Title:  Why Me???-2

Author:  Angelee

Fandom:  Stargate Atlantis

Pairing: Radek/Ronon

Rating:  Adult

Summary:  Fear and uneasiness, not so easily overcome.

Beta:  By my sister Anna.  All remaining errors are my own-with apologies.


Why Me???-2


“I won’t hurt you?”


Radek looked up at Ronon.  “I know that this is so.  But I can not help,” he gave a sheepish grin.  but be a little fearful.”


Ronon fought himself to keep from reaching for the trembling scientist.  “Why?”  he asked huskily.  Something he had yet to overcome when emotional.


“You are a big man.  A strong man.  A warrior.  I on other hand are geeky scientist who rarely leaves his lab.  I do not understand what it is you want or for that matter what you see in me.”


Ronon moved as close as he dared, not wanting to spook the already warily scientist.  It wouldn’t take much for Radek to take off running.


“I like you.  I think given a little more time it could be more.”


Radek frowned.  “But why?  Why me?”


“I thought we had that covered back in the mess hall.”


Radek shrugged.  “I am insecure scientist.”


“Don’t be.  I want you.”


With that Ronon moved closer he took Radek glasses off, placing them on the table carefully.  That done he lowered himself down a bit to kiss Radek trembling lips.  The Scientist held still.  Not really responding as Ronon moved his lips over those of Radek, trying to coax a response.


After a moment Radek opened his mouth, allowing a tongue to enter.  Ronon moaned softly, pulling the scientist into his arms.  Tongue going deeper.


He didn’t want to scare Radek, but he was so hungry, so very hungry.  He lifted him into his arms pulling him as close as he could.


Radek gave a small sound, but it didn’t seem to be from fear.  Ronon pulled away, burying his face into the scientist neck.  “I’m not scaring you, am I?”  he asked hoarsely.


Hands came up to gentle stroke his head.  Ronon noticed that Radek was trembling as he did it.


“Perhaps a little, but I would very much like to do this.”


Ronon gently placed Radek on the ground, cupping his face.  “Are you sure?  Be really, real sure.  Once I get started I don’t think that I’m going to be able to stop.”


“I am sure.”


“Alright then, come.”




“Oh, Goddess, Radek.  That’s so good.  So very good.”


Ronon moved above the small scientist.  Thrusting into the willing body as each thrust would be his last.


Radek stared up at him, a looked of stunned wonder on his face as Ronon moved in him powerfully.  At one particularly hard thrust he bit his lip and moaned softly.


“Am I…am I hurting you?”


“No.  No.  It no longer hurts,” he gave a tiny smile.  “At least not too much.”


“Oh, Goddess, Radek, I can’t stop.  I can’t.  Please don’t ask me to stop.”


“I do not ask you to do so.  I am enjoying this as much as you.”


Ronon slowed.  “It doesn’t seem like it.”  He hurt, more than he ever thought possible by the fact that Radek wasn’t responding as enthusiastically as he would have like.


Radek’s hand came up to gently stroke his face.  “I feel pleasure, Ronon.  Do not look so.  It is just that I am scientist.  I am categorizing sensation.  Even in this I am scientist.”


Ronon gently placed a kiss in his palm.  “Could you be less a scientist and more of a person making love?  At least for this first time.”


Radek smiled up at him.  “I can.  Forgive me.  I forget myself most times.”


“Nothing to forgive,” Ronon told him, resuming his thrusting into the hot, tight body under him. Radek sighed softly, his eyes closing.  It almost seemed that he’s gone to a different place.  “Radek, please.”


His eyes opened, he gave the Runner a sheepish smile. “Sorry.  Sorry.”


“Maybe if we tried something different.  If you had to work for it, there’d be less chance for your mind to wander.”


With that Ronon pulled out of Radek.  “What are you doing?”  he asked in  bewilderment.


“I’m going to make you work for it, just like I said.” Once on his back he lifted the scientist as if he weighted nothing and placed him over his middle. “Now fuck me.”




“Come on, Radek.”


“I do not see what was wrong with what we were doing before.”


Ronon went between their two bodies, lining himself with Radek.  “You weren’t paying attention.  I need for you to be with me.  Not planning on writing a scientific paper on how to fuck a Runner.”


Radek look down at him.  “I would never do such a thing.” he replied, scandalized.


“Fuck me.  Come on, Radek, fuck me like you want me to feel you and no one else.”


Radek lifted himself slightly to allow Ronon better access.  The Runner slowly reintroducing himself into the slight body.  The scientist lowered himself down until he was flush with Ronon’s thighs.


“Oh,” He whispered softly, blue eyes widening in astonishment.


“What do you feel?”


“You.  Oh, my word, I feel you.”


Radek began to raise and lower himself, slowly at first.  Building to a rhythm that had the bed shaking violently. And both of them trembling in reaction.


Ronon arched up, going deeper into the slight body above him.  “That’s it.  That’s it.  Harder.  Fuck me harder.  Like you mean it.”


Radek began panting.  “Oh.  Oh.  Oh.”

“Harder.  Harder, Radek.  Harder.”


Ronon’s hands came up to cup the scientist hips, raising and lowering him in rhythm that would satisfy both of them.


If the scientist’s eyes could have gotten any bigger they would have.  “Ronon?”


“Come for me, my cute little scientist.  Come.”


With that Radek, sprayed his seed all over the two of them like a geyser.   Ronon held him when his body lost all strength.  Pushing him against the mattress as he sought his own relief. 


Thrusting once, twice more, before coming into the motionless body under his.


Still spasming he cover Radek like a blanket.  “Are…are you alright?”


“I…do not know.  I think that I have died.  But I died a willing and pleasurable death.”


“I’m glad to hear that,” Ronon replied, continuing to shove into the smaller body until he couldn’t any more.  “Would you like to die again as soon as I am able?”


Radek smiled up at him.  “I would be most pleased to do so.  “May I be on top again?”


Ronon chuckled, running his face over the scientist.  “Yeah, sure.  But I want you in me this next time.”


Radek pouted slight.  “I would find that slightly sad.”


“Why?”  Ronon asked, curiously.


“Because I find you being in me most enjoyable.”


Ronon licked at his mouth hungrily.  “I like it too and we can do it as much as you like, but I want to feel your cock in me.”


Radek shuddered.  “Truly?”




They kissed for a long time.  Enjoying the after glow that came with great sex.  Radek laid his head against Ronon’s wide chest.  Sighing happy when the Runner wrapped his arms around him tightly.


After a moment.  “Ronon?”  Radek asked looking up.




“You don’t think I’m too small for you?”


Ronon frowned at his scientist.  “To small?”


“Yes, you know…to small?”


It took Ronon a second to figure out what Radek was getting at.  “Ah.  To small.”


“I am.  You are already disappointed in me,” Radek said sadly.  “I knew it was to good to be true.  Especially for this geeky scientist.”


Ronon cupped Radek’s face looking into eyes full of dejection.  “No, you dumb scientist, you’re not to small for me.  Quit thinking things like that.”  Ronon kissed the nose inches from his face.   “You’re just right.  In all things you’re perfect.  Get it?”


Radek followed the lead as big hands gently nudged him back down onto a nicely muscled chest.  Right up against a strongly beating heart. 


“Yes, yes.  I get it.  I get it very well,” He replied as arms that could easily break him in two, wrapped themselves around him once again. Knowing that was one thing he would never have to worry about.  In these arms he was safe and would be very well loved.