Title:  Unforeseen Consequences

Author: Angelee

Fandom: The Sentinel

Pairings: Jim/Blair, Steven/Michael, Rafe/Lee,(preslash) William/Daniel (preslash)

Rating; Adult

Summary:  It’s all in the title. (o:

Beta:  By my sister Anna.


Unforeseen Consequences


"Oh, man-the house is beautiful,” Steven told the others as they drove up the driveway.


"And it's all one level,” William told them.  "No stairs."


"Cool," Steven replied.  "I love the huge windows."


"They're specially made as well.  We’ll get more into that later."


They all got out of their new van.  The other having been totaled and undriveable.  "Oh man, Dad its great.  You even planted trees."


William took Steven into his arms.  "Yes.  Oak.  I remembered that you didn't like pine anymore."


Steven hugged his Dad back enthusiastically.  "Thank's Dad.  I was sneezing out pine smell for weeks after the earthquake."


"That's the least I could do for my son."


Steven looked at him from under his lashes.  "Favorite son, huh?"


William chuckled softly.  "I'm not answering that.  It could get me into so much trouble."


Jim came up to them.  Blair in his arms.  "You're not his favorite.  I am huh, Dad?"


"Nope.  Not favorite.  I is favorite,” Blair replied, reaching for William.


William took him into his arms.  "I love you all.  You're all my favorites," he replied, kissing his youngest.


Steven frowned at him.  "We can't all be your favorite.  You gotta only have one."


"Why?"  William asked, blue eyes twinkling.


Steven thought about it for a moment.  "Cause it says so in the Son's handbook."


"I keep telling you, there’s no such thing. Is there?” Jim asked, hesitantly.


"There is."






"Boys, Boys.  Stop.  Stop."  William told them both.  Trying to stop the argument before it turned into a full fledged fight.  "I love all my boys equally."


"B...but…,” Steven started, shoving Jim hard.


Jim shoved back.  "Ow!  Stop it."


"No buts.  I love *all* my sons very much. So what do you boys think about our new home?"  William asked Rafe and Lee.


"I think it's beautiful,” Lee replied shyly.  "It's very, very nice."




"Cool.  Super cool."




Michael took in the simple yet elegant design.  "I ditto Rafe."




Daryl looked at the house, giving William a huge smile.  "It's way cool, Mr. E. We're gonna be able to light up the house so fine for Christmas they're going to be able to find us from outer space."


They all chuckled.  Simon hugged his son.  "Is that all you think about?"


"Nope.  First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  Followed by Valentine's day...."


Simon kissed the top of his son's head.  "I get the picture."


"Can we have a Halloween party this year, Mr. E?"


"I don't see why not,” William told Daryl.  "We can celebrate whatever holiday you'd like.  We have lots to celebrate after all,” he added looking over at his huge family.  They’d survived what could have been a tragedy.  William had vowed to himself that not a day would go by that he wouldn't let his sons know how much he appreciated and love them all.


Steven smiled up at him, rubbing his face against William's chest.  "Cool.  There's a lot of really nice holidays coming up."


William gently moved Steven's hair off his face bending down he kissed his forehead.  "Hmm, yes.  Let go in.  We've got all new furniture, too.  None of our old stuff was salvageable."


His family waited impatiently for William to open the door to their new home.  Once open they took off like bats out of hell.  Scrambling from room to room.  The adults watched them, chuckling softly.


"You'd think they'd never been in a brand, new custom built house before, huh?"  Simon told them, smiling.


William returned the smile.  "Yes.  Wait till they see..."  Suddenly there was a loud whoops coming from down the hall.  "Oops, I guess they've already seen it."


Daniel tugged on William's arm.  "Let’s go."


William smiled at him.  "What haven't you ever seen a custom built home either?"


"Yes, I have.  I was with you ever step of the way.  We even smudged the house to remove all negativity.  But I really want to see their reactions to the..."  More loud whooping, this time even louder than before.  "Hurry, I really don't want to miss this."


All the adults stood in the doorway, smiling broadly as the boys ran around the room.  Steven was the first to notice them there.


"Dad, these beds are out of the world.  They’re huge.  You even replaced my comics.  Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Steven told him jumping into his father's waiting arms.  Laying kiss after kiss all over his father's face.


Chuckling William suffer the kisses like any loving father would-he kissed back.  "You're very welcome, Steven."


"A brand new computer, too.  Oh, Dad you are the greatest."


William ran his hands over Steven's back gently.  Knowing the scars still ached.  Even though Steven did his best to hide his pain from his family.  "There's nothing I wouldn't buy or get you boys if you needed it,” he told him softly, unable to hide his emotions from his son.  “Or even if it’s just something you wanted.”


 Steven met his father's tear-filled eyes.  "Would you get me the moon, if I asked nicely?"


William cupped his son's face. "I would find a way.”


Steven sniffed.  "Oh, Dad."


"I love you, Steven."


"I love you too.  Dad?”


William took Steven into his arms.  Murmuring contently.  “Yes, Steven?”


Steven pulled away slightly.  “I swear to you-on my love for you that I will never abuse your love for me.  Not ever,” he told him solemnly, the truth of his vow deep in his blue eyes.  “I swear it.”


William kissed Steven’s forehead.  “I know.”




“Yes, son?”


“If you want a piece of the moon I’ll find a way to get it for you, too.”


William chuckled softy.  “Thank you, Steven.”


Just then Michael came up to them a huge smile on his handsome face.  “Mr. E, weights? You got me weights to replace the ones that broke when the earthquake hit.  How am I ever going to repay you for them?”


William smiled at him.  “Keep doing what you’re doing, Michael.  That’s all the payment I need.”


“Mr. E?”


“Yes, Michael?”


“I was kinda wondering…”




“Is it okay if I call you Dad?  I gotta a real Dad and all, but I would love it if you were my adopted Dad,” Michael said, shyly.  Blue/green eyes giving him the prettiest, saddest puppy dog eyes William had ever seen.


“Oh for Pete’s sake, musclehead.  You know Dad’s gonna say yes you don’t have to give him the puppy look,” Steven told him in disgust.


Michael gave him an unrepentant grin.  “Couldn’t hurt.”




William smiled.  “Oh, course you can, Michael.  I’d be truly honored if you did.”


Michael gave Steven a smug look.  “Thanks, Dad.”


Before Steven could make a comment there was honking from the driveway.  “That’ll be the moving guys bring our stuff from the cabin,” William said, heading toward the door.


Everyone waited to help unload the boxes from the moving van.  Jim turned toward Steven.


“Don’t even think about lifting a box,” he warned his brother.


“What am I two?”  Steven asked him with a heavy frown.


“When it comes to doing stupid things-well, yeah.”




Jim glared at him. “Don’t Watchman me.  I won’t have you getting hurt again because you’re too stubborn to listen to what’s good for you.”




“Steven,” The young Sentinel warned with a growl.


Steven raised his hands in surrender.  “Fine.  Fine.  Have it your way.  I’ll just go sit under the new trees Dad had planted and act like a mushroom.”


“Please do,” Jim told him with a satisfied smile.  “Be a nice safe mushroom.”


Steven snorted inelegantly and rather rudely as he made his way to the aforementioned trees, glaring at the young Sentinel the whole time.  Which Jim happily ignored.


The afternoon passed pleasantly enough. Even Blair helped move boxes.  Small Blair-sized boxes, but boxes nevertheless.


Steven glared at everyone who came within range of his extremely annoyed blue glaze.  As the day became evening his ire at not being allowed to help turned to down right anger.  Taking it out on his Sentinels especially because it was Jim who had forbid him to help.  Snipping at them from his spot under the oak tree.


Sally arrived bringing their pets back from a final check-up from the vet’s.  Steven watched silently as she carried Barkie into the house. 


“I can carry Blackie.  How heavy could he be?”  Steven whispered.  Edging toward the van, fugitively.  He reached into the van pulling the carrier toward him.  Lifting it he felt something in his middle give.  “Ow!  He’s not that heavy, but his carrier weighs a bloody ton.”  He put the box containing the anxiously meowing Blackie down.   He rubbed his middle with a shaky hand.  “D…Damn, Jim’s gonna kill me.  He gave a shaky breath. “God-damn it.   No it’s gonna be okay.  They didn’t know I was hurt before I can cover it up again.  I…I better hurry though before Jim catches on.”


He closed his eyes, reaching deep centered himself. Pushing away the mind-numbing pain. After a moment he reopened his eyes.  “I can do this.  Nobody will ever know.”  He turned toward the cat pawing at the door of the carrier.  “And don’t you say anything, either, Blackie.”


Just then Jim came barreling out of the front door.  Frowning heavily, suspiciously. “You better not be lifting anything.”


“I’m not.  Would I do something as stupid as that?”


Jim gave him a skeptical look before reaching into the van picking up the carrier containing the Blackie.  He frowned.  “What’s the matter, Blackie?”  he asked the anxiously meowing cat.  “You want out?  I don’t blame you.  Give me a second and we’ll have you out this stupid box.”


At dinner if anyone noticed that Steven wasn’t eating or was quieter than usual no one mentioned it. As they got ready for bed Rafe accidentally bumped him going to his chest of drawers for socks.


“God-damn it, Rafe watch where the fuck you’re going,” Steven told him angrily.


“Steven, do not take the lords name in vain,” Jacob told him, truly shocked by the words coming out of the youth’s mouth.  He had listened to Steven’s snipping all day, but this-this was truly uncalled for.


What he didn’t expect was the stunned look Steven gave him or the blue eyes suddenly filling with tears.


Everyone in the bedroom stopped what they were doing to stare at Steven in shocked.


“Stevie…” Jim asked, hesitantly.  “Are you alright?”


Steven’s response stunned them even more as tears began to course down his now very pale face even faster.


Blair looked at Jacob.  “Grandpa you do.  Fix,” he hissed, angrily.


“What did I do?”  Jacob asked, softly, moving closer the quietly crying boy. “What did I do? Steven, what did I do?”


Steven moved away from him hurriedly, hissing when the pain in his middle roared back to life worse than when Rafe had run into him.


“Stevie…”  Jim called softly, moving closer to his brother.  “Are you alright?”


“Fine.  I…I’m fine,” Steven replied, rubbing at his eyes.


Jim moved closer tentatively. “You’re not fine.  What is it?”  he asked, softly.


“Fuck off,” Steven growled, angrily.


“Stevie, please,” Jim pleaded, his own eyes filling with tears.  “What is it?”


“Leave me alone.”


Jim moved closer.  “Never.  Not ever,” he replied, gently, very gently taking his violently trembling brother into his arms.  “I’ll never leave you alone.  I love you.”


Stevie looked up, eyes brimming with tears.  “I…”


“Shh,” Jim told him softly, closing his eyes as he carefully ran his hands over his brother’s back.  Not touching but close to where there wouldn’t have been any difference.  After a moment he opened his eyes.  “You’ve hurt yourself again, haven’t you?”  No condemnation in his voice.


“You told me not to.  But I wanted to help.  I don’t like being helpless.”




“Jim, I…”


“Shh, I know.  I know.”  Jim pulled his sobbing brother closer.


“I just wanted to help.”


“I know.”  Jim turned to Rafe who was rubbing at his own eyes.  “Go get Simon.  Steven’s rebroken his ribs.”


Steven raised his face from where it had been resting, on his big brother’s shoulder.  “I’m sorry, Jimmy.  I’m so sorry.  I know you told me not to,” he sobbed softly, heartbrokenly.  “I’m sorry.  So sorry.”


Jim carefully tightened his arms around his brother.  “Shh, don’t be sorry.  Everything is going to be okay. It’s just a little setback.  Nothing to worry about.”


“You told me not to lift anything.  But I did it anyway.  Sorry, so sorry.”


Jim looked over at Blair who had tears of sympathy running down his face.  “Baby, help him.  He’s in a lot of pain.  More than before.  Help him,” He begged hoarsely.


Lee picked Blair up bringing him closer.  The little Guide ran his hands over Steven’s head offering comfort.  “No cry Stevie.  I take pain.  No hurt no more.  I take,” with that, gently placed a tiny hand in the middle of Steven’s back.  “I take.”


“Oh God,” Steven whispered softly, going completely and totally limp as he lost consciousness.


“Wow,” Jim replied, catching him.  “That’s new.”  Looking over at Blair for an explanation.


“Stevie in much pain,” his little Guide answered sympathetically.   “Berry much pain.”


Jim picked his brother up as if he weighed nothing.  Carrying him over to his and Blair’s bed, very carefully laying him down.


Lee with Blair still in his arm, Michael and Daryl followed, kneeling on the carpeted floor by the bed.


“Is he going to be alright?”  Michael asked fearfully, his blue/green eyes filled with worry and no small amount of his own tears.


Jim nodded.  “I think so.  He’s been trying to fight the pain off by himself all afternoon.  It got to be too much for him.  Especially since his ribs broke again after they’d just barely started to heal.”


Simon came running into the room followed just as closely by William, Daniel, Sally and Rafe.


He took in the unconscious boy on the bed.  “Jim?”


“He hurt himself again.  I think he tried to lift Blackie’s carrier.”


“How do you know?”  Rafe asked, now kneeling by the bed with the others.


“I smell Blackie on him.”  Jim looked at William.  “Blackie was meowing like crazy when I picked his cage up. He was trying to tell me something was wrong.”


William sighed heavily.  Closing his eyes tightly fighting off tears.  “Oh, God.”


Simon looked at Jim.  “What damage did he do?”


“His healing ribs aren’t healed anymore.”


“Damn.  Alright-let’s get him taped up why he’s unconscious and zonked on little Guide juice,” Simon replied, heading toward the bed with his Doctor’s bag.


Half and hour later found Jim on the same bed with Steven sleeping peacefully against him.  His little Guide curled around Steven fast also asleep with his curly head resting against Steven’s butt.


“How is he?”


Jim turned to look into Michael’s very worried eyes.  “He’s better.  He’s breathing better anyway and he’s not trembling from the pain anymore.”


“How could he let this happen?”


Jim gave him a tight smile.  “He’s Steven and he thinks he’s invincible.”


“Are you going to let him have it when he wakes up?”


“No.  And neither are you,” Jim told him blue eyes flashing.  “No one will tell him anything about this.  He’s been through enough.  If they try I’ll have their hide.”


Michael smiled.  “You’re a good brother Jim.”


“You think so?”


“I know so.”


Jim ran his hands gently through his brother’s soft hair.  Knowing if Steven were awake he’d let him, but would give him shit for it.  “Why’s that?”


“With everything Steven does and says to you- you’ll kick their collective butts if that looked at him wrong.  Not many people would understand that.”


Jim looked out into the room, not really seeing it as he concentrated on his brother’s heartbeat.  “They don’t have to understand.  The only ones that need to understand is Steven, Blair and you.  But Blair is cool with everything.  Are you, Michael?”


“Am I what?”


“Cool with everything.”


Michael nodded.  “I’m cool with it.  You’re the kind of brother anyone would die for.  Steven is the kind of brother anyone would die for, too. So I understand why you’re so close. I’m kinda envious actually.  I’m just really happy to be a part of this family and have Steven be a part of my life.”


Michael wanted to touch Steven to reassure himself that everything was okay.  Unsure and afraid he held himself back.


“You can touch him.  He’s not made of glass.  He’s just slightly broken, right now,” Jim told him, softly. 


“I’m so afraid to hurt him more.”


“Right now he’s so zonked out as Simon put it, on little Guide juice, he would feel it if a semi ran over his right foot.”


Michael chuckled.  “Yeah, huh?”  He settled for grasping Steven’s pinky.  After a moment.  “What now?”


Jim sighed heavily.  “Now, now we wait for Steven to wake up and do damage control.”