Title:  Then There Was Alex 2

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Smallville

Pairing:  Alex/Clark

Rating:  Adult

Summary: Out of pain comes hope and life

Beta:  By my sister Anna. All remaining errors are mine-with apologies.

Note:  Mpreg-do not read if offended by such.


Then There Was Alex 2


Alex heard the bathroom door open as he started to shampoo his hair. 


“Didn’t I tell you to get out?”


Clark came up behind Alex, burying his face against his neck.  Hands gently cupping his stomach.


“I can’t do that.”


“You can.  And you will,” Alex told him, trying to push him away.  It got him absolutely no where. 




“Let me go.”


“No,” Clark replied, softly.  That’s when Alex felt Clark hardening against his right buttock.


“Planning on rape?” Alex asked, coldly.


“I don’t have to rape you, Alex. You’re more than willing to give me what I want and you know it.”


“That was before.  I’m not willing anymore.  I’ve had enough.  Let me go and get out.”


“No,” Saying that Clark lowered his body slightly, shoving himself into Alex. 


“God damn it,” Alex hissed, throwing his head back at the invasion.  It hurt.


“You want it, Alex.  You know you do.”


Alex braced his hands against the shower wall.  There was no possible way he was going to be able to get Clark to release him. 


“You’re resorting to rape.  I don’t want this and I sure as hell don’t want you.  Ah,” Alex hissed again as Clark began to thrust.  He let his head drop between his shoulders.  “Hurry up and get it over with and then get out.  I never want to see you again.  Ever.  Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, Alex.”


The pounding his insides were receiving was excruciating painful, considering the time Clark had been fucking him.  It really hurt. 


“Oh, God.”


“I’m sorry, Alex.  I’m really, really sorry,” Clark said, against his neck. 


“If you were sorry you wouldn’t be raping me.  Hurry up.”


Clark was thrusting into him with jarring force.  The slap of body on body audible in the small shower room, despite the running water. Clark began forcing Alex back into him, hard, the closer he got. When he came, it burned Alex’s insides.


 “Get out.”


“No.”  Clark stayed where he was, holding Alex still. 


“You got what you wanted.  Get out of me.”


Clark tightened his arms around Alex.  “Not yet.”


“What do you mean not yet?  Get out.  You’re hurting me.”


“Please, Alex just a little more time.” 


Alex sighed softly.  He couldn’t in all reality force Clark to release him, so he waited.  At least Clark wasn’t thrusting.  Which was a small favor to be sure since Alex’s insides felt like they’d were on fire. He started whimpering, softly. 


“Just a little while more.”


Alex bit his lip hard enough to make it bled.  “Hurts.”


“I know and I am sorry, but it’s necessary.”


“Once you get out of me.  I want you gone.  Out of my life.  I don’t ever want to see you again.”


“I can’t do that now, Alex,” Clark told him, triumph in his voice.


“W…what are you taking about?” Alex asked, trying to move slightly too easy the burning pain.


Clark eased out slowly.  Making Alex gasp in relief.  “You carry my child.”





Once Clark had pulled free Alex had turned around and slapped the hell out of Clark’s face.  It didn’t make a bit of difference. Not to Clark, but it sure as hell hurt Alex’s hand. Clark continued to look at him serenely, a small smile on his face as Alex cradled his hurt limb against his body.


“You’re fucking crazy,” Alex told him, backing away from him.


“No, I’m not and you now carry my child within your body.”




Clark left and once he had Alex dressed in clean, dry clothing.  His hand hurt, his butt hurt.  Everything hurt. He lay down on the carpeted floor of his wrecked bedroom and cried himself to sleep.


Over the next few months Alex started seeing some odd changes in his body.  He tried keeping everything as normal as possible.  Finding as more time passed it was getting harder and harder. Normal sure as hell wasn’t what he was any more. 


The morning sickness was a dead giveaway, Clark had been telling the truth   When his belly started expanding Alex knew he’d have to do something.  Especially since Clark had started stalking him.  Never really approaching.  Just watching.  Warned away by the angry glares Alex gave him.


One late afternoon having had more than enough, Alex packed his bags, took money out of his sizeable bank account and ran.


He shouldn’t have run.  He knew he shouldn’t have run.  He should’ve made his stand back in Metropolis.  Luthor’s didn’t run and Alex was after all a Luthor.  But run he did.  Something he really didn’t regret.


He ended up in a border town in Texas. He settled into a modest home on the outskirts.  Where no one would bother him, while he waited for his baby to be born.  He would have liked some scientific equipment to find out how Clark had managed to impregnate him, but that would have drawn to much attention.  Something he could really do without.


Alex looked out of his bedroom window watching the beautiful southwestern sky set, absently rubbed his expanding belly.  He had a zillion problems to be sure, but he’d never felt more at peace.


“Ow!”  Alex said, softly as the baby kicked him in the side.  “That hurt.  But that’s alright.  I know you’re going to do it a lot more before you make an appearance into the world.”  Alex moved away from the window.  “What would you like for dinner?  How does a nice Chef Salad sound.  I’ll even add a hardboiled egg just for you.”


Alex went into the kitchen to assemble dinner.  All the while talking quietly to his baby.  Getting rid of it had never entered his mind.  He may not have liked the way Clark had gotten him pregnant, but now that he was, he certainly wasn’t going to take it out on an innocent. 


He took the assembled salad out into the backyard.  Enjoying the cool autumn weather.  “I really like it here.  How about we stay here when you’re born?  I’ve got plenty of money and it’s not likely to ever run out.  Not to mention it’s untraceable.  I’ve checked out the schools even though it’ll be a while before you can go there.  Or would you rather be home schooled. I can do that, too.”


Alex ate as he talked to his baby.  Not thinking it the least bit odd that he was talking to an unborn child.  Or for that matter he was the father and the mother of said unborn child. Or come to think of it the biological father was an alien. 


“So, do you think that Clark’s looking for us?”  Alex asked his baby, talking a small sip of milk.  “I bet he is.  No way in hell can he find us either.  I sold the Lexus back in Tucson and we came here by bus.  Even if he did find us all he’d want is to fuck me.  I’m sorry baby.  I should use that kind of language with you.  I’m sorry.”  Alex sighed, softly.  “That’s what he kept saying. ‘I’m sorry. Alex.  So very sorry, Alex.’  The whole time he was hurting me. I didn’t like the pain, but I like having you.”  Alex rose from the patio chair.  Placing his bowl in the kitchen sink to wash later.  “How about a bubble bath?  A nice soak and then we’ll listen to some music.”


Lex planned on buying as much food and supplies as he could store inside the huge refrigerators he’d had installed in the garage. Enough to keep him fed until his baby was born and then some.  That was on plan for tomorrow.  He was getting to big to wait much longer and he needed to get ready.


He wondered how the baby would be delivered, but he didn’t worry about it to much.  The baby would probably come out the same way he or she’d gotten in.  Something he REALLY didn’t want to think about to heavily.  Being a pretty smart fellow he was being realistic and was preparing for the baby’s birth just as realistically.  It was going to hurt just as much or more than the baby’s conception. Something he wasn’t looking forward to, but was ready for. 


After the promised bubble bath, classical music playing in the background Alex slipped in between the cool sheets of his bed.  He wondered again if Clark was looking for him.  He seemed hell bent on getting him pregnant to just up and let him disappear without trying to find him. Closing his eyes he hoped he’d covered his trial so no one could find him, including the baby’s father.


He was taking out the last of the groceries when…


“Hello, Alex,” a calm voice told him.


Alex spun around so fast he dropped the bag he’s just picked up.  Wincing when he heard the eggs break.


“H…How did you find me?”


Clark moved close, frowning when Alex backed away.  “It wasn’t easy.  I had to search the planet carefully.  Mile by mile.  Inch by inch.  I started listening to see if I could hear your voice.”  He smiled gently.  “I finally heard you yesterday when you were singing to our child.”


Alex placed a protective hand on his stomach.  “My baby.  Not yours.”


Clark tried one more time to move closer. “Ours, Alex.”


Alex backed away.  “Mine. Only mine.”


Clark didn’t back away this time, continuing to come forward.  “It is my seed that caused conception.”


“You hurt me.  I consider the baby compensation for the pain you caused,” Alex replied, unable to move any more.  Stopped by the wall of his home.


“I didn’t mean to cause you pain.  I was being ruled by instinct.  The need to claim my mate in a way that was irrefutable.  You are mine Alex as the baby is mine.”


Alex closed his eyes tightly when Clark came so close he could feel his breath against his face.  “No,” he whispered softly.


“Yes,” A hand gently stroked his belly.  Lifting his shirt to caress his bare skin.  The baby seemed to recognize Clark’s touch as it began a joyful dance inside of Alex.

“See the baby recognizes my touch.”


Alex winced.  “No.”


“Yes.  Lift your eyes, Alex.  I haven’t seen your beautiful eyes in so long,” Clark told him wistfully.


Alex did.  “I hate you,” he hissed softly, meeting Clark’s blue/green eyes.


“I know.  And you have every right to hate me.”


“If I asked you to leave, would you?”


Clark shook his head.  “No.”


Alex sighed, “That’s what I thought.  Well, then you might as well come in.”


“It’s a beautiful home, Alex.”  Clark told him looking around.


“I like it,” Alex replied, starting to unpack the grocery bags.  Tossing the carton of broken eggs in the trash. 


And it was a beautiful home, Clark thought to himself as he looked around.  Warm and homey.  Warm southwestern sunshine came in though the huge windows.  Complimented by curtains of soft yellows and whites.  Clark watched them gently moving in the breeze coming in through the open windows.


“Are you planning on staying here, Alex?”


“Yes.  I like it here,” Alex replied, as he placed gallons of milk in the refrigerator.


“Your father is looking for you.”


Alex gave him a bland look.  “So?”


“He seems to think you’ve been kidnapped.  He’s offering a huge reward.”


Alex began putting away cans of vegetables.  “Again, I say so?”


“The baby will be born soon.”


Alex glared at him.  “Tell me something I don’t already know.”


Clark went behind Alex. Wrapping his arms around him, he lowered his head and tucked his face against Alex’s neck.


“I missed you.”


Alex snorted.  “Right. You don’t even know me.  We fucked, or rather you fucked me.” 


Clark winced.  “That’s rather crude.”


“Isn’t it?” Alex replied, watching big, broad hands stroking his belly.  “Or should I say fucked me over?”


“Alex, please.”


“Let me go,” Alex demanded, pushing at Clark’s hands.


“You know what I did when I found out you’d run?  I went back to Smallville.  Talked to my parents.  I told them everything.  That I’d gone a little crazy.”


 “A little crazy?” Alex asked, still trying to push Clark’s hands off him.


“All right,” Clark conceded.  “A lot crazy.  I already knew I wasn’t human.  They’d already showed me the spaceship I’d come to earth in.  They told me maybe I’d find answers there.  After they’d chastised me for my behavior.”


Alex had stopped fighting, listening despite himself.  “And?”


Clark opened Alex’s shirt to better feel his skin, smiling when he felt the baby kick against his hand.  “The ship opened and a voice spoke.  Answering for the first time questions that have been bothering me since I found out I was alien. Told me where I was from.  The powers I had and the great responsibilities those powers hold.  I learned that I wasn’t bound by limitations this planet hold for its people.  I could fly.”  Clark’s voice held awe.  “I soared with the clouds, touching them.  I flew from Smallville all the way to China in a matter of minutes.  Maybe someday you’ll let me take you flying.” 


“I’m afraid of heights.  I don’t think so.”


Clark buried his nose in Alex’s neck.  “What if I promise to be very, very careful?”


“I’ll think about it.  And besides who says you’ll be sticking around?”


The whole time Clark had been talking to Alex, he’d been gently rocking him.  “Because you are my soulmate as I am yours and you carry my child.”


“Oh, and that makes it alright?  You raped me.  Forced me to carry a child I may not have wanted.”


Clark stiffened.  “You don’t want our child?”


“I never said that.  I said may not have wanted.  I never said didn’t want.”


“You want our baby?”


“I want this baby with my whole heart and soul.  I just don’t want you.”


Clark gave a small moan of pain at Alex’s words.  “A…Alex.  You can’t mean that.”


“I can.  I do.” 


“Alex, please.”  Clark turned Alex to face him.  “Don’t mean that,” he pleaded, “please don’t mean that.”


“I do.  I want you to leave now.  Don’t come back.  I plan on making a life for me and my baby.  MY baby.  I call it compensation for what you did to me.  I like it here, but I don’t like you being here.  I want you gone.”




“LEAVE.  Don’t make me tell you again.”




“Leave.” Alex watched Clark’s eyes fill with tears, hardening his heart.  He really didn’t want Clark around.  He wasn’t sure what he felt toward him and with the baby being so close to being born, he didn’t want to spend the time exploring his emotions.


“But what about the baby?”


“What about the baby?”


Clark wiped at the tears.  “Y…you might need help when it’s ready to be born.”


“I can take care of myself and my baby.”


Clark sighed heavily.  “Why are you being so difficult?”


Alex raised an eyebrow.  “I’m not being difficult.  I consider what you did rape and I don’t like rapist.”


Clark sighed again.  “I told you that I was being drive by something I couldn’t control.”


“Yeah, you’re more base instincts.   I get that.  You still raped me.”


“If I said I was sorry?”


Alex shook his head.  “Won’t help.  You’re always saying that.”


“I do mean it and you might need help delivering the baby.”


Alex tilted his head contemplating Clark for a long moment.  “Yes, I suppose, your right,” He said reluctantly.  “You can stay.  At least until the baby is born.”


Clark gave Alex a brilliant smile.  “Thank you, Alex.”


“Don’t get any undue expectations.  Once the baby is born you will leave.” Clark didn’t answer, just kept smiling at Alex. “Come on.  I’ll show you were to your room.”  Alex said in exasperation.


As the weeks progressed and Alex got bigger, the closer they got, much to Alex’s disgust.  He still didn’t really like Clark, but he found him to be witty, charming, not to mention cute as all get out. 


And he was willing to make midnight runs to Wendy’s when Alex had bad cravings for a Frosty mixed with mandarin oranges.  Clark didn’t even turn up his nose when Alex mixed jalapeno peppers in it. Which brought him up a notch in Alex’s book because it truly was a disgusting mix. 


Clark also turned out to be really good at giving massages, when the extra baby weight put considerably strain on Alex’s back. 


Alex did everything he could think of to push Clark away, but he wouldn’t go.  Taking it all in stride, with a calm and understanding that drove Alex’s batty. 


Alex started allowing Clark to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Having been subjected to a green-eyed longing look at his belly one to many times.  Smiling at the look of joy Clark gave him as he climbed on the bed where Alex lay and gently, oh so very gently rested his head against Alex’s tummy.  Giggling happily when the baby kicked him in the ear.


That was how they spent most of their evenings. Music playing quietly in the background, Clark listening to the gentle beatings of his baby’s heart.  Sometimes singing to it, sometimes talking to it quietly.  Alex hand’s stroking Clark’s soft hair as his head rested on his belly.


The weeks went so quickly it was quite a shock when Alex went into labor.  His blue eyes looking up into Clark’s just as shocked green eyes, both staring at the fluid coming from Alex as it spreaded across the kitchen floor in horror.


Clark led him to the Jacuzzi made ready for the birth of their baby.  Helping Alex remove his clothing and into the tub, quickly following him in. 


Alex closed his eyes tightly at the searing pain coming at him in waves.  He held onto Clark tightly and it seemed to make it a little more bearable.


Yet it hurt.  It truly hurt as a body part not meant to be a birthing canal opened and expanded to allow a baby through.


Clark whispered word of encouragement, holding Alex close.  “It’s going to be alright.”

Alex moaned, biting his lip hard enough to make it bleed as an agonizing wave of pain tore through his insides.  “Oh, God,” He whimpered, softly.  He looked up into Clark’s eyes, seeing sympathy shining clearly in his green eyes.


“I could really, really hate you for this.”


“I know,” Clark replied, carefully wiping the blood from Alex’s lips with his thumbs.  “But our baby will be born soon.”


Alex grimaced as another wave of pain hit.  “MY baby.”


The response Clark was going to give was cut short as Alex did something very unmanly and screamed, biting into Clark’s shoulder hard enough to break skin if Clark had been human. 


“Almost, Alex.  Our baby is almost here.”


“M…my baby.  God, it hurts,” Alex whimpered.  He’d never in his life felt anything as painful as this.  Never.  He looked down into the warm water filling the Jacuzzi.  Its clearness now darkening with his blood.  The pain constant, no respite for him.  “Oh, God.  Please, baby-please hurry.  You’re hurting your Daddy a lot, hurry.  Be born now, please.  Please, be born now.”


Alex gave a muffled groan of pain, pushing for all he was worth. “Catch the baby.  Don’t let anything happen to the baby,” he told Clark, shoving him away from him.


Clark knelt in the water waiting.  He didn’t have long to wait as Alex gave another hoarse scream. Hands clasping the side of the Jacuzzi taunt with strain as he pushed again.  Head arched back as he struggled to free his baby from his body.


Clark’s eyes widened in awe as he watch.  “Almost, Alex.  One more push and the baby will be out.”


“Oh, God.  I really hate you,” Alex hissed at him.


“I know.  Push anyway.”


Alex did as Clark asked.  “Our baby is free, Alex,” Clark said, voice filled with emotion. Carefully gathering the baby before it was fully free of Alex’s body.  Watching as tiny feet slid free.


“Is our baby okay?”  Alex asked tiredly, slumping against the side of the Jacuzzi.


Clark cleared the baby’s mouth with a clean towel.  Smiling when it opened its mouth and gave a unhappy little cry.


“Yes.”  He looked up to meet Alex’s eyes.  “We have a son.  Alex, we have a son.”


“Let me see.”  Alex smiled.  “Yup, definitely a boy.  Count the fingers and toes make sure everything is there.”


Clark got out of the Jacuzzi cradling his little son against him. Placing him gently on a table covered by soft towel, he began a minute by minute inspection of his son.


“Well,” Alex asked, impatiently.  Trying his damnest to get out of the tub.


“Wait for me.  I’ll help you get out.  All finger and toes accounted for.”  The baby suddenly opened his eyes and blinked up at him.  “Oh, Alex.”  Clark whispered, hoarsely.


“What?  What is it?  Is there something wrong with him?”


“No.  No.  Everything’s fine.”  Clark told him, hurriedly.  “He’s just so beautiful.  Don’t try and get out by yourself.  Let me get our son settles and I’ll help you.”


Clark carefully washed his son with warm water.  Knowing Alex was watching, anxiously.  “Almost, Alex.  I’m almost done.”  He placed his sleepy son in his bassinet before turning toward Alex.


“Is he alright?”


“Yes.  It’ll be a few minutes before he starts screaming for his first meal.”


While Clark had been taking care of their son Alex had drained the Jacuzzi filling it with fresh water.  Cleaning himself with the supplies he’d set on the side of the tub.  Now he just needed help out of the tub.


“Okay.  Easy does it.  How do you feel?”  Clark asked, gently lifting Alex into his arms, after covering him with a robe.


“Better.  I want to see our son,” Alex whispered as he wrapped his arms around Clark’s neck.


“Our son? Does this mean you’ll let me stay and be a part of your life?”  Clark asked hopefully.


“I’m still thinking about it,” Alex said as Clark carefully set him on his feet.  Holding him close, until he got his bearings.  The baby hearing their voices opened his eyes and looked toward them.  “Oh.  He’s got green eyes.”


Clark smiled wrapping his arms around Alex.  “Yes and you’re red hair.  Makes him very Irish doesn’t it?”


“If only,” Alex said, wryly.


“Oh, Alex, isn’t he beautiful?”


“Yes, he is,” Alex replied, running his finger over his son’s soft cheek.  Smiling when the baby made a soft cooing noise.


“Can I stay?  Please, Alex? I want to stay with you and the baby.”  Clark whispered, tightening his arms around Alex.  Unwilling to let go, knowing he might have to.


Alex looked at his little son, then turned back to look at Clark.  “I suppose, for at least a little while.”


“A little while?” 


Alex picked up the baby.  “Yeah.  You can stay for a little while.  He’s hungry now.  Will you fix him a bottle?” he asked, sitting in the rocking chair he’d bought months ago.


Clark knelt by Alex and their son, watching quietly as the baby began eating voraciously. 


“He’s really hungry.”


Alex looked up.  “Yes,” He said, smiling.


Clark stroked the baby’s soft hair.  “What are we going to name him?”


“Don’t know.  Any suggestions?”


“We could name him Alex.”  Smiling when Alex crinkled his nose at him.  “How about Alexander.  We can call him Lex for short.”


“That works,” Alex replied, very, very carefully placing the baby against his shoulder.  Patting him softly until he gave a delicate burp.  “I’m tired.”


“I’m not surprised.  Are you sure you’re alright?”


“Yes, I’m fine.  Sore, very, very sore.”


“Will you let me check later to make sure, you’re okay?”


Alex handed the baby to Clark.  “Alright.  Want to take a nap with us?”


Clark’s face lit up.  “Can I?”


“You bet,” Alex replied, slowly making his way to the bed.  Once he was settled, Clark and the baby followed.  “You are after all part of the family, for now anyway,” He added, closing his eyes, overcome with weariness.


Laying the baby between them Clark set about to watch over his new family as they slept, smiling happily.  Confident he’d be able to get Alex to give him more time.