Author: Angelee

Title: And Then He Kissed Me

Date: December 15

Fandom: Smallville

Pairing: Kal El/Lex

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sometimes all it takes is a special kiss.

Disclaimer: Heh. Right.

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Beta: By my sister Anna. All final errors are mine-with apologies.


And Then He Kissed Me


Kal El stared out the window into the pristine beauty of his world, sighing heavily. It would soon be all his. A great honor to rule such people as the Kryptonians and it mattered to him greatly. He cared greatly about his people and his planet yet for a joyous occasion that it should be he found for him it could not be.


Could not for he was sad, soul-sick and so very lonely. None of the beautiful females or males his mother and father paraded in front of him eased his deep ache of loneliness or ease the hunger it caused to gnawed at him insistently, constantly in an never-ending waves of pain. None were what he needed. None. The hunger for his soul mate, the one he had yet to find, ate at him. Never giving him a minute of rest. Time grew so short, so very short.


Others of his world at the age of sixteen were all ready bonded with families of their own. Yet he stood in front of his bedroom window still alone, still lonely. Still so very lonely and untouched by anyone. Heart, body and soul still pure. Waiting, silently waiting.


He sighed once again. Startling when a voice behind him spoke. “Son, your answer will not be found staring out your bedroom window.”


Kal El turned unable to hide the sadness in his wide green eyes from his mother. “I know, but it helps to easy the pain. Knowing my true love is out there somewhere. Perhaps even searching for me as I search.” He said wistfully.


Lara touched her son’s arms offering him comfort. “I’m sure he or she is, son. You must be patient.”


“I know mother. But time grows short and I hurt with the need to find my soulmate. The need grows as does the pain. I wish for the love of my soulmate, for a family of my own.” Kal El rubbed his abdomen absently. No matter who he mated with, male or female, Kal El would be able to bear children. The only male on all of Krypton able to do so. A distinction given only to the Ruler of Krypton. And one of the reasons for his pain now. Time was running out. If he did not find his soulmate by the Winter Solstice, the day of his coronation as Ruler, the ability would cease to exist as would his bloodline.


“Have faith. It will happen, my son. I know it will.” Lara told her beautiful son confidently. Sadden by the fact her son had yet to find the mate of his soul. It worried them all. All of Krypton waited anxiously. For the handsome Prince was loved greatly by his people. All felt his pain, his anxiety, his need.


“I wish I could be as sure as you, my Mother.”


“It shall, Kal El. Even now your father searches the universes for your mate.”


Kal El smiled for the first time in many days. “Father has helped greatly. It worries him so that I have yet to find someone.”


“Yes, it does. And since none on Krypton seems suitable he searches elsewhere.”


Just then the doors to Kal El’s bedroom swung open allowing a large robust man with startling white hair entry. “Son? Son, I think I have found the one. Here let me show you,” He said breathlessly, pushing a tiny viewing device into Kal El’s reaching hands.


“Oh,” Kal El replied, softly after a long moment. “He is beautiful.” Green eyes misting as he viewed the figure on the screen. “Mother, look. Is he not beautiful?”


Lara moved closer. She smiled up into her son dazed green eyes. “Yes, son he is. Jor El where did you find him?”


Kal El’s father bounced happily on the balls of his feet. “On a planet called Terra.”


“Oh, father-thank you,” Kal El whispered, running a finger lovingly over the face captured on the screen.


“You must win his love, son. See if he will come to Krypton, rule by you side and you must do it before the Winter Solstice.” Jor El told him. “The day of your coronation. You have one Terran week to accomplish it. Or our royal bloodline will cease to exist and Krypton will have no more Rulers. Our planet will cease to prosper and grow.”


“But what if he does not wish to come with me?” Kal El asked fearfully.


Lara touched his arm gently. “You cannot stay on Terra, Kal El. Your place is here. If you fail you will be the last Ruler of Krypton. You will have to prepare the planet and our people for the times to come if you fail.”


“So many obstacles to over come, so many,” Kal El said, softly.


“That is the way of life, my son. Come let us prepare for your journey to Terra.” Lara urged quietly. “You have much to do and little time.”




“Oh, he is beautiful. I do not feel worthy.” Kal El whispered. Green eyes wide as he looked upon his true love. The tiny view screen did not do his soulmate justice.


Hair the color of the brightest copper shone brightly in the Terran sun. It was cut short and pointed every direction possible. Making Kal El’s hands itch to smooth it into an a semblance of order.


He walked slowly to where his love sat under a tree watching creatures Kal El had never seen before swimming in the lake. Heart pounding wildly in his chest.


“Hello,” Kal El said shyly.


Eyes looked up at him curiously. Blue, they were so blue. Kal El became lost in them for a long moment before he noticed they were full of moisture. “Are you alright?” He asked hesitantly.


“I’m okay. As well as can be expected anyway,” Was the sad response.


Kal El had to fight the strong impulse to reach over and take his love into his arms. He could not. He must move carefully. His mother told him to woe gently. He must remember to woe gently.


“Oh. May I sit?”




Kal El moved as close to the forlorn figure as he could. “Can I help?”


A trembling hand wiped a stray tear. “If you could make my father not hate me so much it’d be very much appreciated. Or even let me in on the secret as to why he hates me.”


“Your father hates you?” Kal El asked stunned.


“Yeah. It seems like it.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah.” Light eyebrows furrowed together slightly. “Why am I telling you this? I don’t even know you?”


Kal El smiled at him. “I am remiss. Hello. I am Kal El. And you are?” He asked, offering his hand.


“I’m Alexander Luthor. Lex for short,” He was told as his hand was taken.


For the first time he touched the flesh of his true love and Kal felt his heart skip a beat. “I am happy to meet you Alexander Luthor, Lex for short. May I call you Alex?”




“I like Alex. Much more- hmm, you.”


“I guess. If you want.”


Kal El smiled at him brilliantly. “I want. So tell me more about your father,” He said making himself comfortable next to Alex.


Blue eyes looked out forlornly toward the lake, watching idly as ducks swam by. “I don’t think I should. I don’t even know you.” Alex turned toward Kal El frowning slightly. “Though it seems as if I do or at least should.”


“I feel the same. It feels as if I’ve known you for a very, very long time.”


“Hmm, really?”


Kal El nodded. “Oh, yes.”


“That’s weird.”


“No not really. Have you ever met someone and it seems if you have known them your whole life and you have only just met? Yet deep in your heart you know them?”




Kal El felt his heart fall. “No?” All could not be lost. No. Please. All could not be lost. He felt his eyes fill with tears.


Alex smiled at him almost shyly. “At least not till now.”


“Oh, Goddess,” Kal El gasped softly.




“Nothing, Alex. I just lost hope for a moment, but all is well.”


“You’re an odd fellow do you know that?” Alex asked him running his fingers through his bright hair. Kal El watched the move hungrily. Wishing with all that he was that it were his hands touching Alex.


“No I did not know that. I thank you for bringing it to my attention,” He said, instead.


Alex laughed. “Your welcome. Hey, are you hungry? Do you want to get something to eat?”


“Are you inviting me to dine with you?”


“Hmm, well yes, I guess I am.”


Kal El almost took Alex into his arms in his happiness. “Oh, yes, Alex. It would be my pleasure to dine with you,” He replied, practically bouncing on the bench.


Alex smiled at him. “It’s only dinner. If it’ll make you even happier I’ll take you to my home for dinner. How’s that? Would that make you even happier?” He said, watching Kal El’s antics with twinkling blue eyes. A small smile on his lips.


Kal El nodded cheerfully. “Oh, yes, Alex. Just as happy. As long as I am with you. I will be happy.”


Alex shook his head. “You weird. Nobody has ever wanted to be in my company for that long. Usually they run the other way when they see me coming. Unless they want something.”


“No, Alex,” Kal El said stunned.


Alex touched his arm gently. “Don’t worry about. It quit bothering me along time ago.”


Oh, Goddess. Alex was touching him. Was actually touching him. Kal El thought he could die happily now.


“It bother’s me, Alex. A lot.”


Alex stood pulling his hand away and Kal El thought his world would end with its loss. “It’s alright. Come on lets get something to eat. I’m really hungry all of a sudden.”




Food on Terra was not so much different than on his planet. But then it may have been for all he knew. He didn’t remember tasting anything of what he was being served. Lost in the presence of his soulmate as he was.


As they dined he learned that Alex was an only child, just as he. That his mother had died many moons past. His father hated him for reasons Alex was not sure of. Alex just as he was born into wealth, prestige and power. But it was what was not said that was the most telling.


By watching Alex closely Kal El could tell that his love was just as lonely as he. That Alex had yet to find someone to call his own. Kal El’s heart lifted. There yet was hope for him.


He watched those beautiful blue eyes become distant time and time again. Kal El felt that perhaps his love would go back with him to Krypton. Rule at his side. Allow Kal El to bear their children. Yet it was to soon to ask. To soon to pull his love into his arms and offer all the love in his heart to the mate of his soul.


“Alex, may I ask a question?” He asked softly, before he could stop himself. He should wait he really should but, he found he could not. Time grew so short. Absently he rubbed his abdomen. Something he seemed to be doing a lot of lately.


“You may ask. But I reserve the right not to answer,” Alex told him with a small smile.


Kal El returned it with one of his own. “If someone came to you and asked you to be their mate what you say?”


Alex looked at him puzzled. “What? Are you asking me to marry you?”


Kal El bit his lip. He was going about this all wrong. “If someone came to you and offered you all the love in their heart, what would you say?”


“I’d say they needed to get their head examined.”


Kal El sighed heavily. “I do this badly.” He rose from the chair he’d been sitting in and went to kneel in front of Alex. He looked into blue eyes that were staring at his curiously. No condemnation or ridicule for the fool Kal El thought he was making of himself. All they held was curiosity. “I would pledge to you my love, Alex. All the love that is in my heart. I ask you to be my mate now and for always.”


Those blue eyes widened in astonishment. “You are? You’re asking me to marry you.” Alex said stunned. “B…but I don’t even know you.”


Kal El reached out a violently trembling hand. “You know me here.” He replied, laying his hand over Alex’s heart. “Please, Alex don’t deny me. Be mine,” He urged, green eyes darkening in need and desperate want.


“I…I don’t know what to tell you, Kal El,” Alex said softly.


Kal El sighed. “I know it is to soon and we have only just met, but I could not wait. My mother told me to woo you gently. But I couldn’t wait. I just couldn’t.” Those same green eyes looked up at Alex filling with tears. “I need you. With all my heart I need you, Alex. Please,” He pleaded softly.


Alex frowned looking down at this strange boy. Big, Kal El was huge and well-muscled not even the red and blue flannel shirt could hide it. Misty green eyes looked up at him full of loneliness and longing. Unsure of what to say. Instead he said nothing. Carefully wiping the tears coursing down Kal El’s pale, drawn face.


No one had ever professed to needing him this much before. Much less wanting him. He wondered fleetingly if it was another of his father’s cruel games. Like that whole fiasco with those two bitches his father had snuck on him and he the fool that he was married them learning to late that they had been on his father’s payroll.


When Kal El had found him at the park he’d just found out his father had not only disinherited him, but had also found a way to steal the money Alex’s mother had left him. He was totally alone and penniless. Feeling abandoned, lost and lonely.


“Why, Kal El? Why me?”


Kal El moved his face into the gentle caress with a soft sigh. “You are the other half of my soul. With the help of my father I have searched the universes for you. I cannot live without you, Alex.”


Alex stoked the baby-fine hair off of Kal El’s face. “Don’t say such things, Kal El. It’s not right. Especially to someone you’ve just met.”


“B…but why?”


“Because Kal El you do not live your life through someone else. You live it for you.”


Kal shook his head. “You do not understand. I cannot live without you. You are now a part of my soul, my heart. I will die now without you.”


Alex frowned. “Don’t,” He said sternly. “Don’t say such thing. It’s not right.”


Kal looked at Alex solemnly. “I think we do not understand one another, Alex. Perhaps I should start from the beginning.”


Alex nodded. “Yes, maybe you should.”


“W…would you hold me while I explain?” Kal El asked, shyly.


“You don’t ask for much do you? Alright come on.” Alex pulled Kal El to his feet and took him willingly into the living room of the house that would be his for only a short while more. He lay down carefully on the couch and urged Kal El on top of him.


“Oh, this is so nice,” Kal El sighed happily as he made himself comfortable.


“I’m glad. Talk.”


“Please a moment. Allow me listen to your heartbeat just for a short while. Please, Alex?”




Kal El lay on Alex’s chest listened to the quietly beating rhythms of his heart as gentle hands stroked his hair.


Kal El had not felt so calm and at peace in along time. He sighed as he rubbed his face against Alex’s soft shirt. The ache in him was easing, as was the deep longing and loneliness. Alex truly was the soulmate he’d been searching for. Slowly he found himself talking.


Alex’s eyes widened as he listened. Hardly able to believe what Kal El was telling him. Yet he listened. When the words finally slowed and stopped, green eyes looked up at him worriedly.




“Kal El…I…”


“Do you believe me?”


“Hmm, I…”


“Alex, you must believe me.”


Alex shook his head. “Kal El, that’s some story you just told me. I keep thinking it’s another ploy of my father’s to get back at me. Are you on his payroll?”


Kal El sat up straddling Alex. “You must believe me. I do not work for your father or anyone else. I am here for you and only you.”


Alex looked up meeting pleading green eyes. “My father must have decided to try another strategy to see if I’d fall for it. It’s a very innovative I must say. You certainly are very beautiful and my father knows how I feel about beautiful things.”


“Alex, please.”


“Kal El, I think it’s time you left.”


“No,” Kal El shouted. Earning a raised eyebrow from Alex. “No,” He said softer. “No, Alex. Now that I’ve found you I will never be parted from you. Proof, you need proof that I speak the truth.” Kal El searched thru his terra clothing furiously unuse to their tight confinements. “Here, here is the proof,” He said, holding up something in his trembling hands.


Alex looked at it curiously. “A piece of metal, Kal El?”


“Oh, Goddess,” Kal El whispered, completed shaken by the fact he could lose Alex. “A moment. I must activate it.” Trying to find the activation button he almost dropped it, the trembling was so violent. Hands came over his.


“What do you need?”


“Oh, Goddess-thank you, Alex,” Kal El said, gratefully. “Touch the blue button.”


Alex touched the button and the dim room suddenly became awash in holographic images.


“What is this, Kal El? What are you showing me?”


“My home, Alex. My planet. And these are my parents,” Kal El replied of the images of a very beautiful women and a handsome man smiling out at them. “My mother said you might not believe. She gave me the image cube to prove to you the truth I speak.”


“Your Mother is beautiful, Kal El.”


Kal El smiled at the image softly. “Yes she is. And she is as gentle as she is beautiful.”


“And your father…”


“Is kind and generous. He searched the universes to help me find you. He will be the best father you could ever wish for. We will love you as no one else ever could if you would but let us. We will be your family, Alex. Please?”


Alex looked at the images of a world made of crystal planes and sharp angles. It truly was a beautiful world. He met the pleading green eyes looking at him. “I will go with you to this place, Kal El. I need to see it for myself if it is a place I want to be. I also reserve the right to say no to your marriage proposal. I need time to see if I could love you. I know you have a lot riding on my answer, but I need to be sure. You’re talking about my future as well.”


“Yes.” Kal nodded. “I understand, but do you think it is possible for you to love me?” Kal El said in a small voice.


“I don’t know to be truthful. I think it is possible. You are very beautiful, Kal El.”


“Do you think so?”


Alex smiled at him. “Are you fishing for compliments, Kal El?”


Kal El looked at his love shyly from underneath his long lashes. “Yes, do you think me vain to seek compliments from the man who holds my heart in his hands?”


Alex rolled his eyes. “Do you know how sappy that sounds?”


“It is the truth, Alex. There is nothing sappy about it.”


“Alright. Let me get a few things and we’ll go?” Alex replied, rising from the couch.


“As you wish, my love.”


“Hmm, Kal El?”


“Yes, my love?”


Alex looked at the strange boy watching him adoringly. “If we’re alone I don’t mind you calling me that, but in public don’t.”


Kal El’s green eyes darken in hurt. “But why? It is the truth.”


Alex rubbed Kal El’s arm soothingly. “I know but…” He couldn’t finish the sentence, just one look at that beautiful face looking at him so expectantly. He just couldn’t. “Never mind. Call me that if you like. It’s alright.”


Kal El gave him a brilliant smile. “Truly?”


“Yes, it’s okay.”


Kal El reached for Alex remembering at the last minute that they were suppose to be moving slowly. “I am sorry,” He said, hands dropping down to his sides.


“It’s alright. Hug me if you like.”


Kal El gathered Alex to him carefully, sighing contently. “Oh, my love.”


Alex rubbed his face against a broad, very broad chest. “You’re very warm and very, very big,” He murmured, feeling huge hands running up and down his back.


“I love you, Alex.”


Alex pulled away slightly, meeting sincere green eyes. “Don’t say that, Kal El. It can’t possible be true.”


“Why can it not be true?” Kal El asked in confusion.


“Because to love someone it takes time to grow. We only met six hour ago.”


Kal El smiled at him. “But I have known you my whole life and have waited, Alex. In my heart and in my soul I have always known you even though we have only just met.”


Alex shook his head chuckling. “You are so sappy. It’s like I’ve twilight zoned into a soap opera.”


“What is a soap opera?”


“Never mind. Let me go and pack. I’ll be right back.”


“Yes. But first, Alex-a favor, please?”




“Might I kiss you? I know you want to move slowly in this, but my heart desires a kiss,” Kal El said hopefully.


“A kiss? Just one?”


Kal El cupped Alex’s face in gentle hands. “One. Just one. Please?” He asked, lowering his head in offering.


“One.” Alex repeated, closing his eyes as their lips met for the first time.


Kal El hummed appreciatively. Opening his mouth wide to allow Alex in. A hesitant tongue entered, slow and unsure.


Kal El was still humming as he caressed Alex’s tongue with his own. Carefully, so very carefully, so as not to scare the trembling man in his arms. He angled Alex’s head to deepen the kiss. If he could he was going to make it a special kiss being allowed only one.


His hands came up to tangle in Alex’s hair. Finally giving into the temptation of smoothing the spiky locks.


Kal El keened softly as he tasted his soul mate’s essence over and over as he sought the taste, taking it into himself. Alex tasted so good, so good. Of sweet wine and sunshine and all that was Alex.


Slowly ever so slowly he pulled away. Wishing he’d could have another kiss. Wishing with all his heart he had thought to ask for more.


After a long moment Alex opened dazed blue eyes to look up at Kal El. Lips heavily swollen and panting slightly. “I ah…hmm, that was some kiss,” He said shakily.


Kal smiled at him, running his hands over the no longer spiky hair. “Did you like it?”


“Yes,” Alex replied, running a tongue over his still tingling lips. “Oh, yes.”


He rested his head against Kal El’s heavily muscled chest as he tried to catch his breath from one of the best kisses he’s ever had in his twenty-three years of life. Loving the way Kal El seemed to understand and was quietly comforting him. Gently rocking him back and forth slowly. Finally, reluctantly he pulled away. “I…ah…need to go pack my things,” He said vaguely, pointing off to the general direction of his bedroom.


“Yes, Alex. Might I go with you?”


“Hmm, yes. Okay,” Alex said, still extremely disoriented he tripped on a smooth patch of carpet as he turned. “Ow! Stupid carpet.”


“Are you alright, Alex?” Kal El asked, hiding his smile.


“I…I…Hmm. Yes, I think so. It’s just that…I…”


Kal El stopped Alex’s movements forward, gathering him into his arms once more. “It’s alright, Alex. I understand.”


Alex looked up from where his face was buried in Kal El’s chest. “Y…you do?”


Kal El nodded. “Yes. It’s the way I felt the first time I saw your face. My heart sang, I was so happy to have finally found you.”


Alex chuckled. “I swear you are the sappiest person I’ve ever met in my life.”


Kal El kissed Alex‘s forehead. “Yes, so you keep telling me.”


“But Kal El it was just a kiss. Just one,” Alex said softly, blue eyes bright with confusion.


Kal El cupped Alex’s face looking deep into his eyes. “Yes, just one, my love, but we are soulmate. You know my touch as I know yours. Would know it anywhere even if we have never touched before. Do you understand finally what I have been trying to tell you?”


“Hmm, yes. I think so,” Alex said, rubbing his face against Kal El’s chest.


Kal El cupped Alex’s face again running his thumbs over the swollen lips. “And that is?” He questioned softly.


“That you love me and I love you.”


Kal El smiled happily. “Finally, you understand,” He said kissing Alex’s forehead affectionately.


“I…I guess I do in a weird sort of way.”




Alex looked into sparking green eyes. “Yes?”


“Will you be my soulmate? Rule Krypton by side?”


Alex gave Kal El a mischievous smile. “Wouldn’t this be a real soap opera if I said no and made you chase me all over the damn universe to win my love. Maybe even had your evil ways with poor innocent me and then left me pregnant and penniless?”


“I would never do that, my love. Because you already know you love me. And if I had my way with you-you’d enjoy it and as to the pregnant part it depends on the depth of our love how quickly that takes place.”




“Later, my love. Please for now will you voice the truth you already know?”


“I say again, huh?”


“Tell me you will be my soulmate, rule by my side. Love me for all time.”


“Oh. Vows. Okay, I can do that. I Alexander Luthor will be your soulmate, rule by your side and love you for all time.” Alex paled slightly as he said it, but he said it.


Kal El smiled at him brilliantly. “As if there was ever a doubt, my love,” He said smugly. “At least not much of one.”


“Oh, now your arrogance is really annoying. What if I take it all back?”


“You can’t. You already said yes. Let us pack your belonging and be on our way. My parents are anxious to meet you, my love.”


“Alright. Hmm, Kal El?”


“Yes, my love?” Kal El asked, herding Alex in the direction he’d indicated earlier where his room lay.


“Are you ever going to stop being sappy?”


Kal El gave Alex another brilliant smile. “Never. My love. Never.”


“Oh, okay.”




The day of the Solstice and Kal El coronation dawned clear and beautiful one week later. Kal El dressed completely in white making a dashingly handsome figure. At his side his soulmate looking just as dashing in his matching clothing except for the purple tie Kal El had not the heart to talk Alex out of wearing.


Kal El smiled happily as he watched his mate’s wonder as they paraded down the streets of Krypton in a carriage drawn by two magnificent white horses. Cheering Kryptonians tossing white roses as was the custom.


In front of a huge crystal fountain Kal El and Alex exchange their vows of commitment. In front of all of Krypton and surrounding planets, billions of people smiled as Kal El stumbled over the words nervously. Saw the joy on his face as Alex spoke his with a clear, firm voice. Saw the gentle loving kiss they exchanged before they turned and smiled at the people quietly watching.


Kal El looked out at his people lining the pristine whiteness of their city streets. Listening to their happy cheers. He turned toward his soulmate.


“They adore you, my love. Almost as much as I do.”


“Oh, please. They’re cheering for you.”


Kal El took Alex’s left hand in his, kissing it lightly. “They cheer for both of us. They have gotten to know you this last week and they love you as well. I think that they might just love you a bit more.”


Kal El’s parents had fallen in love with Alex the moment they’d met the unsure young man tuck protectively against their son’s side. They loved him more with each passing day as did the whole planet. If not for the fact that he was extremely intelligent as he was charming and completely. And totally loveable, though he would vehemently deny it. It was for the simple fact that he make their son very happy.


Gone was the air of sadness in its place overwhelming joy and happiness. Kal El could not stop smiling. Always, smiling and hugging and kissing his soulmate. Who returned the affection just as readily.


“Okay, I’ll go for that.” Alex told him impishly. “Kal?” He called as he was lead back toward the waiting horses. They still had the festival of lights to attend. Where at sunset every house on Krypton were to be lit by twinkling lights. From every roof top, every tree, every yard all over Krypton lights would shine. A tradition eons old. A way for the Kryptonian people to show their love for their Ruler and his new soulmate. It was rumored that no lights were available at any of the merchants any where on the planet. All had been bought. Kal could hardly wait to show his love, it was sure to be spectacular.


Followed by the Festival of Lights, the coronation dance amidst giant ice sculptures that had taken months to create. All of Krypton was invited. There would be food, music, dancing long into the night.


“Yes, my love.”


“Are you happy?” Alex asked softly, looking into puzzled green eyes.


Kal El frowned. “Why do you ask, my love?”


“It‘s just that you seemed really quiet since yesterday. And you haven’t really been touching me. You said it was alright for us to make love the day before we got married, but I …” Alex trailed off uncertainly as he entered the carriage.


Kal El entering quickly gathered his love to him. “Oh, my love. I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. The problem is with me, not with you. I have been slightly distracted.”




“Well, my love. How to tell you?” Kal said smoothing Alex’s hair back, much to his mate’s annoyance. “I have a slight problem.”


“Can I help?”


Kal El smiled gently. “No, I think that you have already done enough.”




“Alex, do you remember last night?” Alex blushed a bright red. “Yes, it seems that you do.”


“Well-hmm it was just last night, so yes I’d remember it.” Lex smiled up at Kal El. “At least you’d better hope I remember it.”


Kal El and Alex had spent the night making love. For Kal El it had been a night of revelation and dawning wonder that someone as beautiful as Alex could love him. For Alex it had been the same. The love revealed had been deep and all consuming. The room echoing with the sounds of their passion.


“Hmm, my love, it was the night our first child was conceived.”


Alex’s blue eyes widened in shock. “W…what are you saying?”


Kal El cupped Alex’s face. “I carry your child, my love.”


“Kal El-so soon?”


Kal El nodded. “Are you happy, my love?” Green eyes unsure.


“Y…yes. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.”


“I love you Alex and our child was conceived in that love.”


“Here?” Alex asked, placing his hand on Kal El’s abdomen.


Kal El nodded again. “Yes, my love.” Placing his hand over his soulmates.


“H…have you told your parents?”


“No I thought we would do that tonight at the Festival of Lights or perhaps later at the Coronation Dance. Which ever you prefer.”


“Do you think they’ll be mad at me?”


“Why would they be mad at you?” Kal El asked frowning slightly.


“Because I got you pregnant so soon?”


Kal El smiled at him. “No, my love. By conceiving your child so soon it is proof of how deep our commitment is and that we were meant to be soulmates for all times.”


“You are just so sappy.”


“I am not the only one, my love.” Kal El replied, bring notice to Alex’s hand. It had not left his abdomen, but gently stroking it through Kal El’s clothing.


Alex smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, I guess you’re not the only one. Our baby?”


“Yes, my love?”


“That’s just so…”


“Yes, I know,” Kal El replied softly, looking deep into the eyes of the man, he with the help of his father, had searched the universes for. “Shall we start out future, my love?”


Alex took a deep breath. “Yes. I love you, Kal El. Very much.”


Kal El smiled at him. His hand gently rubbing his tummy. “I know.”