his stomach, chuckling when Blair giggled happily.


Even the usually stoic Blake smiled, faint as it was.  “Did you find them?” 


Whistler sighed at the change of subject.  Playing with a child had been something he hadn’t done in a long time.  Too long.  He’d forgotten all about why they did what they did.  He was getting a not so subtle reminder as he stared into the big, blue eyes of the little boy sitting in Blade’s lap.  


“Yeah.  Not to happy about being summoned. Hannibal was parking the car.”


“Did I hear my name?”


Whistler stood.  “No.”


Hannibal rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, whatever.” He looked at Blade.  “You rang, oh Master?”  Swallowing heavily at the forbidding silence his question got, “Still don’t like me, huh?” he asked weakly.


“What gave you that idea?”


“The silent treatment and the oodles of love aimed at me from behind your dark, mysterious glasses.”


A deep, rich voice interrupted.  “Why have you summoned us, Daywalker?”


“I have unfinished business with you, Drake.”


The First tilted his head and looked at him curiously.  “Oh?”


“Yes, but it’s not something I can do right at the moment.”


Drake looked at the small boy sitting in the Daywalker’s lap.  “Because of the child?”


“Yes.  I don’t want him involved.”


Drake smiled at him slightly.  “That has never stopped you before.”


“I would tell you where to go; actually I’ll show you both.  Soon, very, very soon,” Blade promised very, very softly, which did nothing to hide his deadly intent.


Hannibal moved from one foot to the other, restlessly.  “And I thought we were just getting to be friends.”


“I would never be friends with you.  Either of you.  You are a vampire slayer gone bad.”


“Just because I f…”  Hannibal stopped whatever he was going to say, looking over at the little boy staring at him curiously.


“Yes,” Blade replied, softly, knowing exactly what Hannibal had been about to say.


“Why can’t we get along?  Please, Blade.  Drake’s changed his ways.  He’s good, now.  Well, as good as the First of the vampire race can be.”


“Why thank you.”


“No problemo, lover mine.”


“Because I don’t want to and intent to kick your a…”  Blade looked down at Blair.  “Buns, first chance I get.”


“I will not allow you to hurt Hannibal King.”


“That’s fine.  I’ll deal with you first, then take care of him.”


Hannibal sighed uneasily.  “Do we have to talk about this in front of the kid?”


Blair smiled at him.  “That alright.  Steven always threaten to kick someone’s a…, buns.  It no botter me anymore.”


Steven?”  Whistler asked the little boy.


“My brother.  He takes care of us, good.  Gives lots of trouble to Sentinels ‘cause he think they snotty.”


Whistler knelt in front of Blade and Blair, a wary blue eye on Drake.  “Sentinel?”


“I Guide,” Blair told him proudly.  “My Sentinel is the bestest, bravest, most beautiful Sentinel in the whole universe.”


“Where is he?”


“He coming.  My Sentinel neber far.  Steven bring all of them.”


Whistler frowned up at Blade.  “All of them?”


“My Daddy, Daniel, Jim-my Sentinel, Michael, Rafe, Lee.  I tink he even bring Rodney and John.”  Suddenly Blair’s eyes filled with tears.


“What is it?” Whistler asked gently.


“Jim.  Jim be berry, berry worried ‘bout me,” A small lower lip came out trembling violently.  “He worry lots ‘bout me.” 


Drake moved closer, not failing to notice when Blade pulled Blair against him protectively.  “But you said he was coming.”


“He come.”


“Then you don’t need to worry.  He’ll be here very soon, I’m sure.”


“You tink so?”  Blair asked hopefully.


Drake reached out a hand and gently ran it over Blair’s hair.  “Yes.”


“Alright.  You different,” Blair said speculatively.




Blair nodded.  “Different.  Not like others in the room.  You be berry powerful.  You powerful in good way or bad way?  If it be bad way, Steven kick buns,” he warned.  “Steven no take doo-doo from anyone.  Especially bad doo-doo.”


Drake chuckled softly.  “I think that before I was bad.  Now, not so much.  I think my doo-doo is between bad and good.”


Blair tilted his head to look at Drake curiously.  “What make you change bad ways?”


The First smiled up at Hannibal.  “I found something better, something worth changing for.”  He chuckled softly when his human blushed a bright pink.


“Ah, you change bad ways for love.  Dat berry good.”


Drake turned back to the little boy.  “You think so?”


“I know so.  Love good.  Especially if you neber had it ‘fore.”


Drake frowned.  “How do you know that?”


Blair shrugged his tiny shoulders.  “I no-no.  I just do.  You good now. No make bad peoples any mores.”




“Bad peoples.  Ones that bite others and turn them bads.  People that hurts others like Blade.”


“What?”  Drake asked again.  Blair was an intriguing child.  One he’d never encountered before.


“Blade was baby when bad tings happen to mommy.  Make Blade half you-half me.  He fight every day to be good.  He no have to fight so hard if bad tings no happen to mommy.”


“How do you know this, Blair?”  Whistler asked softly.  “You’ve never seen any of us before today.”


“I just know.  Steven knows tings no one else does.  Jim knows otter tings no one else does.  Rodney knows everythings ‘bouts everything.  He says so all time, but it true.  He berry smart.  No question.  Just is.”


“It just is?”


The beautiful little boy looked up at Blade.  “Yup, just is.  Like sun comes in morning; stars at night.  Just is.”


Whistler smiled at him.  “You’re a smart little fellow aren’t you?”


“Yups.” They all chuckled at Blair’s smug agreement.   The tiny Guide looked up at Blade.  “No hurt Drake.  No hurt Hannibal,” he demanded softly.


“Why not?  Drake’s the First.  He started the vampire race.  Hannibal is a vampire lover.  Not a good thing in my book.”


“I no let you hurt.   Drake no bad no more.  Hannibal lub a vampire; dat no wrong.  He stop Drake from being bads.  I no let you hurt.”


“There’s no way you can stop me little man.”


Before Blair could respond.  A voice echoed in the warehouse.  “He might not be able to, at least not yet, but I sure as hell can.”


“Steven, you comed!” Blair yelled happily.


Steven walked up to them.  “I’ll always come for you, baby brother.  Through time and space, I’ll come for you, always.  Look who else is here,”  He said, stepping aside to give the little Guide a nice view of his very worried, very pale and trembling Sentinel.




“Baby,” Jim quickly scooped his Guide into his arms, burying his face in Blair’s curls.  “I missed you so much.”


“I no gone dat long.”


“No, but any time away from you seems like forever.”


Blair offered his distressed Sentinel bonding scent to help stabilize his fear and stop the fine trembling that always happened when they were apart for any length of time. Soft keening filled the warehouse as Guide and Sentinel once again became one.


Drake watched, fascinated.  “The Sentinel is as old as time itself.”


Hannibal looked at him.  “Yeah?”


Drake nodded.  “Yes.  They are noble warriors fighting to keep the humans in their care safe from all harm.  Be it from the elements, or from their own flights of fancy.  They have been around as long as I.”


“Were they created to fight you?”


Drake tilted his head slightly.  “Perhaps.  They are noble and brave.  Pure of heart and spirit.  All that I am not,” he added with a slight hint of sadness to his voice. “All that I was never meant to be.”


Hannibal frowned in worry.  “You don’t think they were sent here to hurt you, do you?”


“I do not know.”


Steven strolled up to Hannibal and Drake.  “They’re not here to hurt the First.”


“How do you know?”  Hannibal asked softly.


“Because they’re not.”


Drake smiled at the small boy whose blue eyes were full of mischief and mayhem.   “Ah, a Protector.  There have only been a few of you in the millennium since my creation.”


“Protector?”  Hannibal questioned curiously.


“He sees to the Sentinel and Guides under his care.  Though I sense this one is the most powerful one yet.  He may protect all Sentinel and Guides on a level not yet known.”


Steven shrugged, giving then a shy smile.  “What can I say?  I’m just special that way.”


“You do not know the power you hold yet, do you, youngling?  Despite your bolstering, or for what reason, you have been given such power.”


“I sense it, but just faint inklings. Mostly I use it to keep the Sentinel and Guides on track. I can pretty much get them to do what I want, when I want.”


Drake nodded.  “As it should be.  Why are you here, youngling?”


“Following Blair.”


Hannibal frowned.  “That the only reason?”


Steven looked at the man, scowling at him.  “Only one I need.”


“You hurt Drake, I’ll have to hurt you back. Don’t want to, being as you’re just a kid, but I will.  If I have to.”


Steven smiled at him, blue eyes sparkling mischievously.  “You can, of course, try.”


Hannibal scowled.  “What does that mean?’


“That if I wanted to hurt Drake, which I don’t, there’s nothing you or anyone on this planet could do to stop me.”


“Arrogant little shit, aren’t you?”


“Oh, yeah. If you wanna play, I’ll play.  Don’t let it hold you back that I’m a kid.  I can wipe the floor with you, one arm tied behind my back.”


“I’ve fought vampires whose breath could knock you out at twenty paces. You think you can take me?”  Hannibal asked incredulously.


“I know I can.”


Hannibal gave a snort. 


“I’d believe him, if I were you.  He sent a man twice the size of Drake flying across the room without lifting a finger.”


“Hey, Rodney.  How’s it shaking?”  Steven asked, smiling at the Sentinel walking up to him wobbly, his Guide close behind.


“Not as bad now.  I can actually stand up without my knees wanting to buckle.  Warn a guy next time.”




“Daddy’s boy.”


Steven chuckled.  “Like that’s a secret,” he replied, looking over at his father, who was quietly talking to Whistler, Daniel by his side.


Rodney rolled his eyes.  “Ass.”


“Oh, I am so telling my Daddy so he can wash out your mouth with soap.”


“Ha.  As if.  So, you’re a vampire, huh?  Can I see your fangs?  You know, out of scientific curiosity.”  Rodney asked the First with the oddest lack of fear.


John Sheppard grasped his Sentinel’s arm uneasily.  “I’m not too sure you should be here, Rodney.  He could seriously hurt you.”


Rodney gave his Guide a sweet smile.  “Naw, he won’t hurt me.  Steven’s right there.  Thank you, though.”


John blinked.  “For what?”


“For caring about me.  You don’t know how much that means to me,” Rodney told him, eyes filling with tears, which caused John’s to do the same.


“Don’t cry.  Don’t cry or you’re going to make me do it to and then there’ll be no end to it,” John replied, gathering his Sentinel into his arms with such gentleness and care, it touched everyone who saw.


Rodney buried his face against his Guide’s neck.  “I’m not going to cry.  Really I’m not, John.”  He sniffed.  “Well, maybe not too much.  “I love you, John.  With all my heart, I love you.”


John held his Sentinel close, rocking him with infinite care.  “I love you too, sweetheart.  I love you, too.”


Hannibal gave Steven a look between disgust and utter fascination, almost as if he wasn’t sure what he should be feeling. 


Steven chuckled.  “They’re all like that.”


“Ah.  I don’t know whether to puke or go ‘Aw.’  So, do you know why you’re here yet?”


“Not yet.  Where is here anyway?”


Las Vegas.”


Steven’s eyebrows went up in surprise.  “Vegas, cool.  Hey, Blair, we’re in Vegas.  Maybe we can go and visit your Klingon friend while we’re here.”


Blair gave him a brilliant smile.  “Yeah!  Daddy, can we.  Can we, huh?”  he asked William shyly.


“I don’t see why not.  We’re here.  Let’s get hotel rooms and get situated and we’ll have a little holiday.  We need to get to Cascade soon, though.  You kids have missed way to much school.”  He chuckled at the collective groan from everyone under the age of nineteen.  “For now, until we know why Blair led us here, there’s no reason we can’t have some fun.  Mr. Drake, Mr. King, would you care to join us?”  he asked, giving them a smile, allowing them to see they were more than welcome.  “You as well, Mr. Blade and Mr. Whistler.”


“We have a home close by.  Thank you, for your kindness,” Drake replied, bowing slightly.   Whistler and Blade declined as well.


“Dinner, then.  My treat.”


Hannibal looked at Drake wistfully.  “I don’t know.  We’ve been hiding.  There are people who would like nothing better than to see Drake dead.  Like Blade,” he added bitterly.


“You don’t have to worry about that,” Steven told him with a tiny smile.


“Why?”  Drake asked curiously.


“Blair doesn’t want you hurt, and what Blair wants, Blair gets.” 


“Just like that?”  Hannibal replied with disbelief.


“Just like that.  No vampire hunter or vampire will be able to sense him.  It would be like he’s human.  Not even Blade can hurt him,” Steven said, eyeing the growling Daywalker with a total lack of fear.  “He can of course try, for all the good it’ll do him.”


“You can do that?”


Steven’s smile grew.  “I can.”




“I am the Protector.  Who now includes the First and you under my protection.  Not that either of you need it.”




Dinner was a jovial affair with much laughter and playful banter.  The young Sentinel/Guide pairings included Blade, who seemed to get over his anger at not being allowed to kick some First butt, Drake, Hannibal and Whistler in their happy teasing.


Half way through the meal, Blair wiggled out of Jim’s arms and going to the First offered his little arms.  After a moments puzzlement, Drake picked him up.  Jim watched for a moment, before responding to an insult volleyed at him from Steven, unconcerned that the most precious being in the universe to him was in the arms of the deadliest creature known to man.


Blair touched Drake’s cheek with a tiny hand.  “Yes, young one?”  The First asked, softly.


“You not so lonely,” Blair placed his free hand on the spot over Drake’s heart. “Not hurt so much here.”


“Yes. I am less alone.”


Blair nodded.  “That good.  Not good to be lonely.  You not bad.  Not as bad as you tink.”


“Hmm?”  Drake asked, brows drawing together in confusion.


“May not have heart beating in here, but yous still have heart and much love to give and to share.”


The First felt something in him break and shatter at the understanding and forgiveness coming from an innocent little boy, who could not possibly know all the evil and vile things he had done.


“I’m bad, Blair.  I was created to be bad,” Drake said, afraid he would lose the caring touch on his face and over where his heart had only recently begun to beat, because of the love Hannibal King had for him.  “I’ve done many, many bad things.  You shouldn’t even be here with me.”


Blair tilted his head, big blue eyes curious.  “Bad now?”


“I…”  Drake didn’t know how to answer that.


“Bad now?”  Blair asked again.


“I don’t think so.  I try not to be.  It’s easier with Hannibal King around to keep me from getting in trouble.  It’s in me.  Always.  It’s a constant struggle to fight against my nature.”


Blair made a soft cooing noise and threw his tiny arms around Drake’s neck, hugging him close. The First gasped softly as another piece fell away under Blair’s loving assault.  Drake’s arms came up and for the time since his creation, he held a child close for other reasons than to feed.


He turned stunned blue eyes toward Hannibal, who was beaming at him.  “Feels good?” his human asked quietly.


“Yes.  I never knew… Never understood…”  Drake replied, stunned, running hands over a tiny back, pulling Blair closer, relishing the love coming off the small body in gigantic waves.


Hannibal sighed softly.  “Being the First, you probably never missed what you didn’t have.  I, on the other hand, knew what I never had and missed it a fu…” he looked at the child in Drake’s arms.  “Missed it a lot,” he added wistfully, as he looked down at the other end of the table where William, the head of the Ellison clan sat, laughing and gently kissing Lee, who Hannibal had found out was one of William’s adopted sons and also a Guide.  A Guide to Rafe, who sat next to Lee, smiling at something Steven had said.  “They’re a happy family, aren’t they?” he asked, the wistfulness in his voice deepening.


“Yes,” Drake replied, gently kissing Blair’s soft curls, allowing the little boy to sit in his lap once again. 


“Look, even sourpuss Blade is cracking a fang.  Not sure that’s a smile though, but with him, that may be as close as he gets.”


Drake chuckled softly.  “I believe that may actually be a smile.”




The First looked down to meet Blair’s questioning eyes.  “What, youngling?”


“Want a cookie?”


Drake smiled.  “Why yes, I do believe I’d like a cookie very much,” he said, nibbling on the end delicately, making Blair giggle. 


Hannibal sighed softly.  “I wish…”


“What, my love.  What do you wish?”


Hannibal looked toward the end of the table again, meeting William’s eyes as the older man hugged Lee. William smiled at him.


Hannibal returned it with one of his own. If it held a little sadness, William would never know. “That they weren’t leaving so soon.  That maybe…”




“I never had a family before.  Not one that cared and loved like this one.  They love each other so much it’s like a physical presence in the room.”


“I feel it too.”


“Even Rodney and John are a part of this extended family,” Hannibal said, eyeing Rodney as the Sentinel frowned at Steven and said something that made the boy wiggle his eyebrows at him suggestively.  “Do you think…


“What, love?”


“That there could be room for two more?  Two like us?”


“Two like us?”  Drake repeated, with a lift of his left eyebrow.


Hannibal nibbled on his lower lip nervously.  “You know, a reformed bad boy and his sidekick.”


Drake looked toward the end of the table where William was now quietly talking to Jim, an affectionate hand on his son’s shoulder.


“Does it mean that much to you, lover?”


Hannibal felt his eyes fill with tears.  “I’ve never had a real father.  One I could go to when something was troubling me.  Someone to talk to.”


Drake ran his hand over Blair’s soft curls.  “You have me.”


“I know, but it’s not the same,” At the look Drake gave him, he hastily added, “Not that talking to you isn’t cool, but….”


“You miss not having a father figure in your life.”


“Yeah.  I had a step dad that threw money at me, to get me out of the way.  When he wasn’t beating the crap out of me.  Not one that wanted to spend time with me. I would have loved that,” he said, so wistfully, it hurt Drake to hear.  “Or cared about me the way Mr. Ellison does his boys. I’ve always wondered what that felt like.  You know, to have a father that cared.”


Drake rested his head on top of Blair’s curly head.  The little boy was now fast asleep.  He sighed as he watched those around them continue enjoying themselves.




“Mr. Ellison?”


William turned.  “Mr. Drake.  It’s nice to see you,” he said, smiling at the First.  “Please, won’t you come in,” he said, ushering him into the suite at the Venetian, a hotel everyone had agreed on and one Drake was familiar with.


Drake bowed formally.  “Thank you.”  He looked around.  “Where is your family?”


“They all went off to The Hilton.  Blair has a friend there.”




William’s smile deepened.  “Even Rodney and John went.  Rodney seems to be a closet Trekkie.  He seemed to be more excited about going than the kids.”


William led Drake to the sitting area, where the vampire sat on the couch, overwhelming it by his bulk.  “It’s nice to see you again.”


“You are not afraid of me?”  Drake asked curiously.


William looked at the vampire sitting inches from him.  “No, Drake.  I’m not.”


“Why?  I have had warriors, nobles and peasants alike quake in terror at my approach.  Why do you not fear me?”


“Because my sons aren’t afraid of you. 


“You trust your life to younglings?”


William smiled.  “They’re very special younglings.  I would trust my life to them any day of the week.”


“That is much trust to place on those that are very young.”


“They’ve earned the trust and more.”


Drake looked at William.  “You have many Sentinel/Guide pairings under your care.  That is almost unheard of.  As is their tender age.”




“Yes. Sentinels have been known throughout time for their dedication to duty and their love for the humans under their care.”


William’s brows drew together thoughtfully.  “That explains Jim.”


Your eldest?”


“Yes.  He’s not too thrilled with the thoughts of being a Sentinel; or it might be the fact that he needs Blair to keep him sane.  He thinks Blair shouldn’t be so tied to him.”


“Does he know that Blair does not see it as so and never will?”


William sighed softly.  “Blair has had to just about beat it into his head.  But I think he is starting to realize it.”  He met Drake eyes.  “How do you know so much about Sentinels and Guides?”


The First gave him a tiny smile.  “They are noble and deserving of the honor given to them.  When I lost faith and love for my children, the Sentinel stood proud and glowing like a beacon in the night, brightness to my children’s darkness.”


“You didn’t….”


Drake shook his head.  “Never.  I would never destroy that which was worthy to live on.  Even when I had lost all faith in my vampire race, I had to sleep knowing that something good and worthwhile lived on.”


William looked at the handsome vampire.  “What brings you here, Mr. Drake?”


“Please, call me Drake.”


William nodded.  “Alright.”


“I come for Hannibal King.”




Drake looked out the large window into the bright sunshine.  “He requires something I cannot give him.”


“Like what?”




William startled slightly in surprise.  “M…me?”


“You can give him what I cannot.”


“He has many times told me of his unhappiness at his family life.  An abusive stepfather who’s answer to everything was to throw money at it. Or to hit it till it bled.”


“I’m sorry about what Hannibal had to go through.  But I still don’t understand what this has to do with me.”


Drake turned back to meet the human’s confused eyes.  “You have many in your family not of your own blood.  I come asking if perhaps there is room for one more?


“Oh.  O…oh!  Hmm, does Hannibal know you’re here?”


Drake smiled.  “No.  I made sure he was deeply asleep before I sought you out.  He will be very angry when he awakens and finds out what I have done.”


“I bet.  What about you?”


“What about me?”


William looked at the calm and collected vampire.  “What do you think about what Hannibal needs?”


“I want whatever Hannibal King wants or desires.  Nothing more.”


“You must want something out of it.”


Drake tilted his head slightly.  “I want to see Hannibal King happy.  I require nothing more. I deserve nothing more.”


“Family? Friends?”


Drake frowned slightly.  “I have no need for it. Though, when Blair came to me yesterday, I felt something I had never felt before.”


William smiled.  “Yes, there’s nothing quite like a child’s love.  Sometimes all it takes is a child’s hug to make everything off kilter right itself.”


“You saw that?”


William’s smile deepened.  “Yes.  Blair trusts you.”


“I am a creature of the night.  He should not.”


“He does.”


“He should not.”


William touched Drake’s arm.  “It doesn’t matter what you are or were. He does and there’s nothing you can do when he’s decide to give you his trust and his love.  It’s too late for you, my friend.”


“I know.”  The First gave a tiny smile, not put off by the idea in the least.




When the children and their adult chaperones returned, it was to find William deep in thought, looking out the windows overlooking the strip.  The same windows Drake had looked out of not that long ago.   He was so deep in thought he didn’t even turn when they came through the door.


Steven went up to him.  “Dad, what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.


William finally turned to face them.  He looked over his family.  All of them carrying bags they’d picked up on their wandering through Las Vegas and all of them now with various degrees of worry on their faces.


William sighed softly.  “There’s nothing wrong, but we need to talk.”


When he had explained to them what had happened while they had been gone, Steven said gleefully. “I knew there was a reason Blair was summoned here.”


“That’s your only response?”  William asked wryly.  “No other comment?”


Steven shrugged.  “What’s to say?   I like the idea.”


Rodney frowned at him.  “Are you nuts?  A vampire?  The first one to create the vampire race and a vampire hunter/ killer?  In your family?  You’re crazier than I thought.”


“Rodney?”  Steven replied, an odd glint in his eyes.


“You’re loony toons, I tell you.  Completely and utterly bonkers”


“Rodney,” Steven said again, much softer than before.  That brought Rodney right out of his rant.


“W…what?”  The Sentinel asked warily.


“Are you sure you want to keep insulting me?”


Rodney’s blue eyes went wide, and he moved closer to his Guide for protection.  “W…Why?”


“Because, Sentinel, if you keep it up, I’m going to make what I did to Ronon a love tap compared to what I’m going to do to you.”


Rodney moved even closer to John, who wrapped his arms protectively around his Sentinel, even though John knew that Steven wouldn’t hurt his Sentinels, not in a million, trillion years. But John wasn’t above using any excuse to hold his Sentinel close.


“You wouldn’t?”


Steven narrowed his eyes at him.  “Wanna try me?”


“Hmm, no?”


“Good answer.”  Steven turned to William.  “Dad, if the Powers That Be want our family bigger, who are we to argue?  They haven’t steered us wrong yet.”


“That’s true, Dad,” Jim replied, helping Blair take off his shoes, smiling as he watched his little Guide happily wiggling his tiny toes teasingly at him.  “I like Drake and Hannibal.  Don’t care what they were before.”


“Me too,” Lee added.


“Me threes,” Blair replied, giggling when Jim tugged on his big toe gently.


William nodded.  “Alright.  We’ll vote on this.  And we must all agree.”


“What about us?”  Rodney asked, blue eyes wide and vulnerable.


Steven frowned at him.  “What about you?”


“I want to vote too.  John and I are part of the family aren’t we?”  He asked, almost as if he were afraid the answer would be no.


“Do you want to be?”


Rodney nodded eagerly.  “Hell, yeah. This family is way cool.”


Steven smiled at him.  “That’s fine with me.  But I’m not sharing a room with you.  John says you snore.”


Rodney turned to John. “You told Steven I snore?”


John looked uncomfortable for a moment.  “Hmm, maybe?”


“You did.  John.”


John looked at his Sentinel for a second before tilting his head to the side and softly asking, “Scent?”


Rodney frowned at him, before shrugging.  “Okay.” He replied, burying his face against a warm, inviting neck.


Steven gave him two thumbs up and got a smug smile in return as the Guide pulled Rodney even closer against him.  He turned toward his Dad.   “I’d hate to be Drake when he tells Hannibal what he did.”




“I can’t believe you did that!”  Hannibal hissed at the First, who calmly looked at him.  “How could you?”


“It was what you wanted, was it not?”


“Well, yeah, but not like this.  Now the whole family thinks I’m a big time loser.”


Drake chuckled softly as he led Hannibal back into the Venetian for dinner with the Ellison clan.  “They think no such thing.”


 “Yup, a complete and total loser, who wants a stranger to be his daddy.”


Drake pulled Hannibal into his arms as they entered the elevator.  “You do.”


Hannibal sighed softly.  “Yeah, I know.  But still…”


The First ran his hands over his human’s back.  “There is nothing wrong with this.  Do not make it into a bigger thing than it is.”


“They’re not going to accept me.  What do I have to offer a house full of Sentinels and Guides?”


“You have yourself to offer; which is a precious thing indeed.”


Hannibal chuckled softly.  “You’re just prejudiced because you love me.”


“Yes.  But nevertheless, I speak the truth.  You will make a worthy addition to the Ellison family.”


As the elevator slowed, “And you?”  Hannibal asked.


“I will be by your side, my love. Always”


“Blair likes you.”


The elevator dinged.  “He does indeed.”


“Do you think we’ll fit in?”  Hannibal asked anxiously, as the door to the Ellison’s hotel room opened.


“A vampire and his vampire hunter/lover; how could we not?”